Jeff Sessions had this epic response to California’s legal challenge to Trump

The Trump administration has drawn a line in the sand.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not going to put up with the antics in California.

And he just had this amazing response to their latest legal challenge to Donald Trump.

Trump campaigned on cracking down on sanctuary cities.

These rogue jurisdictions spit in the face of American sovereignty by refusing to enforce federal immigration law.

This puts citizens at risk as dangerous murderers, rapists, and violent illegal aliens are free to roam in “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

California tried to resist the Trump administration’s efforts to deport criminal illegal aliens by passing a law that declared it a sanctuary state.

The Trump administration sued arguing the supremacy clause mandated federal immigration laws override California’s attempts to shield illegal aliens from deportation.

California responded by trying to cherry pick the judge the case would be heard in front of by requesting a change of venue to the far-left courts in San Francisco.

The Department of Justice responded with mockery.

Politico reports:

“In a submission to Sacramento-based U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez on Monday, Justice Department lawyers seemed to ridicule the transfer proposal floated last week by attorneys from the office of state Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

“It is remarkable that the State of California would seek to delay this matter primarily so that it can avoid litigating in its State capital. There is no basis to seriously entertain this request that the case be transferred,” Justice Department lawyers wrote. “California’s wish to defend these challenges in another federal judicial district in San Francisco, where the State capital is not located and where the official Defendants do not reside, makes no sense.”

Lawyers from Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation called the state’s transfer suggestion “meritless,” despite the fact that attorneys for the state have yet to file a formal motion seeking the transfer. In a scheduling filing last Friday, lawyers from Becerra’s office said a transfer to San Francisco would be warranted because a judge there is already considering a case that involves a federal law seeking to prohibit certain local and state policies from preventing cooperation with immigration authorities.”

While Jeff Sessions has received criticism for his recusal in the Russia investigation, he has been a guided missile enforcing Trump’s immigration policies.


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42 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    They were elected to drain the swamp but it’s harder to drain a cesspool. If California doesn’t comply it’s time to have 49 states and add more wall around California. They petitioned for statehood under the Constitution. If they don’t like the rules get mad and take their ball and go home

  2. Gray_Doug says:

    It is so appropriate for US Marshalls to execute arrest warrants and put the cuffs on these people and drag their political butts to jail.

    • Joseph says:

      I do not approve of the job Jeff Sessions is doing! He should enforce all the laws with passion for justice.He is picking and choosing what he wants to support. He was not hired to only enforce some of the laws. He was hired to drain the swamp! he was hire to enforce all the laws, and send all those that break them to jail. When he recused himself from the Russian collusion, he should have be fire for his inability to do his job. Then allowing a politically motivated person to head that investigation was strike 2 we are now at a full count and McCabe is trying to escape. If McCabe is allowed to retire Sessions should be fired. Sessions has a tough job and has to make tough decisions. If you can’t do the job get out of the way and allow someone else to do what has to be done.

      • Randy R says:

        I also think same as Joseph sessions a sneak or a snake in the grass he not doing he job dragging his feet on purpose it has to be done so do it now sooner the better

  3. Jack says:

    Well. Let us hope there is more action here than what little action there is on the witch hunt with the FBI and Russian. And, lack of anything on H. Clinton, Obama administration and G . Soros’s interference in our politics and contributing to social and civil unrest.
    The clock is ticking on this guy. He has to start to bring charges and work on indictments. He has to open the valve, and, keep it open to drain the swamp; unless, of course, he is part of it, or, does not like the spot he has been put in.
    America is watching. Illegal immigration must be controlled and the illegal sanctuary cities, with their terrorist and criminals, must be shut down. Anything less is poison and criminal to America unless you happen to be a liberal, left communist democrat who support both, unconditionally!!!!!

    • Trump supporter says:

      I am sick and tired of Washington talking yet nothing is done….that Mayor in Oakland who tipped off illegals about ICE should be in jail…last time I looked that was against the law…let’s see these people arrested n prosecuted then you’ll see sanctuary cities thinking twice…what happened to do the time if you commit the crime !!!!!

    • Trump supporter says:

      I agree…Sessions should be replaced by someone like Rudy Giuliani…no nonsense…Clinton should be in jail along with the rest of the swamp but all Sessions does is talk…LESS TALK MORE ACTION

      • Michael F Daly says:

        I totally agree this person. If anybody else did the things that either of the CLINTONS did, we would be in jail.

      • Stan L says:

        Ruddy Giuliani would be ideal, sadly Jeff Sessions is hampered by having recused himself almost as soon as he took office. That is one very huge impediment blocking necessary A.G. operations. There is plenty to prosecute about California’s bandit elected officials. Here’s hoping that Sessions can restore his potential and brush aside his hesitancy to act on the very obvious CA’s attack on the U.S. Constitution.

        • Don says:

          There’s plenty to prosecute by a huge number, mainly Democrats, for all sorts of crimes, yet Sessions has done nothing at all except, recuse, consider, investigate, and mull. The only thing he acted like he was going after were drug companies for the “opiod” issue because it was hot and safe and outside government. Simple fact is the opiod issue is a personal responsibility problem first of abuse. It’s also an illegal problem because they’re paying for their trip across the border by carrying them in backpacks across the border for the drug cartels, as well as weapons. He’s a total failure as attorney general.

  4. Robert says:

    You never let the enemy know what you have planned. Keep him in the dark and then spring the trap.

  5. Walt says:


    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      He’s been too busy babysitting Trump to do much else. I wouldn’t have willingly voted for Trump, had the alternative not been, in my opinion, far, far worse.

      • cliff says:

        The only thing Sessions is doing, is recusing himself to protect his OWN butt. In my opinion, he has his OWN “skeletons” in HIS closet that he doesn’t want to be brought to light. (after all, he WAS part of the “SWAMP” too. Think about it.

      • Michael says:

        I love Mr Donald J Trump…babysitting Trump my ass…He’s probably living high on a bribe from Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary along with the FBI director who gave the Clinton’s another pass…I luv that Trump is firing all these people…The Washington Swamp has been around for a long time…the people Trump fires probably started to smell like they came in from the swamp…lol

  6. Michael says:

    It seems to me that Mr Sessions is taking a step in the right direction.. But I think he is putting the cart ahead of the horse… Those crooks Obama and Hillary brought them in…I’ve known Hillary was a crook since the mid 80s…but things are coming out about Obama now…I think Mr Sessions has bigger fish to fry..
    My Dad told me when I was a kid the reason America is the only unconquered country in the world is so many good honest Americans own Guns…just makes me wonder the libs bring in so many illegal aliens, then try to disarm our people

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Isn’t it interesting that the majority of illegal alien crimes involve guns? Check the statistics, and you’ll find that I’m right. Of course that will never be mentioned in the liberal press, will it! That’s because it doesn’t serve their purposes to do so.
      Their main purpose, as I understand it, is to import as many liberal voters (legal, or illegal) as possible, and to facilitate their access to Federal programs to which they are not entitled, and to which they’ve never contributed. The sheer idiocy of supporting that type of policy is, apparently, beyond their comprehension. I would, however, like to take a hit off whatever it is they’re smoking. It’s obviously waaay better than what we had during the ‘60s.

      • James F M Baur Jr says:

        Oops!! I forgot to mention that I’ve known Hillary to be a crook since the late ‘60s. Back then, use of the term “liberal”, when referring to an individual, was equivalent to using the word “communist”. How politically incorrect of me to say that using public media, huh? It’s probably politically incorrect of me to refer to all politicians as high priced whores, too. Ya think?

        • Stan L says:

          Dump the PC baloney. The Leftists are what they are, I don’t care how much they attempt to obfuscate the reality. They are a Party of scheming charlatans who should answer to the title of Communists, they are immersed in wrecking the Constitution so there should be no debate as to what they are. They are teaching Communism to the kids blindly attending colleges and universities whose Communist professors and teachers are corrupting the kids while they and their parents accumulate lifetimes of debt for worthless diplomas, in many cases. Fake News has been joined by “fake education” which mostly corrupts young souls.

  7. Joe says:

    Jeff Sessions has done nothing to lock up Clinton, Obama, or Holder. He has done nothing to stop sanctuary cities. Nothing to end the nonsense of the witch hunt going on by the democrats. He has held no one responsible for the lack of FBI response to the shootings in Florida.

  8. Fat sam says:

    Session so far has done nothing any day now he will just say leave me out of this or this is not part of my job

  9. Shirley says:

    I wish all you people who think you know so much would just chill out. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Give Mr. Sessions some time to do his job. We do not have any idea what that incurs.

    I just think you have to be a little bit more tolerant if you want to get things done properly.

    • cliff says:

      How long does it take ? He “recused” himself IMMEDIATELY. In my opinion he HIMSELF has “skeletons” in HIS closet that he doesn’t want exposed. (after all he WAS part of the “swamp”) It is long past due TIME for him to do his job or RESIGN and let someone else take over that isn’t scared to do what needs to be done. ENOUGH “CONSIDERING” and more ACTION.

      • Stan L says:

        California should have federal money held back from it. In essence, everyone commenting on this thread contributes from their taxes to help pay CA’s expenditures. It’s a far bigger picture than just lambasting Jeff Sessions. Does he manage federal stipends intended for California? I think not. What do any of you Sessions complainers know about where/how CA supplements its own CA tax-payers money with federal hand-outs? CA is the largest welfare state in this nation, and this thread is fraught with folks who can only hang all the problems on Sessions. Sure, he was slow coming out of the gate, but he has moved and he has irons in the fire that are not done with the speed of sound. Widen your horizons, fellow Americans! An A.G.’s actions have many more qualifiers than we lay-people know. His recusal, as much as I disliked it, was done according to 100% jurisprudence. The blindfolded lady of justice is purposely slow in process, which aggravates me too, we’re all in the same boat. Would anyone exchange Sessions for a Comey or McCabe? I doubt it. The justice process moves as painfully slow as the speed of a glacier. Only gun fights get to be pretty quick. As for the federal money which goes to CA, I believe that Congress has that job, and that money gives Gov. Brown a confidence that he has this federal government at a disadvantage. We all need to yell like the dickens about it, no state should be able to dictate to the U.S.government, and tell it to go to he–! The federal superiority clause oversees that issue and I believe A.G. Sessions has sued CA over its refusal to accede to the U.S. Constitution. Neither Sessions nor Trump can “send in the Marines” to force the issue. It must go to court, even eventually to U.S. Supreme Court. Sessions knows well the process,and very few of us do. I wouldn’t be surprised that Sessions is well aware of the snail’s pace justice and is aggravated about it in his own right.

        • cliff says:

          He may be “aggravated” BUT he seems to be “picking and choosing” the “cases” he wants to pursue, and staying away from cases that HE HIMSELF might be included in. “justice” may be SLOW, but lately, when there are DEMOCOMMUNISTS “involved” the is NO “movement” at all. HITLERY should have been locked up from day one, BUT (as usual) she is out roaming around the the world “acting” like OSCUMBAG, and putting down OUR PRESIDENT and “WE THE PEOPLE” that voted for him, BUT I guess when you are a RICH COMMUNIST, there are those “double standards” that has sessions” “looking the other way” and going after the “small fish” in a FEEBLE ATTEMPT to show that he is doing “something”.

    • Karen says:

      My thoughts exactly, thank you! I love Jeff Sessions and I’m behind him 100%.

    • Rex says:

      He needs to do more than sue the state, who do you think will end up paying… yup the tax payers. more horse shid to shovel

    • Jeanne says:

      Shirley, I agree. Today is Sunday 3/18, and Mc Cabe was given walking papers. It seems that Sessions may have taken a wrong advice when he started, as a new kid in DOJ, yet its head, when he was quoted a law that mandated him to recuse himself. Then right after that Scalise was shot, lot was going on. Now the cat is out of the bag, that a wrong law was quoted to Sessions, and it seems that he is finally growing a full pair. I also understand that busting many pedophiles (including Jerry Sanduzsky’s son) last year was a part of a really full schedule Sessions was keeping, laying ground, having investigations, so the CORRECT data was presented later on, as in firing of McCabe. So yes, I see that Mr. Sessions deserves some more time to tie up the catch he has been baiting.

  10. Where is the second special council—Mr. Sessions ?—-this is not a duplicate comment—evidently this is your way of not posting comments you don’t agree with—don’t send me anymore of your articles

  11. Where is the second special council—Mr. Sessions ?

  12. Gerald Kelly says:

    All of you lefties need to uphold the law. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

    • Radman says:

      Gerald, please don’t hold you’re breath waiting for this to happen. (You’ll just pass out, and later wake up disappointed.)

  13. BobbyL says:

    Jeff Sessions seems to be an honorable man and I don’t dislike him, however something is wrong… There are so many things that he could have and should have acted on in spite of his recusal, but didn’t. (a failure to launch). He is not getting the job done and should be replaced by some one who WILL get the job done… Let’s start prosecuting ALL those who are breaking the law no matter what position they hold!

  14. Aline says:

    I wish Sessions who order for jerry brown and the other idiots around him, TO BE ARRESTED for jeopardizing the lives of AMERICANS! I would love to see this piece of crap, face to face, and tell him what I think of him! I’d feel a lot better!

  15. cliff says:

    The “problem” can be solved easily, Sessions needs to get off his butt, grow a pair, and ARREST TRY, PROSECUTE, and IMPRISON all the “elites” that are breaking the law no matter WHAT their “TITLE” is, or what OFFICE they hold. They BROKE THE LAW PERIOD…No more “double standards” for COMMUNIST LIBTARDS and RINO “elites”. If Sessions cannot ( or refuses) do the job he was hired to do FIRE HIM, and put someone in there that isn’t afraid to do their DUTY.

  16. Godfrey Buquet says:

    It’s do or die, for Mr. Sessions. I wish him luck. If he succeeds here, he is well lined up for the future. Mr. Brown has always been a nut and he will continue to be one. I don’t understand what part of illegal the people running California don’t understand, the il or the legal?

  17. David in MA says:

    Sessions is not one to rush into a court case, he is very thorough and lines up his ducks, one big problem I see is the Obama holdovers and the Clinton gangsters causing him some kind of a threat.

  18. KAZ says:





  19. Vern says:

    I believe Sessions to be a good and honorable man. I don’t agree with his recusal and thought it embarrassing for him and POTUS. I support him 100% on immigration and going after the sanctuary cities and states, especially California. Brown as a leader is going so far left he will probably drive CA into the pacific and possibly all the way to N. Korea, he certainly seems to support their ideology.

  20. Gail says:

    Wow he woke up long enough to actually participate.But you can be assured that’s as far as it goes .He went back to sleep 2 seconds after he made his announcement.His protection of the Clinton’s and the swamp has changed my mind about him
    .With the amount of evidence against all parties and he will not being any charges .

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