Ilhan Omar said this one thing that could get Tucker Carlson taken off the air

Democrats want to see Fox News finished.

That’s why they set about working to get the network’s primetime hosts fired.

And Ilhan Omar took it to the next level by saying this one thing that could get Tucker Carlson taken off the air.

Omar and her allies seized on Tucker Carlson’s recent comments slamming Omar for hating America and using that as a springboard to discuss the failures of America’s immigration system as a chance to once again falsely claim Carlson was a “racist.”

Carlson stated that America took Omar in when she left war-torn Somalia at the age of 10 and Omar responded by growing up to rip America as a racist and unjust country as an adult.

Omar at first called Carlson a “racist fool.”

But then she took it to the next level a day later.

Omar retweeted a group calling for advertisers to boycott Carlson’s show and doubled down on the economic threat to strangle Carlson’s show financially and get him fired.

The left loves economic boycotts.

That is their new weapon in the war on Fox News.

They know the government would never be able to pass a law outright banning Fox News.

So instead they target the advertisers to ruin Fox News Channel’s bottom line.

Liberals like Omar know if enough sponsors flee Fox News then the network will be forced to choose between their primetime hosts like Tucker Carlson and their financial survival.

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