Jeff Sessions just got some bad news that ended his career for good

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was looking at making a comeback.

Those plans just went down in flames.

That’s because Jeff Sessions just got some bad news that ended his career for good.

Sessions has not ruled out running for his old Senate seat against Democrat Doug Jones in 2020.

But that possibility was made less likely after Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby said Donald Trump would not support Sessions’ candidacy.

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump is “not on board” with his former attorney general, Jeff Sessions, running for the Senate, Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) told the Hill on Thursday.

The Alabama Senate seat is considered a prime pickup opportunity for Republicans, and Sessions’s name has been in the mix as a potential candidate who could win it.

Shelby said Sessions would be a strong candidate for a seat he held before joining the Trump administration, but could “struggle if the president was against him.” In conversations with Trump about the race, Shelby said Trump “was not encouraging” of Sessions running.

“How do I say it? He was not on board, okay?” Shelby said.

Trump became enraged with Sessions after Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe.

That allowed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel, which began the two-year-long Russia Witch Hunt.

That decision poisoned Sessions’ relationship with not just the President, but the President’s supporters as well.

If Sessions were to run for Senate in Alabama, President Trump would likely endorse another candidate.

And a Trump endorsement in Republican primaries means the difference between winning and losing.


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40 Responses

  1. Buddy says:

    I don’t approve of Sessions but this “ended his career” crap is nonsense. MANY, MANY, Democrats will vote for Sessions because they think he purposely hurt Trump. I happen to agree with that viewpoint and it’s why I wouldn’t vote him for garbage collector.

    • Nancy S. says:

      Did Jeff Sessions do ANYTHING when he was AG? Because I cannot recall any major prosecutions, investigations, etc. that he was involved in.

  2. Ken Marx says:

    Sessions was a major disappointment when he became Attorney General. He isn’t needed in the Senate either. Good riddance!

    • Maxx says:

      You are correct sir. If we seriously analyze all of Sessions actions one might be safe to assume Sessions was a mole put in Trumps cabinet as a “mole”. It was easy for Sessions to give Trump lots of support before the election just like democrat voters are encouraged to vote for a Republican opposing a democrat because the Republicans are usually RINO’s and it’s better to have a Republican traitor in a seat since they help more by gathering all sorts of intelligence to hand over to the democrats. This goes on in the South all the time. Mitch McConnell is one Republican that is kept in Congress by crossover democrat votes. Sadly the GOP is too stupid to see the forest for the trees but there are no people in Congress that are called DINO’s.

      • Haviette says:

        Crossover voting is a very common tactic which is used by your Democrat neighbors during every primary, to put RINOs on the ballot. Why these people want to keep their lying Party in office, is beyond me…

  3. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    Seriously, how do you swim in a swamp without making friends with the alligators.

    • Mama says:

      Good 0ne !. Yep_

      • Mama says:

        ‘crocodiles’ Way Worse!!! than alli’s.
        Ronald, you sparked a ‘memory’ ___
        I made a friend w/female alli in Fl.
        She took ‘my space’ & i bitched her out, &
        told her it’s ok, But “Don’t CROSS This LINE”
        lol. She came close, but we had mutual respect
        i guess,/ she didn;t attack. Anyway, i ‘Learned’
        HOW to SEE their ‘eyes; in ‘rippling’ water.
        Just a tale/Exp in Life.

  4. Mona says:

    Anyone would be preferable than a Democrat.

  5. Robert powell says:

    sessions was just as useless as any of obummers groupies. no consideration for the people just themselves pack away the cash ,kiss ass on the lobbyists, pass all information to the crooked group of congress and justice departments.JUST ONE MORE GRAY-MOUSE IN THE COOKIE JAR.

  6. jace says:

    99% of these comments are from democrat shills giving dis-information. They don’t even know who Q+ is judging by their comments.

    • Bill says:

      This is something that the people of Alabama must decide. My home is approximately five miles from the Alabama border and who they choose to elect is none of my business and none of anyone else not a resident of that state. But, as an aside, I think Sessions did a bang up job as Senator and I would probably vote for him if I were eligible.

  7. Patricia K. says:

    Far as I’m concerned Jeff Sessions should have retired long ago. He is just one of the to old, to connected to the lobbyists, to busy taking care of himself and not worrying about the people. He should just go quietly and collect his pension that he did little or nothing to earn.

  8. zee says:

    Sessions KNOWS his ‘shortcoming(s) In Previous ‘Role’.
    I’m SURE he Can Find Another VENUE to DO GOOD.
    Good Luck ! Find Your Another ‘calling’ &&&
    Find ‘it’ FAST.

  9. Unfortunately Sessions choose to halfass do his job as AG, by riding on the rail of doing part of his job and trying to protect his NWO friends, it made the Trump supporters call for his dismissal long before the president concluded that Sessions was not AG material, don’t believe Sessions could win again in Alabama even if he did have the presidents endorsement, too many people saw thru his weak efforts as AG and wouldn’t trust him not too derail Trump out of spite

  10. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Jeff Sessions made more mistakes that just recusing himself from the “Russia witch-hunt”. He was also a crappy AG. He had no bark, no bite and no guts. He should never have accepted the job, he wasn’t up for the challenges it was going to throw at him, he is too soft!

  11. Noel says:

    Jeff Sessions is a decent guy who felt that by removing himself from deciding the Russia Issue he was protecting the Trump presidency. Few people remember the Democratic hits on him in comfermation and office as attorney general.
    His voting record and prior service were the right side of any conservatives position. This is one case in which I believe the Trump Administration erred. I support Trump as he is the best party for our American Ideals but the lack of vindication for Sessions was poor.

  12. Vincent Matejka says:

    Jeff Sessions has done everything to try and destroy the president. We need someone who wants to help the president.

  13. Steve says:

    All Sessions did was obstruct justice to protect his criminal NWO associates , so they could continue doing their continual sedition & high treason against America & Trump . for another 2 years , also trying to impede Trump’s progress to MAGA .

  14. QED says:

    Yes, Jeff Sessions cannot be forgiven for making the HORRIBLE decision to be the first to endorse the criminal and disaster, Demented Donnie for president! This website is more than just a little biased to say that the Russia probed was a “witch hunt” when:
    1. all 17 of out intelligence agencies had evidence it was true
    2. The Mueller Russia probe found evidence to confirm it and
    Putin admitted taking steps, and as our enemy, to make sure to select someone who would not stand up against him and the removal of sanctions!

    • William Wooten says:

      What ever lies trip your trigger fanatic.

    • reconviper1 says:

      Getting your “news” from the communist news network (CNN) there snowflake? The only one “colluding” with Russia was Hillary and the DNC. Which president got $500,000 dollars from the Ruskies? Oh, that would be Slick Willy Clinton. Not to mention the $120 million bribe the Russians paid the Clinton Foundation for access to Hillary as Secretary of State. Go back to sleep, dumbass.

    • J says:

      Wow, dreaming with your eyes wide open,. Just how in the heck do you do that?

  15. Miles Puckett says:

    Jeff Sessions was a deep state plant plane as day !!!

  16. Jace Anderson says:

    Patriot Pulse is the name of this publication and every comment posted so far other than mine are unaware of Q and his latest drops on Sessions. If you’re real Patriots you’d better go to and get involved and informed. JEEEZ. WWG1WGA enjoy the show which is the demise of the deep state.
    Everything Sessions did from recusal to sparing verbally with Trump was and is in the plan.

  17. A S K says:

    What happened to my comment

  18. Mike says:

    The Weasel sold us out, he could of provided the documents m
    Needed to prove there was a planned coup to illegally take down Trump, however he appointed an insider FBI IG to investigate the openly know Bureau leadership corruption of breaking laws laws for Obama and becoming his goons squads to carry on raid on opponents. He was asked to appoint a second independent council like Mueller, but he was terrified to expose sneaky lying Obama the rat.

  19. Donald R Fossett says:

    To me Sessions was loyal to President Trump and because he followed his heart and recused himself from the investigation he was outcast by the President. I really like President Trump but he should back Sessions as he would win Alabama and be a good loyal Senator again.

  20. Dewey says:

    They call it term limits. Career politicians are more dangerous than our known enemy’s. I cringe every time someone says he or she says they are a career politician. We have term limits for our President for a reason. We must have term limits for our politicians. Look at the trash on both sides that we have welcomed being career politicians in Congress and the Senate. Pilosi, the half wit AOC , and Waters, Sanders. Sanders passes three bills in his life time and two are naming post offices. What a joke. What a waste of tax payer money having a Communists elected to Congress. People that hate our, my country.

  21. Margaret Baird says:

    Sessions owes we the taxpayers his salary for the months he dis-served our President – he hid out and didn’t support Pres. Trump at all, in fact, I really believe he was behind the scenes trying to destroy him instead. In my estimation he is a “sneaky snake” full of venom and disloyalty.

  22. Dr Lawrence A Saunders says:

    Why did he jump into the 2016 race when Trump decided to enter. Unusually fast,suspicious of inside info and deep state involvement. WEAK!

  23. Fidel says:

    Sessions showed his color’s, he’s yellow. Afraid of his shadow. Turned his back on Americans. At least Roy Moore has a back bone, and defends himself against the wicked left. Not MaGoo

  24. jace anderson says:

    Comments negative of Jeff Sessions on this board obviously are not Q follower’s.

  25. The voters saw Sessions as a RINO trader he would never had been re-elected to the senate.

  26. Sam R says:

    Sessions should NOT run for Senate. He should run for deep state Soros flunkie.

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