Illegal-loving Oakland Mayor just got the worst news of her life

Oakland’s Democrat Mayor Libby Schaaf warned hundreds of illegal aliens of an impending ICE raid.

Over 800 illegals escaped authorities “thanks” to Schaaf’s warning.

But now a handful of those illegals are repaying her in the worst way.

Three illegal aliens who were tipped off by Schaaf ahead of the ICE raids in Oakland earlier this month have been re-arrested.

Fox News reports:

ICE officials eventually caught 232 illegal immigrants, many of them criminals, in the four-day sweep but said that hundreds more escaped because of Schaaf’s warning.

But on Tuesday, officials said that at least three of those who were targeted in the raid, but were not apprehended, had since been arrested for additional crimes.

One was a Mexican national arrested for robbery and gun crimes, who was released back into the community for a prior offense despite an ICE detainer request in November.

Another Mexican national was arrested for a DUI, despite having been deported three times and prior convictions for false imprisonment, DUI and battery of a spouse.

The third was a Mexican national who was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse, despite being deported twice and criminal convictions including drug possession, hit-and-run, DUIs, possessions of narcotics equipment and a parole violation.

Acting ICE Director Tom Homan mentioned the three cases at a roundtable on sanctuary cities at the White House on Tuesday. He also expressed frustration at the mixed messages coming from politicians in sanctuary states.

“We are told on one hand to focus efforts on criminals but those same folks who want to focus on criminals don’t let us into the county jails,” he said. “It just defies logic.”

Mayor Schaaf is part of the “resistance” to President Trump.

California Democrats have all but declared war on the Trump administration to protect dangerous illegal immigrants.

Now their actions are putting their own citizens at risk.

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158 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    The illegals are like cockroaches . left alone they multiply. Shoit them on dite before scheister lawyer gets them off on s technicality. Reopen Yums prison. Make them do hard labir in hot sun building walks. Wirk them until tgey drop. Then let them die there. If they try to escape shoot them abd thriw their bodirmes over the walk. The ones who have been deported before and came back tatoo illegal on their forehead. Throw cal out of union abd build wall between cal and nevada arizona. Send out millions if flyers attention illegals. Cal is sanctuary country with free everything. Go get yours. Give directions and tickets new country. Alkiw najor corps that want to leave cal and rejoin us to come in with short windiw. If they want in later make pay huge penalty. After they go bk frim freebies do not give them a dime in rescue money. Slk repubs that want out of new country are welcome to relocate to other states. Demonrats are not allowed to enter us. No second chance. Only other alternative, give cal back to mexico since they love mexucans so much and Nexico will wind up throwing them out because rest of Mexican population will want all the freebies Californications get. Either way, Good riddance to these aholes. Or declare martial law in californication and arrest alk demonrat party hierarchy including governor, sanctuary cith nayors count execs etc.

  2. Douglas Guy says:

    Uuntil we have a conservative Attorney General we will get no charges or procecutions. As soon as Mueller is finished, Sessions and Rosenstein need to be replaced.

  3. JLM says:

    Whoever has the authority to charge her with obstruction of justice is not doing his job.

  4. Reuben says:

    Absolutely She broke the Law is there any other questions?

  5. john says:

    the mayors that support them illegal imagrents should be sent to prison for crimes against american laws,they should be held resposible for the crimes the illegals cause, against the america people!

  6. Christopher J Murano says:

    Does anyone know if there is a process for removing a state from the Union? California has repeatedly shown that it does not respect the laws of this country. Perhaps it’s time to remove them from the country for which they show such blatant disdain.

  7. Gwyllm says:

    Like the post I just saw somewhere: Build an ELECTRIC WALL!

  8. Towerlady says:

    Seems like if we just pulled the plug the “problem” would be self correcting. Unhappily, President Trump has just agreed to a spending bill that includes funding for sanctuary cities. On the one hand he wants a wall to keep illegals out, on the other he’s acquiesced to support that keeps them and the criminal mayors going. Go figure.

  9. Terry says:

    Legally I see no difference between this and that former police officer that called his buddies at the drug cartel and warned them of the impending raid a few years back.

    They both did it to aid criminals in avoiding the legal enforcement of US law it does not matter that one did it for money and the other because of their delusion that everyone on the planet should be allowed the benefits of being a US citizen even when they are a FOREIGN NATIONAL who violated US immigration laws.

  10. Joan B. says:

    Does she not care about the American citizens in her community?

  11. John says:

    Let California secede from the union. We know their electoral college votes will always be democrat anyway, so why put up with them. Give them nothing, and let them sell their junk elsewhere.

  12. john says:

    The anti American bitch and all of those like her should be in prison!

  13. Al says:

    I’m just waiting for the ‘big one’ to hit and maybe the whole damned state will fall off into the Pacific

  14. Walt says:

    The Mayor should be charged with obstruction of justice and put in jail for five years minimum and fined $10,000. Americans that are committing crimes need to start paying for their acts.

  15. Tom Martin says:

    I know it will never happen, but I am all for allowing California to pull out of the USA. Place military at border of California and Mexico. Place border patrol at all entries from California to the USA. Provide them NO Federal funds or security protection assistance from Federsl Government. Let’s see how long it takes for the California liberals and Democrats to beg to be part of the USA. Charge tariff on all products imported from California to the USA.

    • christine says:

      AMEN! Remove all Federal funding and all other Federal support of any kind from California, and they will be begging soon for Federal support with no demands on California from the Fed and no insistence of letting them go their own way on treatment of illegals. MONEY TALKS!

  16. Donna says:

    Isn’t this against our own laws that an illegal can be voted in a governmental position?

    • Von says:

      California has no laws for the illegal aliens………….

      • Bill says:

        As a resident of Oakland’s neighbro San Francisco, I’m frankly sick and tired of paying for all the ‘freebies’ doled out to the ‘undocumneted, ‘boat people’, bums parasites or whatever you want to call them while we the hard working tax payers get SQUAT for our taxes, put this liberal jew bitch in jail, IMMEDIATELY!, nuff said!

  17. MARK says:


  18. Martin says:

    This is nothing more than insurrection by the whole of the state of California. Cut all funding, if federal troops are needed than so be it. If criminal prosecution is required than so be it, Gov. Brown, etc….
    If someone crashed your party, and cause trouble and you threw them out of the party. Not just, once but several times, before you finally had to send them to the hospital, because they totally disrespect you and your authority in your own premises. That is illegal immigration, MS13, welfare/healthcare fraud on taxpayers money, the trafficking of drugs, people, disease. Creating a portal for terrorist to filter in illegally, and now using these people to illegally manipulate the vote. You people disgust me.

  19. Alan says:

    This woman should be indicted and tried for obstruction of justice.

    • Alan says:

      Additional comment. She should held responsible for any crime the warned illegals might have committed post warning and prior to their arrest and detention.

      • TP says:

        Shouldn’t she be arrested for aiding and abetting ? ? ? Also over reach of her authority ? ? ? I mean these ARE laws she has violated ! ! ! Call the local Sheriff and file a complaint ! ! A Sheriff can arrest he! !

  20. ALAN says:

    Libby should be arrested, tried and publicly executed. (Gee, that seems to be my course of action for all liberals.)
    Let us try this, (too): The next time California has a natural disaster, no Federal funds should be tendered for relief. Then let the people of California decide with the ballot box which side they are on: Communist Liberal DNC or the Grand Old Republic.

  21. Steveur says:

    Libby, should get the “Schaaft” and recalled for her actions. Along with the martian gov. Moonbeam, the Feds, should be withholding Federal Funding from the whole of Taxifornia.

  22. Enzo says:

    Im thinking the PRESIDENT needs to declare some version of marital law and empowering the citazins to back up the milatery go into those cities of resistance and start arresting them all.
    Politicians, criminals and protesters. This tihs has to stop.

  23. Original Anna says:

    Let me see, she broke the law by not following the law and also helping to keep criminals out of jail. And she isn’t in jail herself, how come. What happens to the criminals after she warned them has nothing to do with the crime she should be in jail for right now. The offenses of the criminals and getting caught again doesn’t bother her at all and doesn’t even effect her as far as her being brothered by the criminals being caught and committing crime while loose because hey, she’s not in jail and hasn’t been charged. This article is a dream of her getting paid back by the criminals being caught. Not really.

    • Dick bindet says:

      Very well said… this disgrace maskerading as a public servant committed a damn crime. What the hell are they waiting for?? ARREST HER NOW!!

  24. MASTERMECH48 says:

    Another point, The mayor AND the city law enforcement individuals connected with the release of illegals might, be at least chargeable with “aiding ” these criminals in further crimes if the let them go. I.C.E. and the justice department should look at EVERY possible charge and prosecute accordingly.

  25. Until there is “Justice for ALL” there can be “Justice for NO ONE”! The mayor must be held responsible for her actions, and the results of her actions. Did any of the individuals who were targeted in that ICE sweep, commit any additional crimes as a result of not being caught in the sweep due to her standing on the corner screaming “RAID, ICE IS COMING! ICE IS COMING!”? IF they did commit any crimes after the raid, than I think she should be held responsible for those crimes too.

    • Peter W Wieckhorst says:

      Don’t they call someone who helps another to commit a crime an accomples, and are they then not treated as equally guilty as the one who committed the crime? Or something like that i seem to remember being taught in a college class i took a long time ago, things may have changed i guess, don’t think that did though.

  26. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    When will the ILLEGAL favoring MAOR OF OAKLAND be arrested for harboring criminals. ELECTED OFFICIALS, ASRE THEY ABOVE THELAW?

    • Aline says:

      NO! These idiots like schaaf, should be taken away IN HANDCUFFS IN PUBLIC! What gets to me, is that, WE the people DEMAND JUSTICE, and everyone seems to agree, BUT NOTHING EVER GETS DONE! THEY ( talking also about another jackass, jerry brown, the weasel ) ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW! LOCK THE BASTARDS UP!!!!!

  27. Karen says:

    Lock the anti American bitch up as an accomplice because the worthless POS skank made it possible for them to do the crimes. She WAS involved in it. She and EVERY SOUL in that POS state that puts ILLEGALS ahead of Americans should be kicked out of this precious country and never frigging NEVER let the SOBs back in. We proud Americans that love this country have a red white and blue heart that is thankful to this country, while all that bitch and her kind want is to destroy it. It literally blows me away that ILLEGAL ALIENS are more important to her than we are. OMG CALIMEXICO SUCKS. Take the good people out and blow that ****er FAR out to sea!

  28. Mead Carlson says:

    Mexifornia can keep all the illegals. They are quite comfortable there coddled in Spanish secure in knowing they will never be deported getting all those Mexifornian free benefits. Please stay there. The American taxpayers are moving out.

  29. Ernest Kohler says:

    She neds to be charged arrested tried convicted and incarcerated as a signal to all the other sanctuary cities that their time is up.. Taxpayers are not going to supply funds to any state or city that protects illegal immigrants. Maybe the ones protecting them should be deported along with them. 1 rule of law in this country.
    keep up the good work ICE

  30. David in MA says:

    and, what about clinton, obama, holder, lynch, comey, mueller, and all the other subversives and traitors, fill GITMO up with them some midnight and have a military tribunal process them……

    BTW: I volunteer to either pull the scaffold lever or pyllthe trigger. (all I require is the govt. buy the ammo, my meals and a bunk)

  31. Gail says:

    She should be hung for treason .Along with every Congress person and senator .And all of the FBI,CIA,DOJ, NSA,and every last rogue judge there is .They have declared war on Americans and you brainwashed Americans had better wake up before their Muslim and illegal friends take you out .Thats what they are here for,

  32. CYNTHIA says:

    We can only this woman will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and removed from office permanently.


  34. Glenn says:

    How can we expect that anyone is going to have respect for our laws when the liberals behind this crap take what they want from our laws and The Constitution and then defecate all over the rest. We need a boarder fence but it needs to be around states like California and any other that won’t respect our laws. These people are not patriots, they are TRAITORS! Pure, Sweet and Simple TRAITORS.

  35. Cliff says:

    General Flynn did nothing wrong. But that idiot Mueller Charged him and the man has lost his home. This law breaking mayor alerted criminals and nobody has charged her with anything. I think the criminals that she loves should move into her neighborhood and terrorize it like they do in others.

  36. Why is this woman still wandering the streets?

  37. Stan L says:

    That pathetic, harassed, look Schaaf displays hopefully will not spare her of the consequences due her. She is a liberal over all else, and whether she cares to realize it or not, she has compromised the lives of people who are Americans and belong here. They are legal citizens of USA, whether by birth or naturalization, and that is what Schaaf overlooks in her enthusiasm to be a Democrat Ultra Liberal. She may not realize her crime, but her position as a Mayor of an American city demands that she must refer to the U.S. Constitution for legitimate guidance in leadership, and not from the flawed tin-horn who fancies himself as CA’s dictator.

  38. Bill says:

    now take to the wall with the Mayor and stone them

  39. Greg Douglas says:

    Oakland mayor had NO right or business to forewarn illegals and illegal criminals in Oakland that ICE was planning to detain and/or arrest illegal aliens in OUR Country [.] The Liberal/Left- Deep State, have openly defied the U.S. Gov’t. and established Sanctuary areas within the state, providing aid, comfort, and domicile for Non-Citizen Aliens, of which, a portion thereof are known criminals.
    Those town, city, state officials that have been, or are currently involved in defying US /ICE officials with bogus sanctuary sites for illegals to hide in, should be charged accordingly, fined and or jailed for their complicit behavior in Obstruction and any other charges appropriate, in the matter. Its shear lunacy, that CA and other state officials have engaged in this non-sensical and ludicrous acts, which jeopardizes the well-being and safety of ALL US citizens and Legal Residents of those given states.

  40. Irwin Allen says:

    I wonder how the American citizens who voted for her feel about her now?

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says:

      too bad these scumbags she let go didn’t nail her………..
      she belongs right down in the sewer with them………….

  41. Stan L says:

    I wonder if Libby Schaaf even realizes that she contradicted her oath of office, in addition to breaking the laws of the U.S.A.
    While Attorney Mueller is getting nothing done anyway, but costing American taxpayers too much to date, he ought to tackle the law-breaking of Mayor Schaaf which will be interesting. A secretive corrupt lawyer, who hides his Democrat Party allegiance executing the legal charge on Schaaf of “Obstruction of Justice,” among other crimes.

  42. Pat says:

    IF they camit this a second time it’s a mandatory 20 years I believe. For California this should put MOST ALL THE politation behind bars. The only way politicians will do anything is if illegal aliens harm or kill someone in there family’s then they might do something. As long as they harm or kill innocent Americans like they do ( many thousands a year ! ) THEY DON’T GIVE A DAM……………… SO SAD AS THAT’S THERE MAIN JOB PROTECT US AND PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT.

  43. If California hates our Constitution so much and refuses to enforce federal laws perhaps it is time for them to consider leaving the Union. They could form a new Bear Republic or petition to become part of Mexico. Those parts of California that don’t want to leave the Union could form a new State. Of course the United State would have to close all U.S. installations and facilities there. …. just a thought.

  44. michael says:

    we need to have some common sense about the immigration, we do not need to deport someone for a minor crime like a dui, many of the immigrants do jobs americans will not do. trump could be possible the worst president in american history!! the mayor seemed to make a very intelligent decision!!

    • cliff says:

      Just being IN this country ILLEGALLY makes them a CRIMINAL to begin with. (“minor” crime or not) WHAT PART OF “ILLEGAL” can’t you understand??? PRESIDENT TRUMP is staying TRUE to his “oath of office” (unlike the DEMOCOMMUNISTS that are showing the “middle finger” to Federal LAW ENFORCEMENT because they are “government “elites” and think they are ABOVE the LAW).
      Stop the democommunist “common sense” “talking point..That is overused and getting sickening. “common sense” is booting ALL ILLEGALS to HELL OUT of OUR country until they get to the BACK of the “line” if they want “IN” (like MANY have before them and have done the “paperwork and spent the time and MONEY to come here)

    • KAZ says:

      Sorry Michael, but Obama’s executive order doesn’t hold up to the Constitution and it’s laws. What don’t you get about the term “illegal”? Doesn’t matter how minor the crimes are, they committed a crime from the start. Not going thru the immigration process like everyone has done is a CRIME, which makes them illegal Here’s the definition:

      Definition of illegal
      : not according to or authorized by law : unlawful, illicit; also : not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game)

      Common sense is already on the books for immigration. Also regarding your argument on American’s won’t do the jobs that illegals do, well changing the welfare laws and making them work for that money will help. Also get those off drugs, by stopping the illegals from bringing them in and that will help as well. And if you haven’t noticed, the unemployment rate has gone down since President Donald J Trump got into office with his America’s First Agenda.

      Mayor is obstructing justice by ignoring the law. Just like Obama did with his illegal DACA executive order. But then again, it”s been easy to IGNORE the Constitution and OUR Laws for too long. I know it’s upsetting to you that American citizens are forcing it back to the WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

      Kudos to those Mayors for telling Moon Beam they are actually going by the CONSTITUTION AND OUR LAWS and basically saying illegal is illegal, no matter how nice you think that person is.


      • DENNIS WOLLEN says:


    • K says:

      Obviously you have not lost a loved one to such a so called minor crime as DUI. There is no fear of Trump ever being rated the worst president ever as his predecessor will hold hat distinction for eternity

    • Sam says:

      Maybe in the past your statement may have been true; but with all the high tech jobs sent off shore workers are having to take jobs a little lower on the pay scale. And if these folks are here illegally, they are PROBABLY not paying taxes and still receiving benefits from those that DO PAY TAXES…..

    • Godfrey Buquet says:

      And on the other hand, that is where legally documented citizens make the choice, Trump might be the best president in American history.

    • Sikk of Libs says:

      You claim to love these DUI committing Illegals— wait til one of them kills someone in your family.

    • DENNIS WOLLEN says:


    • DENNIS WOLLEN says:

      EL TORO ROPO…………

    • Denver Girl says:


  45. Besides obstruction of justice it sounds like she may also be guilty of aiding and abetting.

  46. Don says:

    Start making examples of ALL levels of government and the crap will stop. Jail all of them from governor down.

  47. zee says:

    There Should be NO Question or Doubt, this Mayor should be Relieved of her position in 0ffice. . Next in Line should Step up.
    1) 0bstruction of Justice.
    2) Aiding & abetting.
    3) there’s more, but 1st 2 are 0bvious.

  48. Jesse says:

    This MORON and pathetic excuse for a Mayor should be arrested and charged for each and every crime these ILLEGALS are said to have committed. She should be in a cell waiting a noose.

  49. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Schaaf should be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, interfering with Federal Officers in the performance of their duties and aiding and abetting. Until Kalifornia withdraws from it’s sanctuary status all Federal funding and aid should be withdrawn.

    • Godfrey Buquet says:

      If the government of the United State does not act on the crime this mayor has committed there is no reason for a government. Do your job, ladies and gentlemen of the congress, or get out of office, You need to show strength, not weakness.

  50. Mark Console says:

    The mayor of Oakland and anyone like her should automatically be placed in jail and charged with obstruction of justice. We in this country have become too liberal. No one should be allowed to remain in our country if they did not enter legally. Enough with these sanctuary cities. I believe in having a better life, but as my Italian grandparents came did, do it legally. We need to go back to the old days / old school ways. We’re way too liberal.

  51. David Atherton says:

    All of the liberal left politician’s need to be charged with aiding and abetting criminals

  52. Towerlady says:

    I’m wondering how she even knew of the impending raid. Are elected officials automatically privy to this intelligence? Perhaps they ought not to be–at least in California. Regardless, it was certainly criminal misuse of the information.

  53. colpowell says:

    trump needs to declare marshal law, put the national guard in charge of the policing of californica,and remove all of the idiots that are protecting the illegals and deport them PERMANENTLY.if they return illegally SHOOT THEM.

  54. Glenn A Lewis says:

    Arrest her and put her in a holding cell with some of these undocumented criminals for about two hours. See if she still feels the same afterward.

  55. Paul Lamothe says:

    Arrest her, prosecute her and stick her ass in jail. Obstuction of justice is not a joke!

  56. Larry says:

    Why do these “elected” officials feel that they can pick and choose what laws to obey? Then to top it off, they “enact” laws that directly violate established federal laws. Pathetic!

  57. Merion says:

    All these political idiots want to do is defy Trump. Put them all in jail. Americans must come first!!

  58. Evelyn says:

    The City of Los Alimitos just dropped out of sanctuary status in CA Good for them. Where are
    the rest of you scared Republicans?

  59. Robert (Bob) Cuillerier says:

    She along with the California Legislators, should be charged for aiding and abetting. As Cp123 stated on March 21, “The longer we let these mayors not follow the laws, the worse it will get.” The Mayors are the ones we need to lock up; it is the California Legislators. They passed the bill, and Moonshine Brown signed it. The County Sheriffs who do not cooperate with ICE, and they release the illegal, and they commit a violate crime; that officer should be held as an accessory to the crime, that also goes he ALL government agencies.

  60. lenny g. says:

    Start arresting those politicians who defy federal law, it’s asa simple as that.

  61. Michael says:

    I hate to keep going back to it took Nevada to do what California wouldn’t… Put OJ Simpson behind bars…. That trial divided the country…I personally VHS taped over a 100 hours of that trial…Simpson was as guilty as sin. Judge Into let Cochrane get away with murder… That’s California…now tell me that the Mayor of Oakland isn’t going to get another liberal loving judge…sheeeeesh…brain surgery it’s NOT in California

  62. James Walker says:

    She also should be charged with felony aiding and abetting .She should also be terminated as mayor because of felony charges . She should spent time in jail , at least a year and a day. There are consequences for violating Federal law.

    • Brenda Hartford says:

      I agree 100%. What I don’t understand is how and why states protecting illegals don’t understand what the word illegal means. My 3 yr old grandson does. I also don’t understand why this “mayor” wants to put her city in harms way…does she think the illegal aliens will not commit crimes in her city if she shows them compassion? Everyone of the folks who have entered our country w/o going thru proper channels should be rounded up and deported, not just the worse of the worst.

      • ROBERTW says:


      • Dianna says:

        The Mayor wants their votes. The liberals don’t care about people they just want illegals and the dumed down snowflakes to vote for them. Chicago is a sanctuary city and they are voting democrat no matter what. Crook county keeps raising taxes to pay for them. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      She should be arrested and thrown in jail. She is committing crimes against the state (Federal Govt). President Trump should cut off federal grants and transfers to California immediately.

    • Bill says:

      Good job ICE! Oaklands mayor needs to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for obstruction of justice and not upholding federal law. She also needs to lose any benefits like a pension and other benefits as a result of this, no questions and no ‘slap on the wrist. the justices on this case shall not be liberals, ’cause we all know they’ll just admonish her and she’ll get off with a ‘slap on the wris’. Now ICE needs to come to san Francisco to continue the sweep, this time unannounced. They should start in chinatown and follow up with the richmond neighborhood. In these areas of the once great, clean city, the illegal chinese cocktoaches breed and have turned these neighborhoods into third world toilets and sewers complete with filth, squalor and stench, like they left back in china. With these sweeps maybe the voters here in california will get a break from the higher taxes to pay for all this BULLS**T. Ass a follow up, time to get rid of jerry ‘the clown’ brown, dianne feinstein, ‘nasty’ nancy pelosi and brown’s flunkker mr. sanctuary city’ of San Francisco gavin newsome with defeat. The thinking voters of california are sick and tired of all this ‘give away’ nonsense to all the bums, ‘boat people’, freeloaders and parasites all whil having to pay some of the highest taxes and are being bankrupted by the above mentioned thieves who pander to the fools stupid enough to listen to their drivvel and lies, pander t=o the voters and flip ’em the ‘bird’ behind their backs and laugh all the way t the bank!

      • Anne says:

        You said it,all.. Get this woman and punish her to the fullest extent the law allows. Get the Governor and the Mayor of every Sanctuary city arrested. Use the National Guard to keep ci al order. Liberate the Californians who keep the laws and tell San Francisco the party is over.

    • GySgt Lew says:

      I agree with James (Jail Time) – Also I just read that Pelosi will probably be voted out by Lamb – best news I’ve ever heard… Finally Democrats are realizing there problem is Pelosi….

  63. ltrail says:

    Schaaf should be a scapegoat charged with being complicit in the crimes of an illegal alien. Furth, she should be charged with aiding and abetting illegal aliens to remain in the USA.

    • Raymond Martucci says:

      If she wants to help them so bad she needs to be deported to the nearest city in Mexico. She better pray that none of these gangs or illegals she is protecting doesn’t go after someone she knows. This mayor I don’t know how she got into our government should be going to jail or any official for that matter should be going to jail helping these illegals for money and not holding up their jobs they swore under oath to do.

  64. raymond berg says:

    When the lovely mayor finds an illegal felon at her front door or committing a crime against her family ….maybe, just maybe she will have a change of heart. She and other like her are such fools

  65. Michael says:

    California..sheeeeesh…they won’t do anything to her OJ the butcher of Brentwood walked didn’t he. .get her in a courthouse with 5-6 illegals on the jury pass…I do wish she was in lockup keeping the bench warm for Crooked Hillary…lol

  66. Lawrence OBrien says:

    All of these “Public Servants” take an oath of office — and I thought they were all subordinated to the Constitution of the United States — “to support and defend”. How on earth do these people ‘justify’ their refusal to acknowledge their oath of office? The other ‘cop out’ which I find very hard to justify is the “undocumented alien” designation. If they are alien and undocumented, they are BY DEFINITION, “ILLEGAL”. The correct term is thus “illegal alien”. How long is this synthetic madness going on??

  67. Mikey says:

    Those three no doubt were laughing their a@@es off at her even as the bracelets were being clamped on.

  68. Jack says:

    Like all the liberal dems will any of them be charged with anything, and do they care about breaking the law; after 8 years of lawlessness under the Obama Era (error)????
    When one defends known criminals, makes one wonder who their loyalties are with!!
    California: birds of a feather stick together; all illegal and breaking the law, and, of course it is ok because it is against President Trump and American values!!
    They (criminals) will be taking your purse and wallet next; no honor among thieves.

  69. podman says:

    Put her ASS in the same cell as her Illegal Mexican BUDDIES !!!!! She how she would like a few nights of that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trump supporter says:

      This woman was is off the wall…I don’t wish any harm to anyone but what would this crazy lady do if one of those criminal illegals showed up at her house n robbed n raped her….would her opinion change? If this stupid woman wants to live in fear then she should go live w/these criminals …as for the rest of us who are American citizens n respect our government n it’s laws we don’t want to live w/these criminals….they belong locked up n deported the where they came from…they are not worthy to be in the US.:.. Wake up lady…u have broken the law n should be arrested n prosecuted for obstructing justice….

  70. Tony Rowell says:

    I agree Robert Whitis,, lock her up

  71. Rivahmitch says:

    She should also be charfged with being an accessory before the fact wit regard to the afore-mentioned crimes which she facilitated.

  72. john says:

    she should be thrown out of office & prosicuted for crimes against legal residents of the state of ca.

  73. MARK says:


  74. Elaine Blackman says:

    A couple of those 3 who were last apprehended had already been deported a couple of times at least and come back. The wall needs to be built and maybe even put chips in them to set off border patrol if they come in through the entry points. It doesn’t seem to do any good to just deport them.

    • cliff says:

      Put SNIPERS on the border and anything caught sneaking in.. Take them OUT…PERIOD. We have MANY Veterans that are in need of a job. THAT would suit them perfectly …ALREADY TRAINED, and ready to ROCK! HOO-RAH!

      • Brenda Hartford says:

        Have you been talking to my husband? Those are his words exactly. He feels if you are illegally crossing our border, every border patrol agent should be able to shoot to kill and the others would see that and turn around or stay away. Granted, you will have those illegals who will challenge that and take their chances…but sooner or later they will be caught. I like the chip idea from Elaine…..Perfect idea!

  75. Bob says:

    Even if she is arrested and tried the people of California already released the killer of Kate Steinle . They have shown they really don’t care about their safety!

  76. Lennie W. says:

    It’s a shame how elected officials can break or make up their own laws and just keep getting away with it. Our justice system really needs a good make over but it seems that the very one that are breaking all of the laws are the ones preventing that from happening. All of those hard core Democrats that are so Hell bent on running down President Trump should stop look and listen and just let the man do his job before our country gets to the point that it does not belong to the people anymore. It’s time to wake up and look forward, Obama is not in charge any longer. At least not legally. Also Libby Schaaf needs to own up for what she did and pay the price like any other citizen.

  77. Robert Whitis says:

    I think it’s worse than obstruction of justice! They should also be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive!

  78. She is not above the law.This is obstruction of justice.Charged convicted aND sent to prison.

  79. James F M Baur Jr says:

    If you’re going to kneecap them, you might as well neuter them while you’re at it. Why waste the opportunity?

  80. We the People says:

    You are correct,Susan.What the sanctuaries have done is criminal and a federal offense which would make it a felony.All of them MUST be arrested,tried,convicted and imprisoned for the maximum sentence.This would be the ultimate punishment,because they would NEVER get to
    play in the government again.They couldn’t even be able to get a job as a county dog catcher. 😉

    • James McQuillan Jr says:

      We THE Pe … “imprisoned for the maximum sentence.” is a unaffordable option for the American taxpayer. ‘Kneecapping” might slow them down, but very little. Decapitation or execution is far cheaper and will cut their criminal recidivism rate to “0%”.

    • Irene says:

      For God’sake don’t even dream of landing them in jail, your’ll have to pay with your taxes for their food, clothes, etc. Do something more easy: just shoot them. That’s the only way they’ll never come back. I know it sound cruel of me, but let me tell you all: these people are doing so much harm to your country that it will be extremely difficult or even imposible to make them change in their behaviour. They are born criminal and/or felons.

  81. Shannon says:

    Why should she not be charged with obstruction? That is precisely what she did but she will get away with it because if you stand up to them you are a racist. I just cannot understand why she hasn’t been charged, its befuddling. I mean she puts her own constituents in harms way and all 3 were arrested committing crimes AGAIN and she tells them that ICE is coming. F California if thats how they want to be, cut them off from the rest of the US and build a wall to keep them out too.

    • Jerome McMains says:

      Aiding and abetting would stick as well!

    • Mark says:

      No, there should not be a wall dividing California from the rest of the states. You don’t punish all of us in California for what the leftist liberals do. That’s like using the logic of a third grade teacher, who punishes the entire class because one student acted out.
      Many citizens (including myself) in California are against sanctuary cities and other liberal left leaning laws, but we’re out voted by the large metropolitan populations of the major cities in the state.
      What is needed here in California, is an Electoral College voting system like we have for the federal elections, but because we don’t have that system in place, those of us living in the outlying areas don’t stand a chance for our votes to count!

  82. Bert Basner says:

    Execute one sanctuary city mayor a week until they fall into line.

  83. Susan says:

    These politicians that are breaking the law why are they still employed? Shouldn’t they be in jail for breaking the law!? How come the democratic politicians just disregard federal law?! Why hasn’t this rogue politician been arrested!? What is the deal? Is it only republicans that get prosecuted and sent to jail for way less than she did!! Hypocrites all of them!!!

    • We the People says:

      You are correct,Susan.What the sanctuaries have done is criminal and a federal offense which would make it a felony.All of them MUST be arrested,tried,convicted and imprisoned for the maximum sentence.This would be the ultimate punishment,because they would NEVER get to
      play in the government again.They couldn’t even be able to get a job as a county dog catcher. 😉

      • James McQuillan Jr says:

        We THE Pe … “imprisoned for the maximum sentence.” is a unaffordable option for the American taxpayer. ‘Kneecapping” might slow them down, but very little. Decapitation or execution is far cheaper and will cut down to “0” their criminal recidivism rate.

  84. Jan13 says:

    She should be arrested, tried and if found guilty, a few years in club fed.
    The illegals ( with criminal records) that get deported and keep coming back, next time they are escorted to the border should be shot or at least knee capped. At least they won’t be returning.

  85. Tom Martin says:

    I wish one of the three would have beat hell out of her before they caught him again.

  86. STEVE FLOWERS says:


  87. James F M Baur Jr says:

    ALL people in public office who flout state, and federal, law need to face the justice system. Their offenses need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; the very laws to which
    John Q. Citizen is held to account. Other than the fact that they allowed themselves to become
    the high priced whores they certainly are, they MUST be shown that they, like we, are not above the law.
    Of course I’m not stupid enough to deny that that’s just another of the perks which accrue to the holding of public office. Why would these individuals run for office if that wasn’t the case?
    They have no fear of prosecution because they know that “the fix is in”, and the leftist liberals will make sure they never come to trial for their crimes against the American people. It’s as simple, and disgusting, as that. Americans of previous generations would never
    have stood for that. It has become very apparent to me, as well as to many others, that we’ve lost our moral compass, and that we will surely pay a devastating price for our collective lack of the balls required to fix the situation. I’m as culpable as anyone else, but I’m old enough to know that it takes money to fight money. I have very little money, so I
    am forced to rely on the 1st and 2nd Amendments.
    Empires rise, and empires fall. Given the unrepayable deficits racked up by our elected officials, I don’t see that we have much hope of avoiding the fate of the British empire.

    • Anne says:

      This time it will not,be North and South it will be,left and right. Open season for any,Progressive with no special citizens. Communist or non Communist. We all know who they,are. Tell Every Farrakhan lover to show how much they,love him.

  88. JLM says:

    These illegala who return to the U. S. and commit more crimes should be in sentenced to no-nonsense, no frills prison camps. If they persist in returning and commiting crimes here, the third, preferably the second, should result in a lifetime confinement in one of these camps–actual lifetime. I would not object to the death penalty, but the courts would not allow that.

  89. Mike says:

    I for the life of me cannot understand which direction California is going. I don’t understand how letting illegals into the state is going to be a good thing.Once that state fills up as it’s going to. They’re going to be going to other states what’s to stop them.Are we trying to turn the United States into a Third World country?

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      Here you go. In order to feed your (somewhat justified, in my opinion) paranoia, I have seen statistics which say that America, by 2050, will no longer be a “white “ nation. I guess that scares you. I don’t really
      care, because a) I am not a racist, b) the rule of law no longer exists, due in no small part to the efforts of bleeding heart leftist liberals, so we’re going to get what we’re going to get for allowing it, and c) at 70yo, I’m extremely unlikely to be around at that time. Good luck to you.

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      They’re already here, if you hadn’t noticed. More are coming, and it’s happening as we speak. Our laws are being used against us.

    • Josie says:

      The progressives (aka democrats) want illegals for their votes! They don’t care about anything or anyone else!

  90. William H. Mallery says:

    If the US Attorney is reluctant to file a Criminal Complaint because of political ramifications he should at least refer this issue to a Grand Jury for their decision.

  91. Mac says:

    She outta in in the same cell with her best friends the criminals as she herself is one of them

    • James F M Baur Jr says:

      The SES, of which you are most likely to be oblivious, and to which Hillary most likely belongs, will NEVER allow her to face justice for the crimes she, and slick Willie, have committed. Criminals at their level of depravity are rarely, if ever, held accountable for their deeds. She, and he, will never do any jail time. That’s just an undeniably disgusting fact. I don’t kid myself into thinking I live in a glass house, so I shouldn’t
      cast any stones, but, in their case, I would love to see justice served.

  92. Cp123 says:

    Thelonger we let these mayors not follow our laws, the worse it will get. Prison now.

  1. July 5, 2018

    […] we previously reported, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf got into hot water after tipping off illegal immigrants in her city of […]

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