Ilhan Omar just received career-ending news that she didn’t want to hear

Rep. Ilhan Omar has made a name for herself in Congress as an anti-Semite and a radical socialist.

And now she is paying the price for her racist comments.

Ilhan Omar just received bad news that could be the end of her political career.

When Omar made her first round of anti-Semitic comments, Democrats barely batted an eye.

Many rushed to her defense claiming she was actually the victim.

Even after she doubled down on her comments, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress failed to formally denounce her.

But now she may be facing a primary challenge for her next election.

The Hill reports:

Some Minnesota Democrats, aghast at controversial comments made by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), are taking initial steps to recruit a candidate to run against her in next year’s primary election, seeking to buck history in one of the nation’s most progressive legislative districts.

Several party leaders said they have had discussions about finding a candidate to take on Omar, just two months into her first term in Congress.

But even those who were deeply offended by Omar’s comments about Israel concede they have not yet found anyone to challenge her.

“There’s definitely some buzz going around about it, but it’s more a buzz of is anyone talking about finding someone to run against her than it is anyone saying they’re going to run against her or contemplate it. There’s definitely talk about people wanting someone to run against her,” said state Sen. Ron Latz (D), who represents a portion of Omar’s district.

Ilhan Omar has done a great deal of damage to her reputation.

Not only that, she has become a major liability for the Democrats.

Minnesota Democrats are worried that Omar has become so toxic that she’ll hand the next election to Trump.

And Omar’s name on the ballot will undoubtedly drag other Democrat candidates down on Election Day.

If Omar continues to engage in anti-Semitism, she could face a primary challenger and risk losing her job in Congress.

Do you think Ilhan Omar should be kicked out of Congress? Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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187 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    I think they need to investigate her for immigration fraud. They have prove of it.

  2. Timothy Anderson says:

    Omar is a complete scumbag

  3. Richard Carpenter says:

    No Muslims should be allowed in offices anyway & so far, the Democrat party has shown to be anti-Americans & will not get any of my votes till they grow the hell up & start working for AMERICA !!!

  4. Carl J Bujan says:

    You know that Japan will not allow muslims in their country, we should do the same.

  5. L.C.Jr. says:

    This demonic treasonist terroristic operative must go.

  6. Dr Rose Sharon says:

    Omar should be ashamed of herself, and the evil she represents, if she hates the Nation of Israel 🇮🇱 this much, she can relocate to Palestinian as their Congress woman leader, she is very ungrateful to America

  7. John Forbes says:

    This woman is a total disgrace & should be removed from Congress.
    She is an antisemite & a bigot & anti-US Campaigner.

    • haz says:

      When a TV personality or actor makes these kinds of racist remarks they are fired so why is she still there?

    • larry outlaw says:

      She should be deported out of the country. Or better yet hung.

    • Peaceful says:

      Most Muslims want peace. Look at those who live in peace with the Jewish population in Israel. Jesus said that love. conquers hate. Her hate will cause her demise in congress. Iran keeps up problems and now that the Obama admin gave them all that money they feel empowered.
      We need to vote the Dems out of office. All they care about is power. Not people. They are the party of the One World Government.

    • Yes, John Forbes I totally agree with you. This POS Muslim Demonrat needs to be IMPEACHED now, not wait a year for another DEMONRAT to run against her . No she does not even need to be put on the voting ticket. F_C_ HER, she is a TREASONIST WITCH needs to be kicked out now along with the other Muslim witch Tiab or what ever her name is and also with AOC aka KOTEX .

    • L.C.Jr. says:

      How can we have a confirmed supporter of Islamic terrorists and a Jew hater seated in the Congress of the USofA? This demonic treasonist terroristic operative must go.

  8. Mike says:

    Omar looks like a buffoonish open-mouth breather.

  9. Rickster says:

    Plain and simple! Muslims dont belong in our goverment period! A 1952 law prohibits it! They were smart enough back then to know that! And you dam sure sont recognize the stupid Koran as anything but a Muslim propaganda book put together by some Male Muslim to control there people and women ! It’s all trash! Some nuts jobs made up book! And who ever voted this twat into goverment should be exicuted and worse yet, who let this twit swear in putting her hand on that stupid Koran! That crosses the line in every way!! Non American! Muslim have no business in goveremnt in any way shape or form!! I call it treason!! Can that that stupid Obama for all that crap! Another George Soros muslim puppet to ruin America! What surprises me is Americans stupid enough to fall for this crap and vote for this trash!!

  10. Barbara says:

    YOU people in Minn. be wise and pick an American and NO FOREIGNER. This is our country not theirs. it is because we are so use to being kind and giving them a chance —-well no more —– we see what they are doing. Using us to their means. Our welfare our public health housing and now they are making demand that want better housing for free while our own American indians are getting second best. — I don’t think so . This all started with obama and it is time that we Americans end it. Either they start working like the rest of us or they can leave.!!

  11. Carl J Bujan says:

    Do what they do in her home country stone her to death.

  12. snark, alerts. says:

    0FF Topic, BUT FYI.

    Here IS ‘ink’ by BOB (real name) what WAS IN HIS MIND
    at 15. This is the beginning of Expose’__
    [“i have enjoyed White privilege” ]
    Another t-file from O’Rourke, written when he was 15, is a short and disturbing piece of fiction.[
    [ “One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street. They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles…. This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams.” ]

    “As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.”

    A 15-year-old daydreaming about a “moneyless society” is pretty common. But “sweet visions filling my head” after running over a couple of “happy happy” kids with his car is definitely not common.

    > He Also said something re ‘wife raising children’

  13. Robert Dentan says:

    If we throw her out, we have to throw Steve King out, since White Supremacists commit three times as many violent crimes as Muslims do. But American democracy has a special place in its heart for moral idiots of all kinds and “freedom for the thought that we hate.” Maybe they could marry each other and procreate sane offspring.

    • Valdez says:

      You are delusional

    • Michael says:

      Steve King, is not a hater. What he said was taken out of context. Omar has continually been throwing hateful allegations against people on the House floor. Of her treatment of Elliot Abrams, that has been the norm of her attacks of hate. Omar can never be trusted to represent any American citizens. She is malevolent to the core of her soul.

    • Pam says:

      She supports in every way Hamas Terrorists who slaughter thousands so what planet are you living on? They murder freely all who do not side with genocide of any who do not accept the most radical form of Islam Really!

      • Frosty says:

        The latest press on Omar shows her raising millions of Benjamin’s for CAIR an American Islamic group suspected of having ties to Hammas and other terrorist groups. Leading American neo-nazi David Duke hails her as most important Rep. in Congress.

  14. HisSon says:

    I think the question should be: Do you think leaving her in Congress will help Donald Trump win in 2020 in which case it seems that would be the better option. A centrist Democrat might lose votes for our president.

    • Ladd says:

      It WOULD, but she NEEDS TO BE DEPORTED. Along with her brother/husband. Like most muslims she is a perversion incarnate.

      • mad scientist says:

        As an idiot, she is highly vulnerable to manipulation by the democRAT operatives. As aperson who cannot think independently, some big donor will manipulate and train her. She istotally ignorant about American History and our constitutionTherefore, she is unfit to be in the house

  15. marleen davis says:

    Why wait? Kick her racist butt out now. We are sick and tired of her nasty words and hate. Impeach her and send her away!

    • Chucki DeSantis-Kelly says:

      Minnesota is crawlin’ with those sleazy muslims. We need to keep an eye on that state and raise hell about how in the world the creeps were ever elected. I have a feeling the legitimate voters didn’t have much to do with it.

      • Carl J Bujan says:

        It’s no the states fault. Obama let 70,000 of these muslims into the country and settled them all into the smallest district in that state . That’s how she was elected.

        • Peaceful says:

          During the Obama admin 200K Muslims were let in inverted and in 2016 the FBI said that there are suspected terror cells in all 48 contingent United States.
          Most Muslims want peace. Look at those who live peacefully in Israel with the Jewish population. It’s only the radicals who don’t want peace. There are good folks in all cultures. It’s the negative ones who cause problems and there are laws that the Dems ignore because they only want power. They are the party of the One World Government.

          • Peaceful says:

            The 200K were let in unvetted not inverted. Sorry. Jesus said love conquers hate. Peace is the way.

      • Sissybrat says:

        So that’s how she got elected. I thought Minnesotans are losing their minds!!

    • Gayle says:

      Absolutely. She is like Obama doesn’t give hoot about our country. She us a radical that is trying to clear the path for. Islamist to take over our country. Democrats are so stupid. Why would they put someone like hefrin office

    • NONE, I SAY NONE of these Muslims in our country should be allowed in any sort of POLITICS in our country, no matter even if they were born here in AMERICA. Muslims are the ones who caused the sneak attack on the TWIN TOWERS, ” REMEMBER 911 ” Many, many people have already forgotten. HELL even today people still remember that fateful day 12-7,1941 a day that will live in infamy, whenthe Japanese BOMBED PEARL HARBER, another one that TEXANS all remember is “REMEMBER THE ALAMO. What has happened to AMERICA? there is no RESPECT especially from the LIPTURDS and DEMONRATS., they only want money and power, THE HELL WITH AMERICA AS LONG AS THEY CAN GET RICHER AND RICHER AND MORE POWER AND POWER. thEY ARE STICKING THEIR MIDDLE FINGER UP AND SAYING WHAT THEY MEAN ABOUT AMERICA, F_ _K YOU AMERICA.

    • Mona says:

      How I wish we could kick her, Obama and others like them right out of the country.

      • Amberdawn Richmond says:

        McCarron Waters Act and Public Law 414.
        Obama was never an American, which negates everything the imposter did while in office. So muslims and the rest of the ppl who will not assimilate can go back to their country’s and try again.

  16. Lois says:

    When I wa s a kid there was nothing like this was going on. People like each other and would help each other and when you went to school you had fun. Everything said that was taken so seriously. We need to get pelosi and schumer out of office. President Trump is doing a good job and would be great if they would just let him do his job. And if you do not like this coumntry go live somewhere else. This country has problems but it still the greatest country in the world

  17. Lois says:

    I believe the people running want to destroy our country. When I wa s a kid there was nothing like this was going on. People like each other and would help each other and when you went to school you had fun. Everything said that was taken so seriously. We need to get pelosi and schumer out of office. President Trump is doing a good job and would be great if they would just let him do his job. And if you do not like this coumntry go live somewhere else. This country has problems but it still the greatest country in the world

    • Patsy Autry says:

      lois, your comments could not have been said better. All true. The Liberal Democrats are trying to destroy everything President Trump is doing or has done…trying to destroy the Conventional way of life, trying to get back to where Obama left us…in a total mess. Please do not vote Democrat whatever you do in 2020 Election.!! There must be some good Democrats somewhere, if the Liberals haven’t browbeaten them as they are doing to our Republican Legislators. Stand up Republicans…Stand up for our country, STAND UP FOR YOUR PRESIDENT that we voted in !!!!!!!

      • Valdez says:

        You are delusional
        Why are the dems looking for a candidate to run against Omar?
        Because they are afraid that a republican can beat the Somali Muslim bitch

    • Petra says:

      IIhan Omar is such a racist. I thought that covering your head was a sign of humility… then why is she parading around with her face covered with make-up?!?! Hypocrisy… Those freshman congress women are certainly not contributing to peace in our country! Perhaps it was their goal: “Divide and conquer”?

  18. Ilona Bogdan says:

    I think the better way , to gat out from the WH Omar ,Nancy P , Chuck S. and the Beto end some more democrats hu working so heart to destroy America , and the people (see the border) better we Americans throwing out over the border all of them , to go whit the wind . Do not put al this animals in us neck . GOD save from this people America and the World !!!!

  19. littlebit says:

    Do like NY does. Go to the bar and recruit the bartender.

  20. Carl J Bujan says:

    Why do we let scum like this into the country?

  21. Americans DO NOT WANT ANY MEMBER OF “THE ISLAMIC CULT” in Congress. PERIOD (end of conversation)

    • june Burgess says:

      well you can thank Pelosi and schumer for their being in congress in the first placevas they There was a law preventing Muslims for being in political office due to the fact that their religion prevents them from supporting our LAWS and CONSTITUTION AND Pelosi, Schumer and severol other democrats had that LAW RESCINDED

    • Druscilla says:

      I would like to know 1 thing! Why in the would was she not ordered to put her hand on our Bible!!!! Placing it on what!!! Death an destruction,……. An they allowed her to do it…… No back bone at all….A total disgrace to our country an to our God, God help us an keep us safe….. I am ashamed of our Congress…… The 12 Republicans that voted against our President who is trying to keep us safe…. God help them..!!! It hasn’t touched their homes YET

  22. CHARLES says:

    No one should put a muzzle on the Anti-Semetic, Anti-American zealot so everyone can hear the real hate and discrimination that she has for anything and everything that is not Muslim!! It is not being Muslim that is a problem, it is the hate for everything that is not, that is dangerous and cannot be allowed in the hallow halls of Congress. Deport her, so she can be happy with her brothers and sisters that hold the same beliefs.

  23. Pattie Kelly says:

    Yes Ihan Omar is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted for our Congress. NOT!!!! She is a disgrace to our country. Her message is clear she hates the Jewish Faith and People.

  24. Bender says:

    With the evil in comments here I hope this site is being investigated for being a hate group. You can’t claim to be Christians if you believe what is posted here. Like I have said for a while Christianity is the largest hate group in the USA. See you all in hell.

    • Ronald C Watt says:

      take your muzzie loving sorry ass to another world.

    • Laurel says:

      Bender, most uninformed and unfortunate troll, You so clearly know little to nothing of Christianity or hatred, though you profess superior morals.Joshua nails the truth. And Ilhan makes no effort to conceal her hatred of Jews, Christians, or Americans. The BOTHof you should be deported to a country more suited to your hate filled souls.

    • U must be a left winger to forget the hate coming from Omar’s mouth and u blame others for hating really you either are a Muslim or hate the Jews.

    • Cynthia says:

      Bender – it is sad that what you protest is what your major flaw is. think about this – we don’t hate the people per se as we hate the culture of Islam. Islam is anti-American and a barbaric culture. Look at their treatment of women and children, Their actions against Jews, Christians and even the homosexuals, is nothing but violent. Do you see Christians beheading anyone? Do we see the Buddhists burning down homes with people still in them. Do we see Christians taking slaves?
      If you condone their actions then I feel sorry for your soul, because it is surely black.

  25. Joshua Claassen says:

    The Bible reminds us that “those who curse you (Abraham and the children of promise that descended from him, i.e., Israel) I will curse,” so we barely have to do much… one of these days Ms. Omar is going to trip and fall over her own sibling-rivalry=infested tongue, and perhaps roll right out of power when she does, you watch.

  26. Loan says:

    That Hussein Obama setting up

  27. Don Lindsey says:

    Just shoot her in her ass with a load of fresh fried pork

  28. pete says:

    Throw a shoe at her, see if she ducks!!

  29. Gary L. Gonzales says:

    She was elected because odumbo flooded that district, in Minnesota, with Somali/muslim refugees. He knew what he was doing. He made pockets of muslims to slowly enter our government. He helped to set up this countries enemies and plot against the U.S. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted and no one, especially the media, said a word. Trump wants to secure our borders and right the wrong that odumbo did and is being fought and criticized every step of the way.

  30. John J says:

    Damned shame this rag headed moron wasn’t visiting a New Zealand mosque recently

    • Walter says:

      She’s a Muslin and she believes in the Muslim ways not The Constitution of the United States she believes In destroying America in Obama let the somalians in and she’s doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing destroying our country and the democrats are going along with it..we gotta take our country back unbelievable !Wake up people.. we the people remember that.come 2020 we have to vote these FOOLS OUT.

      • Penny Porter says:

        You nailed it, too, Walter.

      • Lisa says:

        I fear we will not be voting anyone in or out due to the nasty little habit the Dems have if cheating at the polls. Just like something should have been done when we saw all if Mueller’s team was Dem, something NOW needs to be done proactively to ensure fair election in 2020. I don’t know why Trump isn’t more aggressive. It’s his temperament to be aggressive to win, and he’s just letting things slide.
        I wonder if the Dems need reasons to further investigate him. Because of the illegal issues on this investigation, I would say there’s nothing left for them to pretend. Adam Shiff continues to claim the people want him investigated further. That’s s bunch of BS because if they cared what the people wanted they would not keep trying to unseat a duly elected president.

      • Carl J Bujan says:

        We should do what they do in muslim countries, stone her to death before she does more harm to our country.

    • Bender says:

      That is pure evil you fit right in with the white radicalized Christian terrorists that are responsible.

      • Christopher D. says:

        Bender, I am not so sure that you have it right! I don’t see any Baptist’s wearing suicide vest, blowing up innocent people. Much less Lutherans or Methodist hijacking planes and flying them into skyscrapers! The one group that has a pattern of that behavior, are violent extremists Muslims!

  31. Marlene says:

    The longer she is in Congress the more damage she’ll do. Not sure if any of the democrats have the backbone to do anything besides shake their heads. Someone should just grow a set and do whatever is necessary to get her and any other person who behaves like her out by whatever means is available. Try to remember why you wanted to be a member of Congress. Come together.

    • Joshua Claassen says:

      The Bible reminds us that “those who curse you (Abraham and the children of promise that descended from him, i.e., Israel) I will curse,” so we barely have to do much… one of these days Ms. Omar is going to trip and fall over her own sibling-rivalry=infested tongue, and perhaps roll right out of power when she does, you watch.

  32. Brooke says:

    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – YouTube

    Just watched this video, is a must see.
    According to video , their agenda goes much further than we think.

    Video lays out how The Justice Democrats auditioned people and chose who to primary in mid terms, with the goal of taking over the democrat party , congress and finally the Presidency…..the country.
    Omar and Cortez is said to be two of the three who ended up winning their seats and is said to have been chosen from the audition to primary for seats in the democrat party.

  33. Donna L Williams says:

    🇺🇸MAGA! 🇺🇸

  34. Valentina says:

    For God’s sake….can’t Americans see what happened to London? The labour party is the USA Democrats. They filled up government positions with Islamic members and Muslim migrants and Brits of all color and faith but Islam are suffering and moving out.

    Deadly knife attacks kill so many British especially black Brits and it’s not by white Christian’s or jews.

    Eg. Egypt Christian church was attacked and so many killed while praying and media mentioned it once!
    Paris…same happened including killing the priest. Media mentioned briefly ONCE.
    But New Zealand mosque attack and the world doesn’t stop mentioning it.
    Omar, Sarsour and all Muslim anti jew anti Christian anti American keep accusing all and Democrats love it.
    Democrats follow nwo agenda to open borders and eventually replace all of us with very low IQ migrants so the elite can control the western world before reaching for the easy Islamic Africa the Democrats actually see as SUBHUMANS…same with illegals of the 3rd world lower IQ.
    They have been brain washing kids at schools, preparing them for this. LOOK AT THE YOUNG!!!! PROTESTING AGAINST THEIR OWN FREE SPEECH AND FUTURE FREEDOM! It’s funny but sad.

    I’m happy I will not live another 35-40 years to see the full destruction of a great free and fantastic nation of USA, that is crumbling b4 our eyes and ironically the young protesters will be the victims. Sad. Very sad.

    • Jane says:

      Valentina, you’re a sane voice surrounded by a bunch of brainwashed nuts. But thank you for your wise words. I’m very old, pro-Palestinian, and I have seen all the evil deeds coming out of Israel that Americans don’t have to endure–and I wish they did and they probably will if those Ashkenazis ever get complete control over all of us. We are going to have to stop the flow of Hispanics coming here illegally–because they haven’t a clue how this government is supposed to be run, and their governments obviously don’t supply much for them in the way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Plus: our government is letting in ONE MILLION LEGAL IMMIGRANTS every year (when the “safe” quota is 250,000. I think our government is trying to kill us all…or turn us into utter chaos. Thanks for posting.

    • Rita J. Griffin says:

      Our grandkids & maybe our kids will suffer a horrible end too! I pray Jesus returns before jihad.

    • Eaglehawk says:

      Top leadership of European Nations and the United States through denial, ignorance of history, political correctness and appeasement are inviting a repeat of two most divesting events in the history of civilization which annihilated millions of lives. We are again at the same dangerous threshold of human-made devastation. The first began in the 5th century as Mohamed led his Muslim hordes cutting off heads and killing thousands forcing conversion to his religion in the lands Apostle Paul had converted to Christianity. Mohamed’s plan of Jihad, Holy War, was first to conquer Constantinople, Istanbul today, Jerusalem and finally Rome. They were turned back twice at Rome. After Mohamed’s death in 632, the new Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, launched Islam into almost 1,500 years of continual imperialist/colonialist, bloody conquests and subjugation through invasion and war that stretched from the Philippines, across Asia and to Europe, a role Islam continues to this very day.
      Muslims calling themselves ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, travel the same road. They are modern Nazis supported by inaction of our president who will not admit ISIS is Islamic. I’ve studied the Koran since 1958 and 1959 stationed in Turkey; ISIS is following it to the letter.
      Before 21 Christian’s heads were hacked off ISIS’s leader proclaimed “We are at war with the Cross and we will win the whole world for Allah”. Yunis Al Astal, popular Hamas cleric and Islamic law scholar in his April 11, 2009 speech: “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad. This support of Hitler .capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.”
      The second Catastrophe began when Adolph Hitler published his book “Mien Kamp” as he was released from prison in 1924. If people had paid more attention at the time maybe they would have recognized the threatening thunderstorm on the horizon destined to engulf millions in World War II and caused the deaths of almost 80 million humans around the world.
      But no, most European leaders, academia everywhere and U.S. politicians saw Hitler either as a benign buffoon or someone pulling Germany out of world economic depression. People formed Nazi clubs in the U.S. Most were in denial as his second string party took over Germany stealing the hearts of the people. Many political leaders in the U. S. and England were cheering Hitler. JFK’s father was pulled as ambassador to England because of his extreme vocal
      support for Hitler.

  35. lp says:

    Hope they dont replace her with another muslem with their own agenda.

  36. zee says:

    ASAP. & MI As WEll. yikes.

    • tom says:

      I agree the person ruing against her thought he had it won and did not campaign so Omar won with 22 % of the vote.
      I agree with you as a Michigander..

    • mspidge says:


    • david bolden says:

      Nah you all just suck, so you can live with her dumb fool ass, she looks like she was put out with a broom whenever she was lit on fire. Between her and Cortez LOL FOOLS ALL AND ANOTHER TRUMP EASY WIN!

      • zee says:

        AFTER TRUMP = ‘then What’ ___
        We on ‘borrowed Time’.

        • Oma says:

          That’s when we need someone like Jim Jordon or Tray Growdy run for president. And have Judge Jeanie as running mate. Just a thought. Those are the only ones I have seen that don’t buckle under pressure.

  37. Cheryl says:

    I am truly amazed that she even got elected in the first place. When I saw her running, I thought OMG surely they are kidding. Muslims will never stop hating the Jews and they will never stop hating the “Infidels” therefore no Muslim should ever be in a governing body of the government. They come in with prejudice and they will serve their whole term in congress or senate with prejudice. Their very beliefs are unconstitutional.

  38. Evalyn M Welsh says:

    Throw her out of the Senate.

  39. Joe Masefield says:

    Why is the Jewish Schumer allowing the Jew-hating anti-American Omar to continue her public destruction of the United States from the American Congress?

    • Carlos says:

      Because American Jews are liberals first and foremost, everything else second. Many hate Israel, these people have Holocaust phobia and still think someone’s gonna punish their success, pathetic!

      • Lorilee McMyn says:

        “Holocaust phobia”…oh my gosh…yet again, another phobic…”American Jews” are people, just like you, and just like me…they, unlike you, or me, were hauled off, cooked, cremated and tortured in the most egregious way…And, they are not “pathetic”…they are a pretty phenomenal race… of people, always willing to help and share their discoveries or help victims in this ridiculous fight over whether they should or should not exist beside other Arabs in the middle east…and do have a right, just like the Arabs that are sitting in the dirt, throwing rocks and mad that Isreal is their neighbor…

      • Randall Hart says:

        awhen you have countries with a main goal to destroy your existence that is not a phobia.

      • Chucki DeSantis-Kelly says:

        Jewish Americans are waking up. They’ll follow BLEXIT and reduce the Demon-crat base . We have to support them. They’ve been victimized for too long !

    • david bolden says:

      Look him up he’s just a Nazi , Silly comment

  40. Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

    Send her back to Somalia and she can get a job at her father’s used camel lot.

  41. E Rambo says:

    This Muslim Terrorist should be taken out and hung up by her scarf, take it off of her head and wrap it around her neck, and send her Air Mail back to where she came from, after all the years since 9-11 and our Military fighting these Extremists we sure as hell don’t need one in our Congress bad mouthing all that we stand for Deport this Un-American Bitch.

    • Dee says:

      THANK U for the correction for any others.

      Thirdly, NY, clear yr state too…get back on track on with supporting Americanism there, too.
      God Bless and keep our USA!

      End her back; she is so obiously not for America, but for her religion as is for sure, Michigan Muslim in congress, who covers up Israel on her office map.

  42. Nancy says:

    She needs to be thrown out of Congress
    We have enough bad people in Congress and we sure don’t need her mouth. And what were people thinking voting her in

    • Carlos says:

      The only way she get booted in a primary is if the voters in her district are majority infidels. If they’re majority raghead, this spider monkey bitch isn’t going anywhere!

    • Don Dellmann says:

      Throwing her our of congress isn’t going to do a bit of good. The ony thimng that Muslims deserve is DEATH

  43. Holley 94 says:

    We believe it an absolute necessary act to either remove now or later both Sen. Ron Latz (D), who represents a portion of Omar’s district, AND OMAR…Omar’s recent criticism of Latz was designed to transfer the blame to Ron…

    What a ZOO Omar has made of the Party…not to mention SICK!

  44. Iris Medlin says:

    If you are anti Jewish, you do not know the history of the Jewish people. I am not Jewish, however I know how much the entire world has benefited from their science, music, I know what the Jewish community has done for Volusia and Flagler county. How many blind residents not only here but all over the country have braille books complied by Jewish volunteers. (I was taught to transpose the written words into braille by these volunteers Remember Polio? It was Jewish doctors that perfected the vaccine that wiped it out! I could go on and on, but if you are a Christian and have read the Bible, in the first Book, God tells Abraham, “The whole world will be blessed by you. “I will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. ” Iris

  45. Jackie says:

    Our Favorite President must do something about the ballots and voting as the Democrats are behind all of the immigrants being sent over here to vote for the Democrats! The Democrats do not know or want to have an honest election without signing people up that are not legal, alive, american citizen, lgallyregistered to vote and this must stop and it needs to be done before 2020 or the Dems will go and drag out the illegal boxes loaded with votes to support their candidates and Soros provides voting machines with the democrats names and replacing all the Republicans names! Enough is enough! I want real honest, legal voting!!

  46. joe says:

    It needs to happen NOW. Don’t wait until the next election. This will show the democrats the American people will not stand for their hate and moronic veiws. Also she will not get her lifelong benefits from the taxpayer. GET HER OUT!!

  47. Jesse says:

    She won’t get tossed by her party before she is tossed by the voters in 2020. Which is sad because she will get a pension if that happens.

  48. fredfarnan says:

    it might be unwise to conduct commerce with Minnesota unless they can get their priorities straight

  49. Bmad says:

    She should be gone because she took the oath of office on false pretense Muslims can only be loyal to the Quran and sharia law

    • Arthur Gettler says:

      American’s don’t understand this!!! Muslims are allowed by the Quran to lie to further the cause of Allah. If there was a Jihad her allegiance would be to her country, Allah & the Quran.
      To become an American she swore & pledged her allegiance to America, but her belief is, shes is still Somali and her loyalty is not to America. An expulsion should be started.

  50. Bob Pencek says:

    Omar is a Disgrace to America, American Politics & Especially the Democratic Party.
    I M M E D I A T E L Y. !!!!!! $

  51. littlebit says:

    Surely they can find a good bartender.

  52. Grace Daniel says:

    Let her stay and tarnish the progressive Democrats. That will help the Republicans win her seat.

  53. N says:

    DS traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted lib demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party & minions!Don’t forget RINOs(McSally,Alexander,Tills,Gardner,Lee,Grassley,Collins,Romney, Rubio, Roberts,RPaul, etc)they’re just as bad!Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  54. DENNIS WOLLEN says:

    who writes this shidt on these dregs……..
    oh, they’re fired…..oh, this is the end of their career…..oh, their career just went up in flames…..


  55. Thomas says:

    I think she will help get Republicans elected next term. Let’s just hope they aren’t rinos.

  56. She needs to be kicked.f out now. She is not a good candidate for the job in The United States Congress or House of Representatives. Convict her of treason.

    • John says:

      Amen she is a terrorist in our country she not only hates the Jewish people she hates Americans also she must be punished for treason.

      • John says:

        Also tired of all the Pansy ass people we have running our country. They all SUCK! I would brand them the traitors they are one at a time with hot tar and feathers in public so everyone can see how we handle these traitors. We have a bunch of weak people in office need to get rid of them all. They are all very evil.

    • Barry Nikolitch says:

      DITO DITO DITO Margaret!!! I still believe that the punishment for TREASON is EXECUTION!!! Now its a question wheather or not any so-called “conservative constitutionists”will enforce the law thats still on the books!!!

  57. Patricia Gaviglio says:

    I am an independent conservative but I do not believe Omar should be kicked out of Congress. Let the voters in this country see what the Democrat party has become. She gets tons of publicity on a day-to-day basis and is a good reminder for all of us, on a daily basis, that the Democrats have gone crazy.

    • Donald Joseph Coons says:

      Patricia Gaviglio although my first feelings were to kick her out, maybe even look into deporting her back to her Native Somalia, I concur and like your approach much better.

      • Marlene says:

        The longer she is in Congress the more damage she’ll do. Not sure if any of the democrats have the backbone to do anything besides shake their heads. Someone should just grow a set and do whatever is necessary to get her and any other person who behaves like her out by whatever means is available. Try to remember why you wanted to be a member of Congress. Come together.

    • Rita J. Griffin says:

      & she proves the fact that Islam has no place in our government! She votes islamic, not according to constitunal or Christian principals, which is what America was founded on!!!!!

  58. Tom Curry says:

    The 2020 elections can’t come quick enough and we better all be ready to vote these Democrats out of office and put an end to their party once and for all!!! We also need to clamp down on all illegals voting in our elections because you can bet that these Democrats are going to taint the election process all they can even with having the dead vote!!!! The Democrats are known for their corrupt acts in tainting our elections and we better be prepared to expose it and to make arrests and give very serious prison time out!!!!

  59. Muriel L McGrann says:

    She is just spouting her Muslim beliefs on which she has been indoctrinated with all her life .What else do you expect. If people in Minnesota are so ignorant about Islam then they have elected the result. Democrats have backed themselves into the closet and are so misguided in their perseptions of what governing is all abut that you have 3 clowns dictating the partys policys…..You may join these 3 birds in their hatred of Trump etc. but beware this is an example in their ability to run this country into collapse and poverty .NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT ……you only harm yourself with their warped philosophy of hattred

  60. L smith says:

    No she is great she will help get Trump elected again

  61. leigh throckmorton says:

    yes she should be kicked out of congress and kicked out of our country she does not belong here let her go back to her country and never to return here. I am a supporter of Israel and President Trump

  62. arne Schure says:

    here is schummer a new york city jew who is affaid to take a stand!!!WOW same on him and the rest of this sick party

  63. Bob Pencek says:

    Minnesota Democrsts, Omar is destroying your party, your trying to get a candidate to run against her is Hogwash !!!!

  64. Howard says:

    Her, Cortez, Harris, Schiff and last but not least is dear old brain frazzled Nancy

  65. Christiann says:

    Kick out all muslimes in congress and the United States!!

  66. Dennis Sumner says:

    Dont they have a zoo in Minnesota? Run a chimp against her!

  67. Daniel Mount says:

    Ilhan Omar was never even born in the United States so how is it that she was able to run for the American Congress? She is not American BORN and can not hold any Government position. I will tell you how Omar was put into Congress and that is through Voter Fraud 100%.

    • LUCIA GIBSON says:

      Neither was Obama who set the tone. Cheating is now permitted repulsively dishonest as it is, but then, it goes on because it has been allowed to by Government and the public is far too lazy to act. So that’s what you get. Why complain when it’s of one’s doing. Let the law breakers and corruption have their field-day, while devastation future generations pay they price.

  68. James P Hutchins says:

    That woman is a hater and she should get her just deserts Go MAGA. You hater scumbag liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

  69. John Galt says:

    It is the fault of those who voted for her. She cannot help herself, and needs to be removed from office when it can be done.

  70. Helen says:

    She is aTraitor to all American People! Our Great President Trump /Vice President Mike Pence And Their families, needs to be arrestedfor treason

  71. Jan13 says:

    If she is a naturalized citizen and is anti American, deport her ass.

  72. theolddog says:

    Gotta love the Photoshopped picture.
    Almost as neat as the unhinged, racist comments from the Trumpbots.
    She was elected to Congress because the majority of the voters in her District chose her.
    That’s the American Way.
    If you don’t like it, LEAVE!
    I have \been waiting 40+ years to say this, “If your heart’s not in America, get your a….err…Donkey out!”

    • SickOfLibs says:

      She was “elected” because scumbag TRAITOR Obummer filled that area with Muslim “refugees”, just like he did in other states, like MI, where they “elected Tlaib, another TRAITOR RACIST Muslim! Only someone who is IGNORANT or a Muslim would vote for such a RACIST MORON!

    • Anti-Donkey says:

      She is most definitely a…err…Donkey and needs to be expelled. The only thing worse than an anti-American radical Islamic muslim is a DEMOCRAT radical Islamic muslim!

    • Linda H says:


    • Jason Casteel says:

      Hey Old Dog, what planet are you from, A hole? SHE is the one who started in with this “racist” crap. Her and the Dems. I am no Trump it either. I am just a Democrat who thinks the Party has gone completely bonkers.

      Now, just who are you? Your handle, theolddog, implues that you are no youngster. So, if you are in fact, a senior citizen, you would probably be part of the Greatest Generation, that being of WWII era citizens. If that were true, you would not be defending her in this way. I mean how you could put that Douchbag and “American Way” in the same sentence is beyond me and I would bet, any other true American. I don’t believe you fall into that category.

      So, where are you from? This woman and her Democrat cohorts are the demise of this nation and what it stands for. Frankly, I would like to know just what the Muslims have on Nancy and Sluggo Schumer that they are acting like this. They must have proof of all of THEIR colusion with other factions in THEIR illegal activities THEY have been part of over the years in destroying California and other American cities. Yeah, let’s stick with that.

      You’re all idiots and you have turned this once great nation into this haven for all the refuse in the world. All Mr. Trump is trying to make it great again.

      If you really want to make it great again, we must I over a third party. The two party system just is not working any longer. Dems have shot so far left that they are not even willing to compromise on anything.

      With Pelosi and Schumer’s constant temper tantrums nothing will get done. A third party would let calmer heads prevail and this partisan politics game playing would come to an end. Politicians would then be forced into doing their job and then maybe, us citizens will become a proority. Rather than some third world S**thole and the people that are trying to get here without using our LEGAL immigration system.

      Personally, I believe every Democrat AND Republican who has chosen to ignore their oath to uphold our Constitution, advocated for sanctuary cities, and given aid to illegal aliens, should be brought up on charges for aiding and abeding illegal immigrants. That crime is a felony. Funny that the lawmakers just pick and choose which laws they want to follow. Why isn’t the Attorney General doing anything about this,?

  73. Tom says:

    Filthy rag-head terrorist. How can a POS like this get elected from Minnesota?

    • Brenda says:

      She was elected by constituents who believe just as she does.Obama permitted all of these people with their hateful and terroristic idiology to settle here and this is just the beginining of the consequence. Wake up people or it will be the tragic future for our children & grandchildren.

    • LUCIA GIBSON says:

      The answer is straightforward… because America under the curse of democracy permits it.

  74. Timothy Toroian says:

    If I was younger I’d switch parties and move to Minnesota and contact the Dem party leaders.

  75. James P Hutchins says:

    The Nazis are hater’s all thre of these wicked woman are hater’s and should lose their elections bye bye hater’s you are Evil doers May God have mercy on your wicked souls God bless America. GO MAGA.

  76. Jeff Standart says:

    What it wrong with this country? Has everyone gone NUTS? I thought people we elected to office were supposed to love this country not try to destroy it from within!

  77. Lavina Clark says:

    I agree with you John. I believe her beliefs will destroy our constitution. She already admitted she will not assimilate. Trogen Horse people just won’t look at it that way!

    • trapperwv1 says:

      She needs to be asked “are you an American citizen ” when she says no revoke her citizenship and remove her immediately,

  78. Nate says:

    Can’t believe she’s still here! Why can’t we just chuck her over THE WALL! Need to vote RESPONSIBLY!!!!!

  79. FedUp says:

    Demoncrats always accuse republicans of being racists & against everything but the kitchen sink. So now they HAVE a racist, a bigot & more, they are afraid of Omar the fool. Demoncrats have stood with a person that is against & hates America. Guess that sounds like MOST demoncrats.

  80. John says:

    If you want this woman remove from office then check and see when see came into the country and if she became a US citizen. If she has not been in the country for more than 7 years and she is not a US citizen then she should be removed from office for voilianting the Constitution. I wrote my congressman on this matter and everyone else should put pressure on your congress people to see if she is qualified to be in congress.

    • MARK says:


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