James Mattis crushed this sick plan to take out Donald Trump

The fake news media celebrated.

They thought Bob Woodward’s bombshell book was the final nail in Trump’s coffin.

But then James Mattis stepped up and crushed the media’s plan to use the book to take out Trump.

Woodward’s book “Fear” is chock full of anonymous sources peddling fake news.

Part of the book focuses on Mattis supposedly having no respect for President Trump.

Trump questioned American policy in South Korea and Afghanistan and Woodward claimed Trump had a “fifth or sixth grader’s” understanding of the world.

Woodward’s sources also told a story about Trump ordering Mattis to assassinate Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Mattis disobeying the order.

Mattis responded with a forceful denial.

He released a statement comparing the book to fiction and that Woodward’s anonymous sources have no credibility.

The media defended Woodward’s book by claiming he had hundreds of hours of interviews on tape.

But all that proves is he has an audio tape of sources making up stories.

It does not back up the preposterous claims made in “Fear.”


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72 Responses

  1. Guil Ordonez says:

    This is what I have to say to CNN, MSLSD, ABC, CBS, NBC, AND ESPN, and all the left wing nuts: MRS. KARMA is coming, you think Nov of 2016 was bad wait till NOV 2020.

  2. Steveur says:

    Woodward, must work in a stockyard environment and was Manure Faced when he wrote this sick joke. Typical meadow muffin Leftist, who reeks the smell of the compost he wrote.

    • Bonnlass says:

      Don’t think we should put trust in SecDef Mattis who Co-Authored a book named Warriors and Citizens… With Dr. Kori Schake, PhD. And a chapter written by Jim D. Hake a Stanford clone with founding of Spirit of America conveniently relocated from Santa Monica, CA To CACI, Intl. Defense Contractor Headquarters. @ 1100 Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. The Team members founders like Peter Ackerman, Mattis, McCain Adviser Kori Schake, Stanley McCrystal, James Carafano-Heretic Foundation. Kori Schake self-destructed demeaning President Trump so loudly that the Chairman of the Hoover Institute Joel Peterson vacuumed her outta there and Schake is consigned to I.I.S.S. As Deputy and Clearance GONE! She’s London Registered as member of the FalseFlag.org along with Hake, David Gergen, Peter Ackerman.

      Rye Barcott whose a clone of Jeff Bezos and Gergen’s Bilderberg conference, CFR, Ted Double-Talker, Aspen Institute, and co-Founder of a Private Political PAC with David Gergen the Harvard MBA Hat Checker for BARCOTT and the Fulbright Hafbright Institute for”LOST Defense” with former CEO Jim Rogers, Duke -Energy absconding with DUKE Shareholders dollars assuring DNC Default for Obama’s DNC Convention in Charlotte the Queen City!

  3. Joe says:

    Bob Woodward is a full of crap as a Christmas goose!

  4. Mott says:

    Anyone that states something without saying WHO made said statement means (to me) that it is a LIE!
    You want to be taken for a “Real” news person, Names!

  5. Joan says:

    Where are the rules of slander and libel in the cases of fake news? I’m so disheartened that authors who are proven wrong with their quotes get away with it! What happened to law and order? Disgusted!

  6. This is what we need to hear one of the US talented strong reliable General Mattis

  7. Sandra Ricks says:

    Woodward is relying on his past record from the Nixon era to sustain his credibility. But he clearly has an agenda here. And we don’t even know if all his sources really exist. Nor if those that we do know of, if what they may have said was reported accurately.

  8. ethel pruitt says:


  9. Jim says:

    The truth will set you free. It is a sharp two-edged sword that saves and destroys. Those who do not have the truth in them will surely fall and bring others down with them when they fall. The brilliance of the light of Truth in Jesus Christ will reveal, expose, and destroy all darkness that abides in the world and the hearts of men who love themselves more than God and their fellow man. Indeed, they are all showing their true colors by encouraging hatred and division, and digging up every evil they can to destroy anyone who opposes them and their agenda. Our enemies are not flesh and blood but the evil rulers and principalities and powers of the air who were cast out of heaven to this earth and seek to possess and destroy the souls of all mankind and all of God’s creation out of their hatred for their Creator, Almighty God. In denying God and failing to obey his laws and commandments, and taking up their cross and following Jesus, many men within our government and the world have been corrupted by the things of this world, allowing those evil spirits who roam this earth seeking to devour and destroy to to take root in their hearts and influence their minds, judgement, and behavior and to set the future of our nation, People, and the world at risk of destruction. The righteous must stand up and proclaim the truth, and call upon the Lord to cast out the evil and wickedness among us, and to help lead and guide those who are consumed by the hatred and darkness that divides us into the light and Salvation of God through Christ Jesus. Uniting as One Nation Under God is the one and only way we can truly overcome the problems that we all face and become victorious as a People and a nation. It all begins at the foot of the cross, and the following simple confession of faith and prayer: Jesus, I acknowledge I am a sinner, and have sinned against you and my fellow man. I believe you took the punishment for our sins when you were crucified at Calvary, died, and rose from the dead on the third day and ascended into Heaven. I accept and believe in You as my Lord and Savior. Jesus, please forgive and cleanse me of all sin and come into my heart. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and your divine love, so I may truly love and serve you and help others to come to know you and also be saved. Save my family and my people, Lord, and restore my soul, and make me an instrument of your peace. Lord, give each and every one of us the wisdom and the strength to unite and to work together for the common good and glory of Your kingdom and our nation. This I ask in your holy name, amen. Thank you, Jesus.

    • ethel pruitt says:


    • e says:

      AMEN! Unfortunately, some are naive enough to believe they can survive and prosper by forming a pact with Satan. They will be exposed here on earth and justice will reign after death. How I wish these minions would realize the role they play for Satan and the theft of souls from God. But is’t their choice, ultimately. We ALL have a “God-shaped hole in our hearts”, and truly know what is right and just. But some try to fill it with ego, power, wealth, notoriety and sin. They — WE — all have the opportunity to do His Will. And we ALL know in our hearts the consequence of rejecting Him. God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

      • Mark says:

        May be God decided to punish America for its sins, by giving it a corrupt, lying immoral President [who has now had three wives, and cheats on his wives], is insulting, vengeful, gives tax breaks to the wealthy and cuts to social programs that benefit the poor [in violation of the 8 Beatitudes], is in the process of destroying the environment by relaxing anti-pollution standards, hides his tax returns lest they show his illegalities/lies and why he is beholden to Putin [for cheap loans of his real estate transactions]- and is treasonous. to US interests regarding Russia Now Trump is engaged in a witch-hunt about an opinion piece in the NYT. God decided to punish America for its sins and materialism by allowing Trump to win. Trump is a false prophet, an anti-Christ who is successfully misleading people by confusing them, lying and spreading his hateful message in order to divide America against itself . The aim is to cause violence and potentially a civil war. God punishes people by allowing the consequences of their sins and hate to come back and haunt them. Pray for America that reason, compassion and love return.

  10. michael says:

    the book seems to be a “MUST” read!!

  11. Ernst says:

    I absolutely believe James Mattis to be one of the most credible individuals on this planet.

    Without Deep Throat (Mark Felt), Bob Woodward would be another unknown newswriter of minimal accomplishment. Woodward is seeking notoriety he thinks he deserves but does not.

  12. Mickie Yates says:

    this Woodward crackpot is following the Nazie pamplett of how to take over a country by creating fear among the masses. They are trying to do it with school shoting’s and other violence across the country. They are pushing all of these fear tactics in an effort to make people belive that they are ther only sorce of protection available and then they take control and everyone loses their freedoms and are turned into 3rd. world zombies with no voice or choices ever again. People we are at war in this country, believe it or not the left and the democraps have declared war on the good people of this great nation. All the violence and lies are coming from the radical agenda promoted by the so call partisen’s, the groups of radical left groups, the gange’s that the democraps and the radical left have allowed to fester in our country. The only way that we can stop this cesspool from taking over is to stand up and be strong for our country, our constitution, our religion, and our freedom. This country was built on the bases of freedom, strength, religion (Christianity), and belief in ourselves. We can stop this take over by voting out democraps from all offices, from city’s all the way to federal. Please get out and get your family and friends to go vote in November and show our resolve that we will not let these radical groups and so called social mongers from getting voted in to office. We have the best chance in a long time to get it right again and put our country back on solid ground and financial stability, but it takes the people to keep the ball rolling to make this country better for all that live here. Not a cesspool of drugs violence and stop teaching our children to do things against nature and god. It is up to us to make things better for everyone.

  13. Cactus Cleve says:

    Woodward has been a leftist stooge from day one. Did he go to Columbia U? Is he Frankfurt School indoctrinated? Has he ever heard of Antonio Gramsci?
    Leftists must DIE.

  14. Susan Dix says:

    The more that they trash the president, the more I support him.
    You cannot listen to, read , watch, or in any way give any attention to a liberal.
    Their behavior at the confirmation hearings makes them resemble escapees from the
    mental wards for the criminally insane. I’ve seen animals riled up at the zoo before, but
    they behaved better than these individuals. At least they are in cages and can be tranquilized.
    The liberals are trying to say that our president is mentally unstable? Really? Didn’t they try
    that ploy already? He has to be a very strong man mentally to put up with all that he has
    endured 24/7 for the past two years. He has done a miraculous job so far. Why are the people
    who were employed at the White House not jailed for recording private conversations? Why
    are they not jailed for leaking these tapes to the MSM. Sedition and treason!!

    • Patrick Murphy says:

      I totally agree with you, Susan!

    • MSPS says:

      As a retired psychiatric nurse practitioner who assessed, diagnosed and prescribed medications for the severely and persistently mentally ill population (SPMI) I can promise you that the dims and fake republicans surpass even the most bizarre delusions, illusions, and other forms of mental illness we see even in the SPMI. One can prescribe medication to treat their symptoms with fairly good response.
      The libs, fake media and those they have agitated and drawn into their psychosis would not respond to medication. They are subject to a mass delusion brainwashed by the alphabets and happy to be crazy as a coot! They have no ego integrity and their minds are like jello. A good portion of our country has chosen to amend laws by striking down those they consider restrictive and instituting them to restrict conservatives, faith based and other populations who disagree with their liberal policies. Trump recognizes this and is doing as much as he can to turn the clock back so they behave like rabid animals. Perhaps the term rabid is a more accurate description of their behavior than mental illness. Their symptoms are very dangerous, frothing at the mouth, snarling and snapping their teeth, mad with blood lust!

      • Joanne Thauberger says:


        I know. Their behaviour is very erratic. If someone wrote a movie like this no one would believe it. It’s almost like they are acting out parts of their favourite movies or TV shows. Looking at that crowd makes me think that the sideshow freaks are taking over the circus.

  15. joe says:

    funny when the truth comes out about trump being a snot nosed kid the trumpers call fake. I am the one who wrote the insider letter. we must defend our country from his child like behavior

    • Mike says:

      Snot nose kid – with great kids, a billionaire, great wife, and least we forget President. So what does that make you, a nobody. Winning

      • Pat says:

        Spot on Mike

        What worries me is that these ‘elitist’ truly believe THEY not the President, not the American voters wishes …should be running the USA

        There seditious actions make me truly fearful that any of them get into / stay in office…the damage they are doing to America and American people is a threat to our country

        I do not fear Trump…his agenda is working for the American people…I fear a cadre of elitist trying to take him down

        Find them …shame them…them jail them…they are the lowest of the low

    • Patrick Murphy says:

      Then when we find out who you are ( and that should not be hard unless you also lied to get on this site) I will introduce a ckaim against you sor sedition and we will change the color of your uniform,hopefully for life!

    • Steveur says:

      Joe, you have a typical Leftist approach at what you perceive the Truth to be. Mushrooms, grow in the dark and they would not exist in the Light of Truth. Your party is headed that way following those Pied Pipers of Deceit.

  16. Carol Avery says:

    I think a lot of dishonest people have made a lot of money writing fiction supposed to be from “sources'” who are fictitious. The dems have cried “wolfe” too many times.

  17. Bonnlass says:

    If you read “Warriors and Citizens” co-authored by Gen James Mattis and Kori Schake who was John McCain’s foreign policy adviser and campaign financial guru you should know that KORI SCHAKE is a loud mouth Anti-Trump advocate, and one chapter in their book is written by James Hake who never spent a day in any branch of Uniformed Service but touts himself as a guy who likes to hang out with Stars and Bars full of Marines!

  18. truckman says:

    what do everybody expect woodard is a cbs man and the company publisher is part of cbs and cbs is a democrat supporter

  19. Kathe Gilbert says:

    Unfortunately, the Democrats will get uglier in manners and deeds the closer the November Mid-Term Elections draws near. I encourage everyone to vote for Conservative Republicans as if we lose this Election, All the accomplishments with businesses, tax cuts, regulations ease, jobs, along with the coming again of Pride In Our Nation, our Military growth, our manufacturers coming back to this Nation as well as reopening, stable salaries, lower welfare
    numbers, better; fairer Trade with other Nations, the list just continues to grow and the sad Truth is Many in the Democrat Party have no idea of America’s growth because the News Media on whole is so biased as it does not get reported. So please Vote Republican as we support the good things Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, has brought back to America and continues to work for We the People.

  20. James Termini says:

    Woodward, as well as other disgruntled writers, all appear to drink one another’s bath water, and we are led to wonder whether it isn’t tainted with some sort of special kool aid.

  21. Jeff Wilson says:

    All American liberal media/journalist books, reports, and broadcasts, sound like the old Enquirer articles. Trash and bird cage lining.

  22. Bobby Boykin says:

    Woodward has been straining for years to be significant. His time has long passed. Exit left Bob; there will be no more “deep throats” for you — who would trust you?

  23. Mike says:

    Bob Woodward has with this new book earned the maximum Pinochioes available

  24. Northern Star says:

    You can tell that another election cycle is in the works. The opposition is using both barrels to strike their enemy, with every stroke of their keyboard, along with catchy titles, to try and get people to read the trash that they write!! All it is is propaganda to try and get extra voters to their side. Only the easily-swayed will believe them. It’s very sad that they’re that afraid of President Trump, this election cycle, that they’re not only writing so early, and pulling out a top gun, but have resorted to anonymous op-eds as well!! So laughable!!

  25. Ann says:

    I thought Bob Woodward was supposed to be a credible journalist, he has proved he’s just another dumb democrat, telling lies and making up fake news. Seems they just can’t take the progress President Trump has made.

  26. Debra says:

    Anybody else notice some of the conservative comments don’t appear, once a reply is made?

  27. NashobaLosa says:

    Will never ever again believe anything said by a Democrat Party politician or official. Also am coming to the point where I do not even believe anything coming from the mouths of life-long friends when they talk politics. Very sad deal. I never liked Obama or much that he did as President because I still believe he is not a U.S. Citizen. But I never called him racial names and never cared what color he was/is. He made terrible policy and did much to cause the divided Nation we now live in. But he was the President and we should all respect the Office, something the Democrats cannot abide.

    • Tony says:

      You are one of wise people in our great country,as you did think are say or call Obama a racist ,and as I and the millions of others in our country ,did not think to call him a racist are any other ways of discriminating about him ,as it is was he as person and his evil actions as a president as he was not doing nothing for the people of our great country ,But was doing more for the Muslim people ,not only for those within our country,but also for Muslims in other countries as well ,and we the people like yourself ,did not Believe in his place of birth certificate either,AS it is looked to be fake then real,and even if he was born in Hawaii ,I for one of the millions fell he should of never have become the president of our country,and more so for his second term ,and did nothing to stop the terrorist and never called them terrorist ,and he is as fake or phony as the news we are hearing of,and has nothing to do with racism or religion are what eve stupid names we have heard of ,no more then it has shown we the people what type of person Hillary R. Clinton was,as her actions spoke for itself and not because she was a woman .If one can see our drift.

  28. Chastran says:

    Pity the ignorant, brain dead, know-nothing twits (6%) in the above pole who believe that Woodward’s book is factual…

  29. Marlo says:

    I know that at some point in time Woodward was a true journalist, but he seems to have joined the ranks of the fake news crowd. So Sad!

  30. Gunny1951 says:

    How can you tell when a liberal journalist is lying?
    His/her lips are moving, and they are typing on a keyboard!

  31. George says:

    Woodward book, New York Times editorial, all well planned by Democrats (namely DNC ), to coincide with Supreme Court member confirmation hearings. Keep doing it guys, the more you attack the President, the more you are doing to increase the number of Trump voters.

  32. Bruno says:

    we as real americans should stand with our president and take our fight to the ballot box and vote to protect our country and our way of life and keep those rat bastards out of the goverment

  33. charles brill says:

    Mattis is not competent to medically assess Trump’s mental status.

    • Karl says:

      Neither are you. This president is crazy like a fox.

    • Matthew G Zatkalik says:

      And you, Charles Brill, what is your competency to assess Secretary of Defense, James Mattis and anyone else?

      Search Results

    • Paul Jarrett says:

      Why attack Mattis he supports Trump? It’s not his fault that sick lying liberals speak with lying tongues. Take away lying they would be silent.

      • Yuk F Tsang says:

        Mattis is old swap and love war and power in every corners of the world I did vot for Trump in 2016 but I can tell you I hated some of the peoples he picked . Jeff. Sessions and Jame Mattis this are old swap. I am not sure if I voted for Trump in 2020 because he had too many Swaps in his administrations. Where is the Wall and where is our smart trade we buy more then we sell aboard since Trump become our President. And we still in Afghanistan war 18 years and counting. Trump love war and gone beyond in Yemen and South African. And our tax payers paid for E.U. / NATO defend more after Trump president and this is not the reason I voted for him. No more second term you had fail me I am sick of defending Nato at the expand of Americans tax payers

        • Dorinda says:

          What are you drinking? I never say anything about someone’s spelling or punctuation, however I can hardly understand your post. In case you don’t know the terrorist are very active in Yemen and have hijacked and threatened naval traffic in that part of the world for years. The wall is being built, but congressional restraints regarding the money has made it a slow process. With the money we save with the new trade agreement with Mexico, it will eventually help pay for the wall. I’ m not sure what you are talking about in South Africa, we have no troops there. With the new trade deals the President is negotiating the cost of the trade deficit is going down. At lease get the facts before you spout off about something you don’t know about. As a military wife I can tell you General Matt is is not a war monger nor is anyone in the military. President Trump is the first President who has stepped up and made NATO start paying their fair share. Obama certainly didn’t. Please educate yourself.

    • Mar says:

      And where did Dr. Woodward get HIS medical degree?

    • Debra Felder says:

      Seems to me, your not a medical epert either! I believe Mattis is referring the character of our President Trump & not trying to medically evaluate him!

    • Randall Hart says:

      Either are you, one thing known is Trump’s IQ is double or triple your’s. That’s why he’s America’s president and why he is working probono.

  34. K says:

    Woodward is as lousy as the prior to fiction writers, Wolff & the chic who so desperately tries to be relevant. All this really does is CEMENT my belief that Pres Trump is GREAT & is a tremendous threat to the powers that have run amuck for decades, THE SWAMP!
    I’d love to watch Mad Dog alone in a room with Woodward. This so called author has a grudge against GOP Presidents, 4 books on Bush & I’m sure aside from “In Search of Deep Throat” about Nixon, I’m sure I could find others. Too bad he didn’t see all the good info on Slick Willy, heck, he could have written a mini series on that louse & his corrupt spouse. What about the now visible corrupt Hussein Obama, another mini series just on him.

  35. Barbara Cook says:

    Every body that is writing books, seems to be making up a lot of this B.S.

    They think that writing about these stories will make them richer, however, you never know who is reporting the truth any more.

    Every body that has written books here lately, seem to think that they can go around and report lies and then they will say that they talked with Mattis, Kelly, Sarah Sanders, or anybody else they want to put in their books to sell information, that actually turns out to be a lot of garbage that these book authors are writing.

    I don’t trust any of these writers in the first place.

    These writers are just as bad as the whole crooked and corrupt Democrats, CIA, FBI, and the DOJ employees that have tried to do everything in their powers to take down President Trump and his whole administration from day 1.

  36. M says:

    Bob Woodward as it turns out is just another lying liberal trying to make a buck off DJT. Shame on you Bob, I know you are liberal but, you are a real disappointment and you are less than an honorable man. Your book is not out yet and has already been discredited in the same way others have.

  37. FedUp says:

    If it weren’t for lying, the liberals would never speak. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

  38. Greg Olmstead says:

    All you fake ass demorates can kiss my ass. Lie , Lie and more LIES!! GO AWAY FAKE.!!!!

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