James Comey doubled down on the anti-Trump dossier and it could come back to bite him

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the House Oversight committee.

He doubled down on one claim about the fake anti-Trump dossier.

And it could land him in hot water.

The Christopher Steele dossier was used as a basis for spying on the Trump campaign.

The dossier was chock full of fabrications and outright lies.

In 2016 Democrats paid Fusion GPS for the dossier to try and dig up dirt on Trump. Then it fell in the lap of FBI Director James Comey.

Comey was the one who signed off on using the dossier as justification for spying.

But he claims that Republicans first paid for it.

That is a lie.

The Washington Times reports:

The timeline that fired FBI Director James B. Comey provided to lawmakers on who funded the anti-Trump dossier conflicts with court filings and congressional testimony.

Mr. Comey, in House testimony for which a transcript was released Tuesday, maintained that Republicans first financed the dossier, then the Democrats.

But testimony by the dossier writer, ex-spy Christopher Steele, and others show the dossier didn’t exist until Fusion GPS engaged Mr. Steele in May-June 2016. By that time, a Republican funding opposition research with Fusion had bowed out two months earlier.

Fusion went to the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to win funding to hire Mr. Steele, who in June wrote dossier memos accusing Mr. Trump of colluding with Moscow.

Comey claims to not care who paid for the dossier.

But critics believe Comey and top brass at the FBI tried to frame Donald Trump for so-called collusion with Russia.

And he used a made up document paid for by Trump’s political opponents to spy on the campaign.

The Mueller witch hunt has dragged on and is yet to produce any evidence of so-called “collusion.”

It is nothing more than a political hit job designed to mire the Trump administration in a media-fueled scandal to block him from implementing America First policies.


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43 Responses

  1. Herrmann Glockler says:

    Obama at the core of this whole treason against America certainly would explain why the Donkeycrats are all uniformly inclined to ignore the collusion behind this election crime

    • Herrmann Glockler says:

      Add to that the fact that Obama built a second White House in DC, with electronic communication equipment to allow him to organize this revolt, and a 10 foot tall granite rock wall around it to shield from view any visitors to his compound or insulate him for actions taken .
      It is very indicative that the Obama’s disappeared from the daily gossip columns, where he was adulated by the left wig media on his many tours he did paid for America’s left wing plutocrats.
      The unrest and attacks on the statues of America’s civil war heroes during our civil wars started within days of Obama’s disappearance from the daily gossip columns, where in typical Obama manner be was sucking up to America’s left wing financial elites.
      The Obamas are not finished in their attempt to destroy America, they are hiding out of sight as the organizers of this attack on America’s future.

      • in the know says:

        Comey provided false information to a FISA judge. It puzzles me that this judge who still remains nameless has not required Comey to appear in that judges court room. To provide the truth about the information he used to get a warrant. This whole thing stinks bad. It makes Watergate look like a parking ticket violation. The entire justice system has been circumvented in this entire process. Never before as far as I know has there ever been a investigation in the United States that was started off with here’s the target no go find something he did wrong. The one simple fact that is so hard to overlook is Russia donated $0.00 ZERO to Trump. Yet Russia has as of the end of 2017 donated 145,600,000 to the Clinton foundation. Let’s follow what happened, sometime after Trump won the nomination, Russia contacts someone in the Trump campaign. Says they have dirt on Hilary. would like to meet to discuss. They meet with someone and it’s a big nothing. however now all this looks like trump had a connection and they can now use that against him. You have the director of the FBI and very very high ranking officials in the government Lynch, Strok, Comey, Obama and The Clinton’s. Comey goes in front of a FISA judge and gets permission to spy on the Republican candidate for the Presidency. We are to believe these people the two other scum bags in this are Soros and Bloomberg. Between them they control about 90% of the media in this country. They tell us Trump is the one colluding with the Russians. Remember 145,600,000 to Clinton’s ZERO to Trump. Trump the one being investigated. I think the Mueller investigation is all for a completely different reason. They did not for one second believe that Trump was going to win the election. They being the Deep State criminals in this country. Have all kinds of incriminating evidence out there that if discovered could land a lot of them in prison. I know it sounds far fetched but your dealing with The FBI and the top people in the world as far as wanting to keep this hidden. With Trump in office if he was able to discover the information and follow the trail who knows who all is involved. I know it’s not only Democrats I would bet there are a lot of Republicans involved in this to look how many won’t support Trump. I believe the Mueller and his team of scum bags in doing nothing more than destroying evidence that would prove the Deep State in this country. how far and who is involved in it. But hey that’s just my opinion.

  2. howard buckley says:

    comey you a hole i hope your look for things to furnish your new cell and i hope you never make it out after you get there.

    • JULIE WALSH says:


      • Jason Casteel says:

        Hey Julie. Do you think President Trump and his family are criminals because you have seen proof, some evidence? Do you think they’re criminals because one of the opinionates on CNN said they were? I am just curious because I have NOT seen any evidence against the Trumps. Just Democrats.

        Now hang onto your hat, Mueller is involved in this whole scandal far deeper than you are being led to believe. I am going to leave at the bottom of this post a web address. You can copy and paste it into your address bar and you will get a video, from a former Secret Service Agent who will shed some light on a lot of things that will surprise you.

        Please Julie, view this. I will be looking forward to hearing your comments after you view it. Thanks.

      • Where’s Waldo says:

        Julie, You’re uninformed or misinformed or both. Also you seem like you could be a real liberal bitch.

      • zee* says:

        To Julie Walsh. NOT a FAR RIGHT POST BLOG, for sure.
        >3 days later. maybe u come back.

  3. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    The way Mr President Trump has been treated even by the Republicans in the Senate and lower house is so disgusting and disgraceful, no body wants to stand up and fight for Mr President Trump, I see guys like Comey acting so arrogant as if he is above the law, America should be ashamed of themselves

  4. Judy says:

    Will these crooks ever get justice?
    It is a shame to see how Trump & associates are being violated (houses torn apart at ungodly hours) while all democrats get immunity & kid glove treatment. Even though they are the ones that actually committed crimes. I think they have fully infiltrated our justice departments. How do we fix it??????

  5. omegatalon says:

    Robert Mueller admitted that his staff accidently deleted 19,000 text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page; this is obstruction of justice as Trump’s new Attorney General should prosecute Mueller and his team with 19,000 charges of obstruction of justice.

  6. Jerry says:

    The whole damn bunch in Washington are part of the swamp. The Republicans want to drain the swamp of only democrat swamp creatures, and the democrats want only republican swamp creatures drained from the swamp. If we truly drain the swamp, we will have very few of either party left. Then there are the ones behind the scenes, you know, the big money powers like George Soros, Tom, Steyer, and a bunch of others who will try their hand at running for office just to keep the swamp alive. And let’s not forget about all of the Judges who scum suck at the bottom of the swamp. It will take many years to drain the swamp, far more than President Trump has. And it will take a continuous stream of patriots that can win seats in congress and become President. Sound impossible, it is with man, this is a job for God. Ever wonder why so many in public office are so against Christians?

    • Donna says:


    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      Amen, Jerry, and we n eeed to establish first an HONEST, capable United States Department of Justice and FBI, without which we will fail with people like Comey, Mueller, McCabe, RosenstAin and others like them. Someone please take slimeball Comey out to the obstacle course at Paris Island and run him till his “heart” stops.

  7. mark says:

    What does the movie “Mr Smith goes to Washington” Have in common with the Honduras Caravan?
    (Hint) The Aqua Zarca Project!

  8. Sherman Swofford says:

    we come to sites like this, we agree with other citizens placing their thoughts here, we expound our opinions and that’s it. It gets read by a few folks, heck, maybe a few thousand but nothing comes from it.
    We do not riot, burn politicians in effegy or anything. We simply write a little post and the politicians don’t even know about it.
    How can we truly get the attention we need to make change?
    If we were together, the dems would have lost the house but stupid citizens decided that idiots are what we want as leaders. signed…..totally frustrated in SC

  9. Jason Casteel says:

    If you really want to create a S**tstorm, start investigating ALL the congress and Senate. Just like they are investigating Trump and his associates. That would bring this House of Cards down. Or, better yet, like the opening scene in Designated Survivor. Let’s just start over and do it right this time. These people disgust me.

    • DEW says:

      YES ALL this BS affecting our country is downright disgusting and these “big wigs” think they are SOMETHING they put their Pants on the same as us. hang aome in a Public Square for TREASON as they try to overthrow us Electors! PRISON is too good for most ! Going on way too long with LITTLE being done–time for an AG to get to the bottom of things and PROSECUTE the guilty ! dgl

    • Dorothy Kettle says:

      Well said!

  10. karl Drumm says:

    How come that this LIAR is still free and walking around like a Peacock.WHAT a piece of work!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess the taller they are the greater the liars.

  11. Geneww38 says:

    I would fear to look into where these investigators will spend eternity.
    These evil people meant to destroy our great president and his Constitutional laws but God will use their effort to expose their wickedness and exalt our great nation and its new leadership.
    God never loss, God is not losing and God will never lose.

  12. Jack Schiht says:

    Comey could say that obama gave the orders to stop Trump from winning and every government bureau jumped in to make it so no matter what was needed and everyone would yawn and say that nobody did anything wrong.

  13. Mary Ann says:

    Loretta Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, et al are all dirty cops and deserve to be punished accordingly.

  14. Marlene says:

    I despair of anything ever bringing these treasonous criminals to justice. Hillary has been teflon coated for years and most of the whole leftist elites seem to be the same

  15. bob says:

    surprise, comeys memeory, all of a sudden came back, this nut-job has to be taken out, and put in jail.

  16. Eric says:

    I would like to see Comey taken to Gitmo and water boarded till he tells the truth!

    • Lola says:

      Would love to see how Trump would do, probably less than five minutes before he spilled EVERYTHING. Trump cannot keep from playing golf continuously!

      • Steelie* says:

        Lola. fyi.
        Actually, Lola.‘ GOLFING ’ IS for ‘negotiations’__
        > Some ‘foreign digs’ Do Not know HOW
        to ‘play GOLF’, (literally).
        > An Aside: gwb’ took ‘digs’ to his ranch, while cutting
        down/cleaning the ‘scrub’ 0ff his Land.
        > ‘bomba’ could 0nly play ‘basketball’ & N0 0NE
        was ‘there’.
        > Bill clinton ‘Hung’ out at Camp David, W/ pizza (ahem)
        & p*rn. W/ Total sick pph type In High 0ffice. CAPISH,no?

  17. Hal Lemoyne says:

    James Comey doubled down on the anti-Trump dossier and it could come back to bite him

    I sure hope james comey pays dearly for his corruption with his life

    as immediately as possible

    this needs to be a TRUMPing Truth!!!

  18. Barbara Cook says:

    YES! James Comey and all of former Obama’s whole administration and former McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, Bruce Orr and his wife Nellie, and let’s don’t forget to throw Rod Rosenstein, and if former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had anything to do with it also, throw him in this corrupt and crooked group, and YES!, let’s don’t forget to definitely throw Muller and his 17 corrupt and crooked Democrat Lawyers, and anybody else that was and is involved with this whole rigged ” WITCH HUNT”, arrest everybody involved, prosecute, and then throw everybody that was and is involved into prison and throw away the DAMN keys and let everybody rot and die in prison. THAT’S how bad I hate everybody that was and is involved with this whole rigged ” WITCH HUNT.”

    Also, we need to include any and all corrupt and crooked Democrats that is in office, they need to be arrested and prosecuted and thrown into prison along with everybody that I listed above in my comment.

    Every Democrat that is in office, is still very pissed off and upset, that their girl didn’t win the 2016 election, plus, they don’t like to see any changes to their corrupt and crooked ways of running the Government, because, they want to be able to tell us how to live and vote for in every election.

    • Franco says:

      Just wait for McCabe to be adjudicated !
      He will sign like the PIG he is!!!
      They will all start blaming each other!


  19. Rodney says:

    Just one question, well two actually. First question; when will we see equal justice? Comey and his cronies, Obama included have lied to Congress under oath, fabricated story lines and conducted bias investigations. Question two; when will the FISA judge(s) take a stand knowing now how they were lied to and evidence was not as presented. A final though/question; when will Hillary’s email and collusion be presented to a Grand Jury?

  20. Rick says:

    My opinion tells a different story but includes the real culprits. This started with Obama and his gang
    of criminals who just hate America and for which it stands. The game plan. Hillary is the odds on shoe-in
    for the Presidency. They all watch during the primaries and alas Trump is the Republican choice. No problem yet a non politician is laughable. As time marches on the cloud darkens. They all see the potential.
    We have to have a plan. Remember Hillary was a lover of Saul Alinsky,like Obama and his cabal. We need her for 8 more years so we can really wreck America. All of them should be Court bound and sent to the gallows. It really wasn’t hard to figure out. The cast of characters came from the top down.

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