Iran issued this threat to Trump that could mean World War III

Donald Trump was elected to clean up Barack Obama’s mess.

And that started with the President’s promise to tear up Obama’s disastrous 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

But Iran just issued this threat to Trump that could mean World War III.

President Trump withdrew America from Obama’s appeasement agreement with Iran because it was a bad deal for the United States.

Obama funneled over 100 million dollars into Iran’s bank accounts so they could fund terror and allowed Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon within ten years.

Unlike Obama, President Trump slapped crippling sanctions on Iran that torpedoed Iran’s economy.

So far Iran is refusing to renegotiate and instead is rattling their saber to drive a wedge between the United States and the other European countries that were part of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Al Jazerra reports:

President Hassan Rouhani threatened on Wednesday to take additional steps and accelerate its nuclear activities if Europe fails to provide a solution by Friday.

“Iran’s third step is of an extraordinarily significant nature,” Rouhani said, without detailing what that would entail, adding a “decree will be announced today or tomorrow”.

“I see that it’s unlikely a conclusion will be reached with Europe today or tomorrow,” he said, suggesting European powers have another two months to resume talks to save the landmark nuclear accord.

“They know what we want, and we know what they want.”

European nations want to buy Iranian oil.

But they cannot do so while the United States sanctions Iranian oil exports.

That’s why Iranian leaders are puffing out their chest about ramping up their nuclear program.

They are hoping European anxiety about conflict with Iran will unite other Western countries to pressure Donald Trump into dropping the sanctions against Iran so they can once again sell their oil.

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90 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    Mr. Jim Tierney And Ms. or Mrs. Marge Wall, I Third That Motion, And Give A Loud HEAR! HEAR!!

  2. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    But theres lots of young boys for them to molest.

  3. Marge Wall says:

    My thoughts as well……

  4. Marge Wall says:

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jim Tierney says:

    Melanoma, I find it extremely rich that you supporters of the party of death and the alphabet people are suddenly concerned about the expenditure of tax dollars. Your “messiah ” added more to the national debt than all the previous presidents COMBINED. Just what do we have to show for that? Oh and don’t forget the BILLIONS of dollars (in cash) given to the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. I’m quite sure your allegations about President Trump are founded in the MSM and completely unfactual. I could go on and on but for brevity sake I wont

  6. Melania says:

    How do we trust a president who has shown that rather than taking leadership on helping AMERICANS affected by Hurricane Dorian, has instead spent the week doctoring old weather maps with a SHARPIE (possibly illegally), and pushing government agencies to cover up his blunder?!? Trump can’t admit any errors, so he wastes time and pushes others like Hannity and others to try to make an error “true.”!?!

    How do we trust a president who has spent over 289 days at one of his resorts, causing our own taxes into his OWN pockets for all his staff, secret service etc., when Camp David has been built for that purpose? How do we trust a president who has the VP stay at one of his places 180 miles away from Pence’s conference in Ireland? How do we trust a president who directs military planes and tax dollars to refuel near his Scotland Turnbull golf course and has the military stay, at tax payer dollars, at his resort. It is a clear scandal and violation of the emoluments clause!! ! ! ! ! ! !

  7. Mike from midwest says:

    Says the ignorant Merle. I bet you are one to want to nuke hurricanes also. We had a great expert on the post the other day that explained how the damage of a nuclear bomb with today’s capacity would create damage that would be hard to contain.

  8. Dr. J.D. says:

    Thank you Coyote! As Herbert Bush says, if you go in, you own it. And that money is better spent on improving America’s infrastructures.

  9. John S says:

    Kim in NK has played Chump like a fiddle. China has laughed at him. Tariffs have cost American consumers billions. Farm revenues down 50% over 4 years. Coal revenues down 40%, gas prices going up. Chump STILL hasn’t filled 1/2 the positions in the government.. he has spent 22.7% of his time at the golf course. You need to stop watching Hannity.

  10. Jim Tierney says:

    Ok genius let me help you with some facts instead of your alternate “truth”. Yes, President Trump is against Mexicans, but not all, just the ones here illegally. Why is that so difficult for the party of death and the alphabet people so hard to understand? Against Jews, I think not! Who, despite many predecessors promised, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?? Why did Israel make a commemorative coin with President Trumps face on it. He merely stated that the Jewish community, that usually votes with the demonrats, should be voting for him in light of his pro Israel policies. You really need to quit regurgitating worthless MSM and college professor’s NWO demonized rants. Think for yourself for a change. Can you really be that deceived? For your sake I truly hope not.

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