Ilhan Omar just revealed a despicable plan that will bankrupt America

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to prove how much disdain she has for the United States.

She hops on any opportunity to attack the country that she fled to as a child.

And she just revealed a despicable plan that will bankrupt America.

Ilhan Omar has a lot of insane and downright despicable policy proposals.

Her anti-Israel BDS legislation is so dangerous that she is banned from visiting the Jewish state of Israel.

The goal of BDS is to bankrupt Israel through boycotts, divestments, and sanctions.

But it isn’t just Israel that her policies would bankrupt.

She just announced a public housing plan that costs $1 trillion.

City Lab reports:

“Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar introduced a bold act on Thursday that would commit $1 trillion to the cause of affordable housing. That’s trillion with a T, which makes Omar’s bill a new milemarker in the progressive left’s efforts to stake out a national housing agenda.

Housing has emerged as a pressing issue on the campaign trail, and it surfaced as a concern during the Democratic Party forum on Wednesday night. Several candidates discussed their plans on topics such as zoning, rent relief, and racial segregation. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to the history of redlining, while New Jersey Senator Cory Booker mentioned his plan for a tax credit for renters. Yet a separate idea is brewing on the left. Housing is a litmus for liberals, as as a younger generation of progressives embraces a solution abandoned by elected officials after decades of systemic failures: public housing.

Omar’s Homes for All Act plants a flag for an unapologetic public housing agenda. Her bill would authorize funding for 12 million new homes over 10 years, most of which would take the form of public housing.”

Public housing complexes have largely been a failure. Their management is rife with corruption, and the complexes themselves are hotbeds for crime.

These “affordable” housing complexes also bring down the property values of homes near them, hurting middle class Americans.

This doesn’t even bring up the fact that the United States cannot afford to spend $1 trillion, or if passed, Omar’s plan would certainly lead to a major tax increase for hard-working Americans.


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79 Responses

  1. Perry F says:

    Iihan Omar, when you are kicked out of office and deported, please take your UGLY STING PATHETIC looking CAMEL with you.

  2. Barry says:

    America, wake up before it’s too late! We have to get rid of these communists before they take over! When and if they take over, they will take our guns first so we can’t defend ourselves from tyranny. Don’t sit there and day it won’t happen because that’s exactly what will happen and when and if we let that happen millions like you and I will be slaughtered. Wake up America! Communists are indoctrinating our kids in all of our schools and colleges. Wake up and stand up before it’s too late! Don’t day it can’t happen…..just open your writes and see what’s happening around our country!

  3. Elisabneth Crowell says:

    Why are we so stupid to let these people into our country so they can become naturalized citizens and the get elected into government office so they can destroy our nation

    • Barney says:

      “You can take a man out of a country, but you can’t take the country out of a man.’ Go to YouTube and check Dearborn, Michigan. They brought their country into the USA. See how nicely muslims adapt????

  4. Steven Terrell says:

    After reading most of these comments I would say it’s going to be cowboys and Muslims if something isn’t done to deport all Muslims out of this country like yesterday. They are invaders intent on taking over, and will never assimilate into our culture, but they will change ours. In the deportation make sure BO the chief Muslim goes with them.

    • Will Penny says:

      Cowboys win hands down in that matchup . Also make sure the Rope Factory , keeps plenty of Hemp rope on hand , for the Old Hangman has many Politician necks to stretch out , on the Far left wing liberals side and a Few Back Stabbing RINO’S , that need to be Dangling from the short end of a good Rope !!

    • Peter says:

      Obama cancelled all their plans for any death-defying move on the part of these liberals.. They will never pay the price that we are willing to pay “last full measure of devotion”.. It’s fine is someone else does it but if left on their own recognizance they would never commit to any agenda to that point.. They are all about “saving face” and they believe that’s their saving grace… because their delusions encourage a belief that their enemies are more Evil, corrupt, and criminal.. (little do they know).. When you fight fire we fire you will be held guilty for arson..

  5. TOM says:

    Just another false narrative another conspiracy theory to bring out all the HATER’S for the Radical Right to find solace in one another to spew all you’re HATRED, Sick people only feel better when their with their other SICK friends, long live SICKNESS, long live HATRED, long live RACISM, long live BIGOTRY, long live the STUPID, long live the IDIOTS.

    • Rob says:

      The only card you idiots have to play is the race card . Get a new deck moron !

      • Peter says:

        The “race card” is transparent JAIL BAIT to be used WHEN YOU WANT TO END UP IN THE CLINKER. No one is fool enough to engage with that “dust bin of history” any more. UNDESIRABLE JAIL BAIT… or otherwise patent FLATTERY.. Yeah, they love flattering themselves. (Narcissism evidently comes in some unlikely packages..)

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      Tom, are you talking about yourself? Because it sure seems like you are! Including all the fool you are associated with.


    Ilhan is an enemy to “We the People”…she hates America and everything we stand for for over 200 years. Put her on a boat out of here. We cannot and will not spend a trillion dollars on housing that will destroy our budget, our neighborhoods, our Medical care system, our water supply, our sanitation system, our farm growers, our Health, etc. She knows not what she does!!

  7. Christine Bradley says:

    You have no place in America — go back where you came from Ilhan. And it ain’t Minnesota.

  8. William Scanlon says:

    Why isn’t she being investigated for her immigration and tax fraud? She should be tried, convicted and sent back to Somalia!

    • Peter says:

      I’m working on the same project with “our” Mexicans.. My strategy is to make living in Mexico more realistic and more comfortable. I have a plan that all the lands abandoned by them (in Mexico) one day will be snapped up(“buy low sell high” principle) by quick thinking American investors (since practically worthless now) to be used as future bait for RETIREMENT (repatriation) communities in Mexico not far from where they (immigrants) started out.. (Less likely is to contract a plan through NASA for lunar exploration.. Some say there is actually high levels of oxygen there.. You just have to be brave enough to defy the odds.. I think the Mexicans here have by far shown the gumption to defy those odds..)

  9. Milf says:

    And the Democrats want to impeach President Trump.

  10. Gregory says:

    Get The Pig out of AMERICA PERMANENTLY and take All The Other Pigs with Her. All They want is to bring AMERICA to A sewer as is Iran, Syria, Iraq and Majority of Africa because of Their Ignorant Beliefs believing A false prophet dumb mohammad

  11. ES Ferguson says:

    Is her district made up entirely of east African immigrants??

    She is certainly an American in name only.

    • Louis Chen says:

      You’re correct! No one in Minn. would be dumb enough to vote for her. The C.I.S./I.C.E. should make sure all of her immigration papers are in order as well as her taxes. Any discrepancies should result in IMMEDIATE deportation.

  12. Peter says:

    Unfortunately for Islam it does bring to mind one hypocrisy which should (could) be addressed and that is religious pluralism.. How can we as Christians knowing there is only ONE God, ONE Creator, ONE Almighty Judge say there is such a thing without entertaining elements of polytheism? We CANNOT.. Other so-called religions are false where in some cases may be said actually entertain “the Devil in the details”.. Most Christians in good conscience draw the line at killings and allow for it in War and self-defense only as a momentary EVIL necessity. Muslims differ in that respect and their zeal allows them to entertain genocide as a principle in their very existence.. Isn’t that what we should be determining to be not a religious belief but a form of organized crime which is rival and contender for competitive beliefs.. They are in competition not solidarity with/to us.. and must be cited and sanctioned for such.

    • Wyatt Earp says:

      If you know the Bible then you should not be asking this question! Jesus said he was the only way to heaven. When you are being attack by false religious who believe that Mohammed is the real God. You should know that NO MAN HAD EVER SEEN GOD! Muslim do not believe JESUS IS GOD IN HUMAN FLESH

  13. Rivahmitch says:

    Omar is a mslim enemy and should be executed as should its Somali muslim supporters.

  14. Randall says:

    Demoncrates would appoint anyone into office , they have proven time and time again their are not American their dreamers of destruction ! They have done nothing to benefit the U S A . If demoncrates accusations become lies and can’t convict , then they are fully responsible for the entire proceedings.

    • John says:

      Most, if not all, Democrats are U. S. citizens. However, they have espoused the platform of the so-called “Progressives” which is the same platform as the Communist Party U. S. A. In other words, they want the overthrow of the U. S. and then set up themselves as the dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e. all the rest of the country.).

  15. John J says:

    What we need is the deportation of ALL illegals and a secure boarder where the military patrols, locked and loaded and not the delusions of a brother fornicating rag head

  16. Rob says:

    Deport her and learn from this bad experience . Vet all incoming foreigners and have standards. Because you can’t fix stupid ! We have enough of our own idiots . We don’t need the disposed trash from around the world camping in America.

  17. Deplorable Lanie says:

    She should be in deported. Not for her policies (which are horrendous) but for her crimes. I know that she is now a US Citizen, however, there is one crime for which you can lose your citizenship and be deported back to her home county. And that crime is IMMIGRATION FRAUD. Now she committed immigration fraud, not just once, but twice! The first time was for herself. She disguised herself as part of the Omar family, in fact not only herself but her father and sister also. America opened herself up to Somalia families that were trying to flee the violence, the only thing we asked is that they be a real family. She lied and disguised herself an a Omar and it worked so well the first time, that she did it again. This time she did it for her brother. She MARRIED her biological brother so he could immigrate to America. He could have done it on his own, but it would take longer, and they didn’t want to wait. So she has twice committed immigration fraud. Please do the right thing, arrest her, strip her of her American Citizenship (that she routinely badmouths) and send her packing back to Somalia!!!

  18. Ted says:


  19. Jacob Mandelblum says:

    Two things :
    First, when will journalists to call aces, ACES and spades, SPADES…????

    Secondly, only at a DEMOCRAP dominated House can this piece of MUSLIM SCUM pull the crap she has been pulling but this being the
    nature of the DEMOCRAP beast, what else is there to expect…??????
    It still can’t reconciliate with the idea that in spite of HILLABEAST
    having gotten1.5 milliuon votes more than TRUMP, the Electoral
    College Pocahontas wants to eliminate, proclaimed TRUMP president…..

  20. Janet says:

    I think every one of them should be deported.

  21. Marylou says:

    This woman is dangerous very dangerous. How sad this idiot from somalia ended up in the USA

    • Jacob Mandelblum says:

      MINNESOTIANS are known for being geniuses and therefore, having’elected ELLISON before, any MUSLIM SCUM is OK to
      them and since we have a DEMOCRAP dominated House by
      the grace of the American voter’s stupidity, the very same one
      who not just elected but even REELECTED “presidente” a
      BLACK MUSLIM , would anybody doubt the country is in a
      free fall’into the dustbin of history….?????????

  22. Marylou says:

    This woman is dangers very dangers. How sad this idiot from somalia ended up in the USA

  23. I still want her and the othertwo along with hillaskank are not in jail yet

  24. chemimagineer says:

    All plans of the Left are designed to bankrupt the U.S…that is the goal so the banks can seize the Corporation of America…it is the whole game conceived by Cecil Rhodes. Every economic paramater falls in the U.S. since 1970 once you remove INFLATION. Then you can see that wages are 50% in real terms of those of 1970: Oil/Fuels production dropped like a rock after 1970; NASA went underground after 1970 (hence all the secret weapons and towers and chemtrails everywhere); takeover of the media started in 1970 with first funding of NPR; illegal immigration went through the roof since 1970; basic industries were put under pressure to shutdown or leave after 1970 thanks to the EPA; 60% of all wealth has transferred to the UPPER 1% since 1970 (thanks to David L. Walker, Director of the GAO); access to our resources has been essentially blocked through Wilderness Declarations since 1970; we have not built a dam or refinery since 1976….the list goes on. The push for electric cars is bankruptcy given the a Chevy Volt for example costs $90,000 to build (Wall Street Journal source) and GM was only getting $28,000 per car….all electric cars are money losers except for “Dark Money” being put in and tax incentives to drop the price of cars to consumers. It appears every electric car costs at least $50,000 more to build than they can get for them… And it all spells death to our nation and our children’s ability to earn a good living.

    The banks seizure of the Corporation of America is the goal….and the One World Government as prophecied in the Bible will be achieved. We are literally living in the times of Prophecy coming to pass. Amazing. But also we have the resources and new technology to save our nation and pay off our debt…..right now if we can get the “Dark Forces” out of the way.

    You can learn more by listening to John Fredericks radio archives: “Producing Our Way Back to Prosperity” and the “20 in 20” U.S. Energy Independence Plan.

    • Lenora says:




      • Sue says:

        What happened is our 8 year Muslim President brought them in ❗️

        • chemimgaineer says:

          Sue…you are right. Remember how he kept talking about all the wondeful things they did from the foundation of our land? Well, the real truth was that the phrase” from the halls of Montezuma and the Shore of Tripoli” was about us having the attack the Muslims to stop them from raiding our ships. At one time, 25% of the Federal budget went to paying off the Muslims to NOT attack our cargo ships. Yup…they sure helped us form our nation all right. They literally forced us to have a powerful Navy and ability to land on foreign soil to stop their evil plots…sort of like they gave us our “Marine Corps” for that very reason. God bless us to figure this all out and save our “Land of Promise”, the Beacon of Hope for the world.

  25. Timothy Toroian says:

    Boy, that should be easy to generate what with 5.4 trillion Medicare for all and getting rid of private health insurance and giving health to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jose, Ivan, Mohammad, Pierre, and Fritz who can get here. If we let them they will spend the equivalent of the GDP every year. This should be easier since most of their program will precipitate a decline in our economy and as ours goes so does the rest of the world.

  26. Ben whistler says:

    From the Untited States Congress !!!
    First off,the people of Minnesota should be ashamed that they Allowed
    her to be voted in. Secondly the polititions from Minnesota should be ashamed they continue to allow her to throw her weight around, without trying to do anything about it !!!!
    OMAR M U S T. B E. R E M O V E D
    N. O. W. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. DD says:

    She and the rest of the SQAUD are all idiots and should never have been elected and will probably be thrown out after the last election when got them there. So we “should not” have to worry about it much longer, and the voters don’t get rid of them the Republicans “will” after the next election!

  28. Joseph Hilleary says:

    Just vote her out send her and her kind packing back to Somalia or wherever then vote people in who care wish i could take a shot at running for president but dont have enough money

  29. Dicky says:

    WHY is this worthless anti American Muslim still in our government, should be thrown out of the country permanently!

    • JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

      Has anyone checked her citizenship paperwork? She was granted admission by Oboma, as his citizenship is skeptical also.

    • Nellie says:

      That’s what happens when our government. Obama’s agenda, allowed to many refugees into one area. They take over the towns and county because they can vote themselves into office. This is what Democrats and Obama allowed . San Diego Diego Obama’s appointed judges were siding with Muslims. Prayer in public schools but Christian kids couldn’t wear a cross.
      The Muslum Squad don’t want to accumulate with our culture or our constitutional laws. Pelosi isn’t doing one thing to remove them from our government.
      She hates Trump for winning the election. She didn’t stop Obama’s Dreamers, money to Iran, open borders. Pelosi gave illegals drivers license and DMV has documents for their voting.
      God Bless Our Country
      Trump 2020
      Thank God for the wall

  30. Joanna says:

    She is consider a refugee and when an illegal committee a crime against this nation they are deported. So why is she still her? She has committed treason so many times you couldn’t count all 10 fingers. People left country and joined ISIS and charged treason and their citizenship gone. Why is hers not taken away already? Why is the courts not deporting her? You do the crime and you do the time, deported afterwards. She has been caught so many times so when is the United States of America going to stand up and protect our Freedom and charge some of them with TREASON…???

    • Why this pile of pig s*** has not been removed from this country Democrat support her 100% so obviously Democrats need to be removed from public office pencil neck Shepherd in that freak pelosi in the ignorant so-called squad all need to be kicked out of the United States

  31. Peter Gaskin says:

    That is a part of the reason Muslims are infiltrating American government to destroy America from the inside out they said they were going to do it all American citizens should be worried about this its a known fact democrat politicians don’t care about America or its citizens

  32. Barbara says:

    Does this woman sit up nights thinking up more bologna to hurt our country and still continue to get away with it? She must because she continues to do just that. Does anyone in Washington have the balls to stop her? It doesn’t look like it.

  33. Gary Friedland says:

    Fly in an Israeli hitman, get the deed done, and fly him out. Investigation into the murder yields nothing.

  34. Larry says:

    Omar’s housing plan will never fly and be approved

  35. trebor says:

    We can comment on all the Sharia, Muslin threats presented by these Muslim representatives but where are all the representatives, Democrat, and Republican on this issue. This is an attack on our country. They all must see this, both parties, when are they going to address the attack on our country?

  36. Dan Winright says:

    Does every dumbocraptic have to be despicable? Is this a disease? Is it communicable? Maybe some scientists can earn a Nobel prize for inventing a inoculation.

  37. Thomas Kraft says:

    Once it is out of office, back to Somalia. And anyone who acts up, they go also, without a possibility of return.

  38. Edward Pruett, Retired MSG says:

    This woman supposedly swore an oath to protect the USA while she is in office. All she does is bad mouth the USA. If it is so bad, send her out of office and out of the USA.

  39. Donnie says:

    Just how and why do we put up with people like this.A true disgrace to our country—put her in Jail -PLEASE

  40. Moe says:

    Omar ought to be arrested and deported for immigration fraud, if she were white and republican they would massacre her till indicted in our communist style news outlets, but she a brown and a true communist who the left love. Everyone is racist except this piece of brown poop. She hates our country the load of ignorant poop should be sitting in a jail cell. Why isn’t this piece of racist ice cream size ball of poop not in jail? Our comrades in the media love this peach and the other three loads of communist in the squad. They can attack others publicly, but no one should be critics of the four loads of human Communist dong. This is the Democratic communist party leaders, who want to rule us?

  41. Leon Keller says: I understand. Minnesota! I know a lot of kool-aid drinking fools living there. Hands out gimmie-gimmies!

  42. Leon Keller says:

    Sit down and shut up gee-howdy illegal immigrant demoncrap.

  43. libra says:

    That type of drivel from out of Omar is typical of someone who has lived off of the taxpayers most of her life and how has she repaid her benefactors? She hates the USA as did Obama. He called himself a citizen of the world. Their religion–political beliefs are superior to all but other muslims. She actually believes the taxpayers are here to support her and her extended family and many husbands and lovers. I guess that means building free housing for all who cannot work or refuse to work. She has no compunction about theft as she has illegally paid her current lover close to half a million dollars with campaign funds that were not meant for assignations with a married man.

  44. Ginger says:

    Get her and her Muslims out of our country, she can take Obama along with her. She’ll never destroy this great country called. AMERICA. Go home Fulham we don’t need you here, the country that took you in but you hate it. Get the blank out go home if your country us so much better

  45. The RedMan says:

    I don’t need no 72 virgins. AOC and Ilhan would be enough for me. I’m going to pray to Allah now to make it so ahahahahaha

  46. Edna Berniece (Murphy) Evans says:

    I believe that this stupid woman is an illegal alien!!!!

    The very worst thing that we could do in the nation is to make and sort of dope legal..

    I realize that physicians could use this in medication, however, regular use makes a person dependent upon it. God Almighty does try us at times, yet HE expects HIS chosen ones to avoid these things.

  47. Pat says:

    Someone, quick, Baker Act that woman, then arrest her for treason! Plain and simple!

  48. Will Penny says:

    The insane witch needs to be Hung at the nearest Tree , with a good short Rope . End of story. . A Trillion bucks , really Omar . We think not !!

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