Ilhan Omar made one crazy 2020 decision that has Democrats panicking

The Democrat Party’s Presidential nominating contest is not playing out like anyone planned.

Top party officials worry the field of candidates is far weaker than they first thought and that the eventual nominee will struggle to beat Donald Trump.

And then Ilhan Omar made one crazy 2020 decision that has Democrats panicking.

Ilhan Omar and two of her fellow “Squad” members endorsed Bernie Sanders for President, Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backing Sanders jolted his campaign with a boost of energy after pundits largely wrote off Sanders’ bid.

At a campaign rally in Minnesota, Omar explained why she supported Sanders.

Breitbart reports:

Omar went on to claim that a “movement” must be built in order for Sanders to take the White House from President Donald Trump.

“Here’s the cold truth: We can’t achieve any of these goals if we don’t build a movement that is representative of all of our aspirations, all of our pain, and all of our shared trauma,” Omar said. “That is why we must build a mass movement of the working class that transcends faith, age, gender, and background.”

“That’s what we fight for here in Minnesota every single day and that’s the movement that Senator Bernie Sanders is building” Omar continued. “Bernie knows that systematic change in this country has never taken place without millions of people organizing to demand that change.”

“That is the history of the labor movement, the history of the women’s liberation movement, that is the history of the civil rights movement, and the LGBTQ movement, and the disability rights
under equal justice movement,” the freshman Minnesota Congresswoman added.

Democrats are dreading this news.

Omar and her fellow “Squad” members throwing their full support behind Sanders means the Vermont Senator is likely to stay in the nominating contest until very end.

“The Squad” sees Sanders as a vehicle to drive the party to the left and they are supporting his ideological crusade to impose socialism on America more so than to see a Democrat win in 2020.

Sanders taking his campaign to the convention helped divide the Democrat Party in 2016.

With the “Squad’s” help, Sanders could pull off a two-fer: Sanders could stay in the race until the bitter end and push the party farther to the left and fracture the Left’s coalition.

Both of those outcomes would ensure Donald Trump wins again in 2020.


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66 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    We know Omar is a Muslim, here are some of the thing that the Qur’an teaches.
    Surah 2:190 And engage in war for the sake of Allah against those who war against you, and do not transgress. Surely Allah does not love the transgressors. 191 And kill them wherever you find them, and get them out from where they got you out. And the sedition is worse than the killing. And do not engage in war with them at the forbidden mosque until they engage in war with you in it. So if they engage in war with you, so kill them; likewise is the reward of the infidel.
    Surah 2:244 And engage in war for the sake of Allah, and know that Allah is hearing, knowing.
    The peaceful Muslims are to engage in war for the sake of Allah, and kill the infidels, not just fight them. But engage in war and kill the infidels. It is the reward of the infidel.
    Surah 3:28 Believers do not take infidels for friends, rather than the believers. Whoever does this so he has nothing to do with Allah, but that you should guard yourselves from them your fear of him [Allah]. And Allah himself warns you, and to Allah is the return.
    Muslims are not supposed to take infidels for friends. This surah is saying that when a Muslim takes an unbeliever for a friend, the Muslim is not with Allah.
    Surah 3:32 Say, “Obey Allah and the Messenger.” So if they turn away, so surely Allah does not love the infidel.
    Surah 3:54 And they deceived, and Allah deceived. And Allah is the best deceiver.
    Surah 3:57 And as for those who believed and did good deeds, so he will pay them their wages. And Allah does not love the unjust.
    Allah is the best deceiver, and hates the non – Muslims and/or the unbelievers of Islam and the Qur’an. Allah hates the non – Muslims, the unbelievers, the infidels.
    Surah 3:85 And whoever desires any other religion except Islam, so it will not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be of the losers.
    Islam is the only religion that should be accepted. All other religions are losers and are not acceptable to Allah. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the only way to heaven.
    Surah 3:110 You were the best nation who came forth to the people. You command what is right and you forbid the disgraceful deed and you believe in Allah. And if the people of the Book believed, it would have been better for them. Some of them are the believers, and most of them are transgressors.
    The Muslims are the best. It is a disgrace to not believe in Islam. All other religions are disgraceful to Allah. Some of the people of the Book are believers of Islam.
    Surah 3:127 That he might cut a portion from those who became infidels or cast them down so they will return failures.
    The non – believer of Islam, the Jews and the Christians are the worst people. The people of the Book means: the people of the Bible.
    Surah 3:195 So their lord answered them, “I will not lose the work of a worker among you, whether male or female, some of you from the others. So those who emigrate and are forced out of their homes and have suffered in my cause and engaged in war and killed, I will atone for their sins, and I will admit them into gardens, below then the rivers flow, a reward from Allah. And Allah has the best reward.”
    Engage in war and kill and Allah will atone for their sins, and will admit them into the gardens, below then the rivers flow, a reward from Allah. And Allah has the best reward. Allah rewards those who engage in war and kills the unbelievers.
    Surah 4:71 O you who have believed, take your precautions, so go to war in separate groups, or go to war all together.
    Surah 4:74 So let those who purchase the life of this world for the hereafter engage in war for the sake of Allah, And whoever engage in war for the sake of Allah, whether he is killed or victorious, so we will give him a great wage. 75 And what is the reason that you should not engage in war for the sake of Allah? And the weakened among the men and women and the children who say, “Our lord, get us out of this village where its people are unjust and grant us from you a friend and grant us a helper [who gives us victory] from you.” 76 Those who believed engage in war for the sake of Allah, and those who became infidels engage in war for the sake of the idolatry, so engage in war with the friends of Satan. Surely the scheme of Satan was weak.
    Go and engage in war for the sake of Allah, and kill those who do not believe in Islam. Whether the Muslim is killed or victorious, he will be given a great wage. The infidels are weak and friends of Satan. And ‘This is the right direction for a young man to go?’
    The Holy Quran can guide a man in the right, (peaceful), direction. “Really?”
    Surah 4:84 So engage in war for the sake of Allah, lay not burdens on any but yourself, and provoke the believers. Perhaps Allah will restrain the torment of those who became infidels and Allah is the strongest in torment and is the strongest in retribution.
    In Surah 4:84 Allah is prolonging his tormenting of the infidels so the Muslims of the peaceful religion of Islam can go to war and kill the infidels to prove their commitment to Allah.
    Surah 4:89 They desire that you should become infidels as they are infidels so that you should be alike. So do not take any of them for friends until they emigrate for the sake of Allah. So if they turn away, so seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and do not take from them as friends or helpers [who give you victory].
    Surah 5:17a Infidels indeed are those who said, “Surely Allah is the Christ, son of Mary.” Say, “So who could have anything against Allah if he desired to destroy the Christ, son of Mary, and his mother and all who are on the earth?”
    Surah 5:33 Surely the reward of those who war against Allah and his messenger and go about to vandalize on the earth is only that they will be killed or crucified or their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides or they will be banished from the earth. This is their disgrace in this world, and in the hereafter they will have a great torment.
    Surah 8:12 When your Lord revealed to the angels: “I am with you, so make firm those believed. I will cast a terror into the hearts of those who became infidels. So chop on their necks, and chop off every finger from them.”
    Surah 8:39 And engage in war with them until there will not be sedition and the religion, (Islam), will be completely to Allah. So, if they cease, so surely Allah sees what they do.
    According to the Qur’an infidels are rebellious against Islam and Allah. In Surah 8:39 they and them are the infidels, all other religions. Because the Infidels do not believe in Islam they are rebellious against Islam and Allah. Muslims are to engage in war against the infidels until there is no more rebellion against Islam and Allah. Islam is the only religion that can or is allowed to exist. It is a must for Muslims to get rid of all other religions because of their rebellion against Islam.
    Surah 8:65a O you prophet, provoke the believers to engage in war.
    Surah 8:67a It was not for a prophet to take captives until he had made great slaughter in the land.
    The prophet Muhammad is to provoke the believers to engage in war. The prophet Muhammad should take captives only after he has made a great slaughter of the infidels in the land.
    Surah 9:5 So when the forbidden months are passed, “so kill the polytheists wherever you find them, and take them [as captives], and besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush, so if they repent (convert to Islam), and perform the prayer and give the legal alms, so leave their way free. Surely Allah is forgiving, merciful.
    Surah 9: 12 And if they break their oath after their covenant and stab in your religion, so engage in war with the leaders of the infidels. Surely there is no oath for them, perhaps they may desist. 13 Will you not engage in war with people who broke their oath and intend to expel the messenger, and they attack you first time? Do you fear them? So Allah is more worthy that you fear him, if you were believers. 14 Engage in war with them. Allah will torment them by your hands and put them to shame and give you victory over them and heal the chest of a believing people.
    Engage in war with the leaders of the infidels if they break their oath to believe in Islam. Allah will torment them by the Muslims hands.
    Surah 9:29 Engage in war with those who do not believe in Allah and in the last day. And do not forbid what Allah and his messenger forbid, and do not believe in the religion of truth among those who have been given the book until they pay the jizya out of hand and they are subdued.
    Surah 9:73 O you prophet, perform jihad against the infidels and the Hypocrites, and be harsh with them. And their abode will be hell, and evil is the destination.
    Surah 9:111 Surely Allah has purchased from the believers their persons and their money so that they may have the garden. They will engage in war for the sake of Allah. So they will kill, and they will be killed; a promise of this is true in the torah and in the Gospel, and in the Qur’an. And who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? So receive the good news in your pledge which you have pledged with, and this is the great triumph.
    Surah 9:123 O you who have believed, engage in war against the infidels who are near to you, and let them find in you harshness, and know that Allah is with the fearer.
    Surah 47:4 So when you meet those who became infidels, so strike the necks [decapitating] until you have made a great slaughter among them. So firmly bind them. So let there either be free dismissals or for a ransom, until the war is over. In this way, and if Allah wills, he will take vengeance on them, but he would rather test some of you by the other. And those who were killed for the sake of Allah, so he will not let their works go astray.
    Surah 98:6 Surely those who became infidels, from the people of the book and polytheists, will abide in the fire of hell forever. Those are worst of the creatures.
    Surah 3:151 We will cast terror into the hearts of those who become infidels because they partner [other gods] with Allah which he did not send down with any sultan. And their abode is the fire, and evil is the place of the unjust.
    Surah 8:60 And prepare for them whatever power you can and of the tying of horses. Strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others without them, you do know Allah knows them. And what you spend from anything for the sake of Allah, it will be repaid you, and you will not be dealt with unjustly.
    Surah 33:26 And he brought down the people of the book who backed them from their strong places and cast terror into their hearts.
    Notice the last three Surah’s Allah commands to cast and strike terror into their hearts of those who become infidels and into the hearts of their enemies and of Allah’s enemies, for the sake of Allah. Allah will not hold them unjustly for striking terror into their hearts.
    It is Allah’s command to engage in war for his sake. Allah hates the infidel, this is anyone who does not believe in Islam. Muslims are ordered to kill the infidels (unbelievers), wherever the Muslims find the infidels if they will not accept Islam as their faith. The unbelievers are rebellious and must be kill if they will not believe in Islam.
    Omar supports LGBTQ only to get their votes.

  2. Don Juan says:

    I cannot believe how corrupt the Democrat Party has become. They are nothing but a bunch of evil devils who wear expensive suits and dresses. I cannot even classify them as being human at all. They are nothing but a bunch of inhuman monsters. Every last one of them. Only naïve people that have the brain size that of a walnut or they have the mental capacity that of a Neanderthal man, will vote for a Democrat in 2020. If you want prosperity to continue in this country, you have to vote for Trump and the Republicans. If you vote for Democrats, then you vote for misery and despair. If you vote for the Republicans, then you vote for prosperity and job growth. It’s a simple as that, folks.

  3. Ted Quirk says:

    The DNC will ‘take care’ of Bernie just like they did last time.

  4. Glenn says:

    She’s a jihadi and wants to build a movement based on rape, pillage and murder. Well, that fits right in the communist demoCROOK party.

  5. BIRTHER says:

    ARREST this SOMALI KNEE GROW MUZZY , STRIP her so-called Citizenship and DEPORT her MUZZY ASS . Along with every other SOMALI MUZZY BASTARD IN the USA

  6. Barry says:

    All of you communists……get the hell out of or country before the revolution starts.

  7. Gary Pollard says:

    I only have one question. How can she be a true rag headed Muslim and still support the LGBTQ?

  8. Brian says:

    What pain , suffering and trauma is she talking about ? Is she referring to the 8 years of the Obama administration that resulted in lost jobs and more Americans on Food Stamps ? Or maybe the war on Law Enforcement officers ? Or maybe it was the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton selling uranium to the Russians ? But then again , maybe it was the murder of an Ambassador and 4 other Americans in Bengahzi ! The only thing the Democrats are good for is selling out our country to terrorists ! As for the “Squad” , maybe WE THE PEOPLE should vote out ALL Demoncrats and outlaw that stinking party !

    • Jeannette says:

      Now that would be real term limits. Every person in Congress should be subjected to a vote of confidence every year, and if they do not get at least 70%, then someone else should be put in their place.

  9. Ken says:

    Can you imagine what it must be like to go through life with an outlook like this: “Here’s the cold truth: We can’t achieve any of these goals if we don’t build a movement that is representative of all of our aspirations, all of our pain, and all of our shared trauma,” Omar said. ?

    What a horrible way to live, believing the world around us is full of pain and trauma. Yikes!

    • Philip simon says:

      There is a difference between me and Omar, when I shower or take a bath, the dirt comes wright off me, when she does, she can not wash it off, she wears it.

  10. ih8reps says:

    F-N racist RETARDican scum bags!

  11. Chenz says:

    Unsubscribe this site difficult to use
    Good luck to us deplorable today! Really!!

  12. Randall says:

    Sorry Burnie this shows how bad your choices are , they are your downfall. So by by Bernie ,and your band of mixed nuts .

  13. Armando B Bernal says:

    Those 3 rabid bitches endorsing “old man” Sanders is more like a “mafia kiss of death”, it’s a goodbye kiss, knowing their intention is to make the “old man” lose momentum. See ya “old man”

  14. libra l says:

    She is very smart–Smart enough to steal 230,000.00 in campaign funds to pay her married lover for their out of sight affair.. She obviously holds the USA as an enemy of her picture of a perfect Marxist Utopia. She can always leave if she hates the USA so greatly. Only problem–she has been able to lie, cheat and steal her way into politics –how manty of her refugee constituents voted for her legally–we will probably never know. She needs to be deported back to her perfect Utopia of Somalia.

  15. john says:

    Forget the DEMOCRAT PARTY. This is not about them, these people are using the platform of the party to undermine America and get the seed started for their Communist Revolution to take over Amerika? This is NO small thing people, it is how the Bolchevik’s started the take over of Russia. and it is happening right in front of us. They are well organized after 8 years of Obama and very well funded by the jew hating Soros.

  16. Delores says:

    That nasty ass towel headed hoe is disgusting and she needs to get the hell out of this country ! Bernie is a freaking joke and nothing but a freeloader. As for the rest of the squat squad they make me sick.

  17. John J says:

    The movement this rag headed maggot would start involves “some people doing some things” The ethics committee should be riding it our of our congress on a rail, fornicating with one’s brother is unacceptable

  18. B. Hicks says:

    If the U.S. veterans and the active duty service members have anything to say about this, Sanders will fail in a stupendous way. Bernie Sanders is a traitor to our military personnel as well as to all veterans that have fought to keep our great nation safe from those that wish the U.S. and her people harm. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

  19. Ted says:

    One look at that ugly bitch Omar tells you why those desert rats have sex with animals. Goats are better looking and no doubt smell a lot better than their women.

  20. Ted says:

    All democrats are crazy assholes.

  21. DazzleMe says:

    These “squad members” are out to destroy America. Bernie wants this to be a communist country “tyranny”

    • herbert says:

      Correct. They are out to destroy America and that is the only reason they backed Commissar Bernie as he is the best bet to murder America for the globalists.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Some great “Squad” ! Two America hating, proven liar, muslims, a Black Activist, and a Certifiable, Batsh*t crazy Kook !

  22. larrytiver says:

    Anyway to set up a communication on some forum (without being monitored by Demorats} to begin a conversation about taking our country back from them?

  23. All I know is God forbid there is another civil war because that will be the end of censorship!

    • John says:

      The squad is all about another civil war. they are nothing less than domestic terrorists. Read about the Bolchevik Revolution. This is how it started and the sounds coming from the left are right in line with the new communist Amerika.

  24. Dicky says:

    I can’t understand how these squad assholes are still in our government, I guess when you are a Democrat you can get buy with anything, the American people better wake up!

  25. Mojo says:

    why would be want a person who is getting support for the squad as president the squad is anti-American, anti-Jewish and Anti-anyone who doesn’t think the way they do what a way to tear the final pins out of American and the legal American citizens

    • S.L. says:

      Your right! I believe the squad are anti American and Omar is part of a terrorist group. These idiots like Omar, AOC, and Rishad. They don’t know how lucky they are to live in the USA. Obama made the decision to send all these Somali people to Minnesota who are rude and disrespectful. AOC, who supposedly has a college education is as arrogant as a door nail. She may have a degree on paper but no common sense——actually that goes for all three.

    • robert says:

      Yup -this is the Downfall of Bernie if He thinks that the Tres Las Idiotas Squad backs him up as these Individuasl are Really Really IDIOTS and He should have know better but then again what happens to All the Followers
      when Somebody/Someone outside comes in and He is thrown under the Bus again

  26. Here we go again what was wrong with my comment this time? At least tell me why it can’t be posted?

    • The Real M says:

      Ron the Hammmer, Wrong with your comment, absolutely nothing, it was too conservative and PP/Google censored and deleted it!
      Happens to us conservatives all the time. Try using different words and phrases to get your comment to transmit.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Don’t use the word “social -ism” or “social -ist”.
      Type it like I posted. I found they have that word blocked for some reason.

  27. Michael Javick says:

    An all encompassing Civil War 2 is fast approaching…RET US army

  28. Dan Winright says:

    Do the dumbocraps need any toilet paper after their movements?

  29. Lowell says:

    Maybe the squad can get their old jobs back when the Republicans take back the House and Omar and her brother is sent packing back to change their country they ran away from.

  30. mlhtd51 says:

    Demonrats are confused about what to do, That’s a sign that the Enemy is Winning. Re-Elect TRUMP 2020 !

  31. Rani says:

    This god damn page never prints what I write. They must be on Ilhan Omar’s side.

    • Chemz says:

      Omar woman without a country

    • SweetOlBob says:

      You must have committed a cardinal sin ! Did you say anything about filthy, America hating, female mutilating, child raping , non-assimilating, pushy, in-your-face muslims ? Did you accuse demoRATS in general of obstructing, and doing nothing but trying to torpedo PRESIDENT TRUMP ? Did you claim that the Manure Stream Media was in the bag for democRATS but hated PRESIDENT TRUMP and lied constantly to harm him ?
      Did you use the dirty language of Tlaib ? Did you point out democRAT lies ?
      If you didn’t o any of that, I guess they just don’t like you.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      They have certain words blocked. One of them is what Bernie describes himself as.
      Democratic Socia……
      They don’t like that second word so they block it.

  32. Damn CIVIL war coming if this keeps happening

  33. Fidel says:

    The squat squad shame white people and all men. It’s the rot of feminism. Go phuc your brother muslime ilhan the goat Smelling illegal

  34. STAN says:


    • trebor says:

      No, she is not NUTS, she is saying the same thing that Obama said. She will help Bernie destroy our country. You have to remember that the cause is to make this a MUSLIM country and Obama shipped hundreds of thousands of Muslims into cities to take control of Congressional districts. This is what is happening in Europe and in time may happen here.

      • Wyn Brewis says:

        You’re right, she is not nuts; she hates this country and running for Congress was her way to fight against America. Today she said that it’s time Western Imperialism was defeated – those were Barack Hussein Obama’s thoughts and why he ran for President. He wanted to be President so he could “fundamentally change America”, and these hateful people are continuing what he started. She got elected because her District is comprised largely with people from her damn country. Minnesota would be a good place to check for illegals voting!!

  35. Earl says:

    As long as the “Squat Squad” keep on doing to AMERICA what that name suggest they are strickly ANTI-AMERICAN. Sanders running on an Independent ticket will split the DumbocRATic vote.

    • Charlie says:

      I remember when back in the 1950’s the Democrat party was full of intelligent intellectuals. Today the party is a bunch of American hating muslims, commies and ex bartenders!!!

  36. This whole Dem party is nuts! They get nuttier everyday. It’s almost like they know they have been had. My poor anscestors have got to be rolling over to see what our party has become! This is very shameful!

  37. Carl J Bujan says:

    I have never seen a weaker number of idiots running for president than the democratic party. Trump wins by a land slide in 2020.

  38. Mike Hunt says:

    Tell Bernie to run independent! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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