Ilhan Omar’s ex-husband just spilled the beans on a scandal that will destroy her career

Representative Ilhan Omar continues to expose herself as a horrible human being.

She has no real loyalty to the United States.

And her ex-husband just spilled the beans on a scandal that will destroy her career.

Since getting into office in early 2019, Ilhan Omar has been in the news more than perhaps any political figure besides President Donald Trump.

But it isn’t for anything good.

When she isn’t in the news for making anti-Semitic comments on her Twitter profile, or speaking at conferences with terrorism-linked organizations like the Center for American Islamic Relations, her many scandals relating to her love-life are dominating news headlines.

Now she is in hot water over news that she cheated on her most recent ex-husband, Ahmed Hirsi, with a fundraising consultant for her campaign, likely using campaign funds to support her affair.

This ex-husband is not to be confused with Ahmed Elmi, who is believed to be Omar’s brother.

News came out earlier this year that the FBI is investigating whether Omar committed marriage and immigration fraud with her marriage to that husband.

News of the affair came last year, and was with prominent Democrat political consultant Tim Mynett, who was also married at the time of the affair.

Now, for the first time, Omar’s ex-husband is revealing all the dirty details around the affair, and how he came to find out about it.

A source close to Hirsi revealed to the Daily Mail that he first learned of the affair when he walked in on the two in their Washington, D.C. apartment, with them both wearing pajamas.

“It’s wasn’t that he actually caught them in bed,” a source told The Daily Mail of Hirsi walking in on Omar and Mynett. “But they were clearly in a romantic situation,” the source continued.

After this, it is reported that Hirsi agreed to a financial settlement barring him from revealing the affair to the media.

The source claims that Hirsi has believed Omar was engaging in an affair before the incident, but that his then-wife “kept telling him he was paranoid,” insisting he stay in Minnesota while she was in Washington, D.C.
Hirsi was reportedly “angry and humiliated” after finding the two together.

According to the source, Hirsi will collect $250,000 over the next six years to keep his mouth shut.

This seems to be just a drop in the bucket of the money Omar has likely spent on this affair, with Omar’s campaign paying Mynett’s consulting group hundreds of thousands of dollars last year alone.

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106 Responses

  1. Irish Lad says:

    She is exactly like Hilary– No matter what they do, no l/2 dem will say or do anything bad
    about them. They can kill and no one cares Neither one would get lucky on a Navy base

  2. Helga says:

    Why are you always promising that her career may be over and it never comes true! If people vote this scum back in, we know they are un-American!

  3. I agree with Sandra, if she will not resign then have her removed by arresting or impeachment!!!

  4. Maryann Gill says:

    If all this is true about Omar, why is she in office? That is what makes sense. The journalist keeps writing about Omar and what she has done and believe me I do not care for her and how she bashes the USA. But do not print something that is not true. It seems the Omar stories are just to get the readers. We the Deplorable Trumpers have better things to do. Print Omar went to Jail because…………

  5. BHR says:

    She is just a typical democrat. If it is immoral, it is okay with them. The Democrats think gay marriage is normal, so why would they think Omar did anything wrong.
    If you are not a Christian, you do not believe in morals.

  6. Sandra says:

    She should be removed from her seat in Congress and indicted for corruption. She
    has abused position in Congress, she has abused the country with her despicable behavior
    and statements against the country, and she has committed corrupt and dishonest acts that warrant her arrest. Basically she has made it necessary to deport her and cancel her US citizenship with her terrorist speech and leanings. She and those like her need to be removed from the country – Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour, Pressly, ( I wish Cortez) Sanders, and all people not willing to accept the American society. No Sharia, child abuse, sex, weddings, no abuse of women. If they want to follow those doctrines, then get out of the country. There is no place for that behavior or those beliefs in this country.

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