Ilhan Omar never imagined this person would betray her

Ilhan Omar’s scandals are piling up.

And the Democrats are none too pleased.

But Ilhan Omar never imagined this person would betray her.

Democrats are grappling with how to handle Ilhan Omar’s repeated anti-Semitic comments.

Some want an apology, but others are afraid to confront her because of her rockstar status within the Democrat Party.

Congressman Dean Phillips is in the former camp.

He confronted Omar in a closed-door meeting and urged her to apologize and reaffirm Israel’s right to exist.

The Washington Post reports:

At a late-night meeting blocks from the Capitol, about a dozen lawmakers shared their raw experiences with bigotry and discrimination, hoping the stories would bridge the glaring interfaith divide. Suddenly, Rep. Dean Phillips, a Jewish Democrat, shattered a moment meant to be about listening and learning — not politics.

Phillips felt he had to address what had been unspoken for nearly two hours — the recent divisive remarks of Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim who suggested American supporters of Israel have an “allegiance to a foreign country.”

Those kinds of remarks, Phillips said, represented “tips of the arrow” — small but devastating offenses that made Jews fearful of a rising tide of anti-Semitism. Phillips told his fellow Minnesota freshman that she had to apologize and said the group should publicly affirm Israel’s right to exist and protect itself.

But Omar and Rashida Tlaib were not pleased.

Tlaib broke into tears complaining about the supposed oppression her Palestinian mother faced.

The meeting highlighted the Democrats’ divide over Israel where the old guard wants to support Israel but the new guard is violently anti-Israel.

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150 Responses

  1. Keith Ricklefs says:

    I read somewhere that Barack Obama put her there.

  2. Alan Lane Gooch says:

    This soulless hateful jew hater does not need to apologize anymore as she does not mean it and it is never done in a meaningful way. Ir is I am sorry but you made me do it. It is always played from the victims point of view. Here you have a woman born nas property and worth nothing more than a few goats at most. This woman was lucky and fortunate enough to be brought to the United States of America.She was fed,housed sent to school then college for 4 years. After her graduation she runs for Congress and wins on the basis of woman of color elected to Congress and being a Muslim too. All this you would think would be enough to make any person extremely grateful .fortunate and lucky beyond belief. You would think this person was happy with all the luck she had received. As it turns out to be just the opposite. She hates the Country that adopted her.She still pals around with terrorist enemies of the Country that rescued her. SHe never has anything but bad to say about the Country that elevated her to the level she is.She should be sent home no questions asked. No more bull just leave.

  3. AMERICAN’S need to get out there in those districts and run for office! I hear the Paycheck is pretty hefty! If we want our Country back? We need to start watching EVERY POLITICAL RACE! If you see an Anti-American Running for Office (Even Dog-Catcher?) Get off your American Rear-Ends and Run for Office Yourself! That’s how we do it!!! Go get ’em

  4. Agnes says:

    I agree Nancy, why are these ( three plants by these foreign Government’s being allowed to stay in USA!

  5. who does this women thank she is? But she is fooled because we all know what she is………….
    You needs to sit in the back row and keep your mouth shut if possible The MUSLIMS cannot
    slide into our country and thank they own it…..If it was up to me you would be without a
    job STARTING NOW…..Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  6. karen says:

    well said

  7. Philip Simon says:

    What is with the Liberal Congressional Jews, the Jewish voter either is educated and stupid, or just ignorant that words will never harm them, they forget history.

  8. Carol says:

    Omar said that those who support Israel are Americans with divided loyalties. She cursed our president. The liberals gathered to support her & smooth over her libelous remarks.
    Yet, when judge Janine called her on her own divided loyalties, the judge was pulled off the air.
    Let’s get on Fox about their cowardly action. Bring the outspoken judge back!

  9. trapperwv1 says:

    She is a congress woman not in the Senate, but yes has no business there.

  10. trapperwv1 says:

    The news media hypes these people, If Omar was assimilating to America she would be defending herself against all the attacks against her, she would also be telling how great America is , and telling everyone that Israel is our best ally. She is a fraud and disgrace.

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