Jaws hit the floor after Ilhan Omar said one horrific thing about Trump on camera

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar is perhaps the most controversial politician in Washington, D.C.

After a series of anti-Semitic comments, many are calling for her to step down.

But instead of toning things down, she doubled down by saying something so horrific about Trump that jaws hit the floor.

To say that Democrats don’t like President Trump is an understatement.

They see him as the worst human being to walk the planet.

But Ilhan Omar doesn’t even give him that much credit.

This week a reporter questioned Omar about an article about her where she seemed to attack former President Obama as being similar to Trump when it comes to issues like immigration, only being more charismatic.

Omar told Politico:

“We can’t be only upset with Trump. … His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar says. “And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

A Fox News reporter questioned her about this quote, asking her if she believes Obama is the same as President Trump.

And her response was a solid no, adding that “one is human the other is not.”

Omar is clearly stating that Trump is not a human, as she is a self-admitted fan of President Obama.

In fact, after the Politico article came out, she tried to claim that it was fake news, tweeting an additional audiotape of the interview saying:

“Exhibit A of how reporters distort words. I’m an Obama fan! I was saying how Trump is different from Obama, and why we should focus on policy, not politics. This is why I always tape my interviews.”

But after her followers called her out, pointing out that she wasn’t being taken out of context, she took down the tweet.

This is just another example of Rep. Omar crossing the line.

It is one thing to attack a political opponent on the issues, but to allege they are not a human at all is outright dangerous.

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156 Responses

  1. Barney says:

    DEARBORN MICHIGAN IS A MESS! muslims brought their country into the USA.

  2. Voldemort says:

    Omar’s father is a war criminal in her homeland, murder, extortion, etc.. that is why “she” left the country. The best we as Americans can d is send that Muslim monkey back to Somalia.

  3. Parley says:

    You are PARTIALLY correct in your response. However, although some of us WERE NOT ASSIGNED to serve IN COUNTRY of Vietnam. WE ARE considered Vietnam veterans by the government.

    The U.S. government classified ALL who served during the Vietnam war as Vietnam era veterans.

    To many people do not understand that no matter where we served it does NOT matter we are STILL Vietnam veterans.

    Our contribution to the war effort is no less than those who were in country. Many served in the medical field, maintenance, training, research and development, the legal field, and other areas.

    Much of the work that was in direct support of our front line troops took place behind the lines as did in ALL OTHER WARS!

    Also, we did NOT have much of a choice in where we served, we served where we were assigned and that does NOT make us less of a veteran!

    I personally helped train F-4 fighter pilots how to fly, fight, and operate the Phantom. I fixed and operated and helped train these pilots in the simulators for said aircraft. Can you say how many pilots lives were saved and how many of these expensive aircraft came back due to the simulator training of these pilots?

    Think about all those military members who worked in the intelligence gathering labs, photo labs, engine shops, weapon loaders, etc that were stationed in Guam and other B-52, and F-4 bases outside of Vietnam. Do you consider them as NOT being Vietnam vets also?

    Before you declare to the world that those of us who were NOT assigned to serve in country of Vietnam or any other front line area as NOT being veterans of said war maybe you should engage your brain and think about what you are writing.

    Your comments insulted EVERY Vietnam era veteran who served JUST NOT IN THE COUNTRY OF VIETNAM.

  4. mickey says:

    linda you need to read he is not a Vietnam vet . Vietnam vets where not Vietnam era vet it means he was in the military a that time of Vietnam.

  5. Edward Oliver says:

    The individuals addressed in this issues concerning her hate of Our President Donald Trump is revolting to We the American Legal Citizens. She was given a opportunity to join the American Race and has insulted our integrity and should consider resigning from the USA Congress ASAP and go back to where she belongs!

    Edward Oliver

  6. The elected ladies that seem to have a very negative attitude of the President Trump have shown their professionalism that meets the needs of the American Citizens and has from the beginning of hisPresidency in my Opinions!

  7. Karen J Hoyle says:

    Ilhan Omar —- once she even started making critical remarks about America and it’s leaders, she should have been dismissed from her position! Thank you for your comment Harold!

  8. Rose says:

    Just watched the “Next Revolution” on Fox the speaker was right, unless we stand up and fight this will happen again. We allow the Democrats to control what we do. Everything is all one sided, enough they have caused this horrible mess, went after innocent people and charged them with bogus charges and now they need to face charges themselves. The press has totally sold out to the Liberals. We need to do a total house cleaning and clean up the swamp or this will happen again. The Democrats have become so corrupt along with the leaders in the FBI, DOJ and etc. All under Obama. Start with the head oft he snake and arrest all of them. They instigated a take down of our Presidency!! This is only the beginning of the end of it!

  9. Rose says:

    AGREE, Pappy, but that will never happen. They have said they will not prosecute Hillary so why would they do anything about Omar either??

  10. Rose says:

    Worse than that…..Omar is anti American, and it shows, so there is no denying it! So are her buddies in congress!

  11. Rose says:

    Do you mean the Republicans?? If that is who you ae talking about……….do we still have some true blue Republicans to support our President, that the American elected ?? I do not know because we never hear any of them stand up and speak out for our President or the Conservatives of this country. No wonder the Democrats think they can run over us…..oh wait there is one , that God for Devin Nunes ! Hope I spelled his name right! He is the only voice I hear. Our President deserves more than that, they all should speak up for him. President Trump is doing a fantastic job!!

  12. Rose says:

    You are right about that, Nancy is afraid of them, she is letting them rule the roost! She needs to lay odd the sauce!

  13. the dems are afraid of the 2or3 that is in the house………………Need to throw the mop heads out
    and get some good people..Nancy dont have the guts to go face to face with them

  14. Ruth says:

    Considering that she married her brother to come to the United States which is illegal she should never been elected to any government position. Just have to remember who voted for her in Minnesota. Remember the 50,000 or more Muslims that were settled there by Obama? Now you know how she got into a government position. It is absolutely pathetic that the democrat party don’t have the BALLS to silence her hatred by removing her.

  15. ward says:

    This muslim stench is a #1 example of the U.S.A.’s enemy that has to be eliminated like all act of war assaults on U.S. Citizens National Security ! The islam murdering satanic cult is a world enemy that kills all infidel in a name of their muhammid quran & allah which is the devil & anti CHRIST !

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