Ilhan Omar got hit with a nasty surprise that could get her deported

Ilhan Omar is one of the most controversial members of Congress.

The Minnesota Democrat is in the middle of numerous scandals.

But now Ilhan Omar just got hit with a nasty surprise that could get her deported.

During her Congressional campaign, Omar was hounded by accusations she married her brother in order to commit immigration fraud.

PJ Media’s David Steinberg did some digging to the strange circumstances surrounding her now-dissolved marriage to Ahgmed Hirsi — who many believe is her brother — and Ahmed Nur Said Emi.

Steinberg accuses Omar of filing joint tax returns with Hirisi from 2009 to 2017 as well as joint returns with Said Emi in 2014 and 2015.

This is a massively important story.

If Omar committed marriage fraud to game the immigration system and then filed illegal tax returns, she could be deported.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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105 Responses

  1. Nicholas. A says:

    I would very much like to know myself where she got her citizenship from. Probably Pelosi’s office for 10 cents.

  2. mona says:

    That nasty ungrateful Ilhan Omar should have been deported months ago. The big eyed lunatic Cortez makes me sick to look at her. Both are disgusting in every way.

  3. Linda M. says:

    Pat: You are so correct on your post. Yes we can thank B. Clinton for the influx non-English speaking people into the USA, and Obama for allowing over 100,000 Muslims just in Minnesota and Wisconsin alone.And if memory serves me right, I think it was Bobby Kennedy that limited how many Europeans were able to get citizenship(legally) into our country.So what is that saying about the Democrats??They do have an agenda and it is to totally destroy our country as we know it..My daughter that has a college degree could not get a certain job because she wasn’t able to speak Spanish.Someone with less credentials got it.But try to prove it. Even though we do have laws, companies do have a way around them. And lets look whats in our government right now; Omar, Tlaib and Cortez! Disgraceful human beings supposedly representing we the people. …President Trump walked into 8 years+ of a mess and he is even being disrespected when he gives an order and it isn’t followed. I truly shutter to think all this will played out.Linda H. said it correctly when she stated the devil is taking of Omar.Trump and Barr is trying to do the right thing, but I sorely believe Omar and the other trash will remain…Heaven help us all.

  4. Linda H says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. She will never be deported. The Devil is taking care of the crook.

  5. Pat says:

    Not only cities/states across the country are being invaded /surrounded by Muslims…they are also being invaded/surrounded by Spanish-speaking legal/illegal Latinos. At the rate these foreigners are coming in….white Americans will soon be the minority and English will be the second language. Thanks to B. Clinton and his EO 13166 in 2000, non-English-speaking foreigners (legal and illegal) are “entitled” to a translator for any/all 200+ languages, at the businesses’ expense. To avoid having to pay an employee and also pay to provide a translator for retails, restaurants, medical, education, etc. in our area, businesses are hiring English/Spanish-speaking employees (Latinos!) to accommodate the many other Spanish-speaking legal/illegal foreigners invading our country!! If you don’t speak English and Spanish, don’t bother applying for a job!! This should be against U.S. laws!!! Oh right!!!! It already is against U.S. laws!!! Where are arrest warrants for all of those illegal foreigners who did not show up for their court dates??? Americans could not get away with skipping court dates….so why are foreigners getting away with it????

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