Ivanka Trump went behind Donald Trump’s back to cooperate with Democrats on this big betrayal

Donald Trump will not like this news.

All hell is going to break loose.

And Ivanka Trump went behind Donald Trump’s back to cooperate with Democrats on this big betrayal.

Ivanka Trump voluntarily testified before the January 6 Select Committee.

Nancy Pelosi specifically put this Committee together to serve as a vehicle to essentially impeach Donald Trump for a third time.

Donald Trump fought several legal battles, claiming his aides did not have to testify as he asserted executive privilege.

Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin – an election liar who falsely claimed the 2016 results were not legitimate – praised Ivanka Trump for cooperating.

“Chair Bennie Thompson said afterward that she was a cooperative witness, and in that sense, she exemplifies the vast majority of the people who we have contacted, who’ve come before the Committee, who have told exactly in a lot of cases, mostly what they know in other cases. Essentially people are cooperating,” Raskin began.

Raskin claimed hundreds of Republicans lined up to testify to blame Trump for inciting the events of January 6.

“The remarkable thing, to me, is how many people want to testify to unburden themselves and tell the truth about what took place on that fateful day,” Raskin added.

Raskin gleefully played up the divide in the GOP between the establishment and swamp RINOs who believed they could use January 6 to exile Trump from American political life and those who still questioned the outcome of the 2020 election and maintained that the Democrats were running a witch hunt against Trump and his supporters.

“The people who are most ferociously sticking to the big lie are the ones who are least likely to cooperate. The ones for trying to maintain the pretense that Donald Trump won the election, that January six was, you know, rioters presenting flowers and hugs and kisses to the officers. Those people are the ones who are refusing to participate. Then there are some people who seem to want to rejoin the rule of law and the Constitutional democratic framework. I think it’s also good that this major schism has erupted within the ranks of the Republicans,” Raskin concluded.

The goal of the January 6 Committee is to create the grounds for criminal charges against Trump to block him from running for President again in 2024.

And many Trump supporters will be shocked to see Ivanka Trump voluntarily cooperating with this effort.

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