Jen Psaki hit Joe Biden with some bad news about this tragic choice

Even Joe Biden’s allies are turning on him.

Biden is finding out just how few friends he really has.

And Jen Psaki hit Joe Biden with some bad news about this tragic choice.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discussed the options facing the Biden team on how to respond to the stolen documents scandal.

Psaki admitted that the Biden team faced “crappy” choices.

“In moments like this, what we’ve seen transpire over this week, you’re basically picking in a White House between crappy options. Right? And that is what they’ve been doing presumably for the last few months,” Psaki began.

Psaki said the Biden team could blame everything on incompetent staff and claim he never knew about the stolen documents located in four different locations on properties associated with him.

“So on one hand, to your point, it would make the Press Secretary job much easier every day if they could go out and just say, here’s what we bet happened. This was sloppy staff work. These documents went in there inadvertently. They sort of said that, you know, from Sauber,” Psaki added.

“But, you know, this, Biden didn’t even know about any of these documents. So this is a non-issue. What, that would make it easier for the Press Secretary,” Psaki continued.
This defense went out the window when Biden boasted to Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy that he kept a lock on his garage, indicating that hiding documents in there was not inadvertent.

But then Psaki warned that the White House counsel’s office was warning the Biden team not to say anything because they may keep discovering caches of stolen classified documents.

Psaki stated:

The worry they have there, Mika. And they are very not just influenced by the lawyers, the lawyers in the White House in a case like this, make a lot of the decisions or have a very loud voice in the decision making, which can be hard from the communications side.

And the lawyers are probably saying to them in a moment like this, if you make assertions like that and even anything is wrong, that could be a problem. Right? Or we’re also going to make a, piss off the Justice Department. We don’t want to do that. So that’s one you know, that would be an easier way for the press office.

What they’ve clearly decided to do is to not say much. Right? They’ve said a minimal amount because they’re trying to not anger the Justice Department. But those options are crappy, right? Neither of them are great, and neither of them make for an easy and smooth communications strategy.

This is, in fact, exactly what happened.

Biden’s lawyers put out inaccurate statements saying they retrieved all the stolen classified documents only to keep finding hidden stashes of classified materials lying around his house in Delaware.

Joe Biden hired Jen Psaki because she could lie and spin him out of any jam.

But not even Psaki can come up with effective talking points to gaslight the American people on Joe Biden stealing classified documents.

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