Jeff Sessions failed Donald Trump in the worst way possible

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has drawn the wrath of President Trump.

Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation and that led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

But one bombshell report reveals just how Sessions failed Trump in the worst way possible.

Sessions not only recused himself – and did not alert Trump that this was a possibility before he was selected to be Attorney General – the Attorney General has refused to reconsider the decision.

Trump asked Sessions on multiple occasions if this was possible and even told Sessions he would be a “hero” to conservatives if he chose that course of action.

Axios reports:

“The details: Two sources familiar with the conversations told me the president never, to their knowledge, ordered Sessions to cancel his recusal from the Russia investigation. Instead, he asked Sessions whether he’d “thought about” un-recusing himself.

• Trump told Sessions he’d be a “hero” to conservatives if he did the “right thing” and took back control over the Russia investigation, according to two sources with knowledge of their conversations.

• Trump also told Sessions he’d be a hero if he investigated Hillary Clinton, according to one of the sources.

Trump also repeated the “hero” line separately to aides and privately mused about whether it would be possible to limit the scope of the Mueller investigation to avoid his business affairs.”

Axios is careful to report that Trump actually never pressured Sessions to recuse himself.

So there was never any hint of obstruction of justice.

But Sessions has exhausted all of his good will with the President and his supporters.

Sessions allowed the Russia investigation to spiral out of control because he could not stand up to a media firestorm demanding he recuse himself after a questionable allegation of failing to disclose his contacts with the Russian ambassador.


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49 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Jeff can make everyone’s life and his more palpable if he would fire his out of control Muller and Comey friend Rod Rosenstein as he has given Muller to much freedom to roam.

  2. Eyesonyou says:

    Jeff Sessions failed Donald Trump in the worst way possible

    Sessions has failed trump from the beginning and should be removed.

    • roger domnie says:

      why even remove him, we don’t know he’s there now? has he even got an office? if so, donate all belongings to goodwill, they aren’t being used………… how can this goof even be taking a check from us……….. ripoff……..

  3. seastar says:

    I think Sessions is a wolf in sheep’s clothing . I think he actually believes like the democraps .and is a plant for them . He is not a president Trumps friend at all.

  4. Dee says:

    What is the problem with Jeff Sessions. Is he a coward or just afraid of something?

  5. Luis D Rey says:

    Despite that I love Sessions’ demeanor and looks, he ought to have taken a hint and resigned rather than waiting to being fired !!

  6. doug says:

    I may not be a Sessions fan but he is doing the right thing. His job is to be impartial and adhear to the rule of law. When he was chosen, there wasn’t a Russia investigation. That came later. So Trump’s comments that Session should have given him the heads up before being hired is nonsensical. Plus, since Sessions admits to having contact with some Russians prior to the election, as a man of law, it is his duty to admit it and take himself out if the equation. He is not beholden to the potus nor is he to obligated to give “loyalty” to him or a particular party. The only loyalty is to the law, the Constitution and to the American people.

    • Carlos says:

      No, not in this day and age. When you have an entire opposition party, part of the GOP and deep state trying to take down Trump, the AG must be a weapon the POTUS can use to fight back. That’s what Holder and Lynch were for Obama and they got away with all of it. Trump won, victory has it’s spoils and Sessions is impotent and useless!

      • zee says:

        Hi Carlos, i tend to agree w/doug.
        You ‘hit the nail on the head’ re Holder etc.
        “THEY GOT AWAY W/IT. Illegally/Unconstitutionally.
        AG Sessions IS NOT Doing THAT.
        WE the PPL Are ‘riled & V. Upset’ w/ what Is Going on in
        Our V. Corrupt Government. DOJ/ Congress/ Eastablishment on Both Sides/ Globalist NWO.
        >POTUS DJT has Exposed So Much.

  7. Jill says:

    Hopefully Sessions is against Trump we need to keep him. Hopefully we can get some honest answers.

    • brenda says:


      • becky says:

        yes “true americans” we must do our job to help the potus. he is only one man fighting the whold government so we must step up to the plate and help him do what we elected him to do for us!!! Pleaseeeeee do not let him down!! we have put him and his family in front of the firing squad and he has graciouslly accepted the challenge. food for thought would someone help us that strongly even after all the things thrown at him . Potus say your prayers and follow the LORD If it is meant to be it will be>

  8. Mac says:

    Sessions should not be fired. He should step up and do the job he was appointed to do. File against those imbedded liberals that are destroying our government and those elected Representatives that have violated the law and the Clinton fiasco. Terminate the Russian fiasco, also

  9. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Jeff Sessions failed Donald Trump in the worst way possible

    after jeff sessions was confirmed as President TRUMP’s US AG, and then jeff sessions

    very quickly recused himself from the russia/TRUMP collusion probe mueller appointment

    jeff sessions very strongly was/still is saying that he abhors our US President TRUMP

    then and now

    SO to you corrupt deceptive jeff sessions,

    Go To Hell, motherf’c’ing bit’h

    and that’s my TRUMPing Truth

    Do you think Trump should replace Sessions?
    ABSOLUTELY @ (100%)=326,292,999 US voters
    no @ (0%)=voters

  10. zee says:

    A New AG Must be APPROVED by a ‘stonewalling ‘ Congress.
    > Next in line ‘steps up’ (Rosenstein) UNTIL New AG Approval.
    > Pres. Cannot just ‘fire & hire’ . That Is Why (perhaps)
    Sessions remains.
    > Who do You prefer: Sessions or Rosenstein ___

  11. The way I see it Jeff Sessions is either part of the problem or part of the solution. I think they all should be investigated. Shame on you Jeff the jellyfish Sessions. You are killing America by letting these corrupt people get away with their crimes and that makes you one of the swamp creatures. Grow a pair and do the right thing.

  12. mike says:

    The little coward needs to go, NOW!

  13. Ronald Christopher says:

    By rescuing himself Sessions has costs the American taxpayer over 17 million dollars, so far. Mueller will keep this up as long as Congress writes him a check.Mueller is very corrupt and he is out for all the dollars he can get. Look at how much Hillary paid him.

  14. Sessions didn’t do it because he’s a big part of the Sewer. He’s a shill if there ever was one, doing what the RINOs tell him to do, FIRE HIS A**, Mr. President.

  15. Gerry says:

    Right now — not tomorrow, not next week — RIGHT NOW !!!! sessions has proven himself to be part of the swamp scum and needs to go — now.

  16. Gerry says:

    Right now — not tomorrow, not next week — RIGHT NOW !!!! sessions has proven himslef to be part of the swamp scum and needs to go — now.

  17. Gerry says:

    Right now — not tomorrow, not next week — RIGHT NOW !!!!! sessions has proven he is one of the swamp scum and he needs to go.

  18. Marlene says:

    Sessions would make a good jellyfish. They have no spines either. And just drift along aimlessly.

  19. Michael Harris says:

    A big mistake by Trump! Also lost a conservative vote in the senate! He needs to go!

  20. Bot Bowles says:

    The investigation was not a criminal one, just a national security one – and he didn’t need to recuse himself. He should take the advice of Trump’s attorneys and cancel his recusal

    • Jim Bethea says:

      Plus the Spec Counsel investigation didn’t even start until days after Sessions recused himself and Rosenstein illegally appointed his bestie buddie Mueller….Rosenstein does not have the “appointment powers” to appoint anyone to a “principal position”..

  21. Martin says:

    Sessions has become part of the swamp and needs to go

  22. Christiann Revere says:

    Fire Sessions and appoint Joe diGenova as Atty. Gen.

  23. Gerald Ladd says:

    Thumb sucking Sessions is a full blown DemonRAT.

  24. Terry says:

    Knowing he was going to recuse himself he should have never accepted the position.

  25. Hambone says:

    Jeff “Swampy” Sessions is pure garbage. Swampy Sessions is an establishment politician and the only reason this turd made AG is to keep the president from making America great again! That is why all of the swamp critters gave him a pass to become AG in the first place. Fire Swampy today!

  26. alrf says:

    Is Sessions playing in both sides of the aisle ??….It looks like !!…..Mr. President fire him the sunner the better.

  27. James Maxwell says:

    Sessions is just another “slack jawed” individual who is in bed with the “Deep State”
    traitors and will not move unless they tell him to. He has the spine of a Jelly Fish
    and his actions or I should say INACTION has prove this time and time over and over.
    He needs to be removed and fully investigated to see where his “ties” are actually at.

  28. JLM says:

    Sessions is lazy, is incompetent, or is being blackmailed. I once thought Gowdy would be a good replacement, but now now with Gowdy’s latest comments. Nunes (sp ?) might be good. Ideally, Judge Jeanine Pirro or someone like her would be superb if that were possible.

  29. GJ says:

    Just what are the statues of limitations for Hillary, O, & company? Is Sessions waiting for that to run out? Run HIM out.

  30. corky says:

    Replace him with Roseanne

  31. Edward Halford says:

    Sessions is a Senate “good ‘ol boy” and will never get in the way of his buds. He may have started out with good intentions but Trump is by nature a CEO and expected Washington to Get To Work and fix America after Obama and the anti America Democrats tried to dismantle it. Jeff was looking for another easy job but when his buds decided to take down Trump Sessions wasn’t about to get in the way.

  32. Joan says:

    Who else could accept a new position and then say the next day they weren’t going to fulfill their obligations. This doesn’t happen in the real world, whatever that is anymore. I always thought he looked like a sneak and was wearing a smirk on his wimpy face. FIRE HIM NOW!!!! He’s worthless. Let ‘s get some people prosecuted as they deserve to be. Most of us are tired of waiting for the deep state to get their du, , esp. Hillary.

  33. Barbara Cook says:

    President Trump needs to fire Jeff Sessions and replace him with Larry Klayman for his new Attorney General, because Jeff Sessions is not doing his job like he should.

    Once President Trump replaces Sessions, then his agenda can get fulfilled to the fullest, and Larry Klayman can prosecute the former administration to his fulfillest extent.

    Larry Klayman would be a better Attorney General than Sessions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • marie reis says:

      Yes, I agree 100%, Larry is the man. Trump should give him a chance instead of complaining about Sessions.

  34. Ed says:

    A year and a half have almost gone by and not one noteworthy prosecution has been accomplished by the justice department. If Sessions had a mistress by the name of the LAW, one could argue his actions warrant further tolerance of his presence. Yet Sessions hasn’t done anything but guard his personal reputation. If the United States is ever to be made great again then the Attorney General of this country must drag all the dirt covering our leadership of the world into the public and place every sleazeball in prison. We will never be a great leader of freedom and justice in the world without prosecuting those who violated the Constitution and the law. Do what I say and not what I do may inspire dictators, but never will that be the great way to lead.

  35. True Believer says:

    I have mixed emotions. I just cannot believe that Sessions is not secretively bringing all the horrible demoncraps to trial in the very near future either before (which would be wonderful) or after the mid terms (so that we have a solid Senate and no Ryan) We are all waiting with baited breath to get all the trials underway. Fortunately the American People are not going to let this be swept under the table.

  36. seastar says:

    I think Sessions, Was a plant by the democraps. He is as useless as a turd .

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