Ilhan Omar said this one thing that could get Tucker Carlson taken off the air

Democrats want to see Fox News finished.

That’s why they set about working to get the network’s primetime hosts fired.

And Ilhan Omar took it to the next level by saying this one thing that could get Tucker Carlson taken off the air.

Omar and her allies seized on Tucker Carlson’s recent comments slamming Omar for hating America and using that as a springboard to discuss the failures of America’s immigration system as a chance to once again falsely claim Carlson was a “racist.”

Carlson stated that America took Omar in when she left war-torn Somalia at the age of 10 and Omar responded by growing up to rip America as a racist and unjust country as an adult.

Omar at first called Carlson a “racist fool.”

But then she took it to the next level a day later.

Omar retweeted a group calling for advertisers to boycott Carlson’s show and doubled down on the economic threat to strangle Carlson’s show financially and get him fired.

The left loves economic boycotts.

That is their new weapon in the war on Fox News.

They know the government would never be able to pass a law outright banning Fox News.

So instead they target the advertisers to ruin Fox News Channel’s bottom line.

Liberals like Omar know if enough sponsors flee Fox News then the network will be forced to choose between their primetime hosts like Tucker Carlson and their financial survival.


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160 Responses

  1. Babbo says:

    Even tho Fox is getting a little wobbly it is still the only alternative to the liberal out of control MSM. I think Rupert Murdock can match George Soros dollar for dollar, brain cell for brain cell, and most definitely in patriotism.

    Rush Limbaugh is still the most honest and fervent voice in media. Thank goodness we still have him.

  2. Mb says:

    For sure: Omar does not like USA then she has no rights here and one has to be American before sitting at that level..karma will catch up plus she likes Sharia laws….go and live in country that has the Sharia laws and get that real feel

  3. Mb says:

    Omar does not like USA then she has no rights here and one has to be American before sitting at that level..karma will catch up plus she likes Sharia laws….go and live in country that has the Sharia laws and get that real feel

  4. Jeffrey Sampson says:

    Omar is absolutely a threat to our great country and it’s people plain ole fact! Not one conservative or person that cares about our country gives a crap what she says her mouth overloads are a** every time she opens it.
    Any Muslim or else that doesn’t like what I say can kiss my azz. Now let’s take her out of Congress and send her back to Somalia the country we saved her from yet she hates our country instead of doing all she can to help all she wants to do is destroy our values and country at its core our values. Now let’s forget about that lip service she has to offer and get her out of office at the ballot box or put so much pressure on our government she will have to be removed along with the other three AOC and Tahlib should be right there at her side to leave with her let’s do a four for four.

  5. Eliot says:

    Tucker spoke the truth on this one! Omar is being a crybaby by misusing the race card!

  6. aw says:

    Omar IS THE RACIST………she is a “TROJAN HORSE” sent to America in attempts to overthrow AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!……….I resent her comments, ie: “people of color”, “some people” and attack against the real “free AMERICAN news channels. How would she like it if I state that she is against “people of white”??????? HOW DOES THAT SOUND?……..THERE IS A STRONG MOVEMENT OF THE DEMOCRATS AGAINST “PEOPLE OF WHITE”! I don’t owe reparations to anyone or any group of color or white…… get lost with Omar’s INSANITY.

  7. Mona says:

    It is very disappointing to know that so many would be dumb enough to listen to her and the rest of the Democrats. She reminds me of a parrot. She can say words but apparently doesn’t know what she is talking about.

    • Randy Smithr says:

      Every time I see this American hating bitch on the news (no I do not seek her out) flashes I want to throw up. Omar is evil, anti-Christian, anti-American, hates the American way of life, and wants to change it as we know it into her Islamic Fascist way of thinking. She MUST Go fellow Americans, vote her out!!!

  8. Karl Stecher says:

    So is she a Muslim invader who should be imprisoned or deported>

  9. Rhodey says:

    This imbecile says that any followers of Pres. Trump must be racist. It therefore makes followers of her stupid comments must be equally stupid.
    Being proud of my race does not make me a racist, I prefer to be myself which is better than being stupid

  10. Ron Duffield says:

    The anti American scumbag got voted in because the other anti American scumbag obama purposely dumped 70 thousand Somali refugees into Minnesota. It’s all part of their plan

    • Diana says:

      Yes it is..Get the filthy scumbag “squad” out of America ‘cuz they have no right to BE here, the traitors. Love you Mr. President!

  11. Thomas Ruwan says:

    The democratic party has allowed the enemy into OUR government. There are several in congress who should not be there. Omar IS an enemy of the United States and said so many times. This rant by her should help increase advertisers. ICE should be picking her up and deporting her with the rest of them.

  12. David Kennedy says:

    Thanks mn for voting her in, one of the stupidist things you have ever done! Why did the US allow her in in the first place? She hates america, lets send her back to somolia, let her live in the sand and talk like that there. I for one am sick of hearing about her! Mn do what is right and vote her out!

  13. ric devlin says:

    Omar is a big eaded racist, islamist, sharia loving, anti white, anti american “FOOL”..VOTE HER OUT!

    • JB Brangman says:

      Wish it was possible to contact any or all Companies who support this Isalmist who hates this this Country and her foolish RACIST actions so we as public could boycott this Company’s product to show our feelings toward Her!

      • Kenneth Hoffman says:

        Tell this very hateful bitch to look at that vote above and see if gushing “intelligent” mouth means anything to anyone. This is one person who SHOULD NOT be in government except for the one she left as a child. Ask her what happens to people in her home country that insult leadership, question authority and try to basically overthrow a sitting leader.

      • Laurel says:

        JB, That’s quite a good idea. If I had an idea who those companies are I would be writing letters to the top people telling them exactly what they are

  14. Pat says:

    To Moses: Guess what? I just read an article from Mr. Trump and this was just before I read your comment. Mr. Trump is very interested in Omar. He is having her investigated for her “CRIMES” as we speak. So, this should shut YOU down and for good. You are so ill informed and mean and nasty. You should be banned from this website! Be very, very careful for what you say in the future as you are looking very much like a criminal yourself. I wonder what we can find if we had you investigated. So, cast the first stone! I am high up in certain political institutions and I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT and I know how to go about things and I can have you checked out. I said “be very, very careful”.

    • zee says:

      POTUS SHOULD be ‘Concerned’ re 0mar.
      In Addition to his V. Large’ plate’.
      Tucker told the Truth.
      Not to mention her ‘brother man Marraige’
      for ‘reasons’ Usurping US cirizenship. ETC.
      +Taxes/Usurping Funds etc.
      > A ForthRight Dem party Would HAVE
      ‘expelled’ her By NOW. EVIDENCE IS

    • Bruce MI Pestell says:

      She is a criminal and a leftist tool. High up in certain political institutions? What does that mean? Is this communist China? How do you think that effects your credibility? I think you are another anti-American, democrat partisan who doesn’t know enough to blow his nose. Your threats mean nothing.

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Pat, you are brainwashed by you golden calf of Trump. You are as pathetic as him as a follower of the cult of Trump and your threats are an example of your disgraceful intentions. Omar in her short years in this country is more of an American that you because I think if someone is kind, regardless of political views, she has great respect. To compare the total corruption of Trump’s total life to the dignified life and Presidency of Obama is absolute lunacy. Trump being a serial sexual assaulter should automatically eliminate that thought in your brain, but again, you are in a cult of hatred.

      • Jack Handy says:

        You Eat GM0 food wired for ‘Hate in DNA’. You Also
        Drink ‘junko liquid’. but You, ‘buckco’ , Too stewpid’
        To understand. & i haven’t even mentioned AI/ smart phone Kraap.

      • Jack Handy says:

        To J4T. YOU! Also ‘Living NOW, the ” golden calf of Trump”.
        Get it? (ring ring, ding dong)__

  15. Moses says:

    The congresswoman is a better person and American than most of you right wingers who espouse hatred, violence, intolerance, and many of you reek of your racism and your cult of Trump illness.

  16. Pat says:

    By law, no one in Congress can be arrested for any reason except treason and I can see treason with many of them, yet, there they sit, still doing nothing in Congress. Did you know that Big Pharma pays them to do their dirty work? It is true. They think they can say and do anything they want to for any reason and be protected by Big Pharma, btw, Big Pharma also pays the corrupt media channels. This has been proven and Mr. Trump is now going after the media for banning people and disobeying the Constitution of the United States. Justice is at work, it has to be slow, but sure. It doesn’t look or feel like anything is being done, but hope is on the way! Also, those corrupt people are also under the influence of the Illumanati, which explains so much!

  17. Babbo says:

    I am so sick of decent Americans having to sit back and take this garbage from Omar and the rest of her ilk and not being able to respond because we are automatically labeled racist and bigoted; she can say the most hateful things and the press will encourage her. I am so sorry we benevolently allowed her into this country; she has no appreciation and certainly no love for it. She ought to be deported yesterday.

  18. Evelyne Mitchell says:

    Next election vote her out! She does not belong in Congress, spewing hate to America. She is the one who should be fired!!! We love Tucker Carlson!

  19. Laurel says:

    Dawn Lee, Burrrrrn!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Did you mean Grrrrrrrr??????

      Is this hatred spewing Muslim an American citizen? If not, she is totally in a position that she cannot vote for, so she certainly can’t qualify to hold a congressional position.

      If she is, we need to strip her of any citizenship & deport her back to Somali.

  20. yellow bus says:

    Let’s take away her citizenship and send her back to Somalia. In a month after that, let’s see how she is living under Muslim rule. If she’s still able to publicly say anything without her male relatives’ permission.

    When she became an American citizen she swore to renounce all alliances to foreign governments and other loyalties. So for her recent “Long live Somalia” public statement seems to go afoul of that oath.

    • Jo says:

      Something going on with her??? She looks like she has aged thirty years since being elected….. Bitterness ages quickly……

    • JBrangman says:

      so true,sshe definmitely lied when taking the oath to respect the USA. Who in the world are the people who voted for this this type of enemy to our Country?

  21. cookie says:

    Look whose talking about HATE SPEECH, the one with HATRED running through her veins.

  22. renato says:

    people, what did I tell you all, all liberals are just plain lunatic and if you did not agree with them
    then you are a racist fool or something worse than racist because they always lost in debate just
    ask LARRY ELDERS he is black man with real facts to prove to liberals lunatic like AOC/TLAIB
    and OMAR that they are all wrong about just everything on everything that they believe preaching
    on people and if you resist there teaching you are a racist fool. JUST WATCH LARRY EDLERS eat
    them for breakfast like nothing. WATCH HIM ON FOX NEWS with tucker/Hannity/laura imgram

  23. Art Crosby says:

    I say it Over and Over again,THIS is what Too MUCH Tolerance WITH diversity Gets you!Total RUIN!Semper Fi

  24. Ticked says:

    OK, Here it is in a nut shell. There has been people bought and paid for in congress with the one point of taking down our Nations Constitution, and the laws the protect the American people, all these people need to be removed from office, before they do very much more harm to our nation. Get on the leadership and have them removed from Congress. OR VOTE THEM OUT !

    • Wondering Woman says:

      We don’t have the luxury of voting these traitors out. We must do it quickly and the best way is to immedidately arrest,. detain & prosecute them as enemy combatants of this nation. Two have already been executed & thousands more to go.

  25. Ed Cooper says:

    Omar is not an American Citizen, she is NOT a Refugee from Somalia. She is just one of hundreds of Somalians Barack Insane Obama want to bring to the USA to help destroy America. Why were they put in Minnesota? Its cold t there unlike hot Somalia and there are very few Blacks there. And that’s why. Obama wants to turn MN into a Black State and set the stage for sedition in the rest of the USA. Obama’s plan is working very well.

  26. Jeanne says:

    Unbelievable that a muslim says America is cruel and unjust. Ridiculous statement from the hate and abuse cult.

    • Deborah Griffin says:

      She needs to be censored, impeached & deported. She is not the type of immigrant we need. She uses hate speech, intimidation & lies to to further her biased, racist & anti_American rhetoric. In her original country she would have been arrested & punished not glorified &n treated like a rock star

    • Susan Epp says:

      She’s a shrew and if found guilty of fraud of any sort, be it immagration, tax fraud, etc needs to have her citizenship revoked and deported back to Somolia. Hopefully using her as an example the folks who vett the incomers will make sure these people really want to adhere to American standards. Have an understanding of rights and responsibilities in this country and take the oath on the constitution and say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Star Spangled Banner

    • Wondering Woman says:

      AMEN & she needs to be either deported back to Somali or else arrested, detained & prosecuted as an enemy combatant to this nation along with all the other deep state (mostly demoncrat) congressional traitor members who have been breaking the law & trashing our Constitution – proudly accepting their 6 figure salaries for representing We the People – while they committed treason against us by working hand in hand with the one world global government, aka the new world order to destroy this nation from within.
      BTW – boycott requests from traitors can have the opposite effect & even increase Fox’s ratings!
      Think we can rest assured that more of us like Fox News a whole lot more than we like these anti America & anti Americans domestic and foreign traitors masquerading as congressional members, while working to destroy this nation from within.

  27. Paulo wilson Rosario says:

    Omar sharya garbage radical Muslim don’t represent us! Go back to your sharya country ,! We are a civilazed country.

  28. Pat says:

    Omar is being forced to say the things she does and act the way she does by penalty of the Muslim leaders. She has no choice in the matters. It is not good for us, as she is desperately trying to Muslimize all Americans. She fails, she will be executed. That is the way I see it! And she is part of the Illumanati that wants a New World Order, not democracy and a free America or even a free world. They want to kill 90% of the human race and make the leftovers their slaves.

  29. John Wiggins says:

    “The left loves economic boycotts.”
    The left may love economic boycotts but they do very poorly with economics.

  30. Robert W Tucker says:

    If FOX NEW’s and there advertiser, cave in to this ungrateful race baiting anti American, they (Fox news )have just lost a dedicated viewer, and there advertiser have lost a customer. Enough Is Enough!

  31. JamesH says:

    If anyone says anything against this woman, then I am for that comment. That is NOT being racist it is against anyone, I do not care what color they are or where they came from, IF they are not for America, they need to STFU and become an AMERICAN. This woman never has been for America and if anyone goes against anything she says, she deploys whatever ace card she may have to put them down, thinking it will lift her up. Typical left ploy. She is the one that is being racist and she knows it but, will shift the blame. She needs to be boycotted. I do not watch her, I only hear about her and that is way to much news. I believe she thinks that if anyone says anything about her, good or bad, that is OK because it keeps her name on the front page and she reveils in that. My sole wish is that ALL the news media would not give her any attention but, we all know that will not happen.

  32. T. Bell says:

    Deport that rag head cunt instead !

  33. John Halvorson says:

    Yes she said one thing, “Some people did something.” Jihad is a key element of Islam, an islamist’s sole reason to get into our government is to destroy our country. After the twin towers attach failed to bring us down Osama said we will bring you down from within.

    • Bonnie Schulte says:

      I only pray that we “the people, who truly love America” will see the light, and can get rid of these evil people one way or another, before it is too late!

    • Carol says:

      Exactly, and it is happening. Why can’t these people see this? That is the statement I have been tweeting!! They are already in our government and are trying to bring us down from within our government. There are four of them that need to go now!!

  34. William Peters says:

    The racist & ingrate Bogus ” refugee” is Illhan 0mar !
    What Tucker Carlson said about her is 💯% Right spot on True ! 👍
    Illhan 0mar & her klan of islamists were not really refugees in the first place , they were not fleeing persecution in Somalia, Somalia is an islam0Nazi sh#thole where warring klans control certain areas .
    0mar & her klan moved into the Naïrobi ” suburb” of Pangani , a part of Naïrobi as is Minnesota , overrun by Somalis & all the crimes & viopence associated with them .
    They are a plague in Naïrobi & a cancer growing in the USA🇺🇸 amongst areas controlled by Dems .
    Neither 0mar , nor Hodan should be in the USA🇺🇸 much less in office , Congress.

  35. Mark says:

    I’m a long time viewer of Tucker Carlson and he deals in facts to clearly understand issues from a special veracity lens. Omar is Anti-American, Anti-Jew, Pro-Orthodox Islam, and let’s get to the bottom of her alleged marriage to her brother to skirt around immigration laws. Also, let’s get to the bottom of her campaign finance violations. There was a MN Congressman on Fox a few days ago saying her malfeasance precluded her from running for office in the first place!! MN voters, throw her OUT OF OFFICE!! She’s part of America’s Fifth Column.

  36. trebor says:

    Does she think Democrats watch Tucker? Why would his viewers, Deploreables, give a crap what she says about Tucker? Tucker is right about her and her hatred for our country.

  37. valerie says:

    Tucker is NOT a racist by any stretch. He’s fair as well as patriotic which is why the Left doesn’t like him. The Left are the most racist people I’ve seen in my 75 years.

  38. mike says:

    What Tucker sells, I buy, end of the story……..If you really what to see whats in Omar’s heart, look into her eyes, like a shark.

  39. John H Bemis says:

    I’m curious as to why this website publishes these type articles. There’s no way ths muslim terrorist bitch, is gonna bring down Tucker.

  40. JB says:

    So it has come down to US House of Represeentive members calling for boycotts of companies that advertise on communication companies. Another giant step in the wrong direction for the country! Time to vote this “racist fool” out of office.

  41. Wakyn Ferris says:

    This continual name calling and everyone that doesn’t buy into they’re narrative is racist will run it;s coarse and then it will be some new slur or name until they run out of insults. They are the babies that continue to cry to get the attention of others until the others quit listening to them altogether, maybe then they may grow up and behave like adults. The jury however still remains in session.

  42. Sue Barr says:

    Ilhan Omar, poor little mistreated, maligned Anti_American woman of color, whose heart is black and hateful, who obviously espouses bigamy, and whose end-game is overthrow of the American government, thinks she is Mohammed’s gift to all of us infidels and we will fall in line and sing her praises before we are beheaded! She is nothing but an evil person, a wolf in sheep’s clothing but she is lousy at being a sheep (her fangs keep showing). Deport her, or try her for treason and jail her forever. She is an embarrassment to the House of Representatives and a traitorurous person, who obviously hates the USA and it’s non-Muslim citizens.

    • Randy says:

      Yes Sue Barr, this person is indeed evil, as well as those other three she sleeps and eats with. In this next election, the American people that love and respect our country MUST go vote against them and everything they stand for . And send the message to keep America great.

    • Laurel says:

      Sue B. Very very well said and absolutely spot on!

    • ken g says:

      I for one am NOT willing to pay one cent to keep that THING in prison
      don’t spend any funds, do like the Chinese shoot it in the head and bill the family for the bullet, end of story

  43. America says:

    Here is where I get confused. Is this why she thinks she was elected? To put people out of work ? WHAT HAS SHE DONE FOR HER CONSTITUENTS? WHAT HAS SHE DONE FOR AMERICA? She seems to be deteriorating that office and state since she got in.

    • NickP says:

      The more of her and Tliab types we get in public office the worse the future in the US looks for Blacks, gays, women and Jews.

  44. Jacqueline L Lemke says:

    Fox is one of the only stations that still allows the truth to be reported and free speech.
    Tucker and others on Fox should be allowed report the true news and the opinions of those of the viewers instead of the cookie cutter need seen on all the other stations.

  45. Nancy says:

    Omar doesn’t seem to know the meaning of words like ‘racist’ and ‘realist’. Tucker told the truth…so he is a realist, Omar. You, on the other hand, are an ingrate of the worst kind. You couldn’t stand to live in your own country, you came here for a better life, you hate jews and cause nothing but a wake of chaos wherever you go. If America is so bad, go back home.

    • Fred says:

      Ms. or Mrs. Nancy, Hear! Hear! Ms. or Mrs. Omar loves to support those Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive Extremely Radicalized Islamic Muslim People/Animals! These Islamist Animals will Lie All Of The Time, Like Mrs. HRC (Maybe Mrs. HRC Is A Islamist Muslim?), because They Will LIE Just To Advance Their Agenda ONLY, They Do NOT Give A Bloody Darn About All Other Peoples, That Are Peaceful And Compassionate Towards ALL Faiths! The USA’s 3rd US President Did In Fact Warn The US Population That The Islamic Muslim So-called Religion Is NOT Compatible With The US Constitution and Does NOT Conform To True Common Sense!!!

  46. allan allen says:

    How well did the boycotts of IN and Out Burger, and Chic- fil- A work ?
    record sales when the boycotts went in effect i do believe…

  47. Anatoliy says:

    this lying ungrateful muslim bitch should be extradite from USA.
    She told about 9/11 :”Somebody did something”. Real bitch and enemy of our cfntry.

    • mike says:

      “somebody did something” is all that means to her, just another even, she has no heart and sole for America. Read the editorial about her in today’s WSJ, they nailed it. She has no use for America, what is amazing is that somebody voted for her, what is wrong with the voters in MN.

  48. Helga says:

    Omar hates America and now she is a lawmaker in Government? She should get the boot in 2020 and sent back to Somalia to find out the reason why she hates this Country which has done so much for her!

  49. Philip Chapman says:

    she hates jews and christaians is she a racists also a bigamist she should be removed from congress and deported…..

    • Eileen Ross says:

      This creature is the perfect example of a psychopath. No conscience, always blaming others, and never accepting her faults. She is a dangerous member of Congress who has no right to be there. They are all crooked, but this conniving, deceptive and ungrateful piece of living garbage is one of the worst!

  50. Desert Fox says:

    This raghead britch is the mujslime racist pig.. Ship her ash back to Somalia if she hates America so much. She’s not worth anything and she committed a crime by marrying her brother to keep him in the States.
    Let her live back there in her own pig sty. She is not going to change America into a muslime country.

    • Bill says:

      This woman is a prime example of why the United States government needs to fix our broken and ignored immigration system. How we could let someone like her enter our country and become a citizen is insane. We also need to take a closer look at the people who were stupid enough to elect her to Congress.

  51. Dawn lee says:

    Omar backed by muslim brotherhood, the puerto rican barmaid is backed by la raza and the fat muslim backed by muslim brotherhoid.

  52. Robert powell says:

    this only proves that we definitely need a test for public servants with a strong test for government operation and procedures. and most of all BRING ON THE TERM-LIMITS FOR ALL POLITICAL PARACITES…..

  53. Bob G says:

    If Fox removes Tucker’s show, that will end it for me with them. I watch him every night, if it is racist to tell it like it is, than that would make him and millions more, a” racist”.

  54. Betty Sakai says:

    I am an average American and I agree with Tucker Carlson.

  55. Sam R says:

    Otrok, I believe you are a POS Democrat web troll. How much is Soros paying you to do this?

  56. Pat says:

    Mike: Can’t you read? I am beginning to find you obscene and hateful. What I was saying was to start suing the Democratic members of Congress, not Mr. Trump. Trump’s lawyers have nothing to do with the members of Congress. You are so stupid that you are pathetic!

  57. Art Crosby says:

    Telling the Truth is Hate speech nowadays,But of Coarse ONLY if it involves someone of color!!don lemonhead of cnn can say white males are the biggest threat to this country,And of Coarse you dont hear a PEEP about it.Tucker simply states the Truth that omar is an Ungrateful,Racist,Traitor And he gets Threatened,IMAGINE if ANY White ANYTHING said,Black males are the biggest threat to America???It would be ALL over Every news outlet in the world,And they*d be Fired and Disgraced before the words left their mouth!And Thats Pretty d… Close TO the Truth!!;) Semper Fi

  58. Felipe G. says:

    Down syndrome looking witch! Insane in the membrane. First of all. That fool has no right to be here in the first place! It’s because Muslims aren’t supposed to be in America period! Law’s passed since the 1940’s to 1951. Because if that Koran. All you have to do is listen and look at her for the reason why? It has nothing to do with racism period!

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Can you post that law? No freedom of religion? All religion is stupid. Graciasss. Trump looks like a Down’s Syndrome case. Wobbling,babbling. Maybe just drunk.

  59. Tink says:

    Omar does not want ANYONE to have any rights but the ones SHE WANTS for us ALL! I for one will will NEVER bow to her or her sisters in crime! You hate us sooo bad…GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!

  60. WilliamS says:

    The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the RIGHT of FREE SPEECH, it doe not qualify this statement by stating that the speech must be liked by everyone. There is no definition of “hate speech” in the Constitution, the term is a made up term intended to DENY free speech to those who object to the speech of others.

  61. M says:

    Ungrateful cough who has no appreciation of freedom even after she was rescued..deport her for may things including fraud, tax abuses, so on…we do not need people like her we were saved also from Hitler ‘s camps…soldiers were puking when they entered these camps….deportation for her

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Deport her? She was born here. Explain, dare you!

      • Raven78 says:

        She wasn’t born here you pimple faced dipstick, she immigrated from Somalia. But like a typical illiterate liberal, you don’t even do simple research of any topic.

        She was 10 years old when the trash fled war torn somalia, fleeing exactly what she is not wanting for the rest of the country (Here).

        • theolddog says:

          Who cares where she’s FROM. What’s important is the good work she is doing on behalf of ALL Americans.

          • William J Vital says:

            What “good work” has she done??? She has lied and caused a lot of problems. She has NOT done any of the legislative work that she was elected to do. She is complaining now because Pelosi is asking her to do some legislative work.

          • ANGELINE says:

            ARE YOU DRINKING?

          • Tumbleweed says:

            theolddog they need to put you down your systems are obviously shutting down. The evil witch has not done anything good for our country or this world

          • Linda M. says:

            theolddog:Do you remember the movie Old Yeller? I cried when he had to be put down.You? Not so much…Omar has done NOTHING for this country but try to destroy it you old fool………

          • dj says:

            Are you insane?

          • ken g says:

            please tell us what utopia you live in?????????

      • Sam R says:

        Omar was born in Somalia and should be deported immediately!! The fat sow Rashida Taliban was born in Michigan and I really wish we could deport her. They are both collaborating with people that are sworn enemies of this country and should be imprisoned for sedition.

      • Betty Sakai says:

        Mike, in all due respect, I am an average American. A house divided cannot stand. Those too stubborn to remain uneducated, having never passed an 8th grade test on the U.S. Constitution, with little or no understanding of U.S. History, or intentionally hateful of this great Christian-based Republic, must be considered internal enemies. The people arrest and put robbers and murderers in prison. The people should clean house to make it livable by those who appreciate that life in American is not easy. Opportunity exists. Risk and failure and rewards, however small, are part of the deal. Anyone who does not like being an American should give up their citizenship and leave.

      • Bob says:

        Mike Ortak. Brother are you just plain old fashioned stupid or have you not been paying any type of attention? Ilhan Omar is a Somali native that was rescued from a refugee encampment in Kenya. This piece of dreck was not born in the U.S. and her along with her other American hating cohorts belong nowhere near our congress to tell We, the American people that we are racists and Islamaphobes because we will not bend to their evil ways of life. You have my permission to call me a racist and or bigot if you want to because I absolutely despise these Muslims and I make no bones about it. I serve in the armed forces of my country so that we could remain a free and prosperous nation and people. What have you ever done to help protect our great country? My guess would be absolutely nothing except bitch about how the Muslim communists are being unfairly treated. Grow up already and grow a pair and defend your country instead of denigrating those who are trying every day to keep us safe The Rooster Has crowed!!!

      • Mike Otrok- that muslim POS bitch was NOT born in America.
        You are 1 dumbass mother f*cker. .
        She married her brother to become a citizen. You are a f*ckin moron that does not know a damn thing. You better go underground WHEN the civil war breaks out. You won’t make it through the 1st hour of war.

  62. Sam R says:

    I have never seen or heard anything that indicates Tucker is a racist. Omar proves she is a racist every time she speaks. So does AOC, and Rashida Taliban.

  63. marty armstrong says:

    Isn’t is amazing that Omar, Tahilb, OAC bring all of this on themselves and play the victims. Give me a break. All of them need to be removed from office immediately and heaven forbid they are voted back in. They have had nothing good or great about the USA, and they hate not only America but the American People. Send them all back to wherever they came from. I don’t believe one word that comes out of their mouths. They just want to publicity and they are nothing but a joke. To them I say this..and I mean it. I would tell them I’d love to send them back, but I don’t know what Hole they fell out of. They are an embarrassment to not only themselves, but to American and The American people. Get them out of their prospective offices and boot them to the curb.

  64. Gene Hudson says:

    These bubbleheads like Omar and AOCjust keep giving to the GOP.Their idiotic rhetoric and “Hate America”
    message has got to be wearing thin whether you are Dem. or Rep.Anyone with any common sense should be able to see right through them. The real shame is they probably dont look at any of these forums to see what prople really think of them . And they probably dont care as long as they get their face time(obscene as they may be)

  65. Christel says:

    I neither TRUST or believe 99% of what the Trump haters have to say…on any level!
    The ONLY station .i watch for ALL my news is FOX.
    While Tucker is NOT my favorite…he is my least favorite….Tucker has NEVER made any offensive comments….If he had, I would gave stopped watching him immediately!

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Fox? Do you watch from one of the five countries in Mexico? Don’t use sunscreen there. Fox says you get Vtamin D from the sun. Comes from food. Recent commentators on Fox and friends said global warming is due to the Earth spinning to much. Green Party wants to stop rotation of Earth. Enjoy!

  66. Tom says:

    These low lifes can only play the Race Card. I am sorry our great Country have these freshman America hating people representing us. A damn shame and disgrace.

  67. Jack says:

    She should be deported. Her lgnorance is Epic.

  68. Pat says:

    You know, maybe we ALL should try suing the Dem’s in Congress, one after the other. Keep them busy with lawsuits and off Mr. Trump. It could happen. They are obscene, hateful, against us and more. I think this MUST be done. They are hurting America big time.

  69. Dave Miedema says:

    In regards to the photo of Rep. Omar atop this article:

    Is she wearing a nose ring or is that just a huge snot that flowed out of her nose?

  70. Peggy says:

    What happened to Glen Beck at least he tells the truth like Carlson does and he’s a Christian.

    • DEM777 says:

      I do not know what happened to Glen Beck.

      But too many Liberals are on Fox News now. And Fox News allow Liberal voices more than Conservative to speak.

      Peggy, hope you have a wonderful day. Take Care. Diana

      • Mike Otrok says:

        Yes,alternate views should be suppressed. OBEY!!

        • DEM777 says:

          Milke Otrok, alternate views is what the Liberal Democrats spit out all the time. The Views is all that matter to them.

          I am so sick of hearing lies from their mouth.

          We all have the right to speak and give our views, but on Fox News, they let Liberals speak more than Conservatives. That is what I have notice.

          On CNN, MSNBC, and all Liberal News Stations ONLY SPEAK THEIR VIEWS. Conservative Republican views means nothing to them. They do not want to hear our side. SO THERE!

  71. Raine says:

    If anyone should be fired, it should be her sorry azz. She does nothing but put down America, the country that saved her life. Where’s the gratitude??

  72. DEM777 says:

    I have been watching Fox News for many years.

    I wish I could find a true Conservative News Station.

    The last few years Fox News has been changing. It is not Conservative anymore. Only a few people are but Fox has hired to many Liberals.

    I like Carson.

    I dislike watching Shepard Smith, every time he comes on I turn the channel. He is Liberal and hates Christians. Also there are others that are Liberal that I will not watch.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      Christians are full of hate. Carson Daly is late night.

      • DEM777 says:

        Mike Otrok, you are saying that God Almighty the Father, that created you and Jesus Christ that DIED FOR YOU are full of hate.

        I pity you for you are NOT IN THE BOOK OF LIFE.

        Your words will condemn you when you die and face Jesus Christ.

        Your god is yourself and satan. You will be living with him in hell for eternity.

        Unless you decide to change and be like me. A true born again Christian. That follows my Savior Jesus Christ only. I do not follow man.

      • dodgerday says:

        You must lead a very miserable life to have such a deranged perception that Christians are full of hate. It’s actually just the opposite- to lead a Christian life is one that is guided by love, not hate!! I truly feel sorry for you. Obviously, you are a very troubled and misguided man.

        • Linda M. says:

          dodgerday:These brainwashed Democrats that spew their hate on these blogs are just like the party they defend.I truthfully believe they are paid to posts on these sites just to cause problems.Just because we are Christians( which they nothing about) they mistake kindness for stupidity. And even Jesus got angry at the temple..GOD wants us to be kind and loving but not like sheep being lead to slaughter…..

    • Dawn lee says:

      He hates Christians because he knows sodomy is an abomination in Christ’s eyes.

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Hey Dum666, Fox is mostly very conservative, the morning idiots, The Five, Hannity, Ingraham, Gutfeld, Fox Business, Lou Dobbs., even Geraldo is a right wing nut job now.

    • Justice for Trump says:

      Hey Dum666, Fox is mostly very conservative, the morning idiots, The Five, Hannity, Ingraham, Gutfeld, Fox Business, Lou Dobbs., even Geraldo is a right wing nut job now.

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