Ilhan Omar just said two words that will make Trump supporters’ blood boil

Ilhan Omar is one of the most corrupt members of Congress, perhaps in history. 

Despite this, she feels like she has the moral high-ground to attack Trump supporters. 

And she just said two words that will make Trump supporters’ blood boil. 

Since getting elected to Congress in 2018, Ilhan Omar hasn’t been able to go more than a few weeks without getting into trouble.

Her anti-Semitism has gotten her banned from traveling to Israel.

And her marriage scandals have caused the FBI to launch an investigation into her. 

But despite all of this, she still can’t keep her mouth shut.

And during a recent interview with The Washington Post, she crossed another line. 

While talking about Trump rallies, she referred to them as “Klan rallies.” 

“To speak about me at every single rally didn’t really matter where he was, sometimes multiple times in a day, as he held his Klan rallies throughout the country,” Omar said.

With this statement, she is essentially saying that half of America are Ku Klux Klan members. 

This is far from the first time she has called Trump racist. 

Just last month she said about Trump, “This man is a white supremacist.”

So she is now leveling her hatred against not just Trump, but all of his supporters. 

If Joe Biden is to take over as President, this will mean bad news for Trump supporters. 

Biden’s Presidential campaign was launched in an ad referencing the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, where he lied stating that Trump called white supremacists “very fine people.” 

His entire campaign is based on combating those people. 

But, as Omar demonstrates, the “white supremacists” they will target are actually those who supported President Donald Trump. 

Prominent Washington Post and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin made all of this clear in a viral Tweet.

She said that any Trump supporter who continues to support him should “never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position, or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” adding that “We have a list.”

All of these statements together create a very dangerous situation for Trump supporters. 

The Left wants to ensure that Trump supporters never have the power to put somebody who actually supports putting America First in office. 

A part of pulling that off will be labeling everybody who disagrees with their agenda as a “white supremacist.”

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