Jeff Sessions left Barack Obama up in arms over one big move

Barack Obama left the Presidency convinced his radical agenda was cemented for all time.

That proved to be as detached from reality as his idea that his election would heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans.

Jeff Sessions proved this to be the case when he made one big move that left Obama up in arms.

Obama closed out his Presidency with a series of executive actions to promote the radical transgender ideology.

Obama forced the military to accept so-called “transgenders” and pay for their gender reassignment surgery.

The nation’s 44th President also mandated that female prisons accept men who woke up one morning and decided to identify as females.

That nonsense ended when Attorney General Sessions restored sanity to America’s prison system by ending Obama’s transgender prison mandate.

Brietbart reports:

“Sessions’ revised policy says officials “will use biological sex as the initial determination” when assigning people to either male or female prisons, according to the policy documentpublished May 11 by Buzzfeed.

Critics said Obama’s transgender policy would have created huge risks of rape because few people who say they are transgender have undergone genital cosmetic surgery, and few can pass as members of the opposite sex. For example, Obama’s policy would allow male criminals into women’s prisons and pressure women-who-say-they-are-men to live in men’s prisons.

Sessions’ new policy marks another step in reasserting the normal biology-based legal distinctions between female and male. Those distinctions were being scrubbed from the law by Obama’s pro-transgender policies. Trump has already begun reversing Obama’s pro-transgender policies in K-12 schools, in health care, and the military which now says it classifies soldiers’ sex by using the “bright line based on biological sex.”

Obama’s policies allowed people to change their legal sex by declaring they have the “gender identity” of an opposite-sex person, regardless of appearance, biology, or public opinion. In practice, this transgender ideology puts a legal gag on teenage girls who do not want to share their bathrooms with boys-who-say-they-feel-like-girls, it silences women who want to object biologically intact men walked into their showers, and it stigmatizes people who try to preserve sexual privacy and sexual distinctions in a two-sex society of equal, different, and complementary men and women, girls and boys.”


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33 Responses

  1. Wilton Long says:

    With this going back to the right way men in men’s lock up and women with the bitches but the Obumer’s are the same sex so they can stay together

    • GINETTE COHEN says:

      It was the weirdest trans gender’s case of presidency in American History: Two males, one transgender. It triggered confusion, insanity, sexual transformation, homosexual marriage, shared bathroom as privileged presidential issues. American people naïve and ignorant of the outer world voted unanimously for this borderline couple, for a change. In fact, we get depravation, corruption, values depletion, chaos, racism, black lives matter, anti-Fa, degradation of schools, lost kids with no control, no parenting or teachers’ support, no moral values. We get abortionists selling parts of babies. We lost our Judicial system integrity. The conservative Party was criminalized. It is the only one following the Constitution and the rules of Law. We lost Founding Fathers’ spirit with patriotism. The country was under the powerful Deep State; the President’s obstructionists. Trump needed to drain this big and dirty swamp created by Obama and the spender Democrats who bankrupt our country with huge debts. He had to urgently fix the catastrophic and deplorable abyss created by incompetent politician lawyers with no clues of economics. He had to revive the spirit and hope for America.
      Wake up Americans. You fell in the demoniac trap of megalomaniac destructive Globalist vision. It is time to have America back for all Americans.

  2. Rodger Shull says:

    obama soetoro is a F–K-ng DAMN FOOL.

  3. Ernesto says:

    AWESOME!! Obama did all this because he wanted such to be so when they go to jail, him and his fat ass bitch maybe could chose their prisons ….. hehehehe SORRY SEWER CRAP BITCH!! YOU WILL END UP WITH THE BIG BOYS …. BETTER TAKE SOME PETROLATUM JELLY WITH YOU ….. YOUR ASS WILL BE RIMED BEFORE YOUR HANGING!!

  4. Who in their right mind wouldn’t support Jeff Sessions for taking the moral high ground in this issue? You want to change sex, do it on your own dime, not the taxpayers. Be sure to live with the consequences when you make your choice.

  5. Tom E. Gunn says:

    While I’ve believed that Sessions has been derelict by not being more aggressive in going after the Clintons, Comey, and ohers who deserve intense scrutiny by the DoJ, I have to give him credit for calling a halt to one of the many idiotically stupid policies that was ever inflicted on the people of this Nation.

    • Ron Haave SR says:

      Sessions is a sorry son of a bitch swamp creature who took his job so he could take our great President down. Ron Haave SR

  6. OMEGA 2 says:


  7. Jmac147 says:

    Thank God (yes PC police I said God) it is about time that someone has come to their senses about this transgender BS. I understand when Gay people want equal rights, also Transsexuals, But if you are not gay & not transsexual then you need to be treated the same as anyone else. Gay men go to the men’s room, to men’s prison, & men’s locker room just as straight men do. Lesbians go to the lady’s room ect. just like straight women. But when you have decided to go from being a trans dresser to a transgender you need to go to where your plumbing is assigned to. This way we would eliminate most of the chances of children & adults from being mentally & or physically traumatized . See Mr. Obama doesn’t give a damn about our country & would prefer to see us collapse at the hands of a foreign Muslim country.

  8. Capn Jack says:

    Now is Sessions would only get off of his butt and straighten out the DOJ

  9. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    I hope this doesn’t boil down to the level where my Musket is not allowed to “Self-identify” as ‘whatever I need it to be when I need it.

    I can drop a 045ACP down the barrel, but it’s just not going to have the same effect.

  10. True Believer says:

    This transgender thing is the funniest thing I have ever witnessed. They are NOT LGBT or crossdressers or whatever, they are QUEER!. There is no way they can change with surgical procedures, drugs etc. the XY or XX Chromosomes period paragraph.

  11. Mike Baumgartner says:

    Obama’s logic is from the twilight zone. It leaves no protection for people who accept what they are.

  12. Charlie says:

    There are two sexes and then there are mental cases claiming a third sex . The penalizing of normal humans to appease the abnormal humans under the guise of some claimed phobia that normal humans hold for the abnormal humans is beyond absurd it’s insane .

  13. Llp says:

    California voters need to band together and vote Democrats out. Go Cox

  14. Edd Bellett says:

    Obama a library, to hold two books !! Fraud was and abuse !! Plain and simple. Get your own money and not we tax payer funds. You raped us enough, Obama Care, Veterans, S>S>. But you asshole (hillary and Bill got rich,) you helped

  15. Tony Rowell says:

    sorry, Vincent Cane Jr. as much as I would like to agree with you that is wrong,,, Obama has he sense of Hitler and thar’s exactly where e were headed

  16. Edd Bellett says:

    Too bad Oswald wasn’t around when Obama was in!

    • Jim says:

      Uh no. Obama had the best insurance against assignation that any President ever had, his Vice-President was Joe Biden, Biden was really Crazy Uncle Joe, and would have been really dangerous had he ever been allowed into the Presidential Office

  17. Scott says:

    Very glad we finally got that worthless AH obama out
    of our White House! I bet it took Trump weeks to remove
    the horrible stench the obamas left behind!

  18. Steveur says:

    obama just keeps on giving to Conservatives, as the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America. His following, still ready to follow him through his deceptions to include the overthrow of America and bring it down to his third world level. The mindless substituted a feces level presidency for eight years with this Kabucki act, given to us by the fetid Left and their sordid agenda. Thank God for this country, for President Trump, who is bringing back our country with fresh air and honor in the world. Trump 2020 making the country Greater!

  19. Jim says:

    Trump and his administration is finally bringing back common sense and morals to the United States. We were headed quickly down the path to Sodom and Gomorrah and the USA simply could not survive like that.

  20. Mike H says:

    Vincent You give Obama too much credit.He still thinks he’s above all laws.

  21. mousekiller says:

    As long a we have stupid people voting like they did to put the illegal obummer in the WH it’s going to be an uphill battle every election. What is needed is more prison time for the criminals in the democratic party, in the govt stealing and taking bribes to feather their own nests. Until then it is going to be one constant purge from Trumps swamp draining . He has not resorted to ex orders like obummer did to pass regulations.

  22. William Richards says:

    Obama just got sued in federal court because he wanted to use public land in Chicago to build his presidential library. Now it looks like after President Trump gets finished reversing all of Obama’s “accomplishments” he will be able to store them in a Porta-Potty. Which, in Obama’s case, seems like a fitting venue.

    • Edd Bellett says:

      Obama a library, to hold two books !! Fraud was and abuse !! Plain and simple. Get your own money and not we tax payer funds. You raped us enough, Obama Care, Veterans, S>S>. But you asshole (hillary and Bill got rich,) you helped

  23. George says:

    BHO, besides being a Muslim he is also gay which is why AIDS came out Africa and the Middle East, is so out of Control because BHO agenda’s pushing PC Liberal Communist Democrats into America agenda’s and across the World that everyone now believes they can do anything and everyone is going do nothing about it, which is why the USA needs to Vote in 60 Voter’s into the Senate and keep the House so President Trump can bring back America into being American. Vote with Trump in 2018 and 2020.

  24. Vincent Cane Jr says:

    0bozo does not have the sense of a 2 year old

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