Ilhan Omar has this message for your children that should terrify you

Ilhan Omar is a magnet for scandal and controversy.

But this time she set her sights on America’s children.

And her message to the nation’s youth should terrify you.

Liberals look to indoctrinate young, formative minds.

They know if they can shape a person’s views in their teenage years, they are unlikely to modify them as they get older.

Liberals know if they get their hooks in teenagers they will grow up to be reliable Democrat Party voters.

The latest front in this battle to brainwash your children is the climate strike.

Prominent Democrats like Ilhan Omar are encouraging children to go on “strike” from school for one day to pressure politicians to enact Marxist policies like the “Green New Deal.”

So-called “climate change” is a trendy cause for young voters.

Democrats bamboozled them into thinking the world will end before they grow up unless the government adopts Soviet-style command-and-control economic policies to ban hamburgers, cars, and airplanes.

Global warming is a Trojan Horse for the left.

Their claims that the planet is in danger allows them to use climate change policies as an umbrella to promote their entire agenda – from government takeover of industries, to abortion, and so-called “family planning” for population control.

They promote this agenda to young people through teachers, musicians, actors, and other pop-culture influencers to confuse the fact that there is no real science or data to support this hoax.

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214 Responses

  1. John Vetter says:

    So why is it legal to be sworn in on the Koran????

  2. newhon63 says:


    Good one, RC

  3. newhon63 says:

    For anyone to understand that this woman’s Anti-Semetic and Anti-American rhetoric is damaging does not mean they are Trump supporters. This woman is a member of Congress and is supposed to be representing the will of the people in Minnesota. If she is so Anti-American then why did she run for office in the first place? Not to mention that, as a Muslim woman, she has risen to such heights, because this is America and she is free to run for office regardless of her gender. Back in her own nation women are not allowed to drive, must ask for permission from a male member of the family to leave the house even if her own 6 year old son is the only person to ask, can not refuse to have sex with her husband for fear of a good beating and taking her by force anyway, girls are given to old men 5 times their age at age 9 to marry and the cycle continues. Boys are brainwashed into believing that Islam should be the only religion in the world and should give their lives in that pursuit and it is girls duty to be broodmares and have as many children as possible to swell the Muslim presence in the United States so they increase their voting power.

    Now about this pickpocketing business. The Democratic Party has been picking pockets for decades. Hildabeast and her whole family are crooks to the nth degree. Their Clinton Foundation handled the disaster in Haiti a while back. They gave all this money to their pals to go and build houses and restore the infrastructure there. They pocketed the money, erected some temporary housing for the population and as far as I know there is no new housing and those people are STILL living amongst the rubble of the earthquake and the tsunami that hit. This has been about 10 to 15 years since all that occurred. I laugh whenever I think of Hillary passing out and having to be helped to her car. She was given debate questions ahead of time, there was the fake dossier she paid to have done, Donna Brazille helped her every way she could, the mainstream media has all but carried her through all of the (insert name here)Gates and doled out all the false information and accusations without proof to make her look shiney even though it destroys any credibility they have as a source of news.


    Not because anything was stacked against her(quite the opposite), not because her ideas were fresh and helpful to the nation. No, the only reason she lost is because she is a crook.

    She is has been in more Gates than a ranch owner. Benghazi has not been forgotten as much as she would like it to be. Her Russian collusion is still on people’s minds ( well other than people who think unshaven bumpy ass, wrinkly spindly legs are still in fashion), Her backdoor Uranium One deal in which Obama is involved by okaying it shows us all where both of their interests were at.

    This comes down to one thing. her and the other Muslim representative is trying to make Anti-Semitic statements commonplace so no one will flinch when they hear them then she and others will begin making even more controversial statements until they too become common. The goal will soon be to push toward throwing away our Constitutionally based system of laws and replace it will Sharia Law, which in the eyes of Muslims is superior.

  4. elgavilansegoviano says:

    …….Better go back and take another Meth hit!!,…Your loosing it!!,..

  5. rudy ramirez says:

    You Trump zombies are as dumb as your retarded leader. Such hatred from you hypocrites, and you call yourselves Christians. You could never stand the truth! Omar is speaking for your benefit , but you are so blinded by your loyalty to the Orange Moron, you kiss his ass while he picks your pocket! Fools!

  6. GeorgeCampbell says:

    Because we have a ton of low information voters who sent her to Congrss.

  7. GeorgeCampbell says:

    If she loves it so much,she should go back instead of trying to wreck this country.

  8. newhon63 says:

    Bravo. Hit the nail on the head with that one, sister. Smallpox, Scavvies, Measles are just a few of the diseases that the illegals brought with them in the very first caravan from South America.

    Head lice is a normal thing that occurs in our schools about once a year. So why not just import lice from Mexico and the rest of South America when we enroll those nasty little urchins into American schools to be given the very first bit of education they have ever had?

    I wonder what it is like for a 35 year old man to sit in a kindergarten classroom with his 6, 7, and 15 year olds to try to learn a little reading in English when they can’t even read at the kindergarten level in Spanish? Don’t worry. The teacher will help all 4 of you bottom-feeders and neglect the English speaking children, whom by the way the parents are paying school taxes for their kids to be there. No problem, we know by now that when you hear someone say illegal aliens, they really mean Freeloader.

  9. newhon63 says:

    Climate change is a normally occurring phenomenon. Been happening ever since we went from a molten ball in space until it cooled enough to create an atmosphere.

    Let’s assume for a moment that, yes, humans are to blame for Climate Change. We go putt-putt around in our cars, blowing carbon into the air with factories, etc, etc, etc. Cows farting in the wind is also contributing. That would mean all animals that blow air biscuits into the atmosphere are to blame too, right?

    They say the U.S. needs to regulate how much blah, blah, blah into the air. The UN wanted to get the U.S. to join the Paris Accord ( Like the Frenchies know what they are doing. they hid from the Nazis and we had to go save their ass) and do our part to reduce the carbon footprint of our nation.

    Ummmmmm………..yea. Okay. Friggin idiots. China spews more carbon emissions into the air that their population has to walk around with surgical masks on in their cities and last I heard the pollution has started to spread into outlying areas as well. If that is true then China is going to be coming to beg for food because they can’t feed their 10 billion people because pollution is killing crops and livestock. the country is where they are growing their food. The good news is that if the pollution kills their livestock then, at least , the lack of cow farts and chicken biscuits will reduce the carbon emissions. Not like China really gives a crap about their people anyway.


    If anyone wants to point the finger at a carbon footprint, they need to go talk to China. They have no regulations and their pollution is 10 times worse than the U.S.

  10. newhon63 says:

    Not looking at her nose. Top of her head, her backside. It’s the crazy ones who are the best in bed. Crazy eyes are more important than the stupid ideas. She can praddle on all she wants while I film it to show her boyfriend/brother/father/ long time pedophile who did her all the way to legal age.

    I’ll take over from here.

  11. an says:

    While she sets her sights on America’s Children, geography just might influence HER CHILDREN to the American way of Life & turn against her destructive ways. Maybe, they’ll even marry & convert to Judaism……….she should leave the country to be “safe” from Democracy. …….. Stupidity at its best!

  12. daddy boy's mama girl says:

    you are too young to know how the climates have changed over the years… and even in specific areas… when you get OLD and look back you will understand it! If you read about the history of weather, you see how much it has gone back and forth. THE HYSTERIA began with GORE! another thing is if there is any common sense in your being: YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THAT THE USA CAN NOT CHANGE CLIMATE!! IT WOULD TAKE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD … AND NO ONE ELSE IS USING WEATHER/CLIMATE TO SCARE THEIR POPULATION INTO SUBMISSION! now think about it …. how can getting rid of all cattle in the USA and never using our oil/gas going to stop a change in climate when all over the world they will still have cattle and you think the arabs will stop using/selling oil??? SOMEONE…. SOME WHERE … JUST HAS TO HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE??? BY THE WAY: i was a medical professional for 30+ years … been retired 25+ years and just a little FYI: a human being consuming only fruit, vegetables, & grains = NO MEAT passes OVER twice as much methane gas as a human eating high proteins from lean meats. Also, even if they stop cows from farting… it wont help that much because the highest amount of gases from cows is from BURPS as they chew and pass to the second stomach and it comes back up to the first stomach again … it is the natural digestive process and the belch large amounts because the food has not yet ”processed” thru the guts…. if all mammals in the USA stop burping and farting …. it will have accomplished NOTHING … until all mammals on earth follow suit!

  13. We have warmed .9 degrees in the last 100 years, hardly anything to worry about. It’s all about control, not saving lives, just like gun control !
    To conquer a nation, first you must disarm it’s citizens!
    “Adolf Hitler”

  14. Mike Morrow says:

    Both Omar and AOC need to be removed from Congress, but unfortunately, they have become the darlings of the media and Democrats. They draw the attention of the Public away from the important issues and allow the Democrats to slide legislation through that is unconstitutional.

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