James Comey doubled down on the anti-Trump dossier and it could come back to bite him

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the House Oversight committee.

He doubled down on one claim about the fake anti-Trump dossier.

And it could land him in hot water.

The Christopher Steele dossier was used as a basis for spying on the Trump campaign.

The dossier was chock full of fabrications and outright lies.

In 2016 Democrats paid Fusion GPS for the dossier to try and dig up dirt on Trump. Then it fell in the lap of FBI Director James Comey.

Comey was the one who signed off on using the dossier as justification for spying.

But he claims that Republicans first paid for it.

That is a lie.

The Washington Times reports:

The timeline that fired FBI Director James B. Comey provided to lawmakers on who funded the anti-Trump dossier conflicts with court filings and congressional testimony.

Mr. Comey, in House testimony for which a transcript was released Tuesday, maintained that Republicans first financed the dossier, then the Democrats.

But testimony by the dossier writer, ex-spy Christopher Steele, and others show the dossier didn’t exist until Fusion GPS engaged Mr. Steele in May-June 2016. By that time, a Republican funding opposition research with Fusion had bowed out two months earlier.

Fusion went to the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to win funding to hire Mr. Steele, who in June wrote dossier memos accusing Mr. Trump of colluding with Moscow.

Comey claims to not care who paid for the dossier.

But critics believe Comey and top brass at the FBI tried to frame Donald Trump for so-called collusion with Russia.

And he used a made up document paid for by Trump’s political opponents to spy on the campaign.

The Mueller witch hunt has dragged on and is yet to produce any evidence of so-called “collusion.”

It is nothing more than a political hit job designed to mire the Trump administration in a media-fueled scandal to block him from implementing America First policies.

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42 Responses

  1. in the know says:

    Comey provided false information to a FISA judge. It puzzles me that this judge who still remains nameless has not required Comey to appear in that judges court room. To provide the truth about the information he used to get a warrant. This whole thing stinks bad. It makes Watergate look like a parking ticket violation. The entire justice system has been circumvented in this entire process. Never before as far as I know has there ever been a investigation in the United States that was started off with here’s the target no go find something he did wrong. The one simple fact that is so hard to overlook is Russia donated $0.00 ZERO to Trump. Yet Russia has as of the end of 2017 donated 145,600,000 to the Clinton foundation. Let’s follow what happened, sometime after Trump won the nomination, Russia contacts someone in the Trump campaign. Says they have dirt on Hilary. would like to meet to discuss. They meet with someone and it’s a big nothing. however now all this looks like trump had a connection and they can now use that against him. You have the director of the FBI and very very high ranking officials in the government Lynch, Strok, Comey, Obama and The Clinton’s. Comey goes in front of a FISA judge and gets permission to spy on the Republican candidate for the Presidency. We are to believe these people the two other scum bags in this are Soros and Bloomberg. Between them they control about 90% of the media in this country. They tell us Trump is the one colluding with the Russians. Remember 145,600,000 to Clinton’s ZERO to Trump. Trump the one being investigated. I think the Mueller investigation is all for a completely different reason. They did not for one second believe that Trump was going to win the election. They being the Deep State criminals in this country. Have all kinds of incriminating evidence out there that if discovered could land a lot of them in prison. I know it sounds far fetched but your dealing with The FBI and the top people in the world as far as wanting to keep this hidden. With Trump in office if he was able to discover the information and follow the trail who knows who all is involved. I know it’s not only Democrats I would bet there are a lot of Republicans involved in this to look how many won’t support Trump. I believe the Mueller and his team of scum bags in doing nothing more than destroying evidence that would prove the Deep State in this country. how far and who is involved in it. But hey that’s just my opinion.

  2. Herrmann Glockler says:

    Add to that the fact that Obama built a second White House in DC, with electronic communication equipment to allow him to organize this revolt, and a 10 foot tall granite rock wall around it to shield from view any visitors to his compound or insulate him for actions taken .
    It is very indicative that the Obama’s disappeared from the daily gossip columns, where he was adulated by the left wig media on his many tours he did paid for America’s left wing plutocrats.
    The unrest and attacks on the statues of America’s civil war heroes during our civil wars started within days of Obama’s disappearance from the daily gossip columns, where in typical Obama manner be was sucking up to America’s left wing financial elites.
    The Obamas are not finished in their attempt to destroy America, they are hiding out of sight as the organizers of this attack on America’s future.

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