Jen Psaki crossed a line with Fox News after this question she had no answer for

Jen Psaki is Joe Biden’s paid propagandist.

Psaki is used to fawning coverage from the media.

But Jen Psaki crossed a line with Fox News after this question she had no answer for.

The Biden administration entered office clamping down on U.S. domestic energy production in an attempt to drive up the prices of fossil fuel as a way to make more expensive “green” energy solutions more competitive.

That decision blew up in Biden’s face after Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine.

Not only are oil and natural gas Russia’s top exports, but those sectors of their economy also fund the Russian army.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich pressed Psaki on the Biden administration refusing to relent on its anti-fossil fuel agenda in light of Russian aggression.

Heinrich pressed Psaki on the administration cutting off new drilling leases on federal land.

Psaki icily demanded that Heinrich ask the oil companies that question.

“Do you think the oil companies don’t have enough money to drill on the places that have been pre-approved?” Psaki shot back.

“I’m just asking,” Heinrich answered.

But that caused Psaki to lose her cool, telling Heinrich to ask her a question tomorrow after she does her homework.

“I would point that question to them and we can talk about it more tomorrow when you learn more,” Psaki responded.

Psaki is being highly misleading.

Oil companies are sitting on pre-approved leases because they don’t know what crazy new taxes and regulations the Biden administration will cook up to combat so-called “climate change.”

Heinrich brushed off Psaki’s rudeness to press her about the administration’s refusal to approve construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and ramp up American energy production.

Psaki claimed those benefits were years away, to which Heinrich asked why Biden thought the answer was continuing to import 670,000 barrels of Russian oil per day.

“During those years it would take to bring down prices as you’re saying,” Heinrich began, “Do you think we should just continue to buy Russian oil?”

“As long as we’re buying Russian oil, aren’t we financing the war?” Heinrich added.

Psaki again tried to duck the questions, stating that “only about 10% of what we’re importing” is from Russia.

But that doesn’t answer the question.

As long as America is not producing its own energy and importing Russian oil, Joe Biden is helping fund Putin’s war effort.

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