Jeff Sessions is sitting on secret information that could lead to the biggest decision of his life

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the chance to drive a stake through the heart of the Deep State.

A secret document has provided him shocking information about a top FBI official.

Now he has the biggest decision of his life in front of him.

Former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe announced his retirement ahead of a pending Department of Justice Inspector General’s report.

The report would show that during the Clinton email investigation he engineered press leaks and then misled investigators.

So McCabe set a retirement date that would allow him to leave Washington but leech off taxpayers by collecting his full pension and benefits.

Now the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility has determined that McCabe should be fired before he cashes in on his taxpayer-funded retirement.

The decision is up to Sessions who must act by Sunday.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The FBI determined in an internal review that former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should be terminated, according to a report from The New York Times.

That leaves Attorney General Jeff Sessions in charge of determining whether to fire McCabe, who is set to retire with full benefits on Sunday.

The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility issued the recommendation after receiving information from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The watchdog has been conducting an investigation of the bureau’s handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Horowitz has reportedly determined that McCabe encouraged FBI officials to speak to the media about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.”

Firing McCabe – who was in the meeting with anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page when they discussed using the Russia investigation as an “insurance policy” against Trump winning – would send a message that leakers and Deep State saboteurs will face consequences for trying to undermine the duly elected President of the United States.

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52 Responses

  1. Glenn A Lewis says:

    Jeff, you are the AG, you are the boss, do the right thing, fire McCabe. He is a criminal, don’t feel sorry for him. He put himself in this situation, he chose to break the law. Jeff you are sworn to uphold the law. Fire McCabe. Then arrest him.

  2. lenny g. says:

    I agree with Jesse, fire everyone appointed by Obama. He has the power to do it now! Show some huevos>

  3. Jesse says:

    Trump and Sessions need to fire every person in the FBI and DOJ that was hired or Appointed while that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo was in office. That is the only way to remove all those who are trying to foil Trump’s agenda. That holds true for every department Trump has power to appoint people to as leaders.

  4. Susan says:

    Why should this CORRUPT CRIMINAL get his pension after all that he has done?? He lied that is enough! Plus all the corruption with HIllary!? Really? Seriously? He cannot get his pension that is taxpayer money!!!! No way!!

  5. Don’t THINK about it, JUST DO IT! This man does not deserve to get a tax-payer funded pension after everything he did to destroy our country. He should be fired and post haste! Why is this even a question? If it were a “regular” person there would be no thought he would be fired, so fire him. AG Sessions, if justice is blind, then you have nothing to think about except the facts, you can not weigh anything other than his transgressions.

  6. Dorothy says:

    Sessions has no intention of firing McCabe. He has no intention of hiring a second Special Prosecutor. He just wants to sit back, like he did in the Senate and just bask in the fact that he was a Senator. He is doing the same thing, basking in the fact that he is Attorney General. But to do anything his job requires, like firing McCabe, Rod Rosenstein and indicting Hillary, Oh no, that is too much for him to even think about. So he’ll let the time pass and McCabe will get the millions of dollars that is in his pension.

  7. Mr Sessions it is your job and duty to take action people who represent a consporicy against the country.Also to make the American people aware of our enemies within.

  8. C. Caraher says:

    Let ’em both go….FIRE THEM!!!

  9. JLM says:

    The title of this article has a word most apt–sitting. That’s all Sessions seems to have done on anything important, save the illegal immigrant lawsuit in Oakland. I will be not just surprised, but pleasantly shocked if he fires McCabe, but Sessions will as usual probably do nothing . If it is not too late, Lois Lerner’s prosecution should also be in the works. His appointment is Trump’s one major mistake.

  10. ch says:

    Here is the contact information for Jeff Sessions–contact him and DEMAND MC Cabe be fired. Put the pressure on

  11. Gerry says:

    Why are you sitting on it — hoping to drop an egg or what ?????? You are the Atty. General — director of the Dept. of JUSTICE !!!!!! Justice has to be served. He not only needs firing but also prosecution right along with comey,strzok, clapper, brennan, clinton and obama.

  12. Frederick L Rose says:

    If Sessions takes no action before McCabe can retire. President Trump should fire them both ASAP. What a shame it would be on the American tax payer, for this scumbag to live off a retirement that he should never have gotten.

  13. James says:

    If Jeff Sessions does not fire; then bring up charges against McCabe and his cronies, it will stand as a testimony of his contempt for our Constitution and the American people whose faith has been in him and our Pres. to not only DRAIN THE SWAMP, but to truly MAGA!
    It will also earmark him as among the elitists who are out to destroy America as we know it!

  14. Larry says:

    Yadda, yadda, yadda…No balls…

  15. Roy says:

    What the hell are you waiting for everybody that did this would be gone drop the hammer on McCabe

  16. Jack Rookhuyzen says:

    Fire him…Then bring him up on charges along with Hillary, Comey , Rosenstein, Linch and the rest of those crooked, blood sucking bastards. Then,
    go after Obama. Like rats, if you don’t get them all, they start to breed again.

  17. Nancy Bernard says:

    I agree! Isn’t March 18th the deadline? Why isn’t Trump insisting this guy be fired, can’t he put pressure on Sessions? Inspector General wants McCabe to be fired!

  18. Jeanette says:

    I agree whole heartedly. Do your job Sessions and fire whoever you can and let Pres. Trump fire all he can. These Democrats are the party that should be taken down. They are all brain dead and also need a mental evaluation plus they are all Communists.

  19. Ron C says:

    And what the hell is he waiting for…???

  20. KAZ says:

    Don’t forget to bury the Republican Rhinos as well. They are bringing down the Republican Party making it a ONE PARTY system. That’s why they hate President Trump, the OUTSIDER. Has more Conservative values and LOVES his Country, and will NOT Compromise for a personal piece of the pie.

    Hopefully votes will change things, but it might take more. That’s why the gun laws are being pushed by the Dems and certain Republicans are silent.


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