Jeff Sessions is not going to like what Donald Trump is about to tell him

Jeff Sessions’ job has been in danger for months.

President Trump lost all faith him after he recused himself from the Russia probe.

But things are coming to a head and Jeff Sessions is not going to like what Donald Trump is about tell him.

For weeks, pundits speculated Trump would dump Attorney General Sessions after the midterms.

The only question is who would replace him.

Now word just broke that Trump could have five finalists in mind.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

President Trump is considering as many as five candidates as his new attorney general on the assumption that Jeff Sessions will leave his post later this year, according to White House officials and outside advisers.

The potential candidates include Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Transportation Department general counsel Steven Bradbury, former Attorney General Bill Barr, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and Janice Rogers Brown, a retired appeals court judge from the District of Columbia Circuit, the people said.

The five either didn’t return calls seeking comment or declined to comment.

The president has spoken openly, and often sharply, about his desire to replace Mr. Sessions and his regret over installing the former Alabama senator as the nation’s top lawyer. While Mr. Trump has spent more than a year undercutting his attorney general, he has rarely spoken about successors, according to White House officials and people familiar with his thinking.

Whoever Trump selects as his next Attorney General needs to do two things.

First, they must be loyal to the President and not the Deep State.

Second, they need to continue Sessions’ work carrying out Trump’s immigration agenda.

We will keep you up to date on any new development in Donald Trump’s search for a new Attorney General.

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