Ilhan Omar stepped in it with one racist attack that immediately blew up in her face

Ilhan Omar is one of the most controversial Democrats in Congress.

The freshman from Minnesota has often been accused of religious bigotry.

But she went too far and stepped in it with one racist attack that immediately blew up in her face.

The fake news narrative that a group of white students from Covington Catholic surrounded and taunted Nathan Phillips after the March for Life had long been dispelled as a lie by the time Omar weighed on social media Monday.

Omar seized on the hoax to tweet a statement that included a number of factually in accurate claims as well as smears.

In a now deleted tweet Omar wrote:

“-The boys were protesting a woman’s right to choose & yelled ‘it’s not rape if you enjoy it’”

-They were taunting 5 Black men before they surrounded Phillips and led racist chants

-Sandmann’s family hired a right wing PR firm to write his non-apology

There were a number of errors in this tweet.

The boys were being terrorized by racist black nationalists hurling ugly racial and homophobic slurs.

Phillips walked in to their group. The boys did not encircle him.

And the student that made that comment about rape did not attend Covington Catholic. He attended a different school.

As for the smears, Omar believes because they are white, pro-Life Christians they are automatically suspect.

This is not her first run-in with religious prejudice.

She tweeted out a mocking picture of Mike Pence with the caption, “Jesus take the wheel!”

And Omar caused a national stir when one of her old anti-Semitic tweets resurfaced.

Omar may have deleted her tweet, but she should not escape accountability for her hostility to Christians and Trump supporters.

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