Jen Psaki faced one question from Fox News that left her looking like the world’s biggest fool

Jen Psaki does not do well when asked challenging questions.

That became apparent yet again.

And Jen Psaki faced one question from Fox News that left her looking like the world’s biggest fool.

Joe Biden recently declared President Vladimir Putin a war criminal over the Russian military intentionally killing civilians.

Biden also expressed his support for Putin facing war crimes charges in Hague.

During the subsequent White House press briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked Psaki how Biden intended to bring up Putin on war crimes charges.

Doocy asked if Biden expected Putin to turn himself in, or if Biden planned to send in a team to arrest the Russian President.

“Thank you, Jen. So, President Biden is talking about putting Putin on a [war crime] trial. Does he expect Putin to turn himself in to stand trial? Or does he think somebody’s going to have to go into Russia and arrest him?” Doocy asked Psaki.

Psaki offered up a nonsensical response demonstrating how foolish it was for Biden to demand Putin face war crimes charges.

Psaki responded:

Well, without getting into the mechanisms — which, I know, were the good questions everybody was asking our National Security Advisor — there is precedent in the past of how this process can work.

We’re not going to prejudge what the process would work or — or what steps would be taken through — through an international legal process. So, that’s not quite where we’re at right now, Peter, and I can’t give you a sense of the mechanisms of — of, if convicted, what would happen.

Calling Putin a war criminal and demanding he face war crimes charges is yet another blunder by Biden that makes it more difficult to end the war.

If Vladimir Putin believes his only options are victory achieved by slaughtering civilians or surrendering and facing war crimes charges, he will press forward for victory at all costs.

And that invites the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons.

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