Ilhan Omar sent this racist tweet about Trump that landed her in very hot water

Ilhan Omar is a political arsonist.

If the controversial Congresswoman is not starting a fire she is throwing gasoline on top of raging blazes.

And now Ilhan Omar sent this racist tweet about Trump that landed her in very hot water.

Ilhan Omar is not backing down in her feud with Donald Trump.

Even though Omar’s constant attacks are keeping a story going that is benefiting the President, Omar continues to ramp up her attacks.

Now her latest descent into racism handed the President powerful evidence that his attacks on Omar and her fellow “Squad” members as bigoted, anti-American radicals are accurate.

In a weekend tweet, Omar outrageously claimed Trump was a racist that wanted to deport all black and brown people in America.

Omar’s tweet will keep her and her allies in the spotlight.

But that also means President Trump’s job of making them the face of the Democrat Party is that much easier.

In 2020, President Trump wants to make the contest a choice between his “Make America Great Again” agenda and Ilhan Omar’s anti-American socialism.

That — and not the Democrat Party’s nominee — is what Donald Trump wants on the ballot.

Many Democrats wish “The Squad” would keep a low profile and stay out of the headlines.

But given their unhinged personalities, thirst for the spotlight, and massive social media followings, that is proving to be impossible.

And that could be the key to re-electing Donald Trump in 2020.

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263 Responses

  1. Will Penny says:

    Omar the Raghead Witch , it’s time this camel sucking broom Rider crashes n burns . She’s a terrorist implanted by the Obummer regime , where he put thousands of refugees in one area , that’s the only way this Islamic Wicked Old Witch got elected . She needs to disappear permanently , along with the other three broom riders of the Squad of , C.U.N.T.

  2. Is that all you have to say! Hmmm it seems to me you are lost in your hatred for my duly elected President. I love President Trump! President Trump should have the right to make up the time for the years these sore losers continuously express their deranged impeachment syndrome. They have lost their compass and cannot find it and I like that. All the haters are lost because it is permanent lost. No more democrats controlling our government. I was a democrat all my life until President Trump removed my blinders now I am a registered REPUBLICAN! FOUR MORE YEARS OF MY PRESIDENT!!!!

  3. If you want to tag Trump that way. You can tag Clinton too. HE ran to Canada ,then He went to RUSSIA . AS MUCH AS A TRAITOR AS JANE FONDA .

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