Ilhan Omar made the most insane coronavirus claim you will ever see

Democrats are not being helpful in the response to the coronavirus.

Instead of working with the President, Democrats see this crisis as a prime opportunity to impose socialism on America.

And now Ilhan Omar made the most insane coronavirus claim you will ever see.

The coronavirus threatens to overwhelm hospital systems across the country as the virus causes a wave of hospitalizations.

President Trump put in place social distancing guidelines to “flatten the curve” by reducing in-person interactions.

This will spread out the infections to maintain a manageable caseload.

An overwhelmed hospital system will not only lead to more coronavirus deaths, but also the deaths from ailments that doctors and nurses could otherwise treat had they not been swamped with coronavirus cases.

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar floated the idea of Soviet-style government takeover of all the nation’s private hospitals.

No one could figure out how that would increase hospital capacity.

The government seizing hospitals would not increase hospital capacity because the number of beds and ICU units are what they are.

Omar is just seizing on the coronavirus outbreak because the Left believes in “never letting a crisis go to waste” and thinks this is the time they can impose a socialized medicine scheme on the country.

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54 Responses

  1. S.L. says:

    Omar claims she is Muslim but by all her past actions she doesn’t fit into their idealistic propaganda with marrying her brother, marrying twice and divorcing twice and living with another man. She is a hack, sham artist and her cozy relationship to the terrorist organization CAIR. She should be kicked out of congress and the US plus have her citizenship revoked. In all her talking she thinks she can get the attention of people to agree to her ideology of the perfect Muslim country. The Democrats have already adopted this idea by allowing someone like her, Rashaid, Presley and several others to be part of congress. They can’t be trusted., them all out in November!

  2. Joseph Fydrych says:

    In order to push their pro abortion agenda, the Democrap’s, should use Ilhan as their poster girl for legalized abortions.

  3. Casio-Cortex-bartender says:

    Hey Omar, you Somali ho’! Tell me ANY GUBMENT run entity that is efficient. Amtrak? The postal service? LMFAO!!!! Funny that the only one that takes care of business is the money grubbing I.R.S.

  4. hart isaacs says:

    Omar and other Hags of the fecal squad should have been defecated out of Congress a long time ago. What is holding up this essential process?

    Dr. Mento

  5. ANI4ANI says:

    Billion not big plz 4give peter made it’s own correction

  6. ANI4ANI says:

    Was it 350 mil or big. 4 resettling illegals? I would agree 2 the latter if they were resettled in their own countries.

  7. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Omar is as dumb as a boxes of rocks. Why people vote these idiots into congress is beyond me.
    The worst thing you can do now is have the government take over management of the hospitals.
    The government can’t even pass a stimulus package without a bunch of pork in it, and payments to people who haven’t lost their jobs because they are retired. Congress is worthless. You want them running your hospitals????

  8. Robbie Kenan says:

    Ilhan (Omar)Elmi is a Jihadist terrorist. She should be deported and banned from ever entering the United States.

  9. Gary Alford says:

    Reinstate the Mc Claren Warren Act !!!!!!!

  10. Jerry Moore says:

    Hey Americans when are you going to wake up
    The deplorable squad has stabbed all you dumb democrats your party has failed
    You supported a Muslim obammie slimy who done very little

  11. Cook says:

    Her cgovernment let her treat them.
    onstituents need a good dose of this virus, and since she claims to be

  12. John J says:

    This brother banging maggot should be stoned right here on live TV

  13. JESSE says:

    She should be sent back to her country, to be stoned for committing adultery.
    To bad I won’t be there to throw the first STONE…..

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