Ilhan Omar shared one racist video that will leave you red with rage

Ilhan Omar stepped in it once again.

The socialist Congresswoman from Minnesota created another firestorm surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

And Ilhan Omar shared one racist video that will leave you red with rage.

Omar shared a racist video from Peacock TV host Amber Ruffin that contained falsehoods and racist attacks on white people.

In the video, Ruffin stated:

It’s not okay for a man to grab a rifle, travel across state lines, and shoot three people and then walk free. It’s not okay for the judicial system to be blatantly and obviously stacked against people of color. It’s not okay for there to be an entirely different set of rules for white people. But I don’t care about Kyle Rittenhouse. I don’t care about that racist judge. And I don’t care about how f—ed up that jury must be. White people have been getting away with murder since time began.

It is false that Rittenhouse grabbed a rifle and carried the weapon across state lines.

The rifle was already in Kenosha when Rittenhouse arrived in the city to help defend against Black Lives Matter riots the state’s Democrat governor allowed to happen.

The judge in the case was not racist.

And there are no separate set of rules for white and black Americans.

On the same day the Kenosha jury acquitted Rittenhouse, a Florida jury acquitted a black man charged in the death of his girlfriend and shooting at five police officers during a SWAT team raid after the man claimed self-defense stating the officers did not identify themselves and he thought intruders broke into his home.

Much is made on the Left about the spread of misinformation on social media.

In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the corporate media in general – and Ilhan Omar in this case – are superspreaders of misinformation.

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