Jeff Sessions is plotting a comeback that may give Trump one big headache

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is plotting a comeback.

There is one job he has his eyes on.

And it could create one big headache for Donald Trump.

Rumors are swirling around Alabama that Sessions could run for his old Senate seat against Democrat Doug Jones in 2020.

Top Republicans in the state believe Sessions would enter the race the frontrunner.

However, his tensions with Donald Trump could prove to be a hurdle.

Politico reports:

Sessions’ name surfaced as a potential candidate immediately after he was dumped as attorney general this month. But he could be dogged by his strained relationship with President Donald Trump, who remains wildly popular in Alabama and savaged Sessions throughout his tenure at the Justice Department.

Though Sessions would be the clear front-runner if he runs, his frayed ties with Trump could create an opening for other Republicans to make a play for the seat — and cause a messy primary similar to the one that cost the party the seat last year, several Alabama Republicans tracking the situation said.

POLITICO interviewed more than a dozen GOP operatives and potential candidates in the state about the prospect of a Sessions comeback bid and the forecast for the Senate race against Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.). They agreed that Sessions remains overwhelmingly popular in his home state after representing it for nearly two decades in the Senate.

Sessions resigned after Trump lost faith in him after he caved to fake news media pressure to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

Some Trump supporters never forgave him for that mistake.

But no one questioned Sessions commitment to Trump’s agenda – particularly on immigration and trade.

If Sessions were to win, he would likely be a loyal Trump vote in the Senate.

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