Iran issued this threat to Trump that could mean World War III

Donald Trump was elected to clean up Barack Obama’s mess.

And that started with the President’s promise to tear up Obama’s disastrous 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

But Iran just issued this threat to Trump that could mean World War III.

President Trump withdrew America from Obama’s appeasement agreement with Iran because it was a bad deal for the United States.

Obama funneled over 100 million dollars into Iran’s bank accounts so they could fund terror and allowed Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon within ten years.

Unlike Obama, President Trump slapped crippling sanctions on Iran that torpedoed Iran’s economy.

So far Iran is refusing to renegotiate and instead is rattling their saber to drive a wedge between the United States and the other European countries that were part of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Al Jazerra reports:

President Hassan Rouhani threatened on Wednesday to take additional steps and accelerate its nuclear activities if Europe fails to provide a solution by Friday.

“Iran’s third step is of an extraordinarily significant nature,” Rouhani said, without detailing what that would entail, adding a “decree will be announced today or tomorrow”.

“I see that it’s unlikely a conclusion will be reached with Europe today or tomorrow,” he said, suggesting European powers have another two months to resume talks to save the landmark nuclear accord.

“They know what we want, and we know what they want.”

European nations want to buy Iranian oil.

But they cannot do so while the United States sanctions Iranian oil exports.

That’s why Iranian leaders are puffing out their chest about ramping up their nuclear program.

They are hoping European anxiety about conflict with Iran will unite other Western countries to pressure Donald Trump into dropping the sanctions against Iran so they can once again sell their oil.


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91 Responses

  1. Melania says:

    How do we trust a president who has shown that rather than taking leadership on helping AMERICANS affected by Hurricane Dorian, has instead spent the week doctoring old weather maps with a SHARPIE (possibly illegally), and pushing government agencies to cover up his blunder?!? Trump can’t admit any errors, so he wastes time and pushes others like Hannity and others to try to make an error “true.”!?!

    How do we trust a president who has spent over 289 days at one of his resorts, causing our own taxes into his OWN pockets for all his staff, secret service etc., when Camp David has been built for that purpose? How do we trust a president who has the VP stay at one of his places 180 miles away from Pence’s conference in Ireland? How do we trust a president who directs military planes and tax dollars to refuel near his Scotland Turnbull golf course and has the military stay, at tax payer dollars, at his resort. It is a clear scandal and violation of the emoluments clause!! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Melanoma, I find it extremely rich that you supporters of the party of death and the alphabet people are suddenly concerned about the expenditure of tax dollars. Your “messiah ” added more to the national debt than all the previous presidents COMBINED. Just what do we have to show for that? Oh and don’t forget the BILLIONS of dollars (in cash) given to the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. I’m quite sure your allegations about President Trump are founded in the MSM and completely unfactual. I could go on and on but for brevity sake I wont

  2. Ernst says:

    Barack Obama traded every scrap of American credibility and billions of our dollars to get a worthless Iran agreement. This was so worthless that the Iran Parliament did not even ratify it, so it never even existed for them. Iran only uses it as a talking point to intimidate or cajole Europe. Since there was no inspection of Iranian military bases, there was no inspection of the nuclear research sites. As usual, Trump was honest in his assessment and actions here.

  3. Wicked Woman says:

    Imagine that. Iran threatening the United States. Thank you nobama!

  4. Will says:

    If they want a bomb soooo bad give them as many as we can .
    This would save EU money from extortion , that Oblowbag paid
    but then he did get kick back , ,, so he didn`t loose out on the deal

  5. Rich Wilkinson says:


  6. Kevin says:

    Who gives a RAT’S ASS , What these camel jockey, sand turds say!!!!
    NUKEM TIL THEY GLOW!!!!????????????????

    • I think Obama and his crew should fly over to Iran and make a deal with the Kohameni. Hillary was SOS then and we should give her the carte blanche. she is entitled to.Make it a party and when you get them all in one place!!! NUKE UM!

    • Psul says:

      Hussein Obama was nothing but a terrorist. Giving the middle eastern countries what ever they wanted. In the U. S. He started all the racism that we have today. Worst president ever.

      • the recent attacks against Jews and Mexicans are a direct result of trump’s racism – he stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence, and racism – after all there are some good Nazi – his statement – It is quite absurd to call Obama a racist when he is black and supports his people contrary to trump who is supported by the KKK and Neoi-Nazi groups. Trump will go down as the worst holder of the oval office, is in the process of destroying our country, disrespects women, veterans and people of different races and religions. He lies about all asylum seekers from the south being criminals contrary to reports from the FBI and Cato Institute and claims climate change is a hoax when credible scientists say otherwise. He is nothing but an adolescent, spoiled, self centered bully who likes to destroy those opposed to his policies and constantly seeks the attention and praise of others. NEMO DAT QUOD NO HABET – you cannot give what you do not have (he does not have) and NO ONE CAN REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED. He, in no way, follows the teachings of Jesus Christ who said we will be judged by how we treated others.

        • Jim Tierney says:

          Ok genius let me help you with some facts instead of your alternate “truth”. Yes, President Trump is against Mexicans, but not all, just the ones here illegally. Why is that so difficult for the party of death and the alphabet people so hard to understand? Against Jews, I think not! Who, despite many predecessors promised, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?? Why did Israel make a commemorative coin with President Trumps face on it. He merely stated that the Jewish community, that usually votes with the demonrats, should be voting for him in light of his pro Israel policies. You really need to quit regurgitating worthless MSM and college professor’s NWO demonized rants. Think for yourself for a change. Can you really be that deceived? For your sake I truly hope not.

          • John S says:

            Kim in NK has played Chump like a fiddle. China has laughed at him. Tariffs have cost American consumers billions. Farm revenues down 50% over 4 years. Coal revenues down 40%, gas prices going up. Chump STILL hasn’t filled 1/2 the positions in the government.. he has spent 22.7% of his time at the golf course. You need to stop watching Hannity.

      • Marge Wall says:

        My thoughts as well……

  7. barbuto says:

    the only democracy in the middle east is Israel…All of the other countries are Arab and run by a King or Sheik or “Royal Family”…..etc…If USA and Iran go to war….Israel will side with the USA…..Between Israel and USA…the war with Iran will be over quickly. I used to sell to the “Goi”…….Gov’t of Israel. When I met with my buyers at the Ministry of Defense…they told me….” Israel keeps supplies for a two year war……we figure we can successfully win a war with an adversary in two years…..if we can’t then we deserve to be driven into the sea”…….I heard that time and time again. They are all tough monkeys. Even the Air Force people…the ones I usually contacted scared me…I would hate to meet their Special Ops people……Americans must prevent the Military Industrial Complex companies from getting us into a war…just to make more money. IF you look at all the munitions companies…they made out like bandits after each war…WW1,…WW2…..even Viet Nam…..We do not need to go into the Middle East…we don;t need their oil any more…USA is producing all the oil we need and with fracking, natural gas and going solar…we really don;t need the Middle east…let them kill each other off……if you are bleeding hearts for them, then go over there and see how quickly you will be made a third class citizen cause you are not Muslim…..America to be great again, needs to stop the military spending for useless toys…billion dollar planes…come on people….Bring home the troops and their families stationed abroad. Remember Teddy Roosevelt said ” speak softly but carry a big stick”…WE don;t need to waste Trillions of dollars on compounds abroad and have so many gov’t workers ( there are 10-20 back lot workers for every one soldier afield)….spend our money on Americans…not war toys……tell the Middle east we dont care if Mrs Muhammad cant drive or vote……If Iran or some other Arab nation wants to star a war…we can finish it quickly…with Israels help…but not by keeping troops in country and trying to democratize the Arabs….it won;t work…just look at Iraq and Afghanistan……

  8. Bill says:

    Rattling their saber, hell. What they hear rattling is their teeny brains every time their leaders shake their head. Of course some of our ‘allies’ in Europe may be intimidated by these threats, but they will always be there when they need us.

  9. Mike says:

    Sick the Israeli Jews on Iran they won’t be a FK’n Arab left in a week. if the USA doesn’t them again.

  10. jack says:

    whoever wrote this article is clearly a drama quenn. You’re starting to sound more like cnn.

  11. Mark says:

    Obama loves any country that hates America! Obama says, “OH!, You hate America?” “That’s great!” “Here’s some of the idiot taxpayer’s money to help you terrorize them and the country’s who like them, like that scumbag Israel!”
    Still waiting for this seditious treasonous traitor Obama to become a permenant resident of GITMO along with Clinton and the rest of their Deep State rat party of Thugs…

  12. Dr. J.D. says:

    One does not and should not, shoot a cannon to kill a fly.

    • Inkpad says:

      Take Iran off the map and be done with it. You don’t pay terrorists with our tax dollars to not build nukes. You break them financially as we are doing if they want to play hardball. Then throw them the most devastating hard ball that will end their games.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Are you speaking Klingon or just go off your meds, Inkpad? That last combination of letters is bizarre. But, even if we ended Iran’s game, like we have tried with the Taliban, Isis, Al-Quada, it just means more terrorists pop up elsewhere. We must be smarter with a MEASURED response.
        We must be smarter with our resources and not to get into these long, depleting and ill-advised wars in the middle east.

        • A measured response would be to drop cluster bombs all across Tehran, and a MOAB into their buried nuclear facility, with a few well placed headquarters bombs. That would end the saber-rattling and nuclear threat of these inbred power seekers. Do you not realize that these very leaders have called for a world-wide caliphate? That’s their goal. Glad you can’t understand those letters, sounds like you may be the one who is uneducated, or possibly ‘off your meds’.

        • Eileen Ross says:

          I agree with you Dr. There are some wierd creatures out there……..
          And under the ill advisors and warmongers, the US has been goading Iran into a deadly war.

          • Strange that you don’t see arabs threatening the greatest power in the world as ‘weird creatures’. And yes, I am one of God’s creatures, He just happened to endow me with the Warrior Spirit and enough sense to see Iran as the warmongers and the instigators, instead of looking at them and seeing them as little children who need someone to protect them.

        • old man coyote says:

          Doc, you’re so right. We’re running out of quarters and need to stop playing Whack A Mole.

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Thank you Coyote! As Herbert Bush says, if you go in, you own it. And that money is better spent on improving America’s infrastructures.

        • Merle says:

          We haven’t broke down and went to war with the sorry bastards. I say turn there desert to glass. A couple tactical nukes nothing to big just enough to level Tehran.

          • Mike from midwest says:

            Says the ignorant Merle. I bet you are one to want to nuke hurricanes also. We had a great expert on the post the other day that explained how the damage of a nuclear bomb with today’s capacity would create damage that would be hard to contain.

    • Charlie says:

      Read: The Population Bomb: where the author writes about nuking a mid eastern country. There is no way America is just going to sit around and wait for Iran to nuke the United States

      • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

        The problem with Iran’s leaders is that they don’t have the logistics nor the recourses to wage war against the United States; all they have is their terrorism tactics in which we could and should wiped them out in practically one day. If they think they have the power to wage war against the United States; well, like Al Bundy use to say…. let’s rock!

        USAF (RET)

        • Demetri says:

          A -10, B-52, B2, and a host of other assorted vehicles plus a few USN subs can level Iran in about 15 minutes! No nukes needed, a few select targets and all those bearded weirdos are worm food.

    • Kathe says:

      Sometimes one must use a cannon to kill a fly as it is such a Pest as it contains Evil.

  13. chief1937 says:

    Trump had every reason to pull out of the Iran deal as all it did was give them the funds to continue their nuclear buildup while weakening American forces at the same time. The Iranian leader is a bully and threats are a way of life for him easiest way out for us is give Israel all they need then stand by and watch Iran get destroyed. Obama gave Iran millions while getting nothing of value in return doesn’t sound like a good deal to me for anyone but Iran.

  14. Bring it on, you will be returned to the Dark Ages.

  15. Terry says:

    Drop the MOAB!!!!!
    STOP them before it even begins. ENOUGH with threat’s from other Countries!!!

  16. The war with Iran will be phoney for all but the USA. We will be destroyed. Trump is out to hide all of his rimes But God see them, and Trump can not call it fake to god. And Trump finds his end trying to wipe Israel out. Of course his front to us is that he stand with Israel. He also calls himself the king of the Jews, Which Jews in the USA espescially hate him for.

    • Terry says:

      Lol ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????

    • Melania says:

      Trump is a bull in a China shop. with ZERO diplomacy skills, that is for sure. It was an absolutely STUPID move to attack the Jewish people of this country . . . they tend to vote against Republicans because they see a lot of the traits of the Third Reich white supremacy re-appearing. The Jewish people are not only excellent citizens and scholars, they donate heavily . . . as they will in the next election for the Democrats!

      • Car says:

        Trump has done more for Israel than any President ever. The last Democrat President (Obumer) gave Iran billions of cash even though they want to see the jewish state destroyed. You and any other jewish person who doesn’t vote for President Trump isnt comprehending correctly and is just plain stupid.

        • Merle says:

          They want to see Israel and the USA destroyed. They march through their streets chanting death to America. Have since the mid 70’s when they converted to the Muslim faith. I say to every cruse missile we have on any target that moves and when the dust clears send out troops in and clear out the rest. I’m sick and tired of living under threats from these half raised ignorant people. Let it be known if you get out of line the US is here to put you back in place.

      • You’re wasting your money on the democrats, honey… If you will remember when the US Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, NO democrats went to the ceremonies. They hate Israel, have shown as much for not condemning Omar and Tlaib for their anti-Semitic comments. And when they all voted against anti-Semitism, ‘The Squad’, including Omar and Tlaib were the only ones to vote against it. Trump is the only US President to EVER affirm that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel. I think your hate runs deeper than your fellow Israelites. If you throw your money at democrats, it will be like throwing good money after bad.

      • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

        Melania, You’re not too bright are you?

        USAF (RET)

      • Rick says:

        Oh, you mean seizing their guns so they can’t protect themselves form extermination.

    • Jack lubin says:

      What kind of idiot are you

    • What in the hell are you talking about ????? When did Trump say or do to suggest that he wants to wipe out Israel.???

    • Kevin says:

      do you know how to spell? It doesn’t look like it. Troll please leave. You must be in Mommy and daddy’s basement.

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      Are you accusing our President out of pure hatred or can you support your accusations? Oh! By the way; “God” is on the side of United States President Donald J. Trump in case you never knew it. Unlike the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II, United States President Donald J. Trump honors the nation’s Oath of Office as I honor my Military Oath. I doubt very much if you even honor our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves uninformed individuals just like you. She really must be your idol because, she hates him too.

      USAF (RET)

    • Darrel Winchell says:

      And then you awoke .

    • Gayle Clay says:

      You sound like a complete nut! Trump has grandchildren who are Jewish. You really need to do some unbiased research on Trump. Educate yourself to distinguish between the horrible Democrats lies and the truth. Judicial watch is the best source of unbiased material straight from the courts. To not do this and accept the lies about Trump from the Democrats simple leaves you ignorant on this subject.

  17. Dan Winright says:

    Let it rain fire from the sky!

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Speaking of rain, will the University of Alabama be playing their scheduled game tomorrow or did Dorian cause too much damage to the state?

  18. Jim Tierney says:

    Very soon Iran will be taken care of. Russia, Turkey and Iran will attack Israel, to take it off the map but God Himself will intervene. Whether The Church will be here to witness that remains to be seen

  19. Fred says:

    Say Mr. Iran, sir, your Islamic Muslim Religion started this Very Dangerous, Deadly Violent , Destructive And Ludicrously HATE Filled/Fueled Attitudes And Actions, Just Because NOT All People Want What Only You Want! You Only Want The End Of Christianity, Which Is NOT Going To Disappear! There Are Some Of Your Own People, Who Do NOT See It Your Way!!!

  20. cg says:

    time to make it a glass factory, solution….. NO MORE IDIOT MUSLIMS
    and more to follow

  21. David SALERNO says:

    Fear mongering on the part of Patriot Pulse to say this could start world war 3. Really? Come on guys.

  22. Christina says:

    I find it difficult to believe that anyone thought for a mili-second that Iran adhered to the nuclear agreement that Obama signed with them to begin with. How is it that a hostile country, whose biggest desire is “death to America”, was able to design the rules of said agreement. Outrageous demands such as “scheduled” inspections……seriously?……

    • PJ says:

      Well said, Christina. I’ve said the same multiple times but in slightly stronger and more direct language, so I say again, especially for the liberal idiots who think negotiation works with radicals…..

      You would have to be a complete idiot and imbecile to think Iran was not working toward a nuclear weapon, covertly, in defiance of the useless Iran nuclear deal. These people of the Islamic radical political system (Islam is not a religion, but a political system) CANNOT be trusted. They constantly tell you that so DUH!!!!

      President Trump……your sanctions are TOO weak. More sanctions!! Squeeze them until they choke to death and then we can negotiate with these vial people from a position of strength. That is the ONLY thing they understand. If you think otherwise, you are an IDIOT!!

  23. T. Bell says:

    Its way past time to nuke the crap out of IRAN !

    • Eric says:

      On what possible premise? They have not attacked us, so you do NOT have a casus belli (justification for war). Only dictators do that.

      • Lynn says:

        They did attack us, do you remember 9/11? I watched the news and saw them dancing in the streets in Iran & chanting “Death to Americans” & we did not .attack them, but I do believe in trying to settle things in a peaceful way even though they acted like savages. They also have declared many time they want to erase Israel off the map – how is that for peaceful!

        • Sharon says:

          You know, Lynn, Putin has said he wants to destroy the USA also, so it makes me very concerned why he backed Trump against Clinton who stood up to Putin? Wanting to get rid of israel is not the same as taking aggressive action to make it happen. But I think ALL of us would want to not have Iran with an H-bomg!

          • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

            Sir Winston Churchill warned the world of the danger the Muslim’s Muhammadanism pose to the civilized world. Muslims are not fit to join our civil society since their Qur’an instructs them to: “Fight them until Islam reigns supreme throughout the world.” If Americans had kept vigilant upon the Muslim’s movement throughout the world and witnessed their attacks upon unbelievers and the insistence that their Sharia Law be the law of the World, you would also have been aware that the Muslims’ demanded that Australia make their Sharia Law the law of the land in Australia until former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd told the Muslims to GET OUT!

            The Muslims even tried to force the State of Alabama to accept their Sharia Law which the State of Alabama told the Muslims a big resounding NO! Alabama isn’t the only state the Muslims have tried to infect our nation with their deceased of Muhammadanism. A word of warning…. no Muslim must ever hold any position within the United States government!

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          • Will says:

            Sharon, you should go to : Prophecy
            and do some reading , that might change your mind about them wanting Israel gone from the face of the earth. They are fighting there every day to keep Iran out

      • used to be a liberal says:

        Well then call me a dictator. I would nuke them in a second!!! Their history is outrageous.

      • Terry says:

        Lol ????. Seriously threatening the US and we’re supposed to take it, I don’t think so!! They have committed so many CRIMES against Humanity.

  24. Will Penny says:

    Hell , just light up the sky on the stupid Idoits , but make sure Obummer is over there visiting his buddy’s first , so he can become part of the glass parking lot that Iran will become , Just Crispy Critter the Ragheads , they’ll not be missed , that’s a fact

  25. DC says:

    We are The United States Of America…
    Let’s start living up to that… Remember what these means…. Remember all the men and women that served our great country, hundreds of thousands that paid the ultimate price-giving their lives so that others may live free and enjoy all our great country has to offer… GOD BLESS OUR GREAT NATION & GOD BLESS ALL OF OUR PATRIOTIC CITIZENS!

    • John says:

      The past administration did so much to help the Islamic
      Radicals we are now saddled with it. I support the President and my country.

  26. Mdiana says:


    • Melania says:

      You are ranting like a homeless person on a street corner whose brain was fried by drugs. You need to get some psych meds and calm the h*** down! Good Lord, you sound like an Alex Jones ranting right wingnut!
      I should know, I am married to one!

  27. Earl says:

    Iran does present a danger to the world and this danger will remain no matter what other countries do to give in to Iran’s rants. It is alright for them to lie to all unbelievers. So any agreement that they may make is not worth the paper it’s written on. 2020 MUST BE SO BRIGHT RED THAT THE IDIOTS WILL BE SO BLIND THAT THEY CAN NOT FINE THEIR VOTING PLACES.

  28. Dave says:

    they were obama terrorist buddies so he gave them billions of dollars. you can bet they gave him part of the money that’s why is rich now. time to put obama in gitmo. better et hanged at a public square to show what happens to traitors. terrorist lover. just like they did to john wilks booth for shooting Abe Lincoln.

  29. travis says:


  30. Steve says:

    Obama was committing many acts of treason supporting America’s enemy , since he is one of them himself . Meanwhile Iran was developing & doing what they wanted to do against us anyway .

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