Jeff Sessions crossed one final line that won’t make Donald Trump happy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned one day after the midterm elections.

But he left the Deep State firmly in control of the Department of Justice.

And before he left, he crossed one final line that won’t make Donald Trump happy.

Under Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department let Deep State criminals like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Andrew McCabe escape scot free.

Sessions continued that trend up until the very end.

Word leaked out that, under Sessions, the DOJ laid the groundwork for charging WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Plus they jailed Trump supporters left and right.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The Justice Department is preparing to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and is increasingly optimistic it will be able to get him into a U.S. courtroom, according to people in Washington familiar with the matter.

Over the past year, U.S. prosecutors have discussed several types of charges they could potentially bring against Mr. Assange, the people said. Mr. Assange has lived in the Ecuadorean embassy in London since receiving political asylum from the South American country in 2012.

In a court filing in an unrelated case in the Eastern District of Virginia, prosecutors also appeared to reference the prospect that Mr. Assange has already been secretly charged.

The people familiar with the case wouldn’t describe whether discussions were under way with the U.K. or Ecuador about Mr. Assange, but said they were encouraged by recent developments.

The Deep State hates Assange because they believe WikiLeaks cost Hillary the election.

America does not jail journalists.

Reporters at the Amazon Washington Post and the failing New York Times aren’t jailed when their fake news papers publish classified information.

Trump supporters believe Assange should receive the same protection.

But because he made enemies with Deep State queen Hillary Clinton the government wants to jail him.

That Sessions allowed this to go on is his final – and maybe most significant – failure.

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134 Responses

  1. Sam R says:

    I will not answer the survey question “Should Trump stop any attempt to jail Julian Assange? until after the 2020 election, but I will say now that Sessions and all of the rest of the deep state should be in prison. The sooner the better.

  2. Rose Pfennig says:

    You got that RIGHT, Secora and Morena!!

  3. Rob says:

    All you low life, classless, unpatriotic, losers out ther that we know as RINO’s, listen up, You are all a bunch of cowards, like that little, filthy, disgusting, Bob Corker! The most criminal person on earth would have been elected after the DNC gave HRC, and BHO, the green light to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election, to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, so she could help so her part as a false storefront for an obama third term as plotted by Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn! You filthy RINOS would rather put the Republican Voters through possibly 8 more years of Obama, than get behind President Trump! I hope each one of you turn-coat, traitors, spend eternity below! Don’t expect any future support after screwing us!

  4. Rob says:

    Jeff Sessions is a disgrace to his home state of Alabama, to the Southeast states that border Alabama, to every American born in the south and every law enforcement officer that puts on that uniform everyday and risks his/her life protecting our citizens!
    Sessions is shameful, and disgusting, and really, should consider killing hiself! Satan, and the anti-Christ, (George Soros) are going to love Sessions, for eternity, in hell.

  5. John Flynn says:

    A coupla other names for Trump’s new AG, consider Judge Jeanine Pirro and DA Joe DiGenova. The Dems will be PASSIONATELY against anyone Trump nominates, but so be it. Let’s get Trump’s DoJ in working order!

  6. John Flynn says:

    I believe Betty, like so many other trolls (paid?) on this site, merely espouses the Party line. They stick with their agenda (the party line) and overlook the truth, as sometimes the truth is against what they espouse

  7. John Flynn says:

    Perhaps Daniel’s a paid troll of the Dems?

  8. John Flynn says:

    Sherri, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Holder still the AG at time of benghazi. I think Lynch (if that’s the Loretta you mean) assumed AG duties in 2014, perhaps 2015. Benghazi took place BEFORE the re-election of Obama in 2012

  9. Ron Hatt says:

    Sessions……Loretta Lynch, bath House Barry,,……Eeerake Holder, Actually the whole illegitimate Obama Administration is a huge disappointment to America,……..don’t really “know” why Sessions, failed to do his job…..maybe, the Clinton Cartel, has the “goods” on Sessions, & his defunct Justice Dept? ? ? ? After all, Trump did manage to remove many top officials at the CIA, & FBI……{ thank God!}….Still have much house cleaning to do!

  10. sherri says:

    Military question: How do you get 2 or 3 military helicopters in to pick up Bin Laden at 3 AM, past radar. The noise & weight of these helicopters would have shook the earth , you can hear them coming for miles, Bin Laden was retired & his siblings had taken over. Obama needed the next election, this was his win. Was there a trade, give me Bin Laden & we’ll work something out on the Embassy? There was 13 hrs. of fighting in Benghazi, a military base 1or 2 hrs. away & Hillary & Loretta said we didn’t have enough time to get to the Embassy to help. The 4 seals that did go help was denied plane tickets to get home, guess Obama thought they would be dead, Loretta called for “stand down” was the deal already made & we’ll send $145 Billion in big bags for the help. Are the pilots still alive or did they commit suicide too. Too many questions.

  11. Sue Jackson says:

    Jeff Sessions was a very big disappointment to many Americans, including all my family members wo thought he was an honorable and trustworthy man. It was almost like moving from daylight to extreme everlasting darkness in the eyes and soul of AG Sessions. Did the Loony Leftist frighten him with threats to himself and his family? Maybe and it would not be unheard of since it is one of the favorite the Liberal Terrorist like to use. Maybe they offered him a big promotion to an even higher political position if he cooperated with their plan to take down and destroy President Trump. These people carry a vitriolic hatred for OUR President and each of us that supported him with our votes. Remember how Hillary and her crime cartel called Trump supporters derogatory names and spoke of us as being racist, bigots, deplorables, uneducated, old and stupid white people? Hillary and her media trolls made statements that White women had to be told by their husband, father, sons, or bass who to vote for because we were not smart enough to make our own decisions and had to be told by a man what we should/could do. That kind of talk by a Republican would have put them in a coffin nailed securely shut, then buried a 100 feet underground and erased from ever having existed on this planet. I am an Independent with no leaning toward any popular party affiliation. I voted for Donald J. Trump for two reasons. Number 1, he is a successful businessman, not a politician. We’ve been following the habit of electing politicians and where has that gotten us? Number 2, I have a grandchild now that I want to make sure has the privileges and advantages I had growing up in America. Hillary Clinton nor any other Democrat could ever or would ever have offered that because they ARE Politicians, filled with greed and selfishness that can only be satisfied with taking whatever each of us have spent our lives working to have and making it their own. Is it because they need it? Nope! They are just self-indulgent greedy predators that live for POWER which they use to force us to stay in our place, never questioning their AUTHORITY.

  12. Mr Jeffery Sessions has turned on the American Citizens ,just so he can be a Crony like Comey,Clinton ,Soros ,and the list keeps to a Very Small Group of Traitors ! He made a Decision that will Haunt this A-Hole for his Life ! But we all know if we care about OUR President we surly will stand up with OUR PRESIDENT ! Not one of these Traitors has EVER Mentioned OUR CONSTITUTION in the way it was Written ! This Country was fought and Died for a TRUE Cause ! Just remember WHY WE ARE HERE is FREEDOM ! It looks LIKE the TRUE AMERICANS are READY to DEFEND OUR WAY OF LIFE ! ALL of these Double Talkers SPEAK OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF THERE MOUTH ! OKAY YOU VOTED THESE SOCIAL-DEMO’S INTO OFFICE NOW WATCH THEM !

  13. Proud vet says:

    every body thought Jeff Sessions was the man,Trump pushed him through, this just shows that you can’t judge a scumbag by looking at the cover

  14. Georgia Bolton says:

    So so we’ll said.

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