Iran just accused Trump of one crime that could start World War III

In recent weeks, Iran has been escalating their threats against the United States.

The terrorist nation is looking for any excuse they can to attack us.

And Iran just accused Trump of one crime that could start World War III.

Following a series of attacks from Iran on U.S. infrastructure, Trump has been fighting back, even killing their top general, who was planning attacks against the U.S.

And in a recent fumble, Iran launched a strike on a civilian plane leaving Tehran, killing all 172 people on board.

But despite it being clear that it was Iran who launched the attack, they just came out blaming U.S. “cyberattacks” for the plane being shot down.

Breitbart News reports:

“Senior Iranian officials suggested on Wednesday that U.S. “cyberattacks” and “enemy sabotage” may have taken down Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) Flight 752, less than a week after Tehran admitted its soldiers shot the civilian plane out of the sky.

Radio Farda, the Persian wing of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, cited remarks by Iran Guardian Council chairman Ahmad Jannati on Wednesday speculating that “enemy sabotage” may have played a role in the plane’s demise. Another official, Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi, made a more concrete accusation against the United States – that Washington hacked Iran’s airspace radar systems in a “cyberattack,” making it impossible for authorities to tell if the commercial airliner was an enemy missile targeting the capital.

UIA PS752 flew out of Tehran in the early hours of January 8 as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, hurled over a dozen ballistic missiles in the direction of Iraqi military bases. Iraq is nominally an ally of Iran’s, but maintains American troops at some of its bases, who Iran targeted. The airliner burst into flames and crashed not shortly after takeoff, killing all 172 people on board. Most were Iranian citizens, as well as Ukrainians and Canadians on their way to a connecting flight in Kyiv to Canada.”

It is abundantly clear the United States had nothing to do with the attack.

But that isn’t stopping Iran from trying to divert blame and use President Trump as a scapegoat for their actions.

Iran is making clear they aren’t going to take responsibility and are willing to risk starting World War III to do that.

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74 Responses

  1. Blow up their oil and leave them the way we found them in 1920.

  2. Michel Carchano says:

    Can’t we just send all the dems to iran and then nuke it ? also some of the drugies who don’t want to get clean or work.

  3. Honest says:

    Mr. President, Sir~ If Iran really wants to start a WW #3, Just turn that country into a all glass parking lot~

  4. Iran has PLENTY of internal problems right now. The majority of its citizens are demonstrating in the streets of the major centers calling for the “supreme leader” to step down !! The people of Iran DO NOT want a war with anybody and I really believe that a Revolution is just around the corner in Iran and that the people of Iran WILL have a Democracy VERY soon !

  5. Dave says:

    who gives a rats ass what Iran says. they are the ones killing their own people and shooting down a commercial airline. they knew it was a commercial air line and still shot it down. plus it’s a terrorist country an a danger to any civilization. it is obama and the rest of the demorats for kissing Irans ass.

  6. Walt Thatcher says:


  7. Trump has now given the Iranian people a door to go through. It`s time the Iranian people step up and take care of their problem.

  8. Gayle says:

    Funny they could send missiles to our embassy and we didn’t interfere then? What a stupid lie!

  9. Eileen Trent says:

    Mama and others

    Try the site Patriots For America.

    They actually have a reply button, makes things much more organized, and in context!!

  10. Lebo says:

    Nuke ’em all and let God sort it out!

  11. Terry L says:

    So basically they are saying they have their defense system wired to a publicly accessible internet connection that can be compromised by hackers?

    In this day and age it would be total incompetence to have any such connection to defense systems.

    Lets clarify what went down

    1) A known terrorist responsible for killing a large number of people including US citizens plans an attack that kills another US citizen and injures others.

    2) The US tired of the past administrations APOLOGISTS blaming US citizens and FREE SPEECH for the attacks actually took out the one responsible before he could carry out any further attacks.

    3) The APOLOGISTS, media , Iran, and other anti Americans claim the US had NO RIGHT to defend itself and prevent future attacks by the criminal.

    4) Iran RETALIATES over the US protecting itself by launching an attack on a nearby US base in another country activating automatic defense systems from a nation that has the UKRAINE on its list of enemies and a Ukrainian passenger plane is promptly shot down by it.

    5) Iran and several that hate America now try and Blame Trump for the deaths because he did not cave like past administrations and offer to BRIBE or otherwise placate the terrorists instead of sending a clear message that attacking the US or its citizens will no longer equal huge BRIBES at the expense of the US taxpayers to stop or prevent those attacks.

  12. Bruce Pestell says:

    How is Iranian propaganda going to start WWIII? Who is stupid enough to believe them. Oh yeah, the Trump hating anti-American democrats.

  13. cathleen says:

    so what’s new ? they blame Trump like all the other haters. well we shall see what happens with the election. TRUMP 2020

  14. thomas stein says:

    it clear Iran is grabbing at straws the whole article is laughable

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