Jeff Sessions sent Democrats scurrying under a rock with a huge announcement

Trump supporters have been furious that Democrats have been able to get away with lawless resistance to Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.

That all came to a screeching halt.

Jeff Sessions made a big announcement that is bad news for liberals.

Sessions announced the Department of Justice was suing California over their sanctuary state law.

The last straw was the Oakland Mayor tipping off illegal aliens to a pending ICE raid where potentially hundreds of illegal aliens who were violent felons or repeat offenders escaped capture and deportation.

In announcing the lawsuit, Sessions ripped pro-open borders politicians and the Oakland Mayor for endangering the lives of citizens and law enforcement.

The Daily Caller reports:

“California, we have a problem,” he said while discussing the Justice Department’s newly launched lawsuit against California. “A series of actions and events has occurred here that directly and adversely impacts the work of our federal officers.”

“For example, the mayor of Oakland has actively–has been actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension by I.C.E.”

“Her actions support those who flout that law, and boldly validates illegality. There’s no other way to interpret those remarks. To make matters worse, the lieutenant governor of the state praised her for doing so. Bragging about and encouraging obstruction of our law enforcement, and, the law–I am afraid that this is an embarrassment to the proud state of California.”

But what Sessions said next really put California on notice.

“Here’s my message to Mayor Schaaf–how dare you. How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda.”

Pro-amnesty activists have waged an all-out assault on Trump’s immigration policies.

They have mounted legal challenges and openly defied federal law.

Trump supporters were wondering when the administration would finally go on offense. Now they have their answer.

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60 Responses

  1. GySgt Lew says:

    All Liberals and Democrats should be arrested and locked up. Gorge Soros and they are our biggest problem, . Support the NRA, GOP and President Trump….


  2. ALAN says:

    How do I really feel? Gee, I hope I do not get in trouble by using my RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. How do I really feel? The entire leadership of the DNC should be arrested and tried for treason and executed. Cut off the head and the tail dies. The DNC believes in abortion. They should be aborted!
    Now you know!

  3. walt morris says:

    she is just another phony politician full of phony platitudes.

  4. walt morris says:

    nothing would please me more than seeing that bastard obama arrested and sent to gitmo. also hillary and her hubby two of the worst traitors in the history of the united states of america.

  5. sensrbtch says:

    betty, all the demoroids and too many “i”, gopers in the senate have made a shambles of this! what it is ,that the senate does not make laws; they ARE SUPPOSE TO BE NOTHING MORE THEN bee THE WATCH-DOGGIES AND TOO PREVENT EXCESSES,STUPIDITY,AND OTHER QUEERNESS THAT CAN CUM FROM THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

  6. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Probably having trouble finding a judge to sign the warrants so it’ll stick in court,

  7. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    We’re going to need more Marines down there….

  8. KAZ says:



  9. Jerry Dorn says:

    Don’ t forget New Jersey.
    In that mix. As soon as Murffy got in he wants to raise taxes.Let’s shoot for term limits.Politions are like smelly diapers.They need to be changed offten

  10. Jerry Dorn says:

    Sessions should have the Federal Mahshals arrest all the state officials in every state and city that defy federal law
    What the he’ll is he waiting for

  11. Betty Hall says:

    Can anyone say “obstruction of justice”? because that is what it is.

  12. Mellon says:

    Sanctuary City Mayors who ‘Openly’ Violate U.S. immigration Laws should be Arrested and Incarcerated till a Jury Trial could be Scheduled…!!!

  13. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    No kidding!

  14. Norman Hall says:

    Right on Sandra Lee! You and I would be putting a second mortgage on our home for a team of lawyers if “ WE” did the same thing!

  15. zee says:

    Real Answer: Deluge #2.

  16. zee says:

    ps. AG – the 0akland Mayor IS practically asking/begging for Discipline D0 IT.
    W/0UT a law suit.

  17. zee says:

    Well, Mr. AG , > “Suing” is ‘quite polite’ i’d say. In Addition to Time & whose $$. You Have All the Evidence You need. CA is ‘testing the USA Gov. = N0T Acceptable.
    >Any ‘other’ Country on Earth Would have the ‘individual Cuffed/& 0r Worse’ by now___
    > Dangerous to N0T take action in the above, if even temporary.

  18. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    What? The seismologists have been promising us that would happen for 40 years and some; it’s about time it gets on with it. A little nudge…

  19. zee says:


  20. Jan says:

    Thank you for your service Sir!! I agree with you. My husband was in Korea.
    You might want to take a look at:

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