James Mattis is about to do the one thing Donald Trump never saw coming

James Mattis’ resignation as Secretary of Defense last December took Washington by surprise.

Immediately, speculation began to swirl that Mattis would take some sort of action to challenge Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.

And now, James Mattis is about to do the one thing Donald Trump never saw coming.

General Mattis is releasing a book this summer centered on his time commanding U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and the leadership lessons he learned.

But much to the chagrin of the fake news media, Mattis will not discuss President Trump in the book.

Mattis said it would go against his honor to write a tell-all about a sitting President.

The Daily Caller reports:

“My purpose in writing this book is to convey some of the lessons I learned in 43 years of service for those who might benefit, whether in the military or in civilian life,” Mattis said in a statement, according to AP.

Mattis went on to explain why his book is not intended to be about Trump.

“I’m old-fashioned: I don’t write about sitting presidents, so those looking for a tell-all will be disappointed. I want to pass on the lessons and experiences that prepared me for challenges I could not anticipate, not take up the hot political rhetoric of our day,” Mattis continued.

Mattis resigned as defense secretary in Dec. 2018, allegedly after a series of foreign policy disagreements with the president.

Mattis’ refusal to go against code and trash President Trump should put an end to any speculation that he would mount a 2020 primary challenge.

And it will surely disappoint members of the fake news media hoping that Mattis would use the book tour as a vehicle to bash Trump for policies that Mattis strongly disagreed with.

Mattis has a decorated war record that gives him credibility with both Democrats and Republicans.

That’s why never-Trump Republicans and fake news journalists were so keen to play up Mattis disagreeing with Trump.

They figured that if Mattis directly confronted the President on an issue, Trump’s approval numbers would plummet as the American people would side with the decorated General.

But Mattis has no interest in playing a role in the Left’s takedown of the President.

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59 Responses

  1. Carol A Fox says:

    You are a complete moron Democrate trying to stir up more hate with lies
    Do ys all a favor and keep your mouth shut!

  2. Beverly says:

    U R absolutely correct. The democrats know nothing about Honor. They have become mentally unhinged due to Trump winning. I pray that Trump wins another 4 years. Our country is headed for trouble if and when a Democrat wins. He/She will undo everything President Trump has fought so hard for,unless we, as Republicans stand up and turn away from the demonic Democrats.

  3. Margaret Harks says:

    General Mattis wrote a book about the wars In Afghanistan and Iraq. Those wars began in the Bush and continued in the OBama Administration known as the Arab Spring to overturn moderate government regimes in the Middle East.

  4. Joe the Plumber says:

    The Real M is a real stupid freak

  5. Mama says:

    ps. Moses. You ARE OFF TOPIC. & i responded.
    We Are
    discussing General Mattis. Please Stay
    ‘Focused’. Thank you.

  6. Mama says:

    To Moses: Does reading ( What speeches ?) by Hitler.
    Did you mean Mein Kampf (“My Struggle ) ?
    Does reading such material make a person a Nazi ?
    NOOO ! Perhaps DJT wished to learn/understand
    History. DJT Is a V. Brilliant/Sharp Man. W/Stamina
    ‘Unmatched’. No drugs, No alcohol. &&&& IN THE
    TOP 3 Presidents, USA has Ever Had.

  7. Alan Doud says:

    Please do unsubscribe and stop wasting our time. Obviously you are too slow to learn anything from discussion. You have been taught by hate propaganda and too blind to see truth.

  8. Charles Rezner, Ph.D. says:

    Mattis unlike most of those who make it to important government jobs is an honorable man. In Vegas they say what happens here stays here. Mattis applies that to a Cabinet appointment. What goes on in the Administration stays in the Administration. We need more people in government like Trump and Mattis who can look at the mirror in the morning and like the man they see.

  9. Irene says:

    You better be damn glad President Trunk isn’t like Hitler cause if he was your can might not be here on this earth.

  10. Horace Jones says:

    They’re out there people………laughable dolt.

  11. Nellie says:

    My family was Military. Grand Father, Dad, Brother, Grandsons
    WW1, WW11, Brother end of WW11, he cleaned up after Hitler. Grandson retired from Coast Guard and other one Navy. Best friend killed in Korea. Husband WW11, DAV. History is a very important part of my life and love it.
    If you know anything about WW11 you would realize Obama’s agenda was like Hitler’s. God Bless Our Country. We need the wall. The liberals know we are being invaded. Their votes for 2020. Obama’s shadow government is still working against our constitution and immigration laws.

  12. Jo Deplor says:


  13. Jo Deplor says:


  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Real M:
    Don’t answer any tweets to those sub-humans like “Scot 27” “Betty””DIANE”and the rest of those demented brainless assholes that come to this site. They. are probably funded by George Soros and the. Democrook party to harass us because we support Donald Trump.

  15. gordon hoyt says:

    Too funny. Thank you!

  16. gordon hoyt says:

    Scott, I agree with you that General Mattis is an honorable man. But I must say that the rest of your post makes it abundantly clear that you are a small child panty sniffer.

  17. gordon hoyt says:

    Moses, thank the stars, you are a gift from the planet up-Uranus. A questions to you, when you squeeze your head, do farts come out your ears? Because it sure does seem like you have sh!t for brains.

  18. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Moses why don’t you change your name to Lucifer as it is a more fitting name for you as Moses if he were alive today would have been insulted by using his name.

  19. The Real M says:

    Moses Moses Moses, just another liberal freakin’ troll! All my life I thought spiders were the most vile, digusting, hideous, useless, good for nothing things God ever made THEN, I met liberal trolls, they are spiders and then some! Moses, you are using good oxygen that someone somewhere with medical needs really needs. Do the world a favor and stop using oxygen, NOW!

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