Ilhan Omar hurled this attack on Trump that she instantly lived to regret

Ilhan Omar is one the leaders of the Democrat Party.

Omar’s anti-American policy positions and her popularity with the base give her the platform to speak for the Democrats.

But that backfired when Ilhan Omar hurled this attack on Trump that she instantly lived to regret.

Ilhan Omar is one of two Muslim women in Congress.

And she has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump’s Middle East policies.

Omar continued that attack on the President in a Washington Post op-ed where she ripped the President for leveraging crippling economic sanctions against Turkey to successfully negotiate a ceasefire that ended Turkey’s military offensive against the Kurds in Northern Syria.

Omar wrote in her Washington Post op-ed:

In so much of our foreign policy, we rely on muscle memory and a limited toolbox to decide the best course of action. And, too often, sanctions regimes are ill considered, incoherent and counterproductive.

Research has shown that sanctions rarely achieve their desired goals. In the worst-case scenario, they hurt the people of a country — generally the very people we’re purporting to help — without making a dent in the country’s behavior. And in the case of human rights abusers, research suggests that more abuses typically occur with economic sanctions in place than without them.

Sanctions are not meant to be an end in themselves, but we too often use them as a lever without a plan for what comes after, whether they achieve the desired result or not.

But Omar is a strong supporter of sanctions.

Omar champions the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement that seeks to strangle the state of Israel economically.

Many Americans wondered why Omar supports sanctions against a Jewish state, but opposes them against a Muslim country.

Omar’s hypocrisy was glaring.


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75 Responses

  1. Eliot says:

    Send Omar to Guantanamo Bay!

    • Culper Ring says:

      Send Omar to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base for what? It may not be possible under current United States law to send a United States legislator there as a detainee under any circumstances, so what would be her civil service function or her vacation agenda be at the bay? All she would do is give the Navy admirals and Marine generals a daily ear full about how unfair the confirmed terror assets are being treated. If, on the other hand, she should be removed from office (especially dishonorably), then now we’re talking.

      • Purpledog says:

        Ah we as a nation don’t need or want her here. Send her back let her Muslim Shari law take care of the adulterous life. Why aren’t the dems calling her out of doing that while in office, they do republicans

        • Culper Ring says:

          Politics is a team sport, so we cannot really expect partisans to do anything more than turn a blind eye to fouls committed by their own teammates.

          • Steve Scoutaris says:

            Democrats are liars. It’s not Trump that is dividing the country.
            It’s these radicals like Omar and AOC that are dividing it, and all the democrats in congress obsessed with impeachment, IMO.

          • The Real M says:

            Steve S., You speak the factual truth as all “honest” people know it!

            The Dems continue on to their train wreck, speeding down the tracks to their own demise in 2020 and beyond!
            DJT will be acquitted in the Senate, be reelected in 2020 and serve four more years.
            The Dems well, they will be nothing more than an afterthought following the 2020 elections!

  2. Eliot says:

    Ilhan Omar is a lesbian!

    • homer says:

      she needs to marry another brother & and have kids so we can have more idiots here in the good old usa

    • The Real M says:

      Eliot, Omar surely has a lot of biological children and a lot of different men in her bed to be gay and I think she would be classified as bisexual instead of a lesbian! Regardless of her sexual orientation, she is a fraud, liar, corrupt, thief, antisemitic, un-American swine! Her citizenship should be rescinded, she should be deported back to her country of origin and executed for her crimes under sharia law as prescribed by Islam!

  3. Dale Garland says:

    Leave The Red Man alone. He obviously is a little touched in the head because he’s repeated the SAME EXACT message whenever he posts. I’m guessing that he is really just a robot that the Democrats use to post on conservative message boards to make people angry. Ignore him and he’ll go away.

  4. It is quite obvious to me that Rashida tlaib and ilhan Omar are plants of radical Muslim extremist planted inside the country to do as much damage as they possibly can

    • KATHYKOOL says:

      investagated these two disgraceful congress women. they should be out of congress immeditly. who voted for them made a big mistake. send them back from we re they come from and keep them there and there mouths shut.

  5. I wouldn’t let Omar, perform Oral Sex on my Dog.

  6. Hart Isaacs says:

    Ms. Omar and the rest of her fecal Squad buddies should be defecated out of Congress!
    just do it!

  7. JUDY SHELLEY says:

    i’m in favor of term limits for the congress and senate. insurance to be the same as the people who voted them in and a limit on the amount of pay they can make. Let them pay into a retirement and pay social security like the rest of the people. Why can’t they also be impeach out of office if the don’t hold up to standards imposed on those seats? It is a privilege to serve out nation not the other way around.

  8. Mark says:

    Omar is an idiot. At what point does her constant harassment along with the squad, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff against this president and his policies become an act of treason against the United States. They are committing an illegal coup to impeach and over throw a duly elected president. Put them all in jail.

  9. Jeff says:

    She can’t even produce a shill to vote in her favor.

  10. CHRIS says:

    Omar and Talib are pigs who never should have been elected and need to be removed asap.

  11. an says:

    D E P O R T!!!!! Deport this Trojan Horse, put in place to flip America’s Values to those of the countries she came from. She needs to remove the “phony” head coverings, as she DISRESPECTS HER RELIGION just as much as she DISRESPECTS “OUR” RELIGIONS. ………… She is a FOREIGN ENTITY that has INFILTRATED “OUR” GOVERNMENT!…….She hates and disrespects all that America is and stands for.

  12. Beligerent Berserker says:

    A leader of the Democratic Party? How about 1/4th of the Skank Squad or the Four Whores of the Pox Among Us. She’s not a leader. She’s a skank tramp that should be ran out of the country.

  13. Jack Handy says:

    . ‘Bartender’ Young ‘omar’ HAS NO ‘CLUE’
    Re Decades if not 100’s yrs of ‘Foreign Policy’.

  14. Chenz says:

    Redman ,I had worked30 years 45 total and still working I have m.s
    And needed my health care . your obama, lied! He cut up my ins. Into 20 million pieces and blew it In the wind to people who didn’t work for it! Or don’t belong here! If you dont like your hand outs then give them back!!They were stolen!

  15. Jan13 says:

    It is also anti-American, deport its butt back to Somalia.

  16. Phill says:

    How did her & the other muslim get into office was it the muslim brotherhood???

    • Pete says:

      Ask the Minnesota MORONS that voted her onto office!

    • roadkill says:

      This has been going on for years. How do any of us know if they are muslims or not. Esp at voting time. It’s in the names.

    • Wendy says:

      Probably they were involved!

    • Culper Ring says:

      Ilhan Omar has lax immigration policies to thank for her seat in the House. Rashida Tlaib has bigoted redistricting to thank for her seat in the House, not to mention that she is really just filling a vacancy left over by a retired fellow typical big government, social “justice”, control advocate Democrat. Both have identity politics to thank for their seats. They are of course also very ambitious, as expected of anybody who wins an election, so they have their own selves to praise to a significant degree. If neither of them face a primary election challenge (the only way for them to be voted out), then we will know that their respective congressional districts are populated by cowards living under the boot of Islam. I emphasize primary challenge, because no member of the Republican Party, not even a RINO, would ever be elected to represent those districts under the present circumstances of the collective mentality of the demographics aligned within each district perimeter. Whereas a DINO might have a shot. Our nation may represent the fairest legal system the world has ever known, but it still quite mucked up.

      The outcome of the 2020 census will be a big deal, by the way. (Reorganization predicated upon the results always begins the year after.) American constitutionalists of every color and creed are being swiftly outnumbered and undermined, and George Soros among many are doing everything they can to make sure of it. Even the Koch Foundation, supposed supporters of liberty, had foolishly supported lax enforcement of immigration policies, basically promoting the invitation of millions of souls, innocent or guilty, who do not give a crap about the tenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States, while not understanding the rest.

  17. PSC Miller, James says:

    I got an idea. Why doesn’t the American citizens, you know the tax paying ones, vote her out of office. They cannot see what she’s like, so there’s no reason she should get another term.

  18. David says:

    Trump already dropped the sanctions. He had no real intention of leaving them in place. He has too many business ties with countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia to ever really hold them responsible or punish them in any way. He vetoed Congress when they voted to end our support for the Saudi war in Yemen. And he ignored them when they voted to block arms sales to the Saudis. Even though weapons we’ve sold them have ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda. All of this is true and verifiable, make of it what you will.

  19. Richard N. Friedman says:

    Evidently, the Washington Post has a low threshhold for who writes Op-Eds. In this case, it is enabling an anti-Semite and anti-American to state stupid arguments.
    There is a real case for stripping the Congresswoman of her American citizenship and deporting her.
    If she is one of the leaders of the Democrat Party, it is doomed at the polls in 2020.

  20. Kevin says:

    Y U buck toothed, camel faced, SANDTURD, U need 2B ran out of our government 4 UR improprieties and lack of fortitude, not 2 mention UR not from this Country…
    Take UR ASS back 2 Scum-malia, and may the FLEAS OF A THOUSAND CAMELS INFEST THAT NASTY CROTCH, U PEANUT HEADED SALLY ANN ROTTEN SNATCH!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Rob says:

    Since when did this muslem slut get to be an authority on humanity? If she is so worried about the Kurds she should get her muslem brothers to go protect them and pay the bill !

  22. Rivahmitch says:

    Too bad she “lived to regret it”. Churchill was right about islam and muslims and we all know the solution for rabid canines.

  23. Eliot says:

    Ilhan Omar is a lesbian who has regular foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh! All four terrorists are Dirty Dykes!

    • Hillary lost, get over it says:

      I wonder if they use two 2 way, or one 4 way dildo. I bet it’s a 4 way, powered by a 426 Hemi motor. It can do the quarter mile in 6 seconds flat. When done, they look like they were put through a hamburger grinder.

  24. lzib says:

    So what I missed in her biased one-sided statement was her Solution?

    If not sanctions (which yes she wants for Isreal) what would she suggest? Military intervention? Ignoring the problem? Maybe like Obama give them $153 Billion Dollars and hope that makes them like us enough to stop their Anti-American/Anti-Western/ Anti-Civilization agendas?

    So little wacko Liberal Sage we are waiting What in your infinite Woke Brilliance would you Suggest?

    Still waiting….

  25. Neil says:

    PS I love you all, Master gunnery SGT E 9 USMC

  26. The Real M says:

    Omar is a trojan horse to America. She is also not intelligent enough to know we all realize she always speaks out of both sides of her mouth! Her ideology is world dominance and control. In order for that to happen, America and our allies, including Israel, must fall. Her job here in our American Congress is to work toward that goal very discreetly for most success to that end!
    Omar and any person holding a seat in Congress who is un American must be voted out of Congress and kept out.

    • Steven Terrell says:

      What you have stated is really the truth. We must send the Muslims back to where they came from. If we don’t we will pay a terrible price in the near future.

  27. Neil says:

    She is truly a peace of trash that do’s not belong here. They stone people like her in other country’s. For I have been there. USMC

  28. CAPN JACK says:

    It appears to me that someone else is writing her opeds. She doesn’t have the brains to make words come out in the manner that her op eds are formed. She is a piece of trash and should have her citizenship revoked and put on a boat and sent back to her country of origin and where her alegances are.
    Every word out of her crooked mouth is against this country. Send her back on that boat and torpedo it half way there and release the sharks to do her justice {POOR SHARKS}. She has stolen funds from her PAC and used them for her social and sexual pleasure with a married man,. She has illegally entered this country and illegally married and had children, but where is the justice? She is still walking the streets of D.C. and thinks nothing of it as it is due her…. DEPORT THE WHORE…..
    TRUMP 2020

    • lzib says:

      Maybe her lover wrote it for her- you know inbetween their appearances in divorce court and bouts with their broken-hearted abandoned children…

    • Catherine Bliss says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. WHAT IS WRONG WITH D.C. Are they morons? Do they not see the very apparent HATE OF AMERICA coming from this woman, it is blatant & disgusting. I am both frightened & appalled . Our liberties are jeopardized & she just continues to laugh at our stupidity & cash the checks!

  29. Raine says:

    Redman is a bore. He copies and pastes his opinion on every forum.

    • Tony says:

      Raine.. I caught that as well.. Lets just look at REDMAN as bloggers entertainment you know like intermission break… Lost soul for sure… He’s the type of person that if he were on a bus trip.. He would be left behind Naked no money in a Gas Station Bathroom…

  30. Helene says:

    why waste my me to pay attention to the Muslim trash came to our country to get welfare and all the benefits that American tax payers have to for this disgrace prostitute sleeping with her brother and many others man. Why American taxpayers have to pay for the black Muslim from the poorest country in the world , they even don’t know how to eat with a bowl . The Democrats are immoral they recruited all the trash of others countries brought them in their party to have more number to defeat our constitution, and destroy America . We must destroy the trash Democrats they disregard the constitution , the laws and acted as gangsters. don’t let the gangster Democrat destroy American that American ancestor have build up with all their energy and love to have the best country for you to inherit. But they eliminated teaching Moral to young kids at school. they destroyed the morality of American, that why kids don’t know the morality is the most important thing in life , they don’t know how to love and respect their parent , the grand parents, the elderly, and must respect properties of others.There will never a child killed their parents.

    • Vickie Ross says:

      So true Helene! Morals are taught by parents & the church. When children go to school the dems infiltrated their as well. So what you teach them at home & church is contradicted at school. So kids come home confused. So we have to continue to teach them right from wrong. I believe the dems have brainwashed our children. As for Omar she will be out of office soon. Either by petition or the election. A Republican is running against her in her district back her & donate to her campaign. I can’t remember her name though.

    • Catherine Bliss says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. WHAT IS WRONG WITH D.C. Are they morons? Do they not see the very apparent HATE OF AMERICA coming from this woman, it is blatant & disgusting. I am both frightened & appalled . Our liberties are jeopardized & she just continues to laugh at our stupidity & cash the checks!

  31. Marcia says:

    Stone this worthless bitch. She is not worth a dime.

  32. SASHA says:

    This radical, anti-American Muslim piece of slime should be removed immediately from this country. There is enough criminal evidence against this crook – what is taking so long? She adds absolutely NOTHING to being in this country, slams the US at every chance she has, and needs to go, along with her entire anti-American family.

  33. Truckman says:

    this witch is a Muslim radical and hater of this Country and needs to have Her citizenship removed and be kicked out of this country along with her family that she came here with

  34. Timothy Toroian says:

    She needs a lesson in dodging drones.

  35. Lyudmila says:

    Ilkhan Omar – personifies the Democratic Party – is the same hypocrite: on the one hand protects peoples from sanctions (Turkey), on the other – demands sanctions (Israel). The same fraudster and corruptionist , like a democratic party (Biden, Clintons), the same libertine and a sex preoccupied woman, like the whole sexual democratic party (sex. Hollywood, Clintons, Katie Hill) They prevent our country from living and work hard normally.

  36. The RedMan says:

    It always racist white folk that keep black and brown folk in poverty with their promises of free handouts if they vote for whitey and keep him in power.
    Whitey tell black folk that they need affirmative action ’cause they can’t get a job without it, and they better vote for whitey or they don’t get no reparations, and they gonna drown from global warming. Whitey say blacks is too stupid to even get a voter ID hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Mary says:

      You sure fit the bill blacky

    • Pupeperson says:

      Prove Whitey wrong by demanding that blacks and browns and others “of color” get voter ID cards prior to voting. That’ll show ’em!

    • Deanna says:

      It’s usually Black people who want reparations, affirmative action and no voter ID and it’s certain Black politicians who let Blacks know that. Blacks aren’t smart enough. President Trump has lowered The unemployment rate for minorities, mainly Blacks.

    • John Decker says:

      RedMan, your mother is looking for you. She says sex with you is the best.

      • LT. says:

        John Decker….Just read your blog you wrote to this website Clown REDMAN… I am telling the truth I haven’t Laughed this much in years.. Could not stop..John you made my night…I too have been joking with Redman but he will not respond… Thank you John very funny

    • Jim says:

      You must be that dumb racist asshole from New Jersey.Blame Everyone for your own stupidity.I’m black so give me everything free. Pathetic .Get a job.

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