Jack Smith wants to keep one fact about prosecuting Trump hidden

Photo by United States Department of Justice, via Wikimedia, public domain

Jack Smith indicted Donald Trump in two separate witch hunts.

It’s getting to the moment when the rubber will meet the road and Smith’s case is falling apart.

And Jack Smith wants to keep one fact about prosecuting Trump hidden.

Former President Donald Trump requested a stay after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected his bid to dismiss Special Counsel Jack Smith’s criminal charges relating to January 6 due to President immunity.

A stay would pause trial proceedings while Trump works through the appeals process.

Smith responded to Trump’s request by demanding the justices reject the stay due to the “public interest” in wrapping this case up as quickly as possible.

“Delay in the resolution of these charges threatens to frustrate the public interest in a speedy and fair verdict — a compelling interest in every criminal case and one that has unique national importance here, as it involves federal criminal charges against a former President for alleged criminal efforts to overturn the results of the Presidential election, including through the use of official power,” Smith’s motion states.

Smith is operating under the mistaken impression that the right to a speedy trial belongs to the government.

“The public interest in a prompt trial is at its zenith where, as here, a former President is charged with conspiring to subvert the electoral process so that he could remain in office,” Smith continued. “The Nation has a compelling interest in seeing the charges brought to trial.”

President Joe Biden’s Justice Department picked Smith to prosecute Trump shortly after he announced he was running for President.

This made Smith’s job prosecuting Biden’s likely 2024 opponent.

And Smith’s filing makes it plainly obvious that he sees convicting Trump as key to keeping him out of the White House.

Smith can read polls like anyone else.

Polls show that a criminal conviction is Joe Biden’s only chance to defeat Trump.

When Jack Smith claims it’s in the “public interest” to hold this trial before the election, critics contend what he really means is it’s in Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s interest.

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