Jeff Sessions had this epic response to California’s legal challenge to Trump

The Trump administration has drawn a line in the sand.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not going to put up with the antics in California.

And he just had this amazing response to their latest legal challenge to Donald Trump.

Trump campaigned on cracking down on sanctuary cities.

These rogue jurisdictions spit in the face of American sovereignty by refusing to enforce federal immigration law.

This puts citizens at risk as dangerous murderers, rapists, and violent illegal aliens are free to roam in “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

California tried to resist the Trump administration’s efforts to deport criminal illegal aliens by passing a law that declared it a sanctuary state.

The Trump administration sued arguing the supremacy clause mandated federal immigration laws override California’s attempts to shield illegal aliens from deportation.

California responded by trying to cherry pick the judge the case would be heard in front of by requesting a change of venue to the far-left courts in San Francisco.

The Department of Justice responded with mockery.

Politico reports:

“In a submission to Sacramento-based U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez on Monday, Justice Department lawyers seemed to ridicule the transfer proposal floated last week by attorneys from the office of state Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

“It is remarkable that the State of California would seek to delay this matter primarily so that it can avoid litigating in its State capital. There is no basis to seriously entertain this request that the case be transferred,” Justice Department lawyers wrote. “California’s wish to defend these challenges in another federal judicial district in San Francisco, where the State capital is not located and where the official Defendants do not reside, makes no sense.”

Lawyers from Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation called the state’s transfer suggestion “meritless,” despite the fact that attorneys for the state have yet to file a formal motion seeking the transfer. In a scheduling filing last Friday, lawyers from Becerra’s office said a transfer to San Francisco would be warranted because a judge there is already considering a case that involves a federal law seeking to prohibit certain local and state policies from preventing cooperation with immigration authorities.”

While Jeff Sessions has received criticism for his recusal in the Russia investigation, he has been a guided missile enforcing Trump’s immigration policies.

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42 Responses

  1. cliff says:

    He may be “aggravated” BUT he seems to be “picking and choosing” the “cases” he wants to pursue, and staying away from cases that HE HIMSELF might be included in. “justice” may be SLOW, but lately, when there are DEMOCOMMUNISTS “involved” the is NO “movement” at all. HITLERY should have been locked up from day one, BUT (as usual) she is out roaming around the the world “acting” like OSCUMBAG, and putting down OUR PRESIDENT and “WE THE PEOPLE” that voted for him, BUT I guess when you are a RICH COMMUNIST, there are those “double standards” that has sessions” “looking the other way” and going after the “small fish” in a FEEBLE ATTEMPT to show that he is doing “something”.

  2. Randy R says:

    I also think same as Joseph sessions a sneak or a snake in the grass he not doing he job dragging his feet on purpose it has to be done so do it now sooner the better

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