Ilhan Omar said one thing about Donald Trump that no one ever expected

“Squad” member Ilhan Omar was one of the ring leaders of the push to impeach Donald Trump.

Omar’s leveled false and racist criticisms at America, the President, and his supporters.

And now Ilhan Omar said one thing about Donald Trump that no one ever expected.

Donald Trump embraced controversial plan to pump over one trillion dollars of stimulus into the economy to mitigate the economic effects of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

No business cased the recession and Trump doesn’t want worker to feel the economic pinch of the coming recession, but many conservatives oppose what they call “bailouts” of certain industries.

Ilhan Omar added to conservative doubts about the plan by praising Trump for embracing ideas such as loan guarantees and cutting $1,000 government checks to Americans below a certain income threshold.

Conservatives are worried about the 22 trillion dollar debt and are concerned Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will take advantage of this crisis to push for long sought after socialist priorities instead of targeted help to American workers.

Ilhan Omar’s praise for this legislative approach does not allay those fears.

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  1. Gary says:

    I cant believe anybody would vote for her…Shes is out there…and lame

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