Jen Psaki is about to leave the White House for one surprising new job

Jen Psaki is now in her second year as one of the most-controversial White House Press Secretaries in history.

But that may be coming to an end.

And Jen Psaki is about to leave the White House for one surprising new job.

Last year, Jen Psaki made it clear that she intended to leave the administration in 2022.

Psaki wanted to get out ahead of an expected Midterm shellacking, which would allow her to leave without having to explain why the American people thoroughly rejected Joe Biden’s Party and agenda.

But the open question was what Psaki’s next step would be.

It appears to be cable news.

Dylan Beyers of Puck News reported that Psaki intended to leave the White House to host a show on television.

“Psaki intends to leave the White House at some point this year and, according to sources familiar with her thinking, intends to go into television news—not as a contributor, but as a host,” Byers reported.

ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN are all “feverishly” recruiting her, Byers wrote.

“Her lunch meetings with the CNN and MSNBC executives, which also included her agent Jay Sures, were the opening salvo in what is likely to be a long effort by several networks to court the woman who could potentially become the next big star in television news,” Byers added.

CNN and MSNBC are seen as the frontrunners.

CNN is looking for a new face for their primetime lineup, and MSNBC needs a big name to fill the vacuum that Rachel Maddow left when she signed a new deal that would end her nightly show.

“The discussions with CNN and MSNBC are in early stages, which means that the contours of Psaki’s television career are still taking shape. But sources familiar with these early conversations say there could be a natural progression from Psaki’s role in the briefing room to her job as cable news host,” Byers also reported.

But CNN could be a tricky fit.

Discovery Media chief David Zaslav and new CNN President Chris Licht plan to dial back CNN’s left-wing partisanship and push the network back towards the middle.

That makes Psaki – who serves as the snarling and partisan spinmeister for the Biden administration – an awkward fit.

And that means Psaki’s likely landing spot is MSNBC.

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