Jeff Sessions found out his career is over with this tweet

Some Trump supporters are enraged by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ conduct in office.

Sessions failed to prosecute Hillary Clinton or any Deep State agents.

And his lack of loyalty to the President was exposed in one tweet.

Under Sessions’ watch, the Department of Justice trained its guns on Donald Trump and his supporters.

Prosecutors won convictions or guilty pleas against Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen and Rick Gates.

Meanwhile, Sessions has refused to lift a finger against Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Andrew McCabe despite their obvious criminal behavior.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. blasted Sessions for backstabbing the President.

But he also hinted that Sessions could be fired in November.

Trump supporters gave Sessions a pass on his recusal from the Russia investigation because of his strong work implementing Trump’s immigration agenda.

But the Mueller probe is officially a politically motivated witch hunt.

And the good will Sessions built up has been exhausted.

Millions of Trump supporters share Falwell’s sentiment that Trump should fire Sessions.

Sessions allowed the Department of Justice to weaponize its prosecutorial powers against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Critics contend that should be a fireable offense.

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157 Responses

  1. Phoenix Rising says:

    Yeah mostly left but left right treachery knows no bounds. Voting record shows their true intentions. There’s a list of people who took money from Soros. In my opinion that’s a tell tale sign as well. Listen to the John kasich Cuomo CNN interview and you’ll notice kasich says it’s been less than 24 hrs since John McCain was executed…. hmm now if that just don’t beat all. Here’s one for you too Iran contra involved Saudi Arabia Iran Lebanon Mitt romney and bain capital US Papa Bush as VP formerly CIA and president after Reagan who pardoned 6 people involved whilst Oliver north took the fall who is now president of NRA and the Journalist executed at Saudi consulate in turkey was Nephew of high level player in Iran Contra scandal Saudi refinery blown up Iran Lebanon jesuits jews Oliver north mitt romney all at the same time 40 years later. Coincidence? I think not. Funny as I was typing this I came across this. Coincidence? I think not. Lol

  2. James says:

    yessss! absolutely yesss!!

  3. zee says:

    check point. later.

  4. Buddy says:

    10-4 zee

  5. zee says:

    It’a all good, buddy. Stay Safe.
    am 10-4 this blog headline.
    >See ya around ‘town’ 0k? 0K !!!

  6. Buddy says:

    OK, sorry see, thought you misunderstood what Pastor Falwell was saying. My bad

  7. zee says:

    Buddy, we have a mis-communication & mis -interpretation here.
    Stay safe. SAVE USA. eom

  8. N says:

    Sessions has always been deep state!!! Remember, he always talked a good game but accomplished nothing!!!!! Check his track record and see for yourself.

  9. Buddy says:

    See, your not taking into account scripts found in Ethiopia that were written from the beginning of man. They were not added as part of the Bible because the authors couldn’t be verified and let’s face it, a lot of that stuff is kinda spooky and people don’t like spooky. But my point is what Pastor Falwell was simply saying is that your sins will find you out.
    In first Samuel we see a disobedient King Saul whose kingdom is being torn from his grasp and the lies he spun and attempts to kill David in order to hold on to that kingdom. Donald Trumps only sin in this dispute was being elected yet the Washington bunch has worked tirelessly to impeach him. If you don’t think Mr Sessions doesn’t know that then you deceiving yourself. Mueller has one job and one job alone.. get rid of Donald Trump at All costs.

  10. zee says:

    ps. Buddy. i have Total Respect for J. Falwell. He ‘speaketh’
    the Truth. & ‘we’ Wait for ‘Time’.

  11. zee says:

    0h My, Buddy. ‘YES’ there IS./ARE OLDER MANUSCRIPTS.
    (than bible per se) @ 1600’s Gutenberg press. What more
    can i say. Factoid.
    > Falwell ‘speaketh’ of (i guess) What IS Called ‘karma’ & way
    before bible. All good, Buddy. SAVE USA, no matter what. Rite?

  12. zee says:

    Rinos /Establishment ARE ‘clandestine dems’ i guess. & i ALWAYS try to
    look for/ & See ‘the benefit’ of the ‘doubt’.
    > ‘i’ AM an ‘Independent’ Thinker.

  13. Buddy says:

    Just shows you how broken our system is Sgt York. It took this to expose the bad apples.

  14. Buddy says:

    What Jerry Falwell said zee , explanation pretty straight forward. BTW there IS no older manuscript than the Bible.

  15. Buddy says:

    You can bet that 9 times out of 10 it’s a “dem” thing.

  16. zee says:

    Apparently, ‘Something’ IS There. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘dem’ thang.
    > Include ‘threats’ from ESTABLISHMENT etc.
    > IF YOU ‘had a Choice’ – What would you do. ??? Cover Yourself/Fam 0r ____

  17. zee says:

    Hi Buddy. ‘I’ DO ‘know’ MANY parts of ‘bible V > WELL &&& ‘What’ CAME BEFORE
    the ‘bible’ Was PRINTED @ 1600 Gutenberg ‘Press’. (also Hint)
    > Exactly, ‘what’ Are you ‘referring to’ ??? ie “Christ our Lord said it”. Said what &
    please BE Specific.
    > Christ, our Lord IS Diff than ‘Jesus’ 0r even Jesus Christ/ 0r Christ Jesus.
    Totally 3 Distinctives – ‘that’ HAVE been ‘passed’ thru ‘Scribes’ ( & NOT
    Ancient, ie pre 2000 BC. ‘. & ‘i’ can’t
    help that, Nor did i Control ‘the ink’ At That Time. (ie 1600 When ‘bible’ Inked.
    ( btw ppl/land ‘experienced’ Ergo.)
    > Must KNOW X-Treme Ancient History, BEFFORE 2-5000+ BC. &
    that’s about it.

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