Ilhan Omar was caught red handed trying to hide something terrible from her past

Ilhan Omar is trying to dig herself out of trouble.

The freshman Democrat is wrapped in scandals surrounding accusations of anti-Semitism.

Omar never imagined things could get worse, but that is what happened when she was caught red handed trying to hide something from her past.

Omar’s anti-Semitic tweets began attracting attention once she was sworn in as a member of Congress.

In one 2012 tweet, Omar claimed Israel “hypnotized” the rest of the world.

Eventually, the scandal grew to such a crisis point that Nancy Pelosi forced her to apologize.

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy tweeted:

There is an old saying that you can run, but you can’t hide.

Omar is hoping that by deleting these tweets and lying low, the controversy will blow over.

That is unlikely to be the case.

And Omar has only herself to blame.

When the tweets surfaced, she did not apologize.

Instead she defended the tweets by attacking the Israeli “regime.”

She made her true feelings known.

And what was in her heart was rather ugly.


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205 Responses

  1. Joan Cole says:

    She needs to get lost. Do not need her ilk here. Disgusting woman.

  2. This young woman TOTAL mindset is semetic and I for one don’t care how much apologies she present to Congress or to the public; she is who she are and all the saying and there is a saying from the old time; that you are what you eat and she have been eating this kind of HATEFULANESS TOWARD Israel sent SHE were a child and it is not going change today, AMEN!!!
    There’s one more thing I like to say; how in the world did you all in that state a Minnesota voted someone as radical as she is, who truly don’t have no love for the United States of America, again who truly don’t have no love for the United States of America; SHAME ON YOU ALL FOR SENDING THIS RADICAL SEMEATIC PERSON TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONGRESS, AMEN!!!

  3. My concern is that if she continues to have sexual intercourse with her Brother, she may Whelp inbred Piglets. It’s my understanding these Piglets breed like cockroaches.

    • The traveller says:

      If she continues to have sexual intercourse with her BROTHER, the inbred PIGLETS will be mentally retarded!! Not “special” but full-blown mentally RETARDED. Look at English royalty. They carry the gene, because that really happened, back in what …..the 1200’s. 1300’s? I sez it like I see it. I am definitely NOT politically correct, and never will be. Hey, I’ll go you better than cockroaches! A guinea pig is ready to mate FOUR HOURS after having pups. Let’s not insult the cockroaches.

    • Mark says:

      I do think when she is taken out my Mossad she will be forgotten……

    • Mark says:

      I also think the other Muslim along with Cortez while Mossad is her may as well clean house. Muslims are this country biggest enemies, they all are, they will not go against Islam,

    • George W. says:

      She has nothing between her ears or her legs!

  4. Ernst says:

    Ilhan Omar is a radical, extremist, anti-Semitic Muslim terrorist. She may be in the US Congress, but that has obviously not changed her heart. She is working for the overthrow of the USA and for creation of the worldwide Caliphate.

    • Dt says:

      When will the mainstream media report on this disgusting hate. If this is not brought to the forefront we will have takeover at our own doing!!!!!!!! Wake up America


        IF you can start re-posting the Hate she spews. Then others can see it and she can’t hide from it. Other than that…I’m Not sure How we get some stupid people to Wake uppand See exactly what is going on.

        Everyone can Thank Obummer for this garbage. He let it come here.
        I’m still stunned that she was able to run for Office.


        • Robby Dunbar says:

          Problem with that you can’t FIX STUPID
          TRUMP 2020 👍👍👍👍

        • Linda H says:

          I stand beside President Trump, If we can get these people to. GOOGLE: the 5 ways Islam takes over a country. Maybe they will see what I saw. You can’t see what is happening until you know what to look for. This will show you what to look for. Repost it. Share it with friends and family. We need everyone reading it.

  5. Barbara says:

    One thing right now that we need to do is stop cow-towing to them. Our thinking so different then theirs and its never going to work. Their koran is not our bag Thanks to obama their presents here has increased by 3 folds. and that is bad. We have the tools to protect ourselves and THAT IS THE ONLY REASON WHY THEY HAVEN’T ATTACKED US MORE,. The free zone was the biggest mistake that we made.

  6. Sue says:

    Impeach Omar now!

  7. zee says:

    OMAR NEEDS TO BE Relieved of Position
    by Ethics Committee.
    > MN PPL / Politicians NEED To Do Their Civic Duty.
    > My hands Are FULL, Fighting AGAINST
    the ‘babie’ ATROCITY.

    • Gloria VanAtter says:

      Have to vote her out

    • june Burgess says:

      I personally do not understand how they are even allowed to run for any government job as their Religion prohibits them from supporting our Constitution and way of life. Her campaign was a farce as she lied to her constituents and she should be impeached and tried as a terrorist

  8. Chief Kickabitch says:

    I wonder if her brothers goat and sheep are jealous that be married his sister.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe

  9. Susan L Paul says:

    I believe that she should be removed from our government. Anyone with her back round and beliefs does not belong in our government, as they cannot swear to uphold our laws. Their beliefs are vastly different from American laws, and as already proven, will be a detriment to our society.

    • Doug says:

      This Bitch should never hold the position of Congress, What in the hell is wrong with the voters that placed her in office ??? there is NO PLACE for this Muslim woman in our Congress, Or as a matter of fact she should be thrown out of the United States, If you have no belief in our Unite States Laws, Get the hell out of here, Any hater of Israeli Jews is also Anti American, We are a Democratic Nation of GOD !

  10. Omar, was Whelped from a SWINE, this is what happens your Mommy fornicates with swine.

    • Nancy Foster says:

      Don’t lower yourself to her level. She needs to go, but more importantly, who is influencing the people who elected her and what can we do to send them home or teach them to appreciate America.

      • Lynn says:

        Barrack Obama is behind it and if he manages to put his wife in the presidents office God help us all.
        United we stand but Devided and disarmed we fall.
        Our States are run by idiots who think disarming
        It’s law abiding citizens is going to keep them in office. It won’t because those who support their
        Agenda will turn on them when we are over run and out gunned by those who seek to destroy this country from within our own government.

  11. Barb Brown says:

    Lying, cheating, muslim TERRORIST, that’s omar….

  12. Barb Brown says:

    omar, lying, cheating muslim TERRORIST!

  13. Klaus Bertram says:

    Of course it will go away. All a Democrat has to do is apologize to be forgiven. Remember the Carolina mess? All it took was an apology and a “mea culpa” and all is forgiven. Bet you that woman will be re-elected in 2020 . The voters are the real problem. Makes one wonder about the make-up of her district Predominantly Islamic ? All in the name of inclusiveness as practiced by the Dems.

    • Rick says:

      I’ M WITH Klaus it’s the stupid ass’s that voted for her. You people are the assholes.

      • Gloria VanAtter says:

        Got to vote them out but the one that got her in will vote again like for the governor of NYS won’t say what I think of him.

    • Bev says:

      They cheat.

    • John Decker says:

      Her district is all Islamic. Obama brought them over by the thousands, quietly of course, and they all settled in together. If your neighborhood turned half Muslim over the course of a couple months, you’d probably do what they did, move the hell out. The women cover their faces, and the men walk around threatening people that have lived there for years. You can’t get rid of them, they won’t go, no matter what you do. So everybody human moves out. Then the Muslims tell all their friends, and another town is ruined by turning Muslim. And, of course, they elect one of their own to Congress. They are not good neighbors.

      • The traveller says:

        How to get a muzzlim to move out…..BBQ PIG every other day. BBQ the darned thing, and while it’s smokin’, set up a giant fan and blow the smell over your neighbor’s way. It can be done, and it works. Also, pound out some “grunge” rock while the BBQ is doing its thing. Muzzies cannot stand rock music. They would rather listen to the sounds of a “dying chicken”. Anyone remember that rock song “Frankenstein”? That one is a killer!!

  14. John Galt says:

    The ignorant morons that voted for her are at fault. They need to do something about it.

    • Gail Davus says:

      John: It’s all her crappy Muslim people in that district that got her elected. She is a disgrace! It was brought out that she had been married to get him in the US. She should not been allowed to run. I feel no Muslim should be allowed to run for Congress. She wears headgear that is a form of slavery in our country. She is a detriment to womanhood.

  15. Denny says:

    She should be removed from office, then removed from the United States. Read the Quran and see what it says about lying to none believers. No more political Correct idiots. We are in a war to save the United States from these Fascists. If we do not start enforcing our laws we will be living in a Dictatorship. Is that what you want for your kids, grand kids?

  16. Bill says:

    All Muslims will eventually burn in hell along with their demon Allah

    • Brad Smith says:

      Amen!. They are evil. They are taught in school as children to hate Americans. They sing songs in school about killing the American infidels. There is no such thing as a good Muslim. It is all based on hate, killing an ultimate power. Muslims are hateful angry people. There’s no room in America for a religion like this.

    • june Burgess says:

      what do you expect from a pedophile that started this cult.

  17. Richard says:

    If I worked in Congress with this Jihadi bit*h, I would wear a flax jacket and conceal carry.

  18. The 2 muslime bitches in congress need to go. Take the dumbest one in congress, kotex cortez with them. If them 3 idiot aint careful, they might not make it through the term they were planted in.

  19. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Sad, tragic,pathetic fact, we the people spend on average $35,000,000,000 in charity for israel and have been providing charity to Israel for the past 72 years while our own people suffer, that is sinful in the extreme, no more foreign aid to anyone.

    • Terry L Earl says:

      Much more than that goes to illegals. How about redirecting your gripe????

      BTW it’s not CHARITY. Israel must have the funding for it’s own self defense. Sounds like you are just anti Israel…..

      IT’S NOT CHARITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Pam Minnick says:

    When she voted yes to family members of terrorists being able to collect on their life insurance policies is when she should have been removed, and then when she sent letters to the Judge about the Somali men who tried to join ISIS and giving them a light sentence. Everything about her screams radical muslim behavior. I see really bad things coming once they get the new security fence up around the 3 apartments complexs in July.

  21. Bob R says:

    There are very few Muslim countries that even allow Christians and Jews to exist there, but worse than that is allowing them into our Congress with the same hate they learned growing up. Any religion that does not allow other religions to exist have no place in America. We have let our guard down by allowing even this much hatred to exist in our open society . Such is the misguided rules of the Koran and unless we eradicate this virus before it can spread and gain footholds around the world, it will destroy freedom anywhere it festers.

  22. John Straub says:

    Kevin Hart was forced to remove himself from hosting an awards show for comments he made 10 years ago in a comedy skit about gays. The comments made by Omar in her tweet, were no where near as old, and she was forced basically to remove them. Her apology is as phony as her demeanor. She is what she is, a Muslim hater of Jewish people.

    • William J Vital says:

      Get RID of her. She’s a Muslim who hates everyone who is not of her Muslim sect. But she does like the Muslim terrorists very much.

      • Carol says:

        why was she ever allowed to even run and be elected to our congress !!!! it’s a travesty!! and an abomination, why aren’t we doing something to get rid of BOTH of these nasty muslim terrorist
        H ATERS, they dont even belong in our country, they are treasonist and belong with their kind, not in Emerica!!

        • Mary Ann Hubbard says:

          She comes from a area where Muslims have taken over. We have Obama to thank for this .. He is responsible for bringing large number of Muslims to this country even knowing they were radical . And our government voted to allow them to run for office. One way to stop this is get a petition to ban Muslims from serving in any government office. As the Muslim population grows we could have a Muslim president . This was Obama’s goal to turn this country into another Muslim nation. All you have to do is read Jihad in American . Its why we are at a crossroad at this time. We are actually fighting a evil and sinister plot to over throw all our rights as Americans.

        • Shirley Heitzler says:

          Shirley Heitzler I totaly agree with Carol

    • Cheryl Rives says:


    • Thomas says:

      She is living her “Sharia Law”, and will try to spread it in America, She and Keith Ellison and Muhammud Noor must be deported!!!

  23. Jim says:

    There’s a petition going around to have her removed.Look it up and sign it.Time to do something…

  24. Steve says:

    One of two things should happen to her. One. Deportation. two. Put in prison for life. if deported any place such as the Middle East countries

  25. George says:

    The left likes to throw words like racism around, they don’t really care about the real victims, they just weaponize it against the Republicans. I guess bias against some cultures and races are more sensitive than against others, they say Trump is a racist and touts the KKK but the KKK hates Jewish people too. Islam is the epitomy of racism, there’s not a peaceful verse in the whole of the Koran. The left ought not throw rocks in glass houses. Any religion that calls non believers infidels shouldn’t be followed, after all if a religion needs to be forced on you it is involuntary, or forced and logically not one of peace.

  26. Rickster says:

    These camel jockeys dont belong in our goverment not now not ever!! There ignorant and MAGA isnt there goal! They will never blend into society wearing rags and sheets!! If they really wanted away from all that crazy Muslim crap theyd denounce it entirely!! We dont need people here sticking there ass in the air and building hodgie temples !! This is America and theyve already ruined Minnesota and Michigan. Rag head Omars people have already had 47 people go to ISIS from there!! Flush her!!

    • Darlene says:

      Rickster I Totally Agree with what you have said–I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY PUT HER IN CONGRESS—–she is probably getting $ 220 Thousand Salary a year, to spread her garbage.

  27. No she is 150% Islamic Muslim Garbage

  28. Jason Casteel says:

    As a Democrat, it pains me to say, but they have lost their freaking minds. They talk about Republicans being the destructors of our country, yet they are the ones destroying it. They talk about Trump breaking the law with his call for an emergency at the border. They say he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. So did you, Pelosi. Talk about breaking the law, how about your sanctuary cities. Bringing an illegal to the State of the Union. This all falls under aiding and abeding someone who is here illegally. A felony. The Democrat’s pick and choose which laws they want to uphold and which to ignore.

    For me? I am sick and tired of these douchbags screwing with the Constitution that I served to uphold. They just wad it up like a damp cocktail napkin.

    The disrespect that they show the President who was elected by the people. Them trying to setup and remove a sitting president. That is a freaking coux,(not sure on the spelling). I am tired of the President not being able to do a freaking thing right. He could walk on water and they would be spouting off that he can’t swim. I AM FREAKING DONE.

    These people do no vetting with these sacks of crap they want to run for office. They just pick whatever S++tbag they think might win because of “diversity”. Well, these newbies they picked this time sure is biting them in the ass.

    Diversity. Now that’s a joke. Our diversity came from people from all over the world who came to embrace our way of life. Not sponge off of our system of generosity. It is not the vast amount of different people that make our country great. It is our way of life and how we enjoy it together.

    If you want to come here, great. Leave your crappy customs back where you came from. If they are so great, why would you leave? Get with the program, have a hot dog and a cold beer on the 4th. Open a present Christmas morning. This is who we are. Who we were. Who we will always be. Americans. Piss on everyone else.

    If you want in, use the front door and do it LEGALLY. If not, we don’t want you here. We certainly don’t need you.

    • Linda H says:

      Jason Casteel, I know how you feel. I switched parties because of the way they changed. It broke my heart but I had to.

      • Frederick W Berg, Sr says:

        Great for you seeing to like of day – Democrats are becoming more mozlim and no caring for the True American Citizens – MAGA – GBA

    • George says:

      Well said, a truly thoughtful response and a breath of fresh air to hear

    • Pamela says:

      GREAT COMMENT and I agree with you 100%. Where in God’s name did they find these rag heads and WHY WERE THEY ELECTED to work in our government? Just can’t believe these DEMORATS. They have totally lost their minds. We are sick of it and NOT going to put up with it.

      • Frosty33 says:

        A devout Muslim, sworn into USA office using the Quran! How could this happen when we pledge “One Nation Under God”. I don’t understand…

      • Ronald C Watt says:

        Bought and paid for by Soros team to destroy America. Kill all the Soros family for treason.

    • Casey says:

      I switched parties after Obama, in the interest of common sense. The people of Minneapolis/St. Paul who elected her, should be ashamed of themselves… I hope a conservative candidate arises that can get her un-elected next year.

    • Karl Reynolds says:

      Mr. Casteel, what you said is right! They are really out there! Another thing that troubles me is how most of the media is saying how close of a race 2020 will be. IF that is true, then I am so sorry for America.

  29. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Islam is NOT a religion but a death cult that wants to kill anyone and everyone that stands in their way of its goal to achieve world domination .

    • Neta says:

      True! People have their heads up their butts and will be shocked when the beheading of American citizens began.

    • Bill Rehs says:

      Islam is actually a Government with a built in religion. In other words, Islam, has it’s own laws, religion and non assimilating culture. Islam should be outlawed here in the USA, for Islam is an enemy to our way of life and form of government. Need proof? Check out how well Islam is working out for the European Union. The UK, France, Sweden and Germany are all losing their identity.

      • Pam Minnick says:

        People don’t understand the consequences, I have heard people say that they will just convert if there is ever a Islamic takeover and it just doesn’t work that way, they decide who gets to convert, and the people that get to convert are the ones that have the quran memorize front to back and know Sharia law, that would also mainly be the men. The women they choose and they will be the young that can become baby machines. The rest of us will be given the choice of paying their Jizyah. I like to think of it as Islamic welfare for the lazy and the dumb muslims. A tax that’s suppose to keep non muslims safe, and if we refuse to pay the Jizyah then it’s death for all men and if the women are up to their standing a sex slave and if not any use to them it’s death. All the LGBTQ community it’s death. If you catch them on a good day they may give you the choice if bullet or sword. This is what I was taught when I lied to random muslims for 8 months when I convinced them I wanted to convert to Islam. There is nothing remotely good about Islam, but people still don’t get it or they think it’s not politically correct. It’s so easy to defeat them also, all we need to do is insult them, make them assimilate to our ways, not to give them everything they demand, hold them accountable for the actions of their beliefs and for the actions of their own people.

  30. Martha says:

    We had a Muslim President for 8 long years that got the destruction of America started. Idiots keep putting Muslims in our government, so what can you expect except America going down the toilet. Muslims have no business in our country let alone our government. Everywhere they have invaded it has been nothing but death and destruction.

  31. Babbo says:

    Are you Minnesotans lunatics for electing this evil woman who wants you dead as well as the rest of us???You (and the country) will have to live with her hatefulness for years and she will delight in undermining our Constitution and government. Woe is us with this malevolent creature.

    • JJ says:

      No we are not all lunatics.. The libs in this state have destroyed it decade after decade and will continue to do so. One solace is at least we are not as screwed as California , New York or Illinois , Michigan with their Muslime only towns. But if the GOP can’t see what the Democrats really are (Domestic Terrorist Group) they to are to blame for the state of the country. After all they are the ones who at one time had control of both houses and the White House and didn’t achieve a damned thing. .. So save the Lunatic Label for yourself please…

    • T-pac says:

      Obviously this snake>head<bitch and the DNCetc have committed and gotten away with VOTER FRAUD. All they know is lie, lie and lie some more. And CARMA IS coming to all of them sooner or later

    • MARK says:


    • john t says:

      Malevolent Creature???? Try a dung pile that not even a dung beetle would touch. These muslims should be thrown out of Congress and America!

  32. It should be known by all that in the koran there is a section that specifically states “the infidel must be destroyed”. And that means any one who is not a muslim or does not convert immediately will be killed. There is no exception. So let it be known that these beliefs do not change because you made it to Congress. Let’s call it infiltration. Minnesota best correct this poison next time around.

    • Rickster says:

      I’d say corral them all and put them in a holding camp city in the desert so they feel at home!! Live there or find one of the other 27 countries where you can wear that rag on your head!! Who ever got them into our goverment needs there ass kicked!! Like to see her under a camel milking it with her mouth!! Male camel that is! Lol. I’ve seen what they done to Detroit area! Looks like Baghdad!

    • Mary Ann Hubbard says:

      Do you know that they are being sworn in under the koran . It will take a petition to stop any Muslim from running for any government office . You can thank Obama for bringing large numbers of radical Muslims here. Now he wants to have his wife for president so he can take control of the WH again. Sinister and evil is what we are now fighting .

  33. Sue Rich says:

    These ignorant women do not belong in our government. Get rid of them.

  34. Frank says:

    No matter what they try to tell us, Islam is NOT a religion of peace. Underneath all the BS they spout is their belief that all Christians and others are enemies. None of them are ever to be trusted, let alone make laws for the rest of us to follow. Throw all the bastards out!

  35. Daniel Mount says:

    This Islamic Terrorist was never sworn into Congress with A Christian Bible so then she should not have that position in Congress. These Anti-Christian God, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom Democrats did their favourite thing to put these Muslims in our American/Christian Congress and that is Voter Fraud. Not sworn in with a Christian Bible then they are not official.

    • Pamela says:

      Daniel Mount, GREAT COMMENT. You can thank the DEMORATS for puttiing all of these rag heads into our government. They are totally guilty of voter fraud and just can’t understand how in the HELL they get away with it. With all of our modern technology, it SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE to have any voter fraud. Lord, I thank God that we have President Trump and NOT HILLDABEAST. This country has taken such a drastic change and SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT. Can’t understand why these rag heads are in our government Live by our laws, rules & traditions or GET THE HELL OUT.


  36. Virginia Murrell says:

    I hope she along with Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib get expelled for their radicalism against this country.

  37. Donna says:

    Muslims should never be in elected positions or appointed positions. They will be part of the downfall.of America. The democrats will be the other cause. Wr have a really lazy congress.

    • Chuck says:

      I agree we have a lazy, worthless and above all, spineless Congress. That said, it’s not they who put this nasty camel cunt in office, it’s all those spider monkey Somalis who live in her district, became citizens and registered to vote. Contrary to some of the commentary I’m seeing here, she’s not running or hiding, she’s not going anywhere! Only the vermin who elected her can remove her from office and that’s never gonna happen. Even if the GOP won back the House, it takes somehow gerrymandering her district to exclude enough of the sub humans to vote her out, which I think has to happen in MN-which never will.

  38. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I heard an evangelist that made a comment about Islam and the Koran that Islam is the Devil’s substitute for Christianity. I’m beginning to believe it after 9/11 and all of the terrorist attacks that killed scores of American citizens here and abroad that were sanctioned by Allah the Devil in disguise.

  39. James C Green says:

    We should not have “any” Muslims in elected positions! They are not allowed to pledge allegiance to our republic. Therefore, they cannot be loyal Americans. You would think after 9/11 we would have learned our lesson!

    • Linda says:

      We did learn then we got Obama and his imported Muslims who hate us. So we can thank Dems and illegal non us citizen FORMER FAKE PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA and the wealthy backers who put him in office.

      • Rita says:

        The wealthy backer was Saudi Arabia. Complete treason at each & every turn Obama made.

        • Carlos says:

          Let’s not forget who bent over and sucked Saudi dick, George W. Bush!! He knew all about the coming 9-11 attacks and never did a thing as the Bin Laden family members were whisked out of the country right before it happened. He also never condemned Islam in the aftermath.

    • Larry says:

      We did. The democrats didn’t. But then again, they seem to want what is best for other countries instead of what is best for the United States of America. This devil wearing a rag on her head, Tlaib, and Cortez need to be exiled from America to Syria or maybe the Sahara desert.

    • Cliff says:

      You would think, but the Dem’s want to run this country into the ground and take over, the Deplorables will not allow it !

    • Nick Byrne says:

      You would think we would never have elected anyone with the name Hussein, as in Barack Hussein Obama, as our chief leader- WTF????

      • Rita says:

        We were brainwashed to not be racist… he said he was Christian… Black/American… (he was the least retarded looking of the bum choices). We never heard of ‘muslims’ until it was too late. I think the 9/11 attack was a deal between Saudis, bush & the NWO, not just muslims. They removed too many valuables the days before. Bush was way to cool & calculated. The plane would have disintegrated on impact of the trade centers. No plane wreakage at any of the sites. Burned towers don’t demo themselves. Metal frames always remain… unless termite is used… only available thru the armed services… on & on. People are so brainwashed calling everyone else stupid & they won’t hear a word.

        • Rita says:

          Thermite ^^^^

        • Milos Leubner says:

          yes ,it is a nut house here ,disturbed minds will be used for anything they want .All three religions were past down to humans by Anunnaki factions – not all of them .Yahwe was a demon not allowed on this planet but requested by magical means by Moses – big mistake the Cohanim tried to get out from under ,reason for essence of Christ joining up with Jesus of Nazareth – it only worked half way since the Pharisses killed the man. There are dozens of remnents of other slave races to be found on this planet and elsewhere . Adamu was a first functional geneticaly engennired “gold miner” working for Enki and his species , Olmecs – ancestors of most american natives were imported from Mezopotania again as working slaves . Isn’t it funny that we get to utilize only 15 % of our DNA – rest -the 85 % – nobody knows why we have it but can’t use it .Why are you all so mad at everyone – they are the same slaves like you are ,just the polarization ,wars ,hatred ,knowing all makes you losse energy you could use to wake up and see who you are or may be .This negative energy you spew out is collected and eaten by those who are addicted to it ,non humans ,of course. Look around but don’t rely on your thinking mind – it is a programm instaled externaly. Sit in a peacefull place ,in the meadow,by the lake or kids playground and just BE ,it will not be who you think you are but something in you will grow and teach you new language

        • Carlos says:

          Inside job, those bldgs. were imploded and Thermite used to burn them!

  40. Christopher P. Kelley says:

    Since the wicked Keith Ellison was in Congress, they’ve proudly used the copy of a Koran that belonged to Pres. Jefferson.
    Pres. Thomas Jefferson only had a Koran (the unholy Qur’an) in his library because he wanted to understand the *barbary* of the Barbary Pirates we were warring. European nations were all paying them ransom & tribute, but he decided that was NOT to be American policy. After the Marines took Tripoli, the Europeans all Cheered! – Then they asked themselves why they had not done the same decades before.
    Jefferson recognized that the warring policy of those pirates came directly from Muh’d. (POX be upon him!) His book is full of it.

    • Rita says:

      God bless you for knowing our history! I read the same things. Jefferson said they cannot be reasoned with! That is why he seperated church from state to protect us from muslims. I thought it was a law in the US that a muslim cannot hold a government office here, but obviously not!

  41. Dennis says:

    She ought to be held accountable for her words. Look at what there trying to do to our president. She is a democratic terroroist. And holding a government job she should be hung.

  42. Cohobadiah says:

    This somali 3rd world conniver that apparently entered the US by illegaly marrying her brother is vastly intellectually overburdened. She is an embarrassment to America. She should be toxic by now to the democrats but they thrive on garbage. She obviously hates Israel to the point of being unable to follow the US plan of Israel/American relations. Would not surprise me to find that she is giving intel to Hamas she’s priveldged to by being a member of congress. I think we should follow the democrats lead, accuse her of all of this, find her guilty with no proof and promptly hang her for treason.

  43. Peter says:

    I blame people they vote her in. It’s always the case. Lot of people vote and do not know why. Need education. Also lot of people do not want to know. They hate no matter what. I agree this women should be charge for hate and not being proper congresswomen.I am sure many people in her district are very happy about her.
    If they do then they are Evil doers.

    • Frank L. Parsons says:

      They are not smart to vote for her.

      • Ron Crowder says:

        That’s the problem, like every other state that has major cities with huge population that can over come the votes of the rest of the state’s voting force. A majority of people in Minnesota don’t agree or even like this dog. To make comments blaming all the voters is wrong. For instance people in Washington state their votes are negated by the liberal pansies in Seattle. As one person stated voters need to educate themselves instead of voting just on party lines

    • Tom Hall says:

      She’s from Michigan where the largest colony of Muslims live in. Detroit almost half million of them.So many its called Little Baghdad.They.voted for her and she’s illegal s hell

  44. m says:

    We should have laws against Terrorism…..

  45. m says:

    Once a Terrorist always a Terrorist…

  46. Laszlo Bodak says:

    It is my belief that the backlash in 2020 on the once great Democrat Party will be such that they won’t know what hit them. Political games in this great Republic have limits and they are way beyond it

  47. Jerry says:

    I live in this blue state she was elected in and can’t believe this happened. Yes she needs to go along with the 100,000 of her terrorist followers in MPLS. MN. This state continues to make many stupid choices when it comes to elections. I’m sorry to say I live here with these idiot’s. Go TRUMP

  48. M says:

    Screw PC it’s fatal!

  49. Wayne Miller says:

    she is,stupid if she thinks,this will erase what she did. she should not be in congress

  50. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Someone should sneak up behind her, throw alcohol on her stupid and disgraceful looking head scarf and strike a match to it


  52. Michael says:

    What kills me is that she married her brother so he could stay in the states had children with him. Then he gets caught with 200 lbs of explosives in Deerborn MI. She talks bad about the Israeli nation and yet nothing is done About the things she has done. Her district in Minnesota is the highest recruiting area in the United States for isis. This country is very quickly slipping in to Hell.

  53. Pattie Kelly says:

    I am told she also married her brother to get him into the United States. Then once he was in got a divorce. Has anyone checked this out. She just needs to resign from Congress and go back to where she came from.

  54. tom matt says:

    It appears that the congress thinks we are really stupid and they may be correct. They bring an enemy into their midst and change the rules for them ,the bring a convicted ,disbarred , lying ,crooked lawyer into testify before the congress that he is convicted of lying to (just to feed their plan to overturn an election and for him to get his freedom) .These elected minions are the same group that wants “open borders “, “killing babies” , welfare to illegal lawbreakers before taking care of our veterans and our homeless population..We still condone their assault on our way of life ..Well,maybe they are correct ” (we are stupid “)

    • Gregg C. says:

      Minnesotans in North Minneapolis are from Chicago and will probably vote her in again. I live here in one of the burbs she represents. Not from here myself, but know the lay of the land. Most Chicagoans came here to double dip in the welfare money in the 80’s. Some stayed, had families, and inner city schools are pro democrat. Also, when Jimmy Carter pardoned the draft dodgers, not all of them went back home. They stayed in the northern states because of what awaited them back in their home states.

    • Nick Byrne says:

      Makes one wonder Tom.

  55. John T Koszalka says:

    She doesn’t give a S–T. She plays the RACE, AND GENDER CARD. IMPEACH THIS EVIL CREATURE.

    • Linda H says:

      John T Koszalka, That’s ok . We The People played the Trump Card.

    • Susan says:

      It is great to see all the likeminded people gathered here to condemn this horrid woman. I have faith, that seeing fellow citizens like you, who will not accept this treasonous behavior coming from a freshman congress Rep., will deter others from running for office. I am concerned that Speusaker Pelosi just slapped her hand, instead of removing her from that powerful committee on foreign affairs.

  56. Moses says:

    This country is Blessed by God,Jesus and the Holyspirit, theres no way a muslim can have a part in our country with their anti Christian hate,

  57. Raven23 says:

    She has no out come for the good of our Nation. Her Antisemitism and full on belief of the Koran tells you the whole story of where she stands on her agenda. Minnesota. Do you not remember 9/11? You know what you must do. They are not a believer in humanity. You are either Muslim or you must die.

  58. G.G says:

    The Demoncrats are looking to impeach someone, they have no further to go than the last three freshman elected and now in Congress.

    • Donna d’Alelio says:

      I stand with you. The democrats need look no further than the three democrat women in congress, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. All three of them deserve to be impeached. Tlaib and Omar both signed a pledge to impeach President Trump. They have some nerve. They are the criminals, not President Trump.

    • Beverly says:

      We need to impeach HER and get her the HELL out of our Political arena. She hates America and Americans. She will CONTRIBUTE nothing to our democratic society. She needs to go away.

    • David Bridges says:

      The Constitution does not provide for the Impeachment of members of Congress. They may be stripped by an act of their House, or recalled by a vote of their Home state/District voters. Fat chance of her voters changing their minds, unless her actions really embarrass them.

  59. LoisLois Mcgovern says:

    She should be removed before causing more damage.

    • Monica Killingsworth says:

      I totally agree I don’t know how this woman got voted in in the first place because she made it clear that she supported terrorists quite a while ago

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      All Democrats should be removed they have already did enough DAMAGE to AMERICA OVER MANY YEARS

      • George says:

        I keep hearing from the demon craps party that the old white men keep them from getting their way o,we need to show them that they are right. Lemon the Gay black dude says that the straight old white men shouldn’t be able to vote! !!!if we don’t stand up now we’re going to be overcome by the demon craps party, rapist Muslims black face baby killing demon craps. This election is the most important ever!!# please get everyone together now, Trump is doing us proud

      • Robby Dunbar says:


  60. Your sins will find you out sooner or later.
    She’s got to go and go back to where ever she came from

  61. SHARON BETTS says:

    She needs to be removed from Congress. No one who is anti-American should be allowed in Congress.

    • JIM says:

      She needs to be removed from our country and back to her third world s–thole. She doesn’t belong here and is here for all the wrong reasons.

  62. tom matt says:

    Wrap her up in a “pig skin ” coat and send her home ~!!!

  63. Dianna says:

    this woman is EVIL! it’s her mission along with other muslims to destroy the America that we love! she’s a TRAITOR & should be deported & stripped of her American citizenship! I sure hope people that allowed her to represent them are PROUD of themselves!

  64. Sheldon Nadler says:

    Throw her Muslim ass out of Congress!

  65. Jim says:

    There’s a petition going around.To have her removed. She should be deported.look it up and sign it.

  66. ncp-nate says:

    These sonsabitches, hate where they came from, hate where they are, hate where there going to end up(I shouldn’t tell you Muslim Jihadists this, but, there are NO virgins waiting for you either) Maybe, 21 angry Virginians ready to kick your sorry , sour chicken smellin asses.
    On a much quieter note, Minnesota, do you know what must be done next? Need a clue? Vote this idiot out of office and all those like her! It’s time. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!

    • Sharon K Gonzales says:

      I don’t understand why why minn. Voted this buck-teeth human waste in the government!! I thought minn. Was smarter then that!! I was surely Wrong!! She’s as UGLY IS AS UGLY DOES!!!

    • Muchael says:

      Preach it……

      • Al Pambuena says:

        Not to worry folks she is a Democrat…remember the two tiered justice system..there is one for us…and another for Democrats…..she will have scape everything and continue her crap..

    • Walt says:


      December 9, 2015 The Marshall Report

      trump 297448249016_ORIGINAL

      America’s Usurper, Obama has been supporting his Muslim brothers and violating The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. On the USCIS web site. In Section 212 Chapter 2, it Prohibits entry into America Aliens belonging to an organization seeking the unlawful overthrow of the federal government of the United States by force, violence and other unconstitutional means.

      Islamic immigration would be illegal under this law. Why? The Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam. To which are against our values and violate the Constitution as it requires them to kill the infidel, which happens to be citizens of he United States.

      The Islamic faith also requires total submission to Islam and its form of government. The law states that Aliens affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited”.

      So Obama and all who advocate Syrian Islamist refugees into the nation are violating the law, as well as allowing any Muslims into America that practice Sharia law.

      Those that advocate that Islam is just a peaceful religion and have rights that fall under the 1st Amendment are not understanding the immigration laws on the books, nor are they understanding what Sharia law really is. It is a government body that goes against the constitution and our Republic and the laws of the United States of America.

      Those that would rather turn a blind eye on the facts need to come to a real discussion and not false rhetoric to push an agenda. Let the real debate begin!

      Please read the PDF copy of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952:

    • Marilyn says:

      Obama let millions of muslims into the USA and taxpayers have been paying billions to support them. The media protected Obama so research is necessary.

  67. Rob says:

    She is a disgrace to the USA!!! Kind of ugly also!

  68. Shirley says:

    The morons that elected her are just like her and have the same beliefs that she does. They are from a portion of Minnesota where they are all islamic and they all hate Americans and are mostly all on food stamps and are driving around in fancy cars, in their black outfits with their faces covered, making absolutely no effort whatsoever to assimilate into our country. There was a documentary on TV about it and the people looked at the man like he was the foreigner and most of them didn’t even speak English. If you ask me someone needs to do some investigating into Minnesota to see just what is going on there. We or they could very likely be training homegrown terrorists right under our very noses. And if they are on welfare they shouldn’t be driving around in Mercedes at the very least.

  69. Donald Conner says:

    This Muslime mutt is the spawn of a pig and a dog. She took her oath with a “King’s X” on her left hand and defiled the Holy Bible by having a Queeran on top of it, and so did that vile, stinking oinker Butthead Obasturd. In my view that invalidates their oaths and they should have been shot right there on the spot. Everything Obasturd ever did was of use to our most deadly enemies ($1.3 billion to Iran? How is that helpful to the USA?) She wants to exercise eminent domain without due process, and repeatedly demonstrates that she does not have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of our federal Constitution, to say nothing of the finer points. Foolish child that she is, she’ll just keep digging herself in until she sees Chinamen fishing on the Yellow River and then claim it was all in fun. Thing is, there are many of us who play for keeps and give no quarter. Yet, when Gerry Studds from Faggachusetts seduced and had a homosexual affair with a 17 year old boy who was a page, the Congress did nothing to him at all.
    And so, I don’t have any great hopes for this Congress, or any other, until those who were in office when that happened and did nothing are out of office or dead, preferably the latter. That single instance proves just how corrupt most of them were then, and are now are

    • Hugh Turner says:

      What sad is unless anyone in Congress is removed from office (impeached) they still get the retirement and all the other benefits . The corruption is rampant when some thst makes 174k a year has a net wort of over a a million.

      TERM LIMITS but it will never happen. The judicial now rules the nation

  70. Robby Dunbar says:

    If AMERICA would vote all DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE we would not have this PROBLEM……PERIOD

    • Rita says:

      Problem is the sinners outnumber the saints! Jesus will save us… but congress won’t! If it were up to me, there would be zero pay for high end gov positions & no muslims allowed in US period for any reason ever. Then we’d have a chance of getting our country back to more humans than demons!!!

  71. Sherry L Chase says:

    There was a law in place that Muslims not be in America’s government! That changed when obo was pos. Him and the Demorats changed that law! Wtf

  72. Christine Timmon says:

    E t h i c s Charges are b e i n g F i l e d
    A g a i n s t O m a r/T l a i b/C o r t e z and
    J a p a y a l! The U. S. J u d i c i a r y and
    The U. S. I m m i gration C o m m i t t e es
    A l s o has Ethics Charges Against Them!
    We the P e o p l e M u s t t a K e A c t i o n!
    I’m R u n n i n g f or C o n g r e s s in the 9th District of Michigan to F i g h t M u s l i m s!
    W a t c h My Bold Campaign/Ethics Fight!
    S e e more on U tube Gangster of the Constitution! Subscribe to my C h a n n e l!

    • Judy Farkas says:

      Christine Timmon,
      Good for you, good for us.We need someone like you to restore Michigan before these muslim extremists are getting ready to kill the infidels thats you and me.Most of Michigan is already taken over by muslems.Don’t forget very unintelligent they will only vote for their own regardless who will be better to them.

  73. Rodney says:

    I feel that when you are elected into office and you take the “OATH” of office, if you go against the “CONSITITUTION”, you should be arrested and shot for “TREASON” with no questions asked!!!!!!!!!

  74. DSC says:

    She needs to be taken out of office. Her and the other muslim. They are both associated with hate groups. Neither one has any right to be in this Country let alone in our Capital. We can’t get rid of that idiot from Brooklyn because she is the “BOSS”! LOL

    • Christine Timmon says:

      O n l y 5% of V o t e r s Of 400,000
      R e g i s t e r e d V o t e r s W e n t to
      V o t e! A O C is an E x t r e m e
      M i n o r i t y! H e r G. N. D. W i l l take
      100s of Y e a r s to I m p l e m e n t! She
      is too S t u p i d to K n o w that S h e
      W i l l N e e d E m i n a n t D o m a i n
      in C o u r t o v e r A n y P r i v a t e
      P r o p e r t y and P a y F a r e M a r K e t
      V a l u e f o r E a c h P r o p e r t y! A O C
      Is S u c h an I d i o t! She r e a l l y t h inKs
      S h e c a n J u s t taKe P r o p e r t y FREE!
      S e e more on U tube Gangster of the Constitution! Subscribe to My C h a n n e l!

      • Hugh Turner says:

        Before you run for Congress maybe you should take a punction class and not type in all caps.

        • The traveller says:

          Agree. Punctuation is very essential to properly written arguments, rebuttals, and one’s own ideas on a blog. Adding spaces between letters only adds to a person’s ignorance about English Grammar, for which I taught, in high school, back in the 1970’s. I caught so many “goofs” that it is not feasible to apply them here. I would hate to see her book reports, theme’s, college theses, and resume’s for work. Call me a grammar Nazi, but her diatribe is just plain AWFUL, and would not elicit a passing grade, Maybe a “give-back” to start over.

  75. The traveller says:

    I doubt she placed her hand on the Bible while taking the Oath. Muzzlimz are taught HATE from the day they are born. IMHO

  76. Charles R. Bush says:

    This moron took an oath to uphold our Constitution when she was sworn in,.Her stupidity clearly shows she has no business in Congress. Also the morons who elected her deserve what they get.

    • Evalyn M Welsh says:

      Charles , she was not sworn in on the Christian Bible. She doesn’t believe in America. Only taking it over for her Evil Muslims she runs with.

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