Ilhan Omar dug her political grave with six words that will leave you speechless

Ilhan Omar went too far.

The Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

That’s because Omar just nailed the coffin shut on her career with six words that will leave you speechless.

Omar’s first month in Congress has seen one headline after another concerning her disturbing anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Over the weekend, she kicked off another massive controversy when she tweeted out that American politicians only support Israel because they are bought and paid for by sinister Jewish billionaires.

This is a disgusting stereotype.

Anti-Semites have long spread baseless conspiracy theories that wealthy Jews advance their agenda by funneling cash into politicians’ pockets.

It’s not surprising that Anti-Semites like Omar cannot understand that Americans support Israel because it is the only Democracy in the Middle East and the Jewish people face the threat of religious fanatics that want to wipe them off the map.

Anti-Semites think everyone hates Israel as much as they do, but the less principled among Washington politicians are willing to be bought off.

To many Americans, these comments should be the end of the road.

If Democrats tolerate Omar in their ranks, then they are admitting they are the party of anti-Semitism.

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209 Responses

  1. The Real M says:

    A Seeker, John 14:6 please read when you have a minute.

    Great comment, filled with thoughtful wisdom. I agreed with all but one line.
    Thank you.

  2. A Seeker says:

    Everyone who believes in God, no matter what name that person might uses to call upon whose God, that person is blessed! Anyone who rejects what God loves, is rejecting GOD! Because God is LOVE! God only loves what is GOOD! God rejects all that is EVIL! Thus, anyone who has hatred within whose heart towards What God LOVES, that person is EVIL! The Jewish People are GOD’S Special Chosen People, from within them , we have our SAVOIR, Who is Christ Jesus the LORD! If this person from MINNESOTA dies today, no telling, where her soul might has to go? One doesn’t has to believe in Jesus, that is a separate ISSUE! But, to reject what GOD LOVES, it is committing EVIL! No EVIL enters the KINGDOM of GOD!

  3. GIBSON says:

    It equals hiring staff that hate the family household that employs them, showing bad intentions the family wishes to overlook the motives of the enemy it houses in one’s home. Does it make sense? Is that the best one can do for ones sanity and one’s kids welfare? Should that danger be overlooked… then the family deserves the consequence.

  4. Thomas Kidd says:

    Sir you spoke a mouth full. These vermin will continue coming in droves until we are taken over. Our country is on it’s death bed and the doctor isn’t coming this time. We have sinned grossly and God’s wrath is upon us. Those who Know Him absolutely must be about preparation as all hell breaks forth upon a God rejecting people. I understand that my message is unpopular and not many people will take me serious. SEEK YOUR REDEEMER WHILE THERE IS YET TIME. The Living God has over and over used our enemies to judge us.

  5. Thomas Kidd says:

    The true Israel of God is not those who call themselves Jews in the Middle East. His true Israel are all who are born again by His precious blood. Jesus said of the Jew, “Your house is left unto you DESOLATE. The end came to them in 70 AD . People are still stuck in the Old Testament prophecies of the coming of the Saviour of the world. Base your beliefs on the plain words of Jesus and the Apostles, not upon the teachings of the false prophets of these last days.

  6. Thomas Kidd says:

    The biggest mistake this country has ever made was when they allowed these bastards of hate in all in the name of freedom of religion. Our nation was founded upon Judeao Christian principals. We are now reaping that which we have sown. These pagan hating bastards have been coming here, not for freedom, because their brains cannot comprehend the concept of liberty and freedom. This ungodly mistake will in the end cost millions their lives. I fear we have passed the point of NO REMEDY.

  7. Darlin says:

    I AGREE, And they do not have American value’s, and should –NOT be in Congress.

  8. Darlin says:

    Kara—–I Totally agree with what you have said—–

  9. snark says:

    ‘bomba’ IS an Ashkenazi jew, estudiante.
    Knock -knoc.
    > But, NO 0ne will come back to ‘review’.

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