Ilhan Omar just revealed a despicable plan that will bankrupt America

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to prove how much disdain she has for the United States.

She hops on any opportunity to attack the country that she fled to as a child.

And she just revealed a despicable plan that will bankrupt America.

Ilhan Omar has a lot of insane and downright despicable policy proposals.

Her anti-Israel BDS legislation is so dangerous that she is banned from visiting the Jewish state of Israel.

The goal of BDS is to bankrupt Israel through boycotts, divestments, and sanctions.

But it isn’t just Israel that her policies would bankrupt.

She just announced a public housing plan that costs $1 trillion.

City Lab reports:

“Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar introduced a bold act on Thursday that would commit $1 trillion to the cause of affordable housing. That’s trillion with a T, which makes Omar’s bill a new milemarker in the progressive left’s efforts to stake out a national housing agenda.

Housing has emerged as a pressing issue on the campaign trail, and it surfaced as a concern during the Democratic Party forum on Wednesday night. Several candidates discussed their plans on topics such as zoning, rent relief, and racial segregation. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to the history of redlining, while New Jersey Senator Cory Booker mentioned his plan for a tax credit for renters. Yet a separate idea is brewing on the left. Housing is a litmus for liberals, as as a younger generation of progressives embraces a solution abandoned by elected officials after decades of systemic failures: public housing.

Omar’s Homes for All Act plants a flag for an unapologetic public housing agenda. Her bill would authorize funding for 12 million new homes over 10 years, most of which would take the form of public housing.”

Public housing complexes have largely been a failure. Their management is rife with corruption, and the complexes themselves are hotbeds for crime.

These “affordable” housing complexes also bring down the property values of homes near them, hurting middle class Americans.

This doesn’t even bring up the fact that the United States cannot afford to spend $1 trillion, or if passed, Omar’s plan would certainly lead to a major tax increase for hard-working Americans.

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93 Responses

  1. Amberdawn Richmond says:

    Every time I comment, I get censored or banned. FREEDOM OF SPEECH

  2. dick says:

    I hope that we have learned out lesson by letting these camel jockeys in our government. Hopefully we can wait until November 2020 to get them all removed from our government and hopefully returned to their desserts from witch they came. These clowns figured how to infiltrate and work our systems where we must accept them and change our way of life to accommodate their ways and conform to their customs. We must have two menus in our schools a our cost. They don’t have to learn our ways, customs or language. This is a case of the tail waging the dog. A large number of these people know how to work our systems like getting food allowances (food stamps) free medical, all at our expense. A good many live the life of luxury wearing designer clothes, drive very expensive cars , live in high end homes that most of us can’t afford. They expect us to assimilate to their ways and life styles.
    Come on folks lets take back our country. We don’t need to kiss their asses.

  3. John Chambers says:

    Anyone want to explain how this , Muslim piece of garbage got elected, or why her and Cortez , have so much power? Both of them together aren’t smart enough to walk and chew gum at the sametime! Anyone got a good strong rope to hang traitors with?

  4. BOB says:


  5. Mongo says:

    Screw that diaper head!

  6. Ghost says:

    Agreed Billy

  7. Frances Weingarten says:

    It’s shocking that Ilhan Omar is so lacking in knowledge about almost everything, but in this case, the lack of understanding she has for anything, in this case, around housng, is quite unbelievable! She wants to provide a barage of housing without knowing the first thing about how housing can be meted out, she believes she can just announce what she wants to do and, presto, it will happen. Where Ilhan is concerned, the only thing to be glad about is that she wont be allowed to do any of it!

  8. Hogan says:

    Dearborn, Michigan was the home of Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent Newspaper, which was anti-Communist. Henry should see Dearborn now.

  9. Barney says:

    Dearborn, Michigan is a mess.

  10. Billy Wilson says:

    She maybe a member of ISIS they have agents in Somolia or where ever she came from send her and the gang of ANTI-AMERICAN represenatives there.

  11. Peter says:

    They’re GHETTO.. This is precisely why desegregation happened and yet how can we not credit BLACK “POWER” (which to me more and more every day is coming to mean voodoo, witchcraft and sorcery but that’s just me) The Rainbow Coalition for all this selfishness???? I think they’re directly related. As if they’re trying to say”We’ll give whitey a lesson in separate but equal done right..”. But when we “fight fire we fire” we are guilty of arson.. and all those other terrible unspeakable crimes the White people supposedly committed against them IN THIS DAY AND AGE.. well, then they assume liability for all their demonstrations of sadistic neglect and reckless endangerment… in a nutshell Affirmative Action is looking more and more like a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.. (no wonder “reverse discrimination” didn’t suffice and was never really brought through the courts to deal with all this proxy (immolation, propitiatory Justice

  12. Jan Cox says:

    one from a government report says he wants 30 Muslims in congress by 2024. We better get a clue and start objecting to this sort of crap

  13. Dee says:

    William , Exactly she Needs to be !! She married her brother , and I’m sure she slept with him too .. she is one Sick Animal !!

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