Ivanka Trump said two words that has everyone thinking she is running for President in 2024

Ivanka Trump was the only one of the Trump children to serve in the White House.

She also twice delivered nominating speeches for her father at the Republican National Convention.

And now Ivanka Trump said two words that has everyone thinking she is running for President in 2024.

If Donald Trump is not President in January and chooses not to run for re-election in four years, the 2024 Republican Presidential primary promises to be one of the most wide open in history.

Many Republicans will wonder who is the political heir to President Trump?

That answer could very well be he is daughter, Ivanka.

President Trump in the past has talked about how Ivanka could be the first female President in history.

And she tried to distance herself from her reputation as a Manhattan liberal by announcing she is pro-Life.

The biggest hint Ivanka dropped about running for President in 2024 was a Tweet in response to Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds celebrating President Polk signing legislation making Iowa the 29th state in the Union.

Trump wrote that she “loves Iowa.”

Political figures do not randomly visit or express admiration for Iowa.

In 2024, Iowa will be first on the calendar in the Republican nominating contest.

Political observers could not help but wonder if Ivanka Trump was dropping her first hint that she would enter the 2024 Republican primary field as the keeper of the Trump flame.

Of course, Ivanka Trump could be expressing her appreciation for Iowa, which twice voted overwhelmingly for her father and shifted away from being a swing state to a reliably red state.

Ivanka Trump’s future is most likely in politics.

The Manhattan social scene she once inhabited will never welcome her back.

And while Republican Party is probably her future it remains to be seen what office she could run for.

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