Ilhan Omar got hit with a nasty surprise that could get her deported

Ilhan Omar is one of the most controversial members of Congress.

The Minnesota Democrat is in the middle of numerous scandals.

But now Ilhan Omar just got hit with a nasty surprise that could get her deported.

During her Congressional campaign, Omar was hounded by accusations she married her brother in order to commit immigration fraud.

PJ Media’s David Steinberg did some digging to the strange circumstances surrounding her now-dissolved marriage to Ahgmed Hirsi — who many believe is her brother — and Ahmed Nur Said Emi.

Steinberg accuses Omar of filing joint tax returns with Hirisi from 2009 to 2017 as well as joint returns with Said Emi in 2014 and 2015.

This is a massively important story.

If Omar committed marriage fraud to game the immigration system and then filed illegal tax returns, she could be deported.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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106 Responses

  1. mona says:

    That nasty ungrateful Ilhan Omar should have been deported months ago. The big eyed lunatic Cortez makes me sick to look at her. Both are disgusting in every way.

  2. Linda H says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. She will never be deported. The Devil is taking care of the crook.

  3. Pat says:

    Not only cities/states across the country are being invaded /surrounded by Muslims…they are also being invaded/surrounded by Spanish-speaking legal/illegal Latinos. At the rate these foreigners are coming in….white Americans will soon be the minority and English will be the second language. Thanks to B. Clinton and his EO 13166 in 2000, non-English-speaking foreigners (legal and illegal) are “entitled” to a translator for any/all 200+ languages, at the businesses’ expense. To avoid having to pay an employee and also pay to provide a translator for retails, restaurants, medical, education, etc. in our area, businesses are hiring English/Spanish-speaking employees (Latinos!) to accommodate the many other Spanish-speaking legal/illegal foreigners invading our country!! If you don’t speak English and Spanish, don’t bother applying for a job!! This should be against U.S. laws!!! Oh right!!!! It already is against U.S. laws!!! Where are arrest warrants for all of those illegal foreigners who did not show up for their court dates??? Americans could not get away with skipping court dates….so why are foreigners getting away with it????

    • Linda M. says:

      Pat: You are so correct on your post. Yes we can thank B. Clinton for the influx non-English speaking people into the USA, and Obama for allowing over 100,000 Muslims just in Minnesota and Wisconsin alone.And if memory serves me right, I think it was Bobby Kennedy that limited how many Europeans were able to get citizenship(legally) into our country.So what is that saying about the Democrats??They do have an agenda and it is to totally destroy our country as we know it..My daughter that has a college degree could not get a certain job because she wasn’t able to speak Spanish.Someone with less credentials got it.But try to prove it. Even though we do have laws, companies do have a way around them. And lets look whats in our government right now; Omar, Tlaib and Cortez! Disgraceful human beings supposedly representing we the people. …President Trump walked into 8 years+ of a mess and he is even being disrespected when he gives an order and it isn’t followed. I truly shutter to think all this will played out.Linda H. said it correctly when she stated the devil is taking of Omar.Trump and Barr is trying to do the right thing, but I sorely believe Omar and the other trash will remain…Heaven help us all.

  4. Carl says:

    She should be kicked out of congress and the country. We have to many third world people that have been allowed in our country. We need Trump’s wall.

  5. Nicholas. A says:

    PLEASE deport, she never should of been allowed in the U.S. in the first place.

  6. Barry says:

    Many Americans have forgotten 9/11 and the day the Muslims came to kill all of us. The Muslims in America and all over the world were cheering and celebrating our death that day. American Muslims were cheering in America in many cities and the mainstream media covered it up and we now have those same Muslims in political office .

    • Linda M. says:

      Barry: I brought 911 up, to someone who was supporting Muslims being in our country.I told that poster, I lost friends and family members that living nightmare day.So no, I can’t look the other way and welcome Muslims with open arms.Especially since Obama relocated 100,000 of them in Minnesota. There are power in numbers.Their teachings advocate to kill anyone that is not, and I shutter to use this word, following their “religion”.And you are so painfully correct by stating we have them in OUR government right now. How frightening is that?

      • Barry says:

        Yes, sad but true, and Minnesota and Michigan are so littered with them and the people in those states keep voting Democrats in as they always have. In the twin cities, if you go to a mall etc, you think you are in the Middle East !

    • Nicholas. A says:

      I’ve seen pictures of Palestinians celebrating 9/11. So you’re 100% right.

    • Dora says:

      All those Muslims that were imported for the Aussies should be deported and the other included they don’t like our country like THE KENYAN.

  7. Inthedark says:

    What airport are they going to deport her from, I would like to know so I can wave good bye to that walking pile of s:!t.

    • Barry says:

      I would like to soak some raw pork in a can of water, let it sit out in the sun for 2-3 weeks and throw it on her as she is boarding the plane to leave the USA, a little something to remember us by.

  8. Daniel Mount says:

    The United States Congress should not have any radical Islamic Terrorists in any of our Government offices. It is like having Adolf Hitler in our Congress or Senate back during the 2 world war. Very stupid and I want to know how these 3 Terrorists really got voted in? Voter Fraud I will bet 100%

  9. marleen davis says:

    Oh please, please, please deport this so called person named Omar who is impersonating a human. The sooner we can deport her and her ilk, the better our Republic will be. One down, many to go but the worst will be gone from Congress of the vulgar haters who would sooner chop off our heads then anything else.

  10. H Lee says:

    Omar would have to commit murder before government would go after her, and even then it is doubtful. She will just shout discrimination and racism and the the US prosecution will just melt into the background.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      H Lee:
      No only if she hires a bunch of airline suicide mooslum hijackers to smash those planes into the white house.

  11. Roy Pattie says:

    What’s wrong with this governmental laws that allow this to happen and then vote her into office. How many Dead people voted for he What did you and your husband ( brother) do on your wedding night. I’m sure that you were impregnated by immaculate conception. Right Omar, you ignorant SLUT! Inform the people back in your home country that you and your brother are no longer husband and wife.

  12. Joe Masefield says:

    Omar’s illegal marriages are the least of her problems. Far more critical is her hatred and contempt for the United States and her never-ending criticism of American laws and customs. She’s here for one purpose only, to muddy, misinform and destroy America’s greatness and achievements. Why is she in the American Congress? Why is she in the United States? Why is Nancy Pelosi not kicking her out?

    • Grumpy says:

      …that is what mudslimes do, which conveniently lines up with the policies of demonicraps…

    • Terry says:

      I am from Minnesota, the Great State of Minnesota, BTW and I must tell everyone who will listen, SHE IS A DISGRACE TO OUR STATE! I don’t usually enjoy resorting to name-calling but in her case, I HAVE to shout to the world: SHE IS A LIAR, A THIEF, AND JUST A FRAUD! She only seems to cater to her “peeps” on the West Bank of Minneapolis and Somali gangs are running rough shod over the city. The City, Mayor and the so-called Newspaper Outlet, the shameful Minneapolis Tribune refuse to do much about the rampant crime. We didn’t even hear about people being “hammered” by these gangs on the local news. Yes, recently a large group went roaming on the Green Line with hammers in hand assaulting folks. They were terrified. We had to hear it from other outlets. We ask ourselves, “What is Up With this?” It’s frightening for us to have someone like her supposedly representing Minnesota. Well, I can tell you she DOES NOT represent me nor anyone else I know. We’re embarrassed and outraged! She only won her district for MN Rep. because of the outpouring of Somali immigrants in her district and ousted Phyllis Kahn, who had been there for almost 30 years-did a bang-on job! She, at least, resented ALL her constituents in that district, unlike Omar! I hope with all my heart that she is voted out next time around, I believe she’s up for re-election in 2020, a one-time, 2 yr stint is about all we can take from her! P.S. She was running against a fellow male Somali in her race against Kahn and suddenly, without any explanation, he dropped out and of course, the local media made light of it. We wondered what happened. And, then there’s her “story” of her D.C. trip, which was indeed just that…a story. Not one media outlet checked and vetted her story and essentially gave her a pass…because she’s the “new shiny object on the shelf.” We are mad in Minnesota!

      • Barry says:

        My Fathers side of the Family are all from Minnesota. It is a very stupid mistake that people in this state allowed so many Muslims to settle there without massive protests to keep that from happening.

        it is also foolish that this state’s majority votes for the Democrat party, this should have never been a blue state. When you are Fool enough to vote the Democrats into office in your state, this is what you get. Sadly, states like New York, California and Minnesota are in my opinion lost causes as the Democrats have ruined them. it is no wonder that my state of Texas are getting 1000 per day moving here from failed states such as that.

        • kathy says:

          Are these people citizens eligible to vote or were they given special privileges?

          • Barry says:

            Another problem with Somalian and Palestinian refugees is that they bring large families with them and then most refuse to work. Every person in their families gets on every welfare benefit that exists and then they just live off the American tax payer just like the people from south of the Border that come here. Many of these muslim men register more than one wife to get the extra welfare. This is a major problem in Minnesota and Michigan. The state governments know this but are afraid to do anything as these people have learned from other USA minorities all you have to do is complain of racism and the government will leave you alone .

      • will says:

        the gates of hell have opened on this country.may God have mercy on us.

  13. Jorge Lubary says:

    Get out of this country!!!! is to good for you and you are an illegal alien.

  14. Bob Haun says:

    How in the hell are these people being voted in? This country needs an enema…

  15. Phol G. says:

    Do an IRS investigation’s on all these Democrat loser!s! Since they are attacking Trump and asking for his. Tit for tat! They would all deserve it!

  16. Matt says:

    Do the investigation, learn the facts, place the charges in federal court and the rest will be history.

  17. John Flynn says:

    I wish someone, anyone, could tell me when and where she became an American citizen! One must take a citizenship test. Did her refugee status have anything to do with a possible exception to this rule? My wife, an immigrant in 2013, passed her citizenship test on 2/20/18 in Mt Laurel NJ. This whole Omar situation does not sit right in my mind. Can anyone help me?

    • Linda M. says:

      John Flynn: Your wife followed the rules in obtaining citizenship CORRECTLY. Omar , and at least 100, 000 others got a free pass thanks to Obama .He wanted a lot of Muslims brought into our country quickly .For the Democratic “agenda”. And a slap in the face of the 911 victims..Corrupt and pathetic isn’t it??

    • Nicholas. A says:

      I would very much like to know myself where she got her citizenship from. Probably Pelosi’s office for 10 cents.

  18. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Our good friend “Betty” was either brainwashed by Comrade Obama or being a hopeless mental case or both.

    • Linda M. says:

      Gregory Sullivan:On this website and others as well, that’s all “Betty” is capable of; name calling and totally disrespecting our president .And now stooping to lowest level by calling his wife a whore! This shows the REAL mind set of the Democrats. Can’t face the truth.Spread lies and be so rude to any one that can see the TRUTH….I think there has been only two Democrats that tried to post their ill informed info. without having a garbage mouth…..So sad.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Linda M:
        This goes to show our good friend “Betty ” needs to be sent to a padded cell as all crazy people should and never be set free. Better to not reply to her continual rantings and insults to Trump and his family. Anyone who does , brings themselves down to her level.

        • Linda M. says:

          Gregory Sullivan: I don’t. Well, perhaps once. But then she shut up.I find it very curious though, There is someone else that posts on these web sites that has similar comments. But without the cursing. Wonder if they are same person? Well anyway, there other Democrats posting on these websites that are just as raving mad. Is that part of the ritual of becoming a Democrat? Thank God I’m not one!!

          • Gregory Sullivan says:

            Linda M:
            These people probably are a tiny handful of hateful leftist democrats that will never accept Hillary’s 2016 loss to Trump and they are bent on “getting even” with us for not supporting her by taunting us and getting us to vote for Biden in 2020 which will never happen. They are a bunch of extremely sore loosers and it’s a pity that there’s such a very stupid people in this world.

  19. clifford green says:

    deport her now . She is a dumb bitch .

  20. Larry says:

    Ilhan Omar is crooked, a trouble maker and is very Anti-Semitic. She needs her US Citizenship revoked and then Deported as a undesirable

  21. Rich says:

    One Terrorist down , or should be . . . . one, or more, to go to clean out the House . . . but don’t forget Demented-Dems need to go.

  22. John says:

    she should be deported for not honoring her promise to uphold the constitution. An oath sworn, to become a congress member. She is also a muslim terrorist. She has no business, in this country, let alone, a member of congress.

    • danrighty says:

      If you want her deported for not honoring our constitution then all demorats should also be kicked out.

      • Tom says:

        zIf she took the citizenship test, Then she swore allegiance to the USA forsaking her own country and to uphold. Defend the USA and obey all of our laws. Now if INS. Looked into her life since she came here i am sure they could. Find a few reasons to deport her. But the Judges have to agree to this. And going by past decisions they would block deportation

  23. She wasn’t sworn in with the BIBLE, but the koran, so she needs to get STONED to DEATH as THAT is the islamic TRADITION of PUNISHMENT……..!!!!

  24. Charles Parmenter says:

    She is a muslim Democrat, not a dam thing will be done to her. That is why democrats need to be voted out all of them. Along with RINOs

    • Jimmie Chesser says:


  25. mark says:

    lol dems worry about trumps taxes but not their own defrauding the gov. lol cant wait till 2020

  26. Just the fact alone that she was married to her BROTHER should get get her a PLACE in JAIL according to OUR laws, but as we can see now, there is soooooooooo much more she has done AGAINST OUR laws that she should have been ARRESTED “yesterday”, should be sitting in JAIL already……WHY ISN’T she…..??????

  27. BD says:

    Yes, get her out of here! However the stupid House, radical left wing liberal idiots believes she deserves a new position, they awarded her to be on a new committee and get this, it is a newly formed black-Jewish congressional caucus. This for the most vocal anti-Semitic, un-American person out of Minnesota! What a slap in the face. Instead of this Muslim ever being punished, they reward her happy butt, typical Democrats way. So sick of all of them, there isn’t one good representative among all of them. Trump 2020! Thanks to the radical left wing liberals.

  28. Garry says:

    No deportation based on ‘allegations’ and supposition. Find out the facts…. all the hub-bub over a $1500-3000 charge to campaign finances is peanuts compared to the outright fraud committed by the sitting president. If she is guilty of false reporting on her returns and immigration fraud… then get the facts and present them in the form of formal charges. The ‘right’ has been after this lady as a Muslim since she was elected. Let the courts sort out the political BS and the facts.

    • Jondarmes says:

      Garry, Since you are such a believer in facts & the rule of law what facts do you have concerning the OUTRIGHT fraud committed by President Trump?? NO COLLUSION (not a crime anyway), NO OBSTRUCTION, what fraud??? It is well known you DimocRATS s believe in justice for me, jail for thee. Your “lady” is an America Hating Sharia Loving Skank & should NOT be anywhere near any part of our government. I know, I know, Liberal trash feels that she is correct. Put up or shut up Buttercup.


      • Betty says:

        Hey, rally. In Just One Word, you described d trump almost perfectly. To make it 100 percent perfect, let’s describe d trump as an Insane Idiot!

    • Carol Fox says:

      No we just want her to stop spilling her hatred of Jews and AMERICA. You idiots who stand with her are completely ignorant. So do us a really big favor and keep your mouth shut till you know the real truth.

    • Wanda says:

      You say we need facts, what facts do you have that Trump did anything wrong, he was investigated for 2 1/2 years and nothing. It is a fact she married her brother to come to the US.

  29. Mike says:

    Any one check if this is all legal under Sharia law?

    • Bruce says:

      Sorry but this is the United States of America. She took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Let the facts be determined. The law applies to all, even Trump.

    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      Don’t have to all that Illegal anywhere in the world, is allowed in Islam. Their agenda is World domination and getting inside of a government is a silent coup. They want all of our property, women, children, and all of the rest of the world to convert to Islam. denounce our religions and bow to Muhammad and his fake ass Allah.

  30. Kevin says:

    Deport this skank asap

  31. Robert says:

    Get her lying, coniving, tax evading, two-timing, illegal ass out of Congress AND our country!!!

    • Betty says:

      Instead let’s get a WORTHLESS WORM & His Current Legalized Equally WORTHLESS WHORE out of the White House!

      • Barry says:

        Well the failed Social Experiment that spent 8 years in the White house Obama is finally out. He was the first President to not get GDP above 3% in our History. Obama was such a miserable failure, an absolute Disgrace and I was so embarrassed he held the office.

        Trumps is elected and almost immediately the Economy begins to flourish. He first begins by getting rid of Obama’s ridiculous regulations that caused the economy to fail on both the Micro and Macro levels and as a result the Economy begins to heal almost immediately.

        He then goes after the Countries that have been screwing us for decades on trade , and the NATO countries who haven’t been paying their agreed amounts in NATO , hence finally a president who puts the USA first as our Founding Fathers expected.

        President Trump gave us a tax cut in both personal and Corporate and on the Corporate side Companies that had multi Trillions of dollars sitting offshore has repatriated those funds back into the USA and spurred business growth. Foreign companies are relocating to USA because of a lower Tax rate providing new jobs here. Small and mid cap Companies are expanding in the USA providing new jobs. Small and mid cap expansion is critical as those companies make up 80% of all jobs in the USA.

        Unemployment for Blacks and Latinos is the lowest it has ever been in USA History. Unemployment for Women is at a 66 year low. The USA Dollar is strong which means you can buy more goods in USA and abroad. Most of the world is suffering from dismal GDP levels so they are studying what Trump did to get our GDP levels so high. North Korea isn’t lobbing missiles into the sky every week like they did during Obama’s watch.

        ISIS who began on Obama’s watch and flourished thanks to Obama is 98% wiped out now because of Trump and his Generals tough stance on Terrorism. Our Military is the largest and strongest it has been in decades thanks to Trump.

        It is no wonder why hordes of poor, illiterate brown skin Mexican Indians and Central American Indians who haven’t evolved in 1000 years are illegally invading our Country

        It took an elite businessman such as Trump to fix this Country and make it great again it took a person with the same ethnic bloodline as our founding fathers to do this . He and his entire family was admired by the world before he even considered running for President

  32. M.A. White says:

    She’s a Dem. Absolutely NOTHING will be done about her lying & fraud. End of story.

  33. Marlon says:

    She should be deported even for the fact she was not sworn in on the Bible.

  34. Han Solo says:

    Sooooo, if a Republican was discovered committing the same fraud, they would probably do the honorable thing and resign. Of course, when a Democrap does it, “we can’t hold her accountable…she probably didn’t know any better.” Or some other lame ass excuse would be used to justify it. Why IS this woman in Congress?

    • Gil says:

      Because kniggurbama loaded up that area of Minnesota with Somalia refugees just so they could get more Muslim kniggurs in congress

    • Jeannette says:

      Ignorance is no excuse for her. She had lawyers and accountants, what was missing from her was the truth and still is. She needs to be prosecuted and deported — let her spew her crap to the Somalis in her native country.
      Pelosi and her buddies are trying to ignore and deflect from this person who has committed illegal acts to become a member of Congress and a citizen. Time to revoke both.

    • Grandmas Mad says:

      She will probably say we are picking on her cause she is a female!!!!!

  35. Vinnie says:

    A serious investigation to find out whether Tlaib and Cortez were elected legally to the districts
    they “Supposedly “represent since Tlaib’s parents called her out for her Misrepresentation of her residence and there are clouds surrounding AOC’S representation of her residence with reference to the Constituents that she is supposedly representing but never see her !

    • Herbert Lubitz says:

      Why is truth being seen as a good thing here? The truth is even AOC was a bartender that was auditioned for the part of a politician. SHE auditioned and out of 2000 actors they picked her? Why she knows nothing about her own country so why do we want her in ours to run OUR lives while she sticks to the script for the Democrats. The Democrats have been buying human slaves for centuries and no truth being admitted by people who can put them all away are afraid to be on Clinton’s Hit list. Do you think that Trump has no skin in this? He is putting up his life for “THE PEOPLE” But the only difference in Presidents of past is he has three things you need to fight the Elite at their own game. Money and lot’s of it, Brains that can out think any Democrat any day, and Honesty, and above all the Mercy of Jesus Christ in America that they have not been able to destroy completely, so they are bringing in Moslims and Illegals to wipe us out. That is the agenda of Criminals, use force because there ain’t one intelligent 6th grader who would vote for a Democrat, and when they are old enough they will have History of Hero Trump, who defeated the Elite New World Order and will vote with not repeating History of the Democratic White Supremacists.

  36. judy says:

    They will change the law for her like they are doing now for other things to benefit their slves

  37. Jay says:

    If Omar was a republican , she would already be in jail. The outrageous double standard of the liberal progressive/communist democrats is dangerous and disgusting and not in accordance with American values!!! How do these people get elected?
    Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour, Ocasio, etc are the enemies within.
    The democrats treatment of Pres Trump is also disgusting. After 8 years of Obama’s destruction , it will take many years to correct and weed out all the traitors!
    Pres Trump should fire every holdover from Obama’s administration!
    God bless and save America from the democrat party insanity!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  39. Michael says:

    The Democrats keep saying that no one is above the law, not even the president, and that he should be impeached and arrested. Arrest this woman and deport her because she isn’t above the law. Mr. President start the process and order all Democrat tax records and see where all of their money comes from. I’m sure there a lot more democrats that are breaking the law.

    • William J Vital says:

      But the Democraps follow their own set of non-existent laws and only abide with U.S. law when it suits them.

  40. A Seeker says:

    How far must one goes before Truth comes to visit? This country is not to be deceived by anyone, for ever! God is with the USA and He is JUST! In His Justice all Deceivers are to be JUDGED, either here now on earth, or, after death! For her sake, let us deport her NOW for her soul’s sake and, for our PEACE as a NATION!

  41. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Mentality Ilhan Omar should hang for the crimes that she committed, either that or be ousted from her congressional seat and be sent back to Somalia where she belongs as she will NOT be missed.

  42. Pam says:

    She should have been more concerned with her own taxes than demanding President Trump to release his. I hope they don’t let this slide and get her out. If she was to be deported there will be a rioting in Minneapolis by her muslim community, and maybe then even more can be cleared out.

  43. Timothy Toroian says:

    Can I laugh now or do I have to wait?

    • Connie says:

      Depends on what you are laughing at. If you are laughing because she will finally be ousted, you better wait. If you are laughing because “what difference does it make”, then yes, start laughing. Either we are reading made up lies or no one has the guts to go after all the frauds. I’m guessing the latter so my laughter is turning to tears.

  44. Steve says:

    I would rather see her put in GITMO forever , with the REST OF THE TERRORISTS ! Her being free to do whatever will never be in the best interests of OUR country !

  45. Colleen La Rose says:

    I am a Muslima, & in all my teachings I have been taught we can serve only one GOD,
    This woman is not following the Sunnah (ways in Islam) by serving the Democrat “gods” but I can’t talk as I am a staunch Trump supporter….but I do only worship one GOD.

    • Linda M. says:

      Thank you for your comment and supporting our president.Omar is a disgusting, shameful human being.That truly should be deported.We, as a nation, welcomed her into our country when she was a refugee ,and THIS is how she shows her allegiance and gratitude. …

    • Barry says:

      Any Muslim in America that agrees with or supports any form of Sharia Law needs to be immediately deported and their citizenship or visa revoked , and their families thrown out as well.

  46. Linda M. says:

    I totally agree with Derek,Rodney,Angela and Barry’s comments.I was told she didn’t even put her hand on the bible to be sworn it. This is part of the process , is it not? The Democratic party has a very damaging agenda that WILL be the end of our country, as we know it, if they succeed in 2020……

  47. Derek McGowan says:

    These are serious charges and I sincerely hope she faces the full penalty of the law both at a Federal and State level. Her Naturalization as a citizen should be revoked and hopefully she will be deported.

  48. Rodney says:

    She should have never been able to run at all!!!!!! She is a fake and a fraud!!!!!!!!

  49. Angela says:

    The pole numbers speak for themselves

  50. Barry says:

    A Moslem has no place in any leadership Position in the USA, Minnesota and Michigan are perfect examples of what happens to s state when a Moslem Saracen rises to power

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