Jeff Sessions is plotting a comeback that may give Trump one big headache

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is plotting a comeback.

There is one job he has his eyes on.

And it could create one big headache for Donald Trump.

Rumors are swirling around Alabama that Sessions could run for his old Senate seat against Democrat Doug Jones in 2020.

Top Republicans in the state believe Sessions would enter the race the frontrunner.

However, his tensions with Donald Trump could prove to be a hurdle.

Politico reports:

Sessions’ name surfaced as a potential candidate immediately after he was dumped as attorney general this month. But he could be dogged by his strained relationship with President Donald Trump, who remains wildly popular in Alabama and savaged Sessions throughout his tenure at the Justice Department.

Though Sessions would be the clear front-runner if he runs, his frayed ties with Trump could create an opening for other Republicans to make a play for the seat — and cause a messy primary similar to the one that cost the party the seat last year, several Alabama Republicans tracking the situation said.

POLITICO interviewed more than a dozen GOP operatives and potential candidates in the state about the prospect of a Sessions comeback bid and the forecast for the Senate race against Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.). They agreed that Sessions remains overwhelmingly popular in his home state after representing it for nearly two decades in the Senate.

Sessions resigned after Trump lost faith in him after he caved to fake news media pressure to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

Some Trump supporters never forgave him for that mistake.

But no one questioned Sessions commitment to Trump’s agenda – particularly on immigration and trade.

If Sessions were to win, he would likely be a loyal Trump vote in the Senate.


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59 Responses

  1. Peter Morey says:

    He definitely should stay retired since he did nothing while in office he might as well run as Independant or Democrat cause he is not a Republican.

  2. Tony Bell says:

    I believe Session’s recusal was an intentional move that allowed him to work behind the scene. Think what he got accomplished by working to appoint Huber to work with Horowitz to investigate deep state. Think what he accomplished with boarder patrol and sanctuary city issues. Now, Whitaker as acting AG can work unimpeded to implement the finding of the Huber, Horowitz investigations. Sessions will return to the senate, where his most effective. Brilliant Move.

  3. Don says:

    He was useless when in Congress and even more useless as AG having done little or nothing for the state or country. Alabamans had better wake up or they’ll be sleeping under the NWO drivel of which he’s a part.

  4. Gerry says:

    What’s he going to do in the Senate — recuse himself every time an important issue comes up. I thought for sure this article was going to say he joined the dirtbag mueller sh**bird team.

  5. zee says:

    I honestly ‘perceive’ That IF Sessions Returns to his Senate Seat –
    He Will Do Good. I ‘perceive’ Sessions Is Totally ‘Relieved’/& Glad
    from ‘Pressure/Threats etc from AG ‘Duty’. It Was Just tooo much for him.
    > Time Will Tell___

    • Gerry says:

      Zee — I think they spell that — COWARD !!!!! I hate that word but it fits him.

      • Sarah Penny says:

        Sessions followed the law. Pure and simple. Trying to explain to Trump that certain laws apply to certain procedures is like trying to explain to Trumpsters that just because one has authority does not give him the right to not abide by the law. ignorance is so bountiful in the US. Seems to attach on to Trump and all those who praise him for his deeds and deceptions. Sessions may not try to get revenge against Trump. He seems to follow the teachings of the Holy Scripture. If he does, he will just let God do it. Trump has so much coming to him that it will be shocking to sit and watch. The question is, will he get it now or will he get it in the here after.

    • Dora says:

      He is weakly person like a snowflake. he melts when the sun come up.

  6. Kent says:

    Will not get my vote. If he’s on the ticket will be the first time I do not vote straight ticket republican. I will vote individual republican then skip him.

  7. B Taylor says:

    What do you have to do to retire a RINO? Shoot them I guess, all he would do is what Romney will do . Sabotage the President and the country.


    • Wondering Woman says:

      IMHO, Jeff Sessions is deep state establishment traitor.

      • Sarah Penny says:

        There is no deep state. That is the imagined subject of people like Limbaugh and Jones. Just something to scare people. Likely came straight from Russia. Fear is how Trump keeps people like you worried while he does what he can to destroy our government. Nothing is above Trump, when he understands the results or when he does not…..Mr Evil is his title.

        • M says:

          Sarah Penny, You are one sick Henny Penny, brainwashed little twirp of a liberal. You are totally off the rails and out of touch with reality. Poor baby, take two aspirin and call a shrink in the morning.

  9. Tony Bell says:

    Something keeps telling me that we are reading the Sessions Trump relationship incorrectly. Session’s recusal allow him to work behind the scene, unencumbered by the MS and liberal left. He laid ground work for what is to come. December 5th should prove interesting. Remember Sessions appointed Huber to work with the IG.

  10. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Enemy number one for concervstive.

  11. Milton says:

    The biggest thing we need on both sides of the isle is term limits. I live in Alabama supported Sessions know the family,was proud when he was appointed, thought he’d be a great AG. I WAS DISAPPOINTED. He needs to stay home. We have a great Representative who had decided to take Jones on in 2020 who I’ve already given my support to. Believe me I WANT DOUG. JONES GONE he should never have been allowed into the Senate for Alabama. I blame Mitch McConnell as much as I do anyone for this disaster.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Seem to recall that Mitch McConnell made a remark he was going to make sure only good establishment republicans won in the future and his actions against Judge Roy Moore proved his intent, by backing the democrat over Judge Roy Moore.
      He may have flipped since, but still don’t trust him to not be deep state establishment. He is a career politician of long standing and not likely he isn’t dse traitor!

  12. Trumpster says:

    Go ahead GOP back another establishment rhino and watch another Dem take the another seat. I live here and always backed Sessions but the blindfold is off. No one should be able to run more than 3 times. When you are in office that long somebody is gonna get some dirt on you and dare you to defy them. That’s what happened to him as AG, I’ll believe it till I die! I promise you that will be the dumbest move the GOP could make is waste $ on Sessions campaign. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE I know will vote for him
    So there, the ball is in your court. Choose wisely GOP!!! Oh wait, that’s an oxymoron isn’t it.

  13. Holland180 says:

    If we could depend on him to support Trump it would be fine to have him senator from Albama?? But thats a big “if” so inless he becomes believable to support Trump we might be better with anothet Republican candidate unless any other GOP candidate looks infavorable to beat a democrat candidate then Jeff would be better then a Dem that would oppose Trump 100%..

  14. Gail says:

    I think that position should be held by someone who serves America and its people not foreigners. Sessions sat on his butt and never took charge of his office . There was no reason to recuse himself .If he wouldn’t make sure that the criminals involved were not in control of the evidence against them Then why would anybody want him to represent them in anything a court of law or the senate . Never in the history of our judicial system has the criminals that the evidence was against them been kept by the criminals and they were allowed to control the joke of the day . Investigations against themselves . No no no we have enough rino idiots there already . And he is just one more spineless wonder . That witch hunt should have been over last year . Sessions knew that the evidence pointed to the Democrats and that Hillary paid for the fake dossier and yet it went on and on

  15. Hopeful says:

    Sessions should retire…maybe there is a conservative candidate that is just that ..CONSERVATIVE WITH COURAGE AND CONVICTION!

  16. Paul says:

    I think Jeff should get out of politics. To me he showed me he was nothing but a rhino. He did not help him at all and I think Hillary got to him. Money talks. Being from Bama. I don’t think I could trust him anymore. I think about the last 2 years of hell caused by the drones Rosenstein and Mueller., should keep patriot citizens from voting for him.

  17. Paul says:

    I think Jeff should get out of politics. To me he showed me he was nothing but a rhino. He did not help him at all and I think Hillary got to him. Money talks. Being from Bama. I don’t think I could trust him anymore. I think about the last 2 years of hell caused by the drones Rosenstein and Mueller., should keep patriot citizens from voting for him.

  18. Richard Hyde says:

    At least Alabama can win in football.
    Jeff was a fumble

  19. Why should he not run? Why would he be against Trump for? Sessions betrayed Trump it is his own doing! Sessions was protecting his ass like all the politicians do, he succumbed to pressure for collusion with the Russians and the Progressive name calling etc made him recuse himself from doing part of his duty. Seems like we need to have a requirement where lawyers are not allowed to run for public office. They are not to be trusted, the Yale legal students would not even stand up for “due process”, not even the University would stand up for “due process” so why should they be given the privilage of writing legal legislation or laws they do not intend to follow them? Yes, they take an Oath to protect the Constitution, yet want Mob rule instead of “due process” Or when they become Judges, they want to legislate from the bench instead of defining the laws. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?`

  20. Gene Hollon says:

    I have VOTED FOR and supported Jeff Sessions in every ALA race in his career . Up until one week prior to his leaving the A G spot.
    He NEVER tried to prosecute the CABAL OF CROOKS in the “DIM=O-CRATIC ” party. A N D – He NEVER EXPLAINED WHY HE FAILED TO DO SO.

    • Conservative Senior says:

      Completely agree. His “protection” of the Deep State suggests he is part of it. He should just retire and STHU.

    • Sarah Penny says:

      I saw Sessions do more to get Trump elected than any of the other Republicans. He supported him totally. When Trump wanted Sessions to do Mueller in, Sessions naturally did the lawful and correct thing. He rescued himself from his job. That was the only honest thing he could do. That was what Trump got so mad at him for and to be sure, Trump did not know the law but that is worse he did not care what happened to Sessions, as long as he did Trumps wishes. You in Alabama may no longer like him, but shame on you as Sessions followed the law. All Trump wants is to use people until they refuse to do something wrong and show how loyal they are to Trump. Thank you AG Sessions for standing up for the law. I am not a Republican, but I respect you very much for your action. Respect is worth more than loyalty to a crocked ruler.

      • Philip Byler says:

        No, Sessions did not follow the law. He watched Rosenstein and Mueller make a mockery of the conflict of interest provisions and did nothing.

        • Sarah Penny says:

          There is no deep state. That is the imagined subject of people like Limbaugh and Jones. Just something to scare people. Likely came straight from Russia. Fear is how Trump keeps people like you worried while he does what he can to destroy our government. Nothing is above Trump, when he understands the results or when he does not…..Mr Evil is his title.

  21. Yen says:

    I have nothing nice to said about this racist !!!

  22. Mona Flores says:

    What’s up with politicians? You don’t have to die in the White House, serve your country, your state, and go home. My goodness, don’t you ever spend time with your families? So what did you get married for? To stay away from your spouses? Thank you for being a politician, BUT, there will be many more to serve before or after you. Since there is a term limit for a President, there should be two terms for any elected official to serve in the White House. I do not want to grow old gracefully with you, I do not want to count your wrinkles before you do. I do not want to watch your face lifts, your butt lifts, your whatever. I do not want to get to know your family. Do your job the best you can and go home. Thank you for what you do, enough is enough.

  23. Harvey D Schneider says:

    The truth is that based on the Conservative Review scorecard Sessions only voted about 60% of the time on conservative legislation. Also it is a certainty that there should be a two term limit for the Senate .

    Sessions has served more then the hypothetical limit and should now enter the real world and get a real job. He is entitled to a healthy pension for his Senate service,

    I rather doubt that we Alabamians would relect him if he decided to run again anyway.

  24. Tolowan Wan says:

    Americans You decide Today Whom You Will Serve….America and Americans or the Trash that wants to come here and destroy everything like the Women elected to Congress this year! Why and How did it Happen? They need to be investigated and tell whom they serve while they are being paid by Whom to carry Out the Destruction to America!

  25. trapperwv1 says:

    Kick back enjoy your retirement while you still have a decent reputation.

  26. Truckman says:

    the only reason sessions would run would be to cause trouble for Trump could almost guarantee he would be a rino

  27. Gerald Laddg says:

    It’s funny when politicians run on revenge. It’s supposed to be what they can do for people, and the county.

  28. Patricia says:

    Iam sure Trump would back him up and campaign for him to win in Alabama! There was voter fraud the last gime with an ignorant idiot who wasn’t from that district claiming “I gotta get my boy elected!” Meaning Jones! I wish he would’ve been caught and prosecuted along with the rest!

  29. Eric Granberg says:

    Why aren’t you guys off plotting against Ukraine with your ol’ pal Putin?

  30. don says:

    He is a WEASEL!!!!!!

  31. Wayne says:

    Jeff. You had your chance to do something with your career and for this country and you completely blew it. Your recusal showed what a low life you are. Scared to do your job which has caused tremendous division in this country. You claimed to be a republican and lied about it.

  32. JungleCogs says:

    As well liked as Sessions was when in the U.S. Senate; after his stint (stunt?) as AG, he would do better in this day if he ran as a Democrat.

  33. Mork Jungle says:

    I question whether you are really a Republican or you are with the Deep State. Im not sure if you should run if you are against what Trump is doing. We finally have a President who isnt business as usual ripping off the taxpayer for their own greed.
    Think about Jeff. Are you going to be part of the solution?

  34. Danny Noble says:

    Sessions is all Washinton but he is a good guy for all that. I live here, I voted for him. We got screwed with the Doug Jones thing. Yes, Sessions should run for his seat again. I’ll vote for him and Trump both again.

    • April says:

      I believe Sessions would do well as a Senator. I didn’t think he was cut out to be AG, Jeff is just to nice of a guy and to trusting. He trusted Rod Rosenstein when he told Jeff to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. To be a good AG you need to sometimes be a hard ass and that is something Jeff Sessions was not. I would vote for Jeff Sessions again and I believe Trump would endorse him.

  35. Hugh Turner says:

    Once a RINO is gone they should stay gone. The demotards can not accept they lose. RINO are just like thrm and think people still want them

  36. M says:

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Please stay out of politics! Stay home, play with the grandchildren, play ball and fish with the boys and go to tea parties with the girls.
    I doubt you would win back your old Senate seat and look at all the wasted money on campaigning. Oh I forgot, spending money doesn’t concern politicians!

  37. Walter says:

    Maybe he should run as a Democrat because that’s what I think he is he had that job and he did do a Dam thing to make anything right so Why run as a Republican please give me a break

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