James Comey just said one thing proving a horrific deep state plot to jail Trump

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is trying for a comeback.

He wants to become a hero in the anti-Trump resistance.

And to prove how serious he is, he just said one thing proving a horrific deep state plot to jail Trump.

Democrats don’t want to just stop Trump’s policies and beat him in 2020, they want to throw him in jail.

President Trump is reversing the damage wrought by their entire agenda during the Obama years.

But Trump proving that America-first policies work is a crime in the eyes of the Democrat Party, so they’re going all-out to find a way to lock him up.

And former FBI Director James Comey appears to be the one leading the charge.

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Comey claimed that he believes Trump had criminal intent based on what he saw in the Mueller Report.

But he didn’t stop at that, he went on to state it appears as though he [Trump] could face charges once he leaves office.

Below is the relevant portion of the transcript:

“COOPER: Do you think he had criminal intent based on what you have seen now in the Mueller report?

COMEY: It sure looks like he did in connection with a couple of episodes, the direction to Don McGahn to get the special counsel fired is to my mind a flaming example.

COOPER: Of corrupt intent?

COMEY: Yes, of corrupt intent.

COOPER: Do you think he should be charged when he is out of office? Based on what Mueller has shown?

COMEY: Well, I think the Justice Department will have to take a serious look at that. Whether it’s a wise thing to do to a former president, I don’t know. That’s a harder question, a much bigger question than the facts of the case.

COOPER: But you think the evidence is there to prosecute?

COMEY: Sure looks like it’s there with respect to at least a couple of those episodes of obstruction.”

This is the Democrat Party’s dream.

They are hoping to either impeach Trump, or defeat him in 2020.

But not even that would satisfy the so-called “resistance movement,” so they’ll continue to try to throw him behind bars for daring to challenge the status quo while in office.


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103 Responses

  1. lyle p campbell says:


  2. Ken Marx says:

    Hell, Donald Trump is the president. Everybody in the Executive Branch is under him. If he wanted to fire Mueller, he would have fired Mueller. This business of “intent” and the testimony of McGann is pure nonsense. Democrats, including Comey, are delusional.

  3. gillyanne baker says:

    If Hillary Clinton and Obama cannot be jailed for the horrific crimes they BOTH committed, how can Donald Trump be jailed for crimes he NEVER committed ??? This is a STATEMENT, not a question.

  4. al says:

    The real obstructionists!

  5. Pat says:

    Sitala and Anne Congress just voted themselves raises in pay. Info came on line today. We are trillions in debt, send billions to other countries, Democrats wont get the money to build the wall and they are getting raises? Hey, where is my raise?

  6. Anne Marie Bell says:

    If Congress put as much time and energy into WORKING WITH TRUMP as they do working against Trump, they could help MAGA. Maybe their pay should be suspended until they start WORKING FOR AMERICA INSTEAD OF ILLEGALS.

  7. Alan Egusa says:

    The anti-Trump crowd, like the Islamic radicals, are showing by their behavior that they deserve no mercy. Dealing with them has to be a matter of all-out war. Steel your resolve for the time when they will beg you for mercy, and ask yourself if they would have given you any mercy when they had the upper hand. When the MSM accuses you of being a brutal savage, simply smile and tell them to stay out of your way. What they say is irrelevant!

  8. Commey is the one going to jail trump 2020

  9. Pat says:

    I did not misspell. I mistyped. I am excellent in English. I have Rheumotoid Arthritis. Do you feel better now correcting me?

    • Mama says:

      God Bess ya, Pat ! i don’t misspell, but flub on the ‘typing’
      Got a sticky old keybord w/some letters worn out! &
      Thank God, no RA.

  10. Pat says:

    Carl I love your comment, but “they” are not traders, they are traitors. Traders are stock market people. I have noticed that many people use “traders” instead of traitors. I am not trying to be mean, just helpful.

  11. DJT says:

    It’s quite obvious the Clintons still have a pretty hefty payroll. Anderson Cooper may be on it as well. What a knucklehead he has turned out to be. Comey’s Teflon coating is gone…..a little wake up message for him: you can’t impeach, destroy or jail someone because you THINK he’s guilty. The word of the day, and for the last 3 years is EVIDENCE, you poor fools. Traditional, left-to-moderate Dems must be in quite a quandary over where their party has ended up today….with absolutely no place to go.

  12. Pat says:

    I am so happy to see all of you using my term “the Wicked Witch of the West. It is true and explains her in a nutshell. Get it? NUTshell! Thank you everyone

  13. Pat says:

    Joe the Plumber YOU need to be arrested for treason against the people of the United States of America Republic.

  14. Pat says:

    To Will Are you so righteous,,clean, sinless and perfect. I would like to see you cast the first stond and hope it boomerangs back at your head!

    • Pat says:

      Before correcting Carl’s spelling. you might want to read your post again. You misspelled a word while correcting him. What a hypocrite you are.

  15. Carl says:

    All involved should be in Prison these people are traders.

  16. Dale says:

    It is time to call these anti-American Traitors by name and treat them to a vacation in Gitmo

    • Phyllis says:

      I agree, but will GITMO hold them all? There seem to be an awful lot of them. Comey should know all about obstruction, since he protected Hilary from getting her just desserts.

  17. Nunya biz says:

    Time to kill communists in America

  18. James Morgan says:

    Lets see if I understand what has happened here. (1) There was NO evidence that a crime (collusion) was committed, just an accusation. (2) Surveillance, investigation, and the special counsel were justified based on false evidence, knowingly. (3) No “crime” was found to have occurred (after $25 million and two years) (4)No specific act of actual “obstruction” occurred, only intended acts not carried through. (5) No crime, illegal investigation based on accusation and no evidence, therefore no “obstruction” – Case Closed!

  19. manuel govea says:

    James Comey is the one who is going to jail with all the rest of the mob so dont worry soon he will be wearing a jump suit I hope the color is yellow that goes well with him.

  20. Jack-RI says:

    As disgusting, vile, immoral, and downright sub-human as I think Comey is, he makes me laugh! He actually believes that he’s smart enough to take on President Trump! So ONE of them still has his job, making the score Trump-1, Comey-0! I’m predicting a SHUT-OUT! There may well be a jail sentence, but it’s COMEY that will be changing his name to BUBBA!

  21. Phil G. says:

    Which hunting! They had nothing to get him on in the first place. It was all made up crap! How can you jail s sitting President on fictional charges? How can you do wrong from nothing that happened in the first place? Unreal. These Democrat Treasonous Traitors need to be charged prosecuted and sentenced to death for their crimes of Conspiracy , Sedition and Espionage besides what I already mentioned Treason. They are guilty of crimes they are accusing Trump of doing ! All they are doing is trying to cover their crimes so they don’t have to be held accountable for what they did and are still doing! If they get rid of Varr and Trumo or anyone else on their way? They think they have it made? Oops! Too late. I think they are done? Stick s fork in their asses! They are heading for crispy fried!

    • jw says:

      We as a country might not see all the crooked Dems , Hill airy , Holder, Obozo, Nancy the drunk , HerrShumaer, frog eyed Schiffty Maxi mouth, Pocahontas , plus the others too many to name get their just deserts, but I’ll gaurantee they will see God’s wrath and they will not make a oh sorry plea!

  22. James C Green says:

    Comey is a loser who just won’t go away. There is absolutely no validity to what he said about President Trump. The Left is evil and would destroy our republic just to take down the president. That is sick!

  23. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Hey Robert Hug or shall I say communist bug you are a marionette of the Democrook party who will do everything they can to destroy Trump’s presidency which will ultimately fail. If you think that he’s the most terrible president that we ever had.
    than you are an uniformed SOB or a retarded jerk. President Orcock OBlah Blah
    Is far the worst flimsy excuse for a executive that we ever had.

  24. Gideon Rockwell says:

    No one can tell me this whole sick treasonous plot was not hatched between the Clintons and the D.N.C., with assistance from the Obama Administration and a bunch of low life RINOs in Congress. This gangrenous page in our history makes Watergate look like a minor traffic violation. These people have driven the wedge way deeper into a nation that was already more divided than in 1861. This requires a full court press investigation, all hands on deck using both the RICO and Sedition Statutes. Scorched earth, no mercy, most severe penalties possible and if possible the total destruction of the Democrat Party. They deserve it for what they have done to our President, his family, friends, associates and this nation. They are acting like the vile Bolsheviks that murdered the Czar and his family in cold blood and laid the ground for the Soviet Union. As Thomas”Stonewall”Jackson told J.E.B.Stuart” The Black Flag shall be our banner, no surrender, no retreat, we charge the field at a gallop toward the guns and leave the field victorious at a trot.”

    • Laurel says:

      Great post! I agree totally. Comey is a puke, a traitor and seditionist in the very worst sense of the words.
      But HE WILL FAIL!

    • James Green says:

      Well said. I would love to see full investigations into the whole mess, so those responsible for the coup can be brought to justice! Hillary and Barry need to be tried for treason!

    • Jack-RI says:

      Gideon, they don’t even TRY to deny any of the BS they do. They don’t have to. They KNOW that the media will carry their torch!

  25. Gus says:

    Joe you should stop eating that smelly brown stuff in the sewer pipes.

  26. Chuck says:

    Comey needs hung, drawn and quartered. Treasonous POS. I’d gladly tie the noose we use to hang the bastard.

  27. Steveur says:

    Comey, Clinton, and Mueller, a threat and traitors to this country and all it stands for that is American. Hopefully, Attorney General Barr will not take pity on their treasonous acts and indict them for treason, overthrow of a sitting President. As perverted as killing a President, willingly !

  28. Jay says:

    After 8 years of Obama destroying everything America stands for and bowing to Iran and sending them billions of dollars for them to attack us with, and the Chinese
    taking whatever they wanted from Hillary, and Biden, and his son, and John Kerry,
    Trump has put America first and is saving our soverignity !! North Korea got a wake up call too!! Soros should be in Gitmo too! America is again leading the world !! Our economy is booming, our armed forces are strong, and we will close our borders and stop the invasion of illegals! We must also stop all illegals from voting and collecting welfare and stop the crime they bring with them!
    Trump is our only hope!! He will destroy the treasonous deep state too!
    Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????????????

    • Laurel says:

      You should read “Ship of Fools”, by Tucker Carlson. He explains the whole plot, and how the Revolution is coming soon. We will stand and fight together for America!

      • Jay says:

        Yes that’s a great book! And yes, we will all have to stand together and
        save America ! We must stop the progressive liberal communist insanity once and for all!!
        Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????

      • Jack-RI says:

        I’m with you, Laurel!

  29. Raymond Lechner says:

    Comey is a liar and a traitor as well as a Clinton/Obama loyalist. He need s to be prosecuted

  30. Pat says:

    Joe the Plumber The same treatment to you

  31. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Hey Bob Hug, you sound like you’re buddy Batty Poop as an idiot that will go down in history with her as the most dumbest assholes that ever existed.

  32. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  33. Pat says:

    Robert Hug Maybe you need a hug, but I would like to see you dumped in Venezuela and don’t ever come back to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dewey says:

    I want to see this lying piece of crap get his balls in a vice. I agree with William, the man has divided our country and needs to be humbled.

  35. Gregory Sullivan says:

    You can bet that George Soros is bankrolling that ” deep state” SOB to gaol Trump. Maybe he should be gaoled as a total communist asshole. Juck Fames Comey and the assholes that support him.

  36. Robert Hug says:

    Dumb Donald (biggest loser) is a moron who is destroying America. Republican fools who keep accepting his lawless behavior when he is supposed to be enforcing the law will all drown in their own hypocrisy. The biggest loser in America for certain tax years is not who I want running my economic policy. He is a con artist who was ridiculed in New York so he went to the Republican Party where the truly stupid reside. Staunchly ignorant and easily misled by despicable people like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Fat Sean Hannity, republicans will believe any imbecilic theory put forth by Wrinkly Lou Dobbs and Why Do I Always Look Stupid Tucker Carlson

    • Bill says:

      I admire your ability to hold it all in.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Are you refurring to yourself? Sounds like it.

    • Jay says:

      What planet are you living on Robert ??? Get help asap for your TDS!
      Trump 2020. Our only hope!


    • Paul Kern says:

      Sad to see another brainwashec Marxist and God hater. Following George and Bilary’s script pergectly.

    • John says:

      You haven’t a clue what the truth is dumbass. Go talk to the rest of the Communist bastards.

    • Jack-RI says:

      You won’t get many HUGS with THAT attitude!
      MAGA TRUMP 2020!

    • Freddie says:

      Hey,stupid,clueless,Robert Hug,name one way,just OneWay,President Trump is destroying America.You can’t do it,can you?And while you’re trying to turn over what limited brain cells you might have trying to answer that question,answer another one,what good has the democrat party,or any democrat politician,Any Democrat Politician,done for this country?You can’t answer that question either,can you?Nope,you certainly can’t,unless you go all the way back to the days of John Fitzgerald Kennedy,the last really good democrat president!The moronic democrat party now,is all about trying to remove an honestly,legally,justly,elected man from the presidency,all because their Wicked Witch,didn’t win and trying to pin all kinds of fake ‘crimes’on Trump,his family,friends,associates,members of his administration,etc.Just how low are these loser democrats,willing to go in this endeavor!?

    • Bonnie Holloway says:

      Hello Robert Hug, if the democrats don’t stop this Witchunt it will destroy America
      Thanks for contributing to the division in our Country. Get a life!

    • The country has been divided by the previous president. Mind manipulation is a powerful technique; psychological process of which the target is unaware. It is used by Marxist-communists and that is not President Trump. He stands for freedom and well-being of the country. He didn’t implement tools of communism such as: censorship that silences opposing party, and media propaganda that creates hate among the nation. His impeachment has only one reason – to install communism.

    • Marjorie D Williams says:

      You are so correct!!!!!

  37. Dewey Bowser says:

    Time for Comey read the fine print.. Trump is not going jail because we people will put stop to it from happening

  38. Larry Sample says:

    if they did put President Trump in jail – the people of this country would tare the jail down brick by brick and then go after the people who put him there

  39. Mama says:

    The ‘twist’ Is totally Unbelievable.
    Comey.Cooper & poster frank shirley,
    = ‘SHAMEFUL’. & ‘hideous’.

  40. Frank Shirley says:

    al of those that jump on the trump bandwagon will end up with regret for the rest of their life. or they will do like there doing now just play a little more ignorant and hope god was not watching.

    • Tim Kelley says:

      Frank, you’re an absolute moron. Typical liberal boob that thinks the disaster known as the Obama years were great; literally the worst years (other than Carter’s years) in my lifetime! Trump is many things, and one of those things is excelling at leading our country! Start thinking for yourself, honestly, turn from CNN and watch a little Andy Griffith. Your head is on backwards.

    • Catfish says:

      Why would anyone regret backing one of the best presidents this country has had ? The economy is flourishing, unemployment is at all time lows, yet all you democrats want it to go back to high unemployment, a stagnant economy and everyone back on foodstamps and government assistance. Unbelievable How ignorant you sheople are.

  41. Gary Jensen says:

    Muller and Comey are the ones with criminal intent!

  42. Larry Gaines says:

    Comey knows he will be killed if he ever tells the truth, even if he goes to prison

  43. Larry says:

    Comey knows if he ever tells the truth, Clinton and Obama will have him killed even if goes to prison

  44. Sherry L Chase says:

    I want to start seeing Military Arrest….. This coup has lasted long enough….. At We the People’s expense and Our President’s and his family! We the People call on the AG and Republicans and
    the Supreme Court to protect this country and We the People. Do your jobs and clean up the corruption in con-gress….. Lockum up Now…..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Please and thank you….

  45. Michael Sperry Sr says:

    Lets hope Barr stays the course to re-establish our trust in the Justice department. Otherwise, it will be nothing more than the arm of a corrupt congress.

    • Dr. Richards says:

      Clearly the person who wrote this paranoid piece about James Comey has his head stuffed so far up his own ass that his sphincter has closed tightly around his neck and has blocked out all the worlds light and 99% of it’s truth. So sad!

  46. Jan says:

    James Comey is working hard to keep himself out of jail! Most people I know think he would look mighty good in an orange jumpsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Maxx says:

    Comey is just one of at least two dozen Deep State treasonous SOB’s that deserve the “death penalty”. Or maybe just turn him/them over to the public. But I think Barr is focused to make these people pay. Gitmo has plenty of room now but it needs to be made into a real prison not a tropical country club first.

  48. Robert says:

    Ok, I will say it—-the liberals are dangerous, damaging, deceitful, unAmerican, and are Domestic Terrorist.
    For God and Country

  49. Pat says:

    If anyone jails Mr Trump, there will be an uprising with the likes no one has ever seen before and other heads will roll. That is how strongly the real people of the United States of America Republic feel.

    • William R Thompson Jr says:

      And our enemies will be all too happy to watch us tear ourselves apart, until they can walk in and pick up the pieces. Maybe that is what they want?

    • William M Durham says:

      You can bet your life on that fact. If all this damned corruption is not handled and the criminals at least put on trial, then there should be an open season on all the crooks and Demo-rats who tried to over throw the President

  50. Michael says:

    I can describe Comey in 4 words… Arrogant, phoney, liar…AND… WORRIED!…he is shooting off his big mouth….I heard him say Barr is a very intelligent man…well I see Trump says it’s war… the way the Dems treated Barr…I think Comey is scared and trying to please his case..(damage control)…before the roof caves in on him…I have always felt Rosenstien and Comey were the ring leaders in this treason

  51. Linda H says:

    All of these DEMons remind me of the boy who cried wolf. They know it’s a lie but they cry ???? anyway.

  52. Earl says:


  53. Shirley says:

    Comey is rather like the “Pot calling the Kettle Black” don’t you think? When it comes to calling out and trying to accuse Trump of doing anything wrong, Comey needs to take a good long look in the Mirror because he’s the Criminal here. The saying “People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones” was written for people just like Comey. If that saying were true Comey would be homeless with shards of glass all over his lying, criminal, arrogant behind. I can’t wait to see the authorities haul him off to jail.

  54. William R Thompson Jr says:

    Watching Comey today, it occurred to me, that he has done more to disrupt our last two elections, which has divided our country, than anyone else. He’s done exactly what he is accusing Trump of doing! When he decided not to prosecute Hillary, after listing all the things she had done wrong. It still appears it influenced the outcome of the election towards Trump. Then, he withheld his conclusion that there was no collusion, until after the 2018 midterms, which helped the Dems win control of the House. There is evidence that the Russians did try to disrupt our elections, by spreading disinformation on all sides, in order to divide the country against itself. Divide and conquer? And the second “Volume” of his report, is continuing to fuel attacks on Trump, by the House. Someone needs to investigate the probability that Comey is a Russian agent!

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