Ilhan Omar told this ugly lie that put her career on thin ice

Ilhan Omar just cannot help herself.

Omar is once again at the center of national controversy involving attacks on Jewish Americans.

And she just got caught telling this ugly lie that put her career on thin ice.

Omar – as well as many members of the Fake News Media – are lashing out at Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller.

Miller is the leading voice in the White House for Trump’s immigration agenda and the left wants him destroyed.

So the Fake News is portraying him as the mastermind behind Trump firing several Department of Homeland Security officials, including Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, in order to raise his profile so Trump thinks he is trying to steal the spotlight.

The Fake News thinks this will cause Trump to get jealous and fire Miller.

But Omar took a different path.

The Minnesota Democrat smeared Miller – who is Jewish – for being a “white nationalist.”

White nationalists hate Jews.

It is an ugly lie and smear to claim Miller is a white nationalist.

Critics took it as another sign that Omar is willing to attack first and think later when it comes to Jewish Americans, whom she perceives as political opponents.

She routinely assumes the worst – whether it be dual loyalty, buying off American politicians, or being secret white nationalists – of Jewish Americans that oppose her far-left policies.

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