James Mattis went on TV and said something about Trump that no one could believe

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned last December over Donald Trump’s decision to end Barack Obama’s disastrous war in Syria.

Many members of the Fake News Media hoped Mattis would use that decision to attack Donald Trump in 2020.

And James Mattis just went on TV and said something about Trump that no one could believe.

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis appeared on “Meet the Press” where anti-Trump host Chuck Todd expected Mattis to rip into Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw troops for Syria.

Mattis did not, however, stick to the script.

The former marine general told Todd the American people did not need the military telling them how to choose their leaders.

This infuriated Todd and other members of the Fake News Media.

Because of Mattis’ long and distinguished military career, he is seen as the one current or former public official in Washington, D.C. that the American people can trust to shoot straight.

So-called “journalists” were looking for Mattis to deliver the sound bite they could use to define Donald Trump as dangerous and unfit for office.

But Mattis didn’t bite.

While Mattis did restate his disagreement with the President over Syria, he never went so far as to use that policy dispute to call for the President’s removal from office or defeat in 2020.

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116 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Joann, I had to smile when I read your reference to Obama. We tried to fact check him, he had us cut off before we even started. ( its ppl like you who would belive someone who even lied about his own father birth-place- try doing some fact checking about this monster-)

  2. joann says:

    umm no, rod- you just have your head up where the sun doesn’t shine- you just don’t want to believe the truth..yo are pathetic!

  3. RoddMan says:

    Joann you’re full of shift!!!

  4. RoddMan says:

    Joann that’s a load of bullbutter like I’ve only heard from liberal, Demonrats, and people who’d rather believe what some mindless libturd uttered!!! You look at facts and decry them as false so you can spew your assinine talking points.

  5. joaa says:

    will peggy- sorry- wrong again- im not a libby.. that is the issue w/ you ppl.. thinking everyone who actually knows the facts is a libby… speaking of brainwashed- im not.. i don’t support a party.. and clearly, i am not lumped into trumps opinion of you ppl- QUOTE: ” i could shoot someone in the middle of manhattan and not lose support” that would be the bird brains that elected this imbecile congrats…

  6. Janet says:

    How true, Yank. Also, we should remember the saying “believe nothing you hear and half what you read.”

  7. Will Penny says:

    There’s only one monster here and it isn’t President Trump . It’s you brainwashed Libbys , you can take your new world order ideas and stick them where the sun don’t Shine , Up Yours Snowflakeys , but please feel free to give it a try , if your feeling Lucky boys n girls !!

  8. joann says:

    umm gee BHR.. i guess it has escaped you that (45) of trumps handpicked repub. have stepped down, quit or been fired.. that is actually history-making- and most of those have quit or stepped down.. and sorry, but, those ppl have more knowledge in their pinky than trumps pea brain.. don’t tell me what i listen to, you don’t know me.. im not even a dem- i don’t support a party.. its ppl like you who don’t know the facts.. and that is why trump has suckered you in- it appears you missed his famous comment too- QUOITE: i could shoot someone in the middle of manhattan and not lose support.. that would be you- trumps only interest is trump..wake up.. that is how he was before and he has brought his lying cheating ways to a bigger venue. its ppl like you who would belive someone who even lied about his own father birth-place- try doing some fact checking about this monster-

  9. BHR says:

    How do you know Trump does not listen to his advisers?
    Have you been at the hundreds of meetings, he is in each year?
    Trump has many advisers. When he wants to know about a subject, he brings in many people with information and opinions.
    You just listen to the people who do not agree with Trump.
    If he had listened to Graham and Bolton on every military issue in the Middle East, we would be fighting a major war and having American soldiers killed.
    Try getting the facts before you write your opinion.

  10. joann says:

    change should not involve trump making choices in the best interest of himself and his family. it should not involve him abusing his position to get outsiders to get involved w/ our elections against someone who is running against him- it does not involve him siding w/ russia against his own country like he did right on live TV. it does not involve him using our funds as his own atm.. im not even a dem.. but i know ppl and russian who made him being elected is a danger to this country.. sadly. if you all would have did background check of trump you would have known his history of cheating , scamming lying and screwing ppl out of their money is his way of doing business.. you really need to look up who truly is insane- even trump said- QUOTE: i could shoot someone in the middle of manhattan and not lose support.. did you miss that comment?

  11. joann says:

    tony, trump had no ones interest in this but his own- he and his family had business interest and bldgs in turnkey for years. there is no way he wa going to risk that business.. what trump did was unleash turkey to bomb syria, killing innocent civilians incl children. he has also made it possible for turkey to release isis from prisons – Trump Towers are seen in Sisli district in Istanbul, Turkey on Dec. 11, 2015.
    Trump Towers are seen in Sisli district in Istanbul, Turkey on Dec. 11, 2015.Emrah Gurel / AP file

    Trump and his family have long had business ties in and with Turkey, the most visible example being the Trump Towers Istanbul, which licenses the Trump name. The Trump Organization describes the buildings on its website as “a landmark in the historic city of Istanbul” and it is the organization’s first and only office and residential tower in Europe, with offices, apartments and upscale shops. The Washington Post has reported that the organization was paid up to $10 million to put the Trump name on the two buildings.

    Erdogan attended the opening ceremony of the office and residential towers in 2012 and Ivanka Trump tweeted a message thanking him for attending, although a photo of Erdogan at the ribbon cutting has been removed from his Facebook page.

    According to a review of Trump family social media posts, Ivanka Trump made business trips to Turkey in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

    In 2015, Trump acknowledged having a potential “conflict” when it came to issues involving Turkey.

    “I have a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major building in Istanbul,” Trump said in 2015. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one, it’s two,” Trump said in an interview with Stephen Bannon, then chairman of Breitbart News.

    A lawsuit filed by 29 senators and 186 House Democrats — one of three lawsuits that have alleged that Trump is in violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clauses, which bar the president from receiving monetary or other benefits of value from foreign or U.S. state entities while in office — names Turkey as one of countries where Trump has personal business ventures that could pose a conflict of interest. Other countries listed include China and the Philippines.

    Businesses linked to the Turkish government are also major patrons of the Trump Organization. Turkish officials have made 14 visits to Trump properties, more than any other country, according to an analysis performed for NBC News by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW.
    House Democrats considering masking whistleblower’s identity
    Oct. 8, 201904:11

    Government watchdogs say those ties mixed with unpredictable policymaking are precisely why Trump’s business dealings have been so concerning, especially since the president has refused to divest from them or establish a blind trust.

    Richard Painter, the chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration who has been a frequent Trump critic, says the lack of any buffer between the president and his business interests is both a violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments clause as well as long-held presidential precedent.

    “Now you’ve got his business interests at the negotiating table in addition to everything else,” Painter told NBC News.

    He said Turkey “had a democracy that is flipping and going in the wrong direction.”

    “Can you imagine if the Roosevelt family had business interests in Germany in the 1930s” before World War II? he asked. “It creates points of vulnerability, and that’s where we are.”

    “You can’t have a president with business interests in hot spots all over the world,” Painter added.
    Impeachment Inquiry
    Trump impeachment inquiry: Live updates and the latest news
    Donald Trump
    Trump dismisses Turkey’s invasion of Syria: ‘It’s not our border’

    In the summer of 2016, Erdogan called for the removal of the Trump name from the buildings after Trump called for a ban on individuals from certain Muslim countries traveling to the United States.

    Then, in November 2016, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, soon to be Trump’s first national security adviser, wrote an op-ed favorable to Erdogan, who has consolidated his power and locked up thousands of people after a failed 2016 military coup, including many who had nothing to do with it.

    Flynn, who was paid $530,000 for consulting work in Turkey prior to the 2016 election, violated U.S. law in not registering with the U.S. government for the work until almost a month after he was fired as Trump’s national security adviser in February 2017.

    Trump, at the time, said the U.S. shouldn’t criticize Erdogan for a crackdown that’s included taking over dozens of television and radio stations and arresting reporters, according to Human Rights Watch. He even told reporters he gave “great credit to him for turning it around.”

    “It’s exactly why you don’t want the president to be in business,” said David Cay Johnston, who wrote a book, “It’s Even Worse Than You Think,” that examines Trump’s foreign conflicts of interest. “You don’t know whose water he’s carrying, except in Donald’s case, it’s always his own water.”

    Alan Garten, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, did not respond to a request for comment.
    Mehmet Ali Yalcindag of the Dogan Media Group attends the DLD Nightcap on Jan. 28, 2009 in Davos, Switzerland.Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images file

    Ivanka Trump’s main business contact in Turkey has been Mehmet Ali Yalcindag, who is the son-in-law of Dogan Holding founder Aydin Dogan, the developer behind the Trump Towers in Istanbul.

    Yalcindag considers himself a close friend of Trump and his family. After the Dogans invested $400 million in Trump Towers, Trump said “we have a great, great friendship and relationship with them.”

    “They’ve really become beyond partners,” Trump said in 2012.

    Yalcindag reportedly attended Trump’s 2016 election victory celebration in New York City on election night. He subsequently became president of the Turkish-American Business Council (TAIK), a group that in 2017 held a three-day conference inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, attended by U.S. government notables including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

    TAIK and Dogan Holdings did not respond to requests for comment and Yalcindag could not be reached for comment.

    Last year, in an interview with several journalists, Yalcindag expressed confidence that Trump would ultimately sympathize with Turkey’s approach to foreign policy.

    “U.S. President Donald Trump thinks regional problems should be resolved by regional actors. In this regard, the U.S. should see what is happening on Turkey’s borders from the point of view of its strategic ally, Turkey,” Yalcindag said.

    According to Trump’s financial disclosure forms, the Trump business relating to the licensing of the Trump name to the Trump Towers Istanbul property in Turkey earned him $1 million to $5 million in royalties in 2015 and 2016. The royalties decreased, according to his disclosures, to $100,001 to $1 million for 2017 and 2018.

    The conflicts extend to Trump’s hotel in D.C. Soon after the November 2016 election, “about 100 foreign diplomats, from Brazil to Turkey” were given “a sales pitch about [Defendant]’s newest hotel,” according to the Democrat-filed lawsuit.

    There have been four events related to the Turkish government at his hotel, according to CREW. Two of the four were held by nongovernmental organizations: the American-Turkish Council and the Turkey-U.S. Business Council, both of which have ties to the government, and one of the events was sponsored by a Turkish airline that’s co-owned by the state. This year, two advisers to Erdoğan and the ministers of trade, defense and treasury all attended one of the events.

    CORRECTION (Oct. 10, 2019, 4:07 p.m.): An earlier version of this article misstated several details in a congressional lawsuit accusing Trump of violating the emoluments clauses of the Constitution. The lawsuit names Turkey as one country in which Trump has business interests that could pose a conflict of interest; it does not say that Turkey has among the highest number of such interests. In addition, it does not name the specific number of business interests Trump has in Turkey, China, and the Philippines; instead it says Trump has interests in those countries without stating the numbers.
    Heidi Przybyla

    Heidi Przybyla is an NBC News correspondent.
    Image: Anna Schecter

    Anna Schecter is a producer for the investigations unit of NBC News.
    Rich Gardella contributed.
    this is nt just syrias problem- isis has been wishing death on america .. i assume you have 9-11 as a faded memory…

  12. Tony says:

    Correct. they need skin in the game and president Trump is forcing them to do so.

  13. Tony says:

    Oh, president Trump listens, he just does not agree with them. Remember, if you want change things must be done differently. Doing the same over and over expecting change is insane, by definition. That is what we have had for a long long time and it does not work. For proof, look at how things are now compared to pre president Trump, much better in nearly every way, excepting the resistance form the insane.

  14. Vir says:

    Please. We gave the Kurds every bit of military equipment we have. They have more and better equipment than our own men have. We sent special forces to teach them how to use all of it. We built them bases airports hospital housing but still yet you complain we deserted them. All we did was remove the special forces (under100 people) from the area. They were not combat ! There are almost more of our military in the Middle East than anywhere else but people like you think you have all the answers. Read history. Many middle eastern people hate each other. Has been that way since the beginning of time. We can’t make them understand what PEACEFUL living could be. Go there and try to talk them into it.

  15. joaaa says:

    mary, i agree however- isis is not just other countries problem- its a problem for our country as well… aka 9-11.. as you know we have terrorists living in this country. as a matter of fact- the last three terrorists who attacked new york- came from jersey. the troop that trump sent home. were not in combat- they were teaching and advising the syrians who actually helped end isis in syria.. .. and about those jobs.. its hard to promote that buy american , hire american when trump and his family products are not made here,

  16. Mary Johnson says:

    It is long sense time for Americans to stop fighting everyone’s wars. The reason we are in so much debt is because of these other countries that keep trying to bleed us dry. In the UN we carry much of the monies while others set back and beneficent from us. Time they put themselves out there. When we do put ourselves out there no one wants what they get. Time we went back to the old ways and supported our selves. We have let other countries into the American platform by selling off America time to bring the jobs and products back to America and take our monies out of their countries.

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