Jaws hit the floor after Ilhan Omar said one horrific thing about Trump on camera

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar is perhaps the most controversial politician in Washington, D.C.

After a series of anti-Semitic comments, many are calling for her to step down.

But instead of toning things down, she doubled down by saying something so horrific about Trump that jaws hit the floor.

To say that Democrats don’t like President Trump is an understatement.

They see him as the worst human being to walk the planet.

But Ilhan Omar doesn’t even give him that much credit.

This week a reporter questioned Omar about an article about her where she seemed to attack former President Obama as being similar to Trump when it comes to issues like immigration, only being more charismatic.

Omar told Politico:

“We can’t be only upset with Trump. … His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar says. “And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

A Fox News reporter questioned her about this quote, asking her if she believes Obama is the same as President Trump.

And her response was a solid no, adding that “one is human the other is not.”

Omar is clearly stating that Trump is not a human, as she is a self-admitted fan of President Obama.

In fact, after the Politico article came out, she tried to claim that it was fake news, tweeting an additional audiotape of the interview saying:

“Exhibit A of how reporters distort words. I’m an Obama fan! I was saying how Trump is different from Obama, and why we should focus on policy, not politics. This is why I always tape my interviews.”

But after her followers called her out, pointing out that she wasn’t being taken out of context, she took down the tweet.

This is just another example of Rep. Omar crossing the line.

It is one thing to attack a political opponent on the issues, but to allege they are not a human at all is outright dangerous.


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160 Responses

  1. Voldemort says:

    Omar’s father is a war criminal in her homeland, murder, extortion, etc.. that is why “she” left the country. The best we as Americans can d is send that Muslim monkey back to Somalia.

  2. Edward Oliver says:

    The individuals addressed in this issues concerning her hate of Our President Donald Trump is revolting to We the American Legal Citizens. She was given a opportunity to join the American Race and has insulted our integrity and should consider resigning from the USA Congress ASAP and go back to where she belongs!

    Edward Oliver

  3. The elected ladies that seem to have a very negative attitude of the President Trump have shown their professionalism that meets the needs of the American Citizens and has from the beginning of hisPresidency in my Opinions!

  4. the dems are afraid of the 2or3 that is in the house………………Need to throw the mop heads out
    and get some good people..Nancy dont have the guts to go face to face with them

    • Rose says:

      You are right about that, Nancy is afraid of them, she is letting them rule the roost! She needs to lay odd the sauce!

    • Karen J Hoyle says:

      Ilhan Omar —- once she even started making critical remarks about America and it’s leaders, she should have been dismissed from her position! Thank you for your comment Harold!

  5. Ruth says:

    Considering that she married her brother to come to the United States which is illegal she should never been elected to any government position. Just have to remember who voted for her in Minnesota. Remember the 50,000 or more Muslims that were settled there by Obama? Now you know how she got into a government position. It is absolutely pathetic that the democrat party don’t have the BALLS to silence her hatred by removing her.

  6. harold Blackburn says:

    need to get rid of that loose tongue mophead quick

    • ward says:

      This muslim stench is a #1 example of the U.S.A.’s enemy that has to be eliminated like all act of war assaults on U.S. Citizens National Security ! The islam murdering satanic cult is a world enemy that kills all infidel in a name of their muhammid quran & allah which is the devil & anti CHRIST !

  7. Mark says:


  8. jclandmark says:

    I disagree with AOC. Trump is a human being–a poor excuse for one, but nevertheless partly human.

  9. fredfarnan says:

    traditional politics has allowed the pendulum of voters choice to go with one party and then trade off to a successor in time. the current state of affairs is evidence that the democrats see the presidency as theirs to possess exclusively. wrong, absolutely wrong, tantamount to totalitarianism . to all my democrat friends, get real and produce more realistic candidates instead of experimental choices

  10. come on girl roll that tongue in so you can shut your mouth

    • Ben says:

      She is a nut and she should had never been elected to office ! She will end up ca-wens big trouble for both party’s before it over !!

  11. she has pulled some pretty shady deals and proably be found out………you cant do wrong and get by……
    Be sure your sins will find you out……….so you had beter roll your tongue back in so you can
    shut your mouth

  12. Jim says:

    Washington is worthless. We’re being taken over and they’re just allowing it to happen how pitiful .Our beautiful country is now going to become a Third World cesspool. And we’re going to sit back and watch it happen .and do nothing.Where are the people that care about this country why are they not standing up to this crap

    • scares the bejesus out of me & I have been voting since 1954

    • Rose says:

      Do you mean the Republicans?? If that is who you ae talking about……….do we still have some true blue Republicans to support our President, that the American elected ?? I do not know because we never hear any of them stand up and speak out for our President or the Conservatives of this country. No wonder the Democrats think they can run over us…..oh wait there is one , that God for Devin Nunes ! Hope I spelled his name right! He is the only voice I hear. Our President deserves more than that, they all should speak up for him. President Trump is doing a fantastic job!!

  13. ray h schneider says:

    TRUMP 2020

  14. Karen A Booth says:

    Omar needs to go! She should be removed from Congress. She is not American!

    • Leonard says:

      Impeachment then deportation to Venezuela.Trump 2020

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      why is she still here we have got to get hold on all the adrosities [sp] & deaming thing they say about conservatives & receive not 1 consquence for it. You are right TRUMP 2020.

    • Rose says:

      Worse than that…..Omar is anti American, and it shows, so there is no denying it! So are her buddies in congress!

  15. trapperwv1 says:

    They need to ask her point blank on the floor of congress “are you an American” if her answer is no start impeachment proceedings.

    • WilliamS says:

      She would most likely say yes, Islam states that lying is acceptable, even necessary, when talking to infidels.

    • Parley says:

      Then ARREST HER ASS instead of impeachment. Through her out of OUR country OR HANG her as a MUSLIM SPY! She is advocating the destruction of our form of government and that is treason!

      All her supporters and democrats that agree with her should also be tried as TRAITORS to our government, they should all face execution if they are convicted!

      A Vietnam era veteran

      • Linda H says:

        Parley, Thank You for your service. I have two brothers that went to Vietnam.

        • mickey says:

          linda you need to read he is not a Vietnam vet . Vietnam vets where not Vietnam era vet it means he was in the military a that time of Vietnam.

          • Parley says:

            You are PARTIALLY correct in your response. However, although some of us WERE NOT ASSIGNED to serve IN COUNTRY of Vietnam. WE ARE considered Vietnam veterans by the government.

            The U.S. government classified ALL who served during the Vietnam war as Vietnam era veterans.

            To many people do not understand that no matter where we served it does NOT matter we are STILL Vietnam veterans.

            Our contribution to the war effort is no less than those who were in country. Many served in the medical field, maintenance, training, research and development, the legal field, and other areas.

            Much of the work that was in direct support of our front line troops took place behind the lines as did in ALL OTHER WARS!

            Also, we did NOT have much of a choice in where we served, we served where we were assigned and that does NOT make us less of a veteran!

            I personally helped train F-4 fighter pilots how to fly, fight, and operate the Phantom. I fixed and operated and helped train these pilots in the simulators for said aircraft. Can you say how many pilots lives were saved and how many of these expensive aircraft came back due to the simulator training of these pilots?

            Think about all those military members who worked in the intelligence gathering labs, photo labs, engine shops, weapon loaders, etc that were stationed in Guam and other B-52, and F-4 bases outside of Vietnam. Do you consider them as NOT being Vietnam vets also?

            Before you declare to the world that those of us who were NOT assigned to serve in country of Vietnam or any other front line area as NOT being veterans of said war maybe you should engage your brain and think about what you are writing.

            Your comments insulted EVERY Vietnam era veteran who served JUST NOT IN THE COUNTRY OF VIETNAM.

      • Rose says:

        AGREE, Pappy, but that will never happen. They have said they will not prosecute Hillary so why would they do anything about Omar either??

  16. John Galt says:

    If one is human and the other is not, Trump looks human, Obama looks like a chimpanzee. How could the voters of Minnesota be stupid enough to have elected this person???

  17. ira hunter says:

    stupid selfish people vote scum bags into office they should of had better sense to vote muslims into government offices this is a Republic nation not democrat nation.. The democrats are so evil they need to change their party name to Demoncrats

    • Blonnlass says:

      When the snow melts and the numb brains come out of Minnesota Winter they’ll give OMAR the Bird-
      Spring, spring
      The BIRD is in the WING
      Absurd, Absurd,
      The Wing is Hijab BIRD!

  18. George Morrison says:

    Guess they didn’t like what I had to say

  19. To understand this current situation, and to appreciate its’ sheer seriousness and URGENCY, one needs to look no further in history than to what Thomas Jefferson had to deal-with in confrontations with the MUSLIM, BARBARY PIRATES – GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE LATE 1700s/EARLY 1800s… Trust me Folks, IF we don’t “put-the-brakes” on all of this – AND DO IT RIGHT NOW, WITHOUT ANY, FURTHER DELAY! – it won’t be too, damned long before this SUBVERSIVE, INDSURGENT, NONAMERICAN, “ILL-ELECTED OMAR” POS will be ATTEMPTING (UNSUCCESSFULLY, IF I have anything to say about it!) to paraphrase that, certain (now “iconic”, for all the wrong reasons!) MUSLIM-SOMALI-PIRATE CHARACTER in the film, “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS”: “I AM ‘THE PRESIDENT’, NOW!” — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

    • Dennis Sumner says:

      Roger that! People need to pull their respective heads outta their Obama holes before it’s too late.

      • Rose says:

        Just watched the “Next Revolution” on Fox the speaker was right, unless we stand up and fight this will happen again. We allow the Democrats to control what we do. Everything is all one sided, enough they have caused this horrible mess, went after innocent people and charged them with bogus charges and now they need to face charges themselves. The press has totally sold out to the Liberals. We need to do a total house cleaning and clean up the swamp or this will happen again. The Democrats have become so corrupt along with the leaders in the FBI, DOJ and etc. All under Obama. Start with the head oft he snake and arrest all of them. They instigated a take down of our Presidency!! This is only the beginning of the end of it!

    • Miss Mellie says:

      Right. The line in the “Marine’s Hymn,” the shores of Tripoli refers to Muslim pirates.

  20. This from someone who was WHELPED from a SWINE.

  21. vitorino says:

    Just a noddy child. Moreover, an embarrassment not only to society but to her race.

    • K says:

      It’s not just her…..consider those who voted her in. The whole objective of Muslims is to take over this nation and force Sharia Law on us. They are quiet but sneaky in doing so. It’s basically a silent war against America and it’s Christian values. So WHO will win? America better WAKE UP !

      • Surley Shirley says:

        If these muslins think USA is so bad let them go back where they came from and straiten out there own country !

        • Dennis Sumner says:

          Pay attention, that’s not the issue. They’re here because they want to change our country into the same thing they left, by any means!

        • Jason Casteel says:

          I don’t understand that either. Why would you come here if it is such a horrible place filled with horrible people? Unless, of course, you were here as a precursor to your attempt to take it over.

          Wake up America. It I starting to get real. Real fast.

  22. Get rid of that stupid bitch

  23. Toxic says:

    Hang that bitch!

  24. R. W. Huber says:

    Why kick her out! She and are ilk are the Democrats worst NIGHTMARE and Trumps increasing strength!

    • Wilddog says:

      I agree. The more that towel headed muslim slut runs her ass/mouth(can’t tell the difference. Her face looks like her ass) the better it is for all republicans that back President Trump.

  25. The Real M says:

    I imagine (and hope) the Dems who have been in Congress for multiple terms are looking for ways to “process” Omar out and send this terrorist organizer on her way home. She is in Congress for one reason, to disrupt and create as much discontent as possible between the parties. The Lord only knows what she is plotting and planning when she is home! The Dems hate us without any help from the new “three stooges” in Congress and they know these three reprobates are causing the party to lose favor with its members and will cost them big time. From articles I am reading AOC has painted herself into a corner and there are three investigations of her going on so, maybe she has already done herself in or at least if she is guilty as charged she will lose any effectiveness she has. And then, we have the third stooge, Talib, this poor woman is dumber than dirt and may not have enough IQ to actually get herself in trouble. In other words, there may not be anything more to her than vulgar profanity, we know she can spout that, don’t we? The only upside to her is, maybe she is not smart enough to cause problems.
    As best as I can tell, these stupid newbies are temporary distractions!

  26. john j says:

    Aunt Jemima, jr. needs to back to work on the night shift at IHOP and give up her day “job” in Congress.

    • M. D'Souza says:

      Ilhan Omar looks more like a fisher woman of the east, without the cowboy boots that Omar wears. Those fisher-women have I phones too, & carry it around just like Omar does. These fisher-women take our orders & also deliver the catch of the day to your door. There is nothing great about Omar who came to the US as a refugee and got all the monetary benefits, food stamps, cheap housing, etc. at US taxpayer’s expense. This loud-mouthed ingrate must be removed from the House & sent back to sell the fish with her loud mouth. We see such fish mongers at Seattle’s Pikes Place Market.

  27. Tom says:

    Okay the experiment is over. We can clearly see Somalis cannot assimilate into American culture. Send her back to her part of the ashtray.

    • Del says:

      It is as plain as day that No Muslim,Refugee or Islamist will ever assimilate into Our Culture..They want Sharia,they want the Quran and they want Mosques to teach Evil…All of these people must be Removed from Our Country as well as all their children since they also have been indoctrinated into the HATE of America and American’s..This was all planned by Obama and his Administration to bring these Terrorist into Our Country and have children and grow in numbers so that when the time comes we American’s will be forced to fight For Our Country in Our Country…We have all seen the Destruction they have created in other Countries and we must take a stand NOW to Remove every one of them…

    • Eileen says:

      I agree. If she, as a refugee, cannot appreciate the U.S. then ship her back to Somalia. We don’t need Muslim radicals in the U.S. and especially in Congress.

      • Dennis Sumner says:

        You need to understand, she was never a refugee. She came here on a mission, this is how they defeat their enemies ” from within”. And half the idiots in this country are helping them.

  28. Mark says:

    She’s just a piece of terrorist garbage and needs to be prosecuted as such. Only the Dem’s get away with this behavior.

  29. Barbara says:

    She does not belong here. Remove her from office. I Don’t doubt that she is the spear head of Cair and the Muslim Brotherhood. Those 2 groups if you notice stays behind closed doors to do their dirty work. We as a nation can’t afford to trust them. We can’t have them in our Government Business at all. And how is Farahcan helping them???

  30. Melody says:

    Put her out in the woods with the rest of the blood-eating wolves

  31. Linda says:

    When these immigrants come to America, they need to respect our government and laws
    And not try to change to their former religion or laws
    If they don’t like it then please leave
    The Dems are disgraceful and leadership has become anti American and don’t want to live by our constitution
    Clean the swamp, MAGA and build the wall now

  32. Linda says:

    When these immutable come to America, they need to respect our government and laws
    And not try to change to their former religion or laws
    If they don’t like it then please leave
    The Dems are disgraceful and leadership has become anti American and don’t want to live by our constitution
    Clean the swamp, MAGA and build the wall now

  33. Candyce Clanton says:

    Omar needs to be removed from Congress. She is close to committing treason. And her ideas are not our ideas. We have no use for Shariah Law & this country will never have Shariah Law so she needs to step down & go to a country that supports Shariah Law.

  34. CHRISTINA says:


  35. Jeff Standart says:

    WTG Dave Miedema, I couldn’t of said it better myself!!! Her the other goat molester, and AOC have surpassed the STUPIDEST MORONS IN CONGRESS title!!

  36. Al says:

    There a lot more on the hill that are just as bad or worse than her! Ever since President Trump entered office and wanted to stop immigration both from the East and the South he has been shouted down and road blocked by the opposition. Think back when he wanted to stop the immigration of muslims , who were the opposition ? Both sides of the isle who continue to down grade the President should be taken out, tarred and feathered then paraded for all to see! What a disgrace they are to this country and the people that trusted them! Look at the mess that they have made of the country. We have become the laughing stock of the world. Demand their resignation ASAP>>>>

    • freya says:

      Yes I demand omar’s Resignation No I demand her to be fired from office & AOC & Waters & T also ASAP. These women are dangerous, unamerican & not real smart to say things that they’ve said. I agree with u.

  37. Betty says:

    A lot of Intelligent, rational people don’t like d. trump. Cause they are correct in considering him the worst human ever born. Nothing is too Horrible to be said about that Oval Office Walking, Talking Pile of Crap.

    • Bonnie louise Loranger says:

      You are the pile of crap

    • Jim says:

      Why do you people listen to this guy. He’s an asshole. he’s only on here to upset you. Pay no attention to this fool.He goes by many names. Enough said.

      • Michael Hughes says:

        Apparently you weren’t alive between 2008 and 2016 when the worst President this country has ever had rule from his throne. No one dared oppose him lest they be labelled a “racist”, yet a more corrupt snake oil salesman has ever been borh.

      • The Real M says:

        Jim, Correct!

    • Michael Hughes says:

      Apparently you weren’t alive between 2008 and 2016 when the worst President this country has ever had rule from his throne. No one dared oppose him lest they be labelled a “racist”, yet a more corrupt snake oil salesman has ever been borh.

    • Alice KendalW says:

      Your really ignorant. People like you should not be allowed to vote

    • Linda H says:

      Betty, If brains were gun powder you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose.

    • Sarah mighty proud Christian & American says:

      Wow did your mother ever drop you on your head ,you sure think and act like it , just remember when the bugles call and I am to protect you from the terriorist in my Country , remember your words , for my God says you reap what you sow , read what you have planted .

  38. Cynthia Nestler says:

    OMG, that woman really pisses me off, she comes to the US, why because she’s crap in her own country and NO ONE wants to listen to her mouth sewage so she comes here where she knows she can get by with her bad ideas ( no thanks to the democrats) I think it is pure bullsh*t, if we went to her country we would not be able to change anything, let alone get elected for anything, so why does she get to come here and start trying to push her beliefs on us its wrong wrong wrong, I don’t think she should EVER get elected for anything in the US period!!

  39. Bob says:

    That’s really not a nice thing to say about Obama

  40. Jim says:

    I’m not judging but I’am speaking how I feel ! After listening and watching the democrats and what they claim to believe in there is Know way that any of the Democratic Politicains OR A true democratic flowerer BE A True Christains . I don’t believe anyone with SO much Hate and even against innocent infants could these people . Believe in The One And only Almighty God ! The Democratic Party is just pure evil . But have know fear they will destroy themselves .

  41. Linda says:

    She is illustrative of why Somalis and other third world emigrants to this country should never be allowed to congregate in large numbers in a neighborhood. They are still not ready for prime time. They need to be spread out through the population so they can actually have a chance to learn ab out this country and become assimilated enough to actually be mature enough to hold office. However, then we have those like Cortez, who are hopeless, and she’s a born citizen of this country. Her problem is having been indoctrinated and her arrogance.

  42. Don says:

    Just another lump of wasted flesh gum flapping who’s useless to the human race. Keep telling us how bad he is since he cut Dem bad regs and taxes and put so many back to work thus proving you’re the liar you really are. Your taqiyya doesn’t fly here, witch.

  43. N Hubbell says:

    These 2 women are only the beginning of what CAIR has planned. Many are being trained to run in 2020. This last election 90 muslims ran for local,state & fed offices & 58 won !! By 2030-2035 CAIR plans to have enough muslims in the US to elect a muslim President. As binLaden said, “one day our flag will be over the White House”. America is in a dire state. Believe we have 6 yrs with President Trump & then significant unraveling of our nation. Americans must become knowledgeable & act diligenyly.

  44. Robert Miller says:

    Calling her names does no good. The people of Minnesota elected her to office. Only they can rid the Congress of her idiocy. I know if I were a citizen of her district I’d be hiding my face in shame for wasting my vote on her. I can not imagine how anyone could vote for her.

    • N Hubbell says:

      Her district is muslim. She replaces Keith Ellison a muslim. She is part of the 50K+ muslims brought in by bho from Somalia & settled in MN. Her area is known as the top terrorist community in the nation. They have even been allowed to have a sharia compliant police group patrolling the muslim neighborhoods. She is the product of bringing muslims from a culture that has NO intention of assimilating – only to become dominant & take control of our nation. Sadly Americans are profoundly naive as to their intent & plan – an immigration & birthing Jihad – look closely at Europe. Do not think that will never come here !!!

      • W Sullivan says:

        N Hubbell, you spot on. Sadly it is happening at a much faster pace than I think we know. I know people that support these women and it truly baffles me. Problem is the media and Dems will not do much to stop them. I think we are screwed.

    • Al says:

      If you were a member of her district you would have to be a muslim or they would run you out. You would have to wear a mask like they do!! Wake up America…

    • sherri says:

      Robert, do you think there was voter fraud, I do. I’ll never believe all those votes were legal. God bless America & our President, DJT.

  45. Dan says:

    We have a lot of talk but no action. Did
    this person marry her brother to get
    him into this country? If so..is that not
    a felony and should she not be removed?
    What the people in her district don’t
    understand is that she is bringing to the
    table baggage that will remain long after
    she is gone. After 9/11 there is an issue
    of suspicion with Muslim and other
    eastern citizens. Unlike when we wrongly
    removed all of the Japanese during WW2
    we have tried to have more humanity.
    She is not a voice for Muslim people.
    She is a radical Muslim who acts like a
    She has no respect for President Trump
    so I afford her no respect. She is vile.
    She is disgusting. If she has such disdain
    for our country then leave. If she does
    not want to have allegiance to our
    country then leave. It is us that pay you
    an enormous salary…you work for us.
    You have shown where your loyalty lies
    She needs to be investigated several
    times further than our president has been.
    Our president loves and fights for our
    country…I know where her loyalty lies
    and it is with her own religion that does
    not think of us as anything but trash.
    She is a threat to this country and she
    sits on a committee that makes her even
    more of a threat. Do your job Pelosi.
    Take steps to remove her.
    ON IT.

  46. Jim says:

    I’ve heard that Omar did marry her own blood brother ! And that they were in a sexual affair ! Is this true . I do know that the Muslim faith does accept this .

  47. John J says:

    Only jaw that should hit the floor is that muslim bitch’s when it is dropped kicked out of America

  48. Shes doing a good job at getting herself kicked out let her keep talking . Shes doing our work for us . Keep up the anti semetics babygirl

  49. James Morgan says:

    What is needed is a new oath of office: “I solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution and enacted laws of the United States of America.” This would (should) weed out Muslims who believe in Sharia Law over everything else.

    • 2004done says:

      “I solemnly Taqiyya” will mean no more than”uphold thr Constitution” means. I wish Thom. Jefferson hadn’t stopped with only the pirates.

    • Dale says:

      Don’t you know anything about the Islamic ideology?? They will just lie to that oath like they do to all of them. It is mandated in their ideology that they lie to infidels if it is necessary to achieve Jihad which is their goal. Many have openly stated that their goal is not to just take over the USA but the world. Look at Europe. We are destined for the same fate if we don’t do something. We already are allowing them to practice Sharia in some areas of the US. Sharia in no way is compatible with our Constitution and laws.

  50. Walker says:

    Have you noticed how her fingernails are sharpened into razor points? Also saw an article that her daughter is instigating school walk outs over climate and the”green new deal” But… if her husband is her brother is this girl her daughter or/and hher niece or what exactly?

  51. Leeann Springer says:

    She should be removed from office. There’s already been petitions with 300,000 signatures on them to remove her and the other demon woman, Rashida Tliab. They are foreign and domestic enemies. Besides that, Ilham Omar isn’t smart enough to marry a non-relative, she married her own brother for fraudulent purposes to get him into this country. She also has an arrest record for inciting public disturbances. Not only remove her, but kick that low-life bottom feeder out of the United States of America. Time to take the trash out.

  52. Phoebe says:

    And from all the comments the NAY’s have it. GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Gary O says:

    This creature “MUST” go and the sooner the better. She has no knowledge or experience with the American way of life and continually attempts to influence with the a terrorist State of mind. This type of political doctrine needs to be stopped immediately. NO EXCUSES…

  54. Rick says:

    This is an example the hatred muslims have for the world.
    If not stopped they will control the world…

  55. marshmil1789 says:

    The really sad part about the three Muslim women under discussion is that we have voters who will send such anti-American representatives to the Congress. The citizenship of these voters is questionable. Under the Constitution Muslims have the same rights as people of other religious beliefs. But no person has a right to overthrow the Constitutional government or lend aid and comfort to enemies of the USA. Any such attempts are labeled treason by the Constitution.

  56. G. I. Luvmoney says:

    That Somali POS should be deported back to the s-hole country she came from. She has no business being here. She and the rest of her ilk are here due to the policies of B.O., just another reason why that POS of a President was probably recruited for the position.

  57. Dennis Sumner says:

    The reason she’s still there is because she’s useful, she makes people like Schumer and Pelosi look like they’re actually moderates. There’s a difference between intelligence and deviousness.

    • Diane says:

      … which is why her name plate is still on the door and because we already had a manchurian candidate as president. We already know how that happened.

  58. Robert Cook says:

    that her out one way or another an deport all Muslims

  59. Carol says:

    I agree with you. She shouldn’t even be in this country.

  60. george says:

    Now you know why they are treated the way they are in the middle east. There is no cure for ignorance.

  61. Darren says:

    How was that parasitic waste of life allowed to run for office?

    • Laurie says:

      When Obama brought a bunch of Muslim’s over they settled in that one state, otherwise, I doubt very seriously that Americans would have voted for her

    • Betty says:

      Hey, darren. How was an INSANE IDIOT, a WORTHLESS WORM & His Legalized WORTHLESS WHORE allowed to be President & (First Lady)?

      • Robby Dunbar says:

        You must be talking about the Obama’s
        They were WORTHLESS WORMS

        • The Real M says:

          Robby Dunbar, Betty also known as Diane, is a liberbal PAID TROLL who shouldn’t be allowed to walk around free in public, “it” is a danger to itself as well as the public due to a single digit IQ! The only thing it has enough intelligence to do is have a chronic case of TDS!

  62. Robby Dunbar says:

    Throw this DOG OUT……

  63. Elena M Nash says:

    Democrats talk about hate speech when in their midst is who is the poster child for ” I HATE the President and I HATE United States.” I BELIEVE questions have arised regarding the legitimacy her????Immigration.

  64. Throw the trader out…we dont need people like the three trouble makers in congress…
    they dont have` an idea what is going on in congress……. need to cut them down to size…………

  65. Linda H says:

    We know who is writing AOCs script but who is the dumbo that is writing Omars script. The third actress must not have a script writer yet or her writer is smarter than the other two. She is not making waves. Yet.

    • PC says:

      I’m beginning to wonder what Congress is doing behind our backs. Keeping us distracted with Omar ,AOC and Tlaib. Its quite obvious they aren’t going to do anything about the garbage in Congress. What else are they doing?

      • RandyR says:

        NEED TO OVERHAUL WAY WE VOTE ITS A SHAM,BECAUSE last elections were rigged and if we don’t get fixed next election be even worst ,and yes if I was MN I recount all and check each vote , hard to believe she got elected to office from American voters honestly and sure seems something not right just like a lot of fraud BEEN going on ,yet no one seems to be doing anything about it, nothing about all shady dealing from the left that they pulled to get house back
        so better arrest all democrats involved against the people for treason against America and same results for the lying MSM fake false and one sided news media before its to late, and now they bought most social media and now censoring peoples comments if not in favor of the lefts agenda before published [u tube, twitter, facebook, all bought by google and so now they control them all for the far lefts agenda they pushing to end America as we know it

    • james says:

      the script writer for the muslims in congress is CAIR and linda whats her name? la-sewer?

  66. Nate-ncp says:

    I can’t see this person retaining her seat when it comes up for vote. She may just loose her seat due to her mouth. It also surprises me that there are enough people to elect her to a congressional seat. Must not had been a very large turn out for her to be elected. Hope the people that care about this Country comes out for 2020 and vote responsibly? Get rid of the dead-head weight. Washington is The Nations capital, lets put the best there that represents US.

  67. Karin says:

    If she is a Muslim then why is she there. I thought American Citizens were the only ones who could serve OUR nation. With all her comments I even question if she is American.

  68. Louise says:

    This woman needs to go & leave our Country. We don’t like her. She is not an American. She is a Muslim. She needs to take Alexandria Cortez with her. If they don’t like American ways or our Government they should not be here & certainly not in congress.

  69. Debra Watson says:

    She needs to be removed from office and deported. She has no intention of becoming or being American. She is an ENEMY OF OUR COUNTRY. She and the others Muslims in Congress must be removed. They refuse to assimilate and want Sharia law. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG AND UNAMERICAN. THEY MUST ALL BE DEPORTED. NOW!! This is not a duplicate.

  70. Debra Watson says:

    She needs to be removed from office and deported. She has no intention of becoming or being American. She is an ENEMY OF OUR COUNTRY. She and the others Muslims in Congress must be removed. They refuse to assimilate and want Sharia law. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG AND UNAMERICAN. THEY MUST ALL BE DEPORTED. NOW!!

  71. helene says:

    kick all these enemies out of our country, kill all of them they are here to destroy us why we have to let them in and have to fund them. Are we so stupid we have to guve them all the benefits to stay in our country and then they keep on insult the president, Look at their country , can we live there and said one thing against them they will shoot you to death immediately. Have no tolerant for the Islamic,and Muslim enemies.clean out all of them. use our guns to clean up all the ingrates and keep our funds for our people not the criminal ingrate.

  72. Vincent says:

    Omar is a SCUM LOW LIFE has no place in Congress she should be run out. FAST MULIMS JAVE NO PLACE IN A COUNTRY OF HUMANS sins all mulims are pig dogs starting with Mohamed

  73. ruth says:

    she needs to go now –lack of respect of the President is totally wrong and she is a horrible hateful bitch

    • theolddog says:

      Why are we sure you gave President Obama the utmost respect?
      On the playground in the slum where I grew up, there was a special name for those who could dish it but not take it.
      I won’t repeat it here, because I do not want to get banned, but it had something to do with the feline species.

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      That’s the HOLE DEMOCRAT PARTY

  74. JO DEPLOR says:


    • Ali says:

      Exactly. As a Sufi Muslim, I find her disgusting. She has no desire to serve her constituents, she just had “Old World” axes to grind. She’s no “sister” of mine. Scr* w her hijab, because there is no modesty in her: it’s just culture signaling.

      • florence Siljenberg says:

        good for you to speak out, Even on here . I thought there had to be more muslim people that don’t like this stuff. I like listening to Zudi Jasser who belongs to a reformed Muslim here in America, try

  75. Caesar says:

    Another stupid Muslim. Kick her out now before things get dicey.

  76. Dave Miedema says:

    I think she’s become this vicious because she hasn’t done it with her pet goat in over a year.

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