Jen Psaki lost her cool when she was pressed on this growing Joe Biden scandal

Joe Biden is covering up something from the American people.

It’s a truth that could upend his Presidency.

And Jen Psaki lost her cool when she was pressed on this growing Joe Biden scandal.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki turned in weeks of uneven performances handling White House press briefings.

The latest stumble occurred when a reporter pressed Psaki as to why journalists were being denied access to the detention centers where the Biden administration is keeping illegal alien children in cages, many of whom are held far longer than the law allows for.

“Will we be able to get a readout on what these children, whom we’ve not been able to speak to ourselves, are saying to the delegation of 14 members that went on the conditions that they’re being held in? Or if not a readout on this conversation on what these kids told the people . . . can we get in ourselves?” the reporter asked.

Psaki danced around the topic and make it clear that the administration would not be allowing journalists to tour the illegal alien detention center any time soon, falsely claiming COVID protocols prevented it even though the detention centers are filling up with record numbers of illegal alien children making it impossible to comply with coronavirus social distancing measures.

In a follow up comment, Psaki unbelievably claimed that the press and the American people should not expect a daily readout on a growing crisis where American’s border collapsed on the direct orders of Joe Biden.

“We are committed to doing that,” Psaki added. “So we’re not expecting you to take our word for it. I was just conveying that any private policy conversation, I just didn’t want there to be an expectation every day that we’d be reading that out.”

The Biden administration spent a week falsely claiming there was no crisis at the southern border.

Biden’s administration has been caught breaking the law in terms of how long it detains illegal alien children.

And instead of transparency and accountability, critics contend Jen Psaki promised more cover ups and falsehoods.

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