Ilhan Omar could go to jail after getting caught committing one shocking crime

Rep. Ilhan Omar can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

On top of making anti-Semitic statements, she has been caught committing campaign finance violations.

But that is nothing compared to the new crime she was caught committing, which could send her to jail.

It is nothing new for politicians to believe they are above the law.

But they are usually a bit more careful with their wrongdoings than Omar.

In recent weeks, she has been caught committing campaign finance violations that will be costing her money in fines.

But things are now a lot worse for Omar legally, because it turns out she was cheating the IRS on her tax returns.

For two years running, Omar had filed joint tax returns, not with the man she’s legally married to, but with another man she was living with but not legally married to.

She claims that she got a religious divorce, but nothing was legally done in the divorce, so she is not married to the man she lives with now.

This is a crime in Minnesota where her home district is.

Star Tribune reports:

It is even more disturbing, therefore, to learn that among the board’s latest findings was a troubling discovery that is far beyond its jurisdiction, but worthy of greater scrutiny nevertheless. Omar, for two years running, filed joint tax returns with a man she was living with but not legally married to. Complicating matters further, she was legally married to another man at the time.

It’s against the law in Minnesota to file jointly unless one filer is legally married to the other. Last year Omar told the Star Tribune that she had married her partner “in her faith,” and had earlier divorced her first husband “in her faith.” That’s fine for religious purposes. But for tax purposes, only civil marriages qualify. It’s not known whether she benefited materially by filing jointly. That is something that voters, who are obliged to follow tax laws no matter how painful, are entitled to know.

It isn’t shocking that Omar is back in trouble.

She’s been a magnet for controversy since being elected and was even nearly forced to resign following her anti-Semitic remarks earlier this year.

But now it may be the IRS that finally takes her down.


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142 Responses

  1. REPUBLICAN 4 EVER says:

    When in the hell is the TRUMP HATING O’BAMA STAFFED DOJ going to IMPEACH this MUSLIM ANTI-WHITE ANTI-AMERICAN ANTI-SEMITIC TRUMP HATING women I’m SICK n tired of looking at n listening to her she gets me sick to my stomach. I pray the voters see the error of there ways n vote this CRAZY women out of Congress.

  2. Martin Harford says:

    But nothing will happen to her. She’s a black female muslim democrat. That means she’s made of, and not just coated with Teflon! If justice isn’t served then that is yet another point for vigilante justice. The powers that be serve no justice at all. They tend to serve up retribution when they have the power to do so. The IRS persecuted the Tea Party, Obama denied it, then it was later confessed to and the taxpayers paid remuneration. That’s justice? I’d settle for a good ol’ fashioned tar and feathering for STARTERS! That’s vigilante justice at it’s finest!

  3. Dpw2811 says:

    Make YOUR VOICE HEARD – Pass It On!

    Please SIGN this Petition & Pass It On!

    Remove Representative Omar. Due to Representative Omar’s continual use of Committee time as a pulpit for anti-American and Antisemitic rhetoric, I urge Congress to remove her from Congress.

  4. Dpw2811 says:

    Make YOUR VOICE HEARD – Pass It On!

    Please SIGN this Petition & Pass It On!

    The removal, arrest and deportation of (D-MN), IIhan Abdullahi Omar from the 5th Congressional District in her participation in marriage and campaigning fraud.

  5. NOBODY says:

    she should go to jail as well , we the people was to commit the crimes she we would already be there
    and from what I hear the following
    Immigration fraud
    tax evasion
    and who knows her other crimes are in the past

    and not to forget
    campaign finance violations

    but because she is a liar, Democrat, female, and a Iranian
    and above the law she won’t

    she’s nothing more then a tramp actress

  6. barb says:

    omar tryiny to look all pathetic…..She is a pathetic, lying,racist, terrorist, who married her own brother….Mr President and puppet Pelosi, put her butt in jail, befor someone gets her first……..One of the biggest criminals, next to killery..who also needs to be imprioioned ASAP…

  7. DAVE: I SEE IT. Read my comments. They are proven history. One thing I was not able to say was I do not care who you are or where you come from. you are not in Kansas any more you wicked witch of the EAST. Look on a map, You are in the U.S.A. where The I.R.S. is King. Go back to your own country and try and pay your back TAXES. Your a disgrace to your RACE

  8. The last time I checked Polygamy in these United States was a Felony. Witch is a High Crime punishable by hanging. Ask any one that is a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints ( The Mormans ) about the laws of the land on Polygamy. A lot of Men, Women, and Children were killed by the Government over this Law. Omar needs to be told this is not Somalia.

  9. Jim says:

    She lives in MN. When the US Govt. brought all of the Muslim Somalia’s to MN, they did not have them assimilate – instead, they take Govt. funds and show HATE to the country. We need to be more careful and thoughtful about who we allow into this country. Although, it may be to late. She was elected, because the Somalia’s all live close together and vote together.

    • Carol Baker says:

      The Muslim Somalia’s or almost ANY Muslim’s will never assimilate – instead, they take Govt. funds and show HATE to our country. Those should all be deported immediately, before they grow even stronger…(They claim they are not going to leave and are here to to take over the USA and to kill all non-believers, and plan to build a better country, like they claim theirs is, and teach infidels how to live properly. Those need to go ASAP! They are not AMERICAN and never will be because they hate us and our Country) AND THEREFORE SHOULD NOT BE MAKING RULES AND LAWSFOR AMERICA!!!!! Remove those from Congress, freeze & confiscate all assets, revoke American Citizenship now and forever & DEPORT BACK TO SOMALIA.. NEVER to be permitted to set foot on AMERICAN soil again!!! I don’t believe all Muslim’s are like this, because there are good and bad in all races. I know personally of some Muslims that have assimilated and love our Country and people, and are also Trump Supporters!….. AND, We definitely need to be more careful and thoughtful about who we allow into this country. One BIG reason why we need that wall built ASAP!

    • Lewis Martiniello says:

      Thank goodness Trump won. Clinton would have flooded the entire country w/ them.

  10. gordon says:

    I have work with those how have an ID (with photo) from their consulate and they go and get an ID or driver’s permit with out showing any resident’s paper. I live in too countries, did the paper work and when that was completed and okayed by the governments I was able to get a driver’s license. However, that didn’t give the right to vote nor receive health benefits. What about the STUPID congress people as they have no idea what is going on or what will happen. Look and study what other countries had had to do or are doing.

  11. Alan Wright says:

    “Ilhan Omar could go to jail after getting caught committing one shocking crime”

    Not only “could she”, she MUST! Anyone else in this country most certainly would have and Omar is no different. Sadly, though, she thinks she is. Even sadder, so do millions of her supporters, not to mention her “Brother’s in Arms”, in the Democrat party.

    But…..she won’t go to jail. She likely won’t even be chastised. She will walk away scot free, even though you and/or I would be slapped into jail. There’s an old adage that states; “Rank has privilege!” And although she hasn’t earned anything in the way of “privilege”, she certainly is “RANK” enough!

  12. warren byland says:

    After she serves time her citizenship should be revoked and that anti American Islamist and her whole family should be deported back to the craphole of Somalia where they came from . She is nothing but a terrorist loving B and dose not deserve the privilege of living in the United States of America.

    • Cindy says:

      Completely agree with you!! She’s anti-American and doesn’t mind proving that on a daily basis. However if any of us hard working, law abiding citizens were to try scamming the IRS, we’d be serving prison time!! I’m sick of this double standard BS that congress shoved in our faces continuously, and it’s frustrating and disheartening to see that our own government ignores this disgraceful woman and other democrats as well!!

  13. To not proceed with legal actions against IIhan is itself a crime. Sharia law is not the law of the land. It is time we broadcast that fact to the entire US Muslim community and mean it. Who gives a fig that she got a religious divorce. Is it official on the legal books of MN?

    • Dave says:

      No, don’t allow her to resign. Kick her Muslim ass out of the Congress of the USA and then deport her and all the rest of them out of this country! The Muslim intent is to take over the USA and to kill all non-believers. Can any true American citizen not see this?

    • M.L. says:

      You must respect Allah and the Sharia Law now. Many of us Muslims are in the USA and we are here to stay! We plan to build a better country, like ours, and teach you infidels how to live properly. Obama brought many of us here and our numbers are strong.

      • Alan Wright says:

        No, “M.L.”, I don’t have to “respect Allah and the Sharia Law now’, or ever! This is America and it is NOT a Muslim country. And, much to your chagrin, it never will be!

        However, if it will make you feel better, bring it on. We’ll be glad to show you just how “strong our numbers are”!

  14. Mike says:

    Time to lock her up with Hillary and the Obama’s along with Jesse Smollett.

  15. Why is this towel hat even a part of our government now? You want to give illegals a drivers license? Did you in Washington pad the insurance companies with taxpayers money? To get a license you first have to prove you have insurance. It`s time to hang all of you bashturds and take back our country now.

    • Dennis Durgan says:


    • Perry Perno says:

      I am so sick and tired of you commie bastards, Your parents should be ashamed of all of you. They worked their ass off to get where we are and in 10 years you piss ants have trashed it. God help each and every one of you.

    • Amen Dennis.Something has to be done about our Country. The Democrats are to blame. She and all around her should get deported.Get her out of this Country.I hope the IRS does do something because the Democrats aren’t.

  16. Mike says:

    You people crack me up you honestly think somethings going to be done about her. They are going to cover her up and she is just like Hillary ,nothing will ever be done .get used to it.We are some really dumb people to allow Muslims in our government. Only a person with a half a brain cannot see where this is going.

    • Cindy says:

      Maybe we’ve had blinders on, not dumb. But it’s time to see the truth for what it is and stop allowing hate to infiltrate our government. Hold our public officials accountable. Look at their core values and not their party affiliation. Democrats are full of hate and have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them. To hell with political correctness, I want to know what a person really believes and how their agenda will be guided those beliefs. This America hater is open about her biases, so why are the democrats standing behind her? It’s time for everyone supporting that kind of agenda to be voted out of office!! She should be punished for any criminal behavior of course, but there’s a bigger picture that people better be paying attention to.

      • Linda M. says:

        Cindy: Thank you for your post.Trued words have never been spoken!! The Democrats have NEVER allowed President Trump to preform his job properly.Now we are heading into 2020 elections and what a mess!! Omar should have never been allowed into this country to begin with and know she’s in congress spewing her hate! Not only for our President but for our country as well!

    • ahem tonto says:

      Never is along time and there is more than enough corruption she is guilty of to keep her imprisoned for a long time.

      • Tim says:

        This “Somali Pirate” is a traitor and she be deported only after she goes to jail!!!
        A disgrace to her race . . . How did she ever get voted into office??

        • Jim says:

          She lives in MN. When the US Govt. brought all of the Muslim Somalia’s to MN, they did not have them assimilate – instead, they take Govt. funds and show HATE to the country. We need to be more careful and thoughtful about who we allow into this country. Although, it may be to late. She was elected, because the Somalia’s all live close together and vote together.

          • USN Vet says:

            Jim It was obama who allowed them in 60,000 of them he placed them in minn.Blame him not us govt. Resigning is not good enough for omar,she needs to be kicked out of office stripped of all her rights . Then tarred and feathered shipped back with the rest of anti-americans obama let in our country!!!

    • Perry Perno says:

      I am so sick and tired of you commie bastards, Your parents should be ashamed of all of you. They worked their ass off to get where we are and in 10 years you piss ants have trashed it. God help each and every one of you.

    • Hussain says:

      Yep. Not a damn thing will happen to her. Matter of fact, this will be the perfect time to intertwine our laws and muslim law. Watch. This is where it’s going. When are we going to say enough already? Are we going to just let this country go full on commie? Soon, we will have no choice, if we dont start taking it back now. They cheat every election, so that is not the answer. I’m ashamed we have allowed our children to be converted into communists.

  17. Sharon says:

    If this had been anyone else they would already been in jail for tax fraud, but because she is a muslim they are turning there heads, we the Americans people deserve better than this!

  18. rich says:

    What”s the hold up? this bitch should be tried and convicted of ALL her wrong doings… plus her ANTI-AMERICAN stance on everything that she voices…Her resting placed should be in GITMO or hanging from
    FOR AMERICA!!!!! She is an enemy of the people of the U S of A!!!! and the U.S. of A. itself!! How much more are we waiting for? She has committed crimes against America and it’s people Make her accountable!!!! thanx….. rich …IN GOD WE TRUST

  19. Gregory Sullivan says:

    All one has to do is read an unedited version of the Quran and find out what the people of Islam (I call it a cult) think about nonbelievers. Her attempt to somehow whitewash it and make us believe that’s it is the “religion of peace and brotherhood ” which is sheer bowl sheet is contradicted in that so-called “holy book” the holy book of Satan himself.

  20. Jamie says:

    This ignorant hater cannot divorce somebody in her faith, she never assimilated to United States when she got her fraudulent citizenship from marrying her half-brother, filed for a divorce with campaign finances from her half-brother, filing jointly with somebody she’s not married to,..??? is it me or does anybody else believe that she has obviously forgotten she is a US citizen and American laws apply here??? She needs booted out of Congress, citizenship revoked, and dropped right in the middle of her Somalian country with all of her husband’s

    • Fay Butler says:

      She is not ignorant . She is educated and rich and hates America with an Islamic passion. hope they deport both her and her brother to some place so desolate that she’ll never recover.

      • Alan Wright says:

        Quite true, Fay but nothing will happen to her. Nor the other anti-American stodges out there, working overtime to take our country down. They will win because our people will not do what must be done to stop these people from playing their game. And you know what, maybe we deserve to lose it all. We don’t seem to care!

        • a fool says:

          We CARE! What are you proposing? No one trusts MUSLIM…. They will do any thing, committing any cirme to serve their ALLAH! Their Koran demands, form murder to reape…………… whatever Sin that could be committed upon the NON ISLIM are all acceptable and encouraged!

    • Emma says:

      Agree. Remove her from Congress, freeze & confiscate all assets, revoke American Citizenship & DEPORT BACK TO SOMOLIA.. NEVER to be permitted to set for on AMERICAN soil again!!!
      Send her family with her .

  21. Personally, I don’t trust any Muslim, anywhere or anytime! They are all liars, thieves and killers. They should never have been allowed into the United States in the first place. Now, they’re weaseling their way into our government by lying and cheating, just like Obama! If we expect to keep our country “OURS”, we need to get rid of every Muslim in our government and, our country!

    • Emma says:

      Yes. Perfectly stated

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Hello Thomas, Happy father’s day to you.
      I understand what I’m about to say may not sit well with many people, but as a Muslim I can tell you we are not all the same. I at first didn’t want to say anything, but really as any race/religion/age/gender, there is good & bad. I suppose I may be an anomaly, however I am a staunch Trump supporter, & I dispise what the liberals are doing. In fact it is because of President Trump & because of the left wing morons attempt to over throw a duly elected President that I am a die-hard conservative….but also I am a Muslimah. I’m not trying in any way to change your opinion about Muslims, but I just felt I had to comment. Thank you for your time & have a blessed day.

      • Warren says:

        Colleen, You haven’t read your Quran; Islam is evil! Get a life

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Warren, you are entitled to your opinion but as I said to THOMAS, NOT YOU…I am not trying in any way to change anyone’s opinion. You to yours & me to mine. But let’s look at the posts between us, I have not insulted & would not insult anyone’s religion, you on the other hand attacked me & are very rude. So who is it that is evil? I don’t want a reply from you, just giving you words to ponder on. & I do have a life thank you. Oh let me not forget…yes Warren I have read my Quran.

          • Linda M. says:

            Collen La Rose: Left a post for Warren. I know you can hold your own, but I felt the need to respond to him, in defense of you. If I spoke incorrectly, I’m sorry.You know I would never hurt you on purpose…..

          • Mr.Obunghole says:

            Coleen, I say this to you as a brother in conservative politics. Please, take a look at YouTube videos, and look for nde, near death experiences, of muslims, and of atheists. Almost to the last one, all of the muslims now when the light comes, and they believe its Allah or Muhammad. But it always turns out to be, doing doing doing. Jesus Christ. I have seen only one video, of a child, and you could clearly see the kid reading off boards, and being coached from his camera guy. Atheists are even better, because they expect to die, and the …nothing. Aren’t they shocked, when the light comes, and surprise, surprise. Its JC. And, all of them are told they are being given a second chance, that they must come back and tell their story to save others that will not get that second chance. Now. I know you muslims believe Jesus will bow his knee to Muhammad, but if that were true, why doesn’t Mo come himself? I’ll tell you why. Because he was a nasty, rapist, murderer, that married a six year old child. SIX YEAR OLD. Tell me that is ok. If so, would you allow your six year old daughter to marry a 40 year old pervert? I think not. All religion has good and bad. It just seems that only one leads to heaven, and I want all to have a chance to go there. To each their own. I just hope you take my advice, and check out these videos because, why on earth would a devout Muslim die, and come back a Christian? Why would someone who laughs at all of us believers, die, and come back, and first thing he asks for is a preacher? It makes no sense, unles….

        • Linda M. says:

          Warren: I know we all have very strong beliefs. Especially when dealing with religion.But I think I know Colleen La Rose and who SHE is, from all of her postings on various topics. And I can honestly state, regardless of the Quran and its teachings, Colleen is a very caring, loving human being who firmly supports President Trump and what he stands for.Omar on the other hand is not, and should be deported from our country.We can not gauge our opinions on one individual’s (OMAR) conduct.Think of us as Christians or of Judaism faith. do we follow our beliefs and religious beliefs every day?No I think not.And trust me when I say, and I’m not making light of a very serious situation, but Collen is not an secret operative, who’s sole purpose is to over throw the government. And I honesty feel if Colleen was given the choice of following the Quran to the letter and standing with us, she would choose us.

          • Colleen La Rose says:

            My dear Linda:
            1st, thank you very much for standing up for me. I will be honest with you. When I say I am Muslim, I definitely have given my Shahada (testimony of faith) which is the 1st pillar in my religion. I am far from being sterling poster child for a good Muslimah though. Yes I do believe there is no GOD but GOD. I worship & fear, & pray only to GOD. But there is alot I need to improve on to be a good Muslima. Sometimes Linda I think I am on an island of sorts of my own. The Muslims look down on me because I don’t follow the Sunnah (laws of Islam) like I am suppose to, & christians (some not all) look down on me because I am Muslim. At the end of the day though, I really only want to please & worship GOD. I know I cant, & I won’t even try to please everyone. All I want is to be forgiven, & allowed to enter Paradise (heaven) on my day of judgment. As for my politics & who I support well common sense points to the conservatives way on being in the right. & I can’t stand what the liberals are trying to do to America. President Trump is the 1st President in my lifetime that I am proud to support & I won’t silently accept what the enemies of the American (AKA:LIBS ) are doing to undo all the great things President Trump has achieved in the short time he’s been in office. I am not allowed to vote, but I encourage any thinking people to vote for President Trump in 2020. I can just imagine how much better America will be by President Trump continuing to MAGA!

      • Gayleclay says:

        Were you brought up in an Islamic muslim family or married into an Islamic muslim family? Just wondering.

  22. Rich says:

    Obvious that she has such a hate for America. Congress should be impeaching her. There is such obvious reasons

    • Hi Rich. You forget about that old saying, “birds of a feather flock together”, or something like that. If our politicians were honest and loyal, Omar would have been drop kicked out of Congress days after she was, so called, elected. However, we’re seeing on a day to day basis, just how corrupt and treasonous our “representatives” really are!

    • Scout says:

      Only problem with that is, she has a D after her name, and they get away with anything, just ask Hitlery!

  23. Marcus says:

    Thank You so much Slick Willy Clinton for Importing the Somali Crime Wave into our country , Then of coarse Comrade Chairman Obama dumped as many Muslim Jihadists into our backyard as He could

  24. David Kennedy says:

    Send her back to somolia. Let her spew her anti US trash there. They love it. Then let her keep being a loud mouth, see what happens then. She does not deserve to be in the US. What a disgrace.

  25. Eliot says:

    Ilhan Omar is anti-America and belongs in Guantanamo Bay! She’s also a lesbian who has regular threesomes with her other subversive lovers, Rashida Tlaib and Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour! Sometimes, Tamika Mallory joins these Dirty Dykes, turning the threesome into a foursome!

  26. Mike says:

    Talk is cheap.I will believe it when I see it.I think she could kill some one and get away with it.The worst thing is she knows it.

    • BEE says:


    • Tim says:

      I agree. With all these crimes she’s committed, when’s the hammer going to fall? Just a lot of talk and no action. I would wager you though, that if this were a Republican the liberal media would be on fire.

  27. Myron Kovach says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  28. Thomas Goss says:

    Put this muslim bitch in jail.

  29. omar is a democRAT so like killerey she will skate free, double standard you know, democRATS don’t do jail time you have to be a republican to do that

  30. DC says:

    Lock her up. Perhaps she’d prefer to be punished by a traditional Islamic beating. Either way, she should be kicked out of Congress on her fat ass.

  31. Edie says:

    Omar is a racist woman and doesn’t like the USA. She doesn’t like this country, and she is a refugee that we took in. Send her back to her homeland, give her no privileges, she deserves nothing. Time to get out of here Ms Omar, you broke our laws and we don’t like you. It’s all mutual.

    • BrownWaterVet says:

      I agree Edie, send her packing back to her country. The one that lives by HER religion and their laws.

  32. Wesley Thomas says:

    She should be sent to GITMO for life at the very least,but execution would be ideal!

  33. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal Muslim pedophilia demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  34. trapperwv1 says:

    Congress , why are you scared to do something about this tax evading criminal, only reason I can think of is too many of you do the same as she does. We cannot have law makers in office in our country that cannot follow the laws on the books regardless of party.

  35. Sandra says:


  36. Kenneth Jones says:

    She must resign her seat in Congress, and the sooner the better.

  37. Mary says:

    No nothing will be done just like Hillary and I have a message for her. You say Trump is fascism but what really is going on is that every time you look in the mirror and you see the green eyed monster staring back at you and you got to blame somebody else instead of yourself. Every name you called me in 2016 for being a Trump supporter is really you. Until 2016 candidates called their opponent names but no candidate ever brought the general public voters into the game until you did it. You’re the trash that needs to be dumped on a barge and sent out to sea. I voted 1% for Trump and 99& against you, and I’ll do it again if you run. The way he is turning things around for this country I’m glad I voted for him

  38. Grandmas Mad says:

    So why was this all not researched and published when she was running….The Dumbs are able to research the Rebubs (including every misdemeanor from grade school)

  39. Wayne says:

    I hate it, but nothing will be done against her because she is a towel head. The clowns on the right are too scared to do it and the demo gods on the left says she did nothing wrong. She will get reelected, along with many other towel heads, and in a few years they will control everything in the states. It will become a towel head country. No more freedom, no more nothing. I hope to be dead by then. I hate seeing were this country is headed.

  40. Mary says:

    She should go to jail but she won’t. Don’t you all know by now that the Democrats are above the law when our current President and his supporters aren’t. Just listen to old Nancy pissy losey and you get that message.

  41. Well this is what i belive will happen NOTHING will happen she’ll stay in the job she has she’ll keep talking bad about the USA. Sooner she’ll get a more inporten job were she can bring more of her people into the USA and she’ll never never see any Jail time

  42. John Sorrell says:

    Now that we know and without a doubt that she’s a common crook, what will the authorities do with her. Wanna bet?? Nothing. She’ll skate. She’s black, a woman, from Somalia, and a musilim. They’re scrared of her. They have to be politically correct or else….

    • bubbie says:

      she must go and quickly.

    • DC says:

      Or else, what? She is ugly, hateful, un-American. Typical Democrat pet that most Americans would like to send back to her place of origin. Also typical of too many Muslims who hate America but wish to live here to enjoy all the goodies provided by America, the nation built by Christians and Jews.

    • Tony says:

      Very good, I’m tired of hearing about her. Do something about her or just don’t cover her anymore. She is a pain inthebutt. Any time she is on the ty I turn it off. What a waste of money. What dummies voted for her.

  43. Imre Tihanyi says:

    Here we go again! Like what happened to Jim Traficant, who dared to bring up issues against the Zionist state of Israel, or Cynthia Mc Kinney, who objected to the morphing of the US Congress into the , ‘Vassal of the Zionist terror State! Why did I write that? Remember June 8, 1967? On that day the Air and Naval forces of the Zionist TERROR State, have attacked our surveillance ship, the, “USS LIBERTY” and murdered 34, wounded, maimed another 173 of our fellow citizens, our Sailors! NEVER FORGET THAT!! The Zionists have committed ‘CRIME on the High Seas’ against their, ‘FRIEND.’ Needles to say: With a friend? like that, who needs enemies? Also TRUE! With a Friend like the Zionist Apartheid Theocracy of the TERROR State of Israel, one can have MANY, Enemies!! PEAXE! SALAM! SHALOM! Is it still so? “TIKKUN OLAM!

  44. Wakyn Ferris says:

    The entire Demon-cratic party is a joke. I see Pelosi and the others using the word Patriotic or patriot and it sickens me. Just for the record you bunch of reprobates ” anything that rings Patriot or any derivative thereof means working with the sitting Prez., protecting your borders and on and on and this one in particular needs to be run out of her office and out of our country. End of discussion.

  45. mike hornbaker says:

    She lioves in THIOS country, Has top follow laws of THIS country. a Religious divootce dont count. Then fraud on tax returns?? All from a single government official who was voted into office. If there are legal penalties, she cant be excluded. She is no different in that regard than any of us. oh yes, all this from a rkie official that began her media comments with a particularly vicious statement against Trump. Seems she is not true to representing her constituency. but has other agendas.

  46. dwight says:

    Watch out U. S. A. Muslims are taking over this country starting with political offices. Better wake up before it is to late.

  47. Tony Bell says:

    The IRS took down Al Capone, they can take down little Omar.
    Bigamy is also a crime Omar may well need to account for. With her own brother to thwart immigration law no less. Typical behavior of this invasive species.

  48. Jeffsan says:

    She’s a Dem, nothing will happen to her and the case will fade a way.

  49. Hoyt says:

    Exit our country Omar, back to where you came from,and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Why are we continuing to debate this issue regarding this anti-American get rid of this problem vote this treasonous traitor out and deport this Moslem immediately out of our country she dose not belong here.

  50. Garry says:

    Well, let’s see… a Republican Representative, Duncan Hunter in California violates the finance law to the tune of $250,000… the sitting president (aka Pinocchio) violates the finance law to the tune of $130,000…. NRA violates campaign finance law to the tune of $25-50 million …. US Republican Representative Ross Spano violated campaign finance laws…. and this blog says nothing, and that is just a partial list. Ilhan Omar is said to have a $3,000 violations and the cannons go off and red flags go up. Same with AOC’s political allegations. Both are junior congresswomen of color and outspoken. There will be NO jail time. Perhaps a repremand or a fine….. not so much with those that should know better and have the resources at their disposal… ALL should be held accountable but the punishment should fit the crime.

  51. SCOTT says:


  52. Jack says:

    She married her brother .. she has lived off of American taxpayers since arriving on our soil … Minnesota.Minneapolis .. what the hell is your problem…this is a lowlife free.loading foreign refugee from Somalia who has not the stones to stay and make HER HOMELAND strong and successful
    Omar is a lowlife and should be removed from the United States for immigration/citizenship oath violations
    This IS NOT AN AMERICAN FOLKS … this our country not Ohmar s as she is anti.America except of course for her taxpayer doles … get her out …SHE MARRIED HER BROTHER TO GET HIM INTO OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY … GET HER AND HER CLAN OFF OUR SHORES ..PUT HER IN A BOAT AND POINT HER TOWARDS SOMALIA .. HER HOMELAND without delay

  53. Dan says:

    Larry had it right we are fools to let the Muslims in the country let alone run or assume an office in the government

  54. hotrod greene says:

    kill her !!!! save the American citizen the money to support the islamist pig in prison

  55. F9h says:

    You know very well nothing will happen at all. She’ll walk right away unscathed. Black, female, muslim, devilcrat. Forget it. Gonna take patriots removing the traitors by force.

  56. Cg says:

    The american dumb assess keep putting muslims in office just like the queer illegal muslim obama, keep doing it and youll find out what a mistake you made so you will desrve every bit of hell the satanic ass muslims will do. Remember thses are the ass holes that killed, decapitated our troops and you kiss their ass?!

  57. larry says:

    Ilhan Omar needs prison time for her crimes , the have her citizenship revoked and DEPORTED as a undesirable

  58. Leftshot says:

    First of all, anything Omar says should be taken as a grain of salt. She lies a lot. Second, in addition to the crimes mentioned, she may be guilty of immigration fraud and perjury. She is certainly guilty of tax evasion. Probably a separate charge of perjury associated with submitting the fraudulent tax returns. She may be guilty of bigamy. More investigation required there. She certainly is guilty of eight counts of campaign violations of the worst sort. Stealing campaign funds for personal use and benefit.

    Such a law breaker is hardly qualified to be a lawmaker.

  59. Randy Bundy says:

    Members of the Hate Group AKA Democrat Party are not prosecuted in this country! They are touted as wonderful Americans because they know who and what groups are currently supposed to be hated!

  60. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Forget about her being sent to prison which is just wishful thinking on our part. Sad to say that democrats never go to prison for anything because they have backing of the communist media and Hollywood, as there is strength in numbers.

    • Jeannette says:

      I agree in one respect. She also committed immigration fraud in marrying her brother to be a citizen and then to run for Congress. Best solution for her is to deport her back to Somalia and ban her permanently from reentering the U.S.

      • Betty says:

        Nobody compares to d trump in committing Fraud! Esp. the Fraud of pretending to Mental Health. Best solution for the USA is deport Him to the Nearest “Loony Bin” wearing the latest fashion in Straight Jackets!

      • Marge says:

        Doesn’t matter who u marry, they don’t make u an American. That has to go thru about 5 or 6 yrs. On their own.learning lang, laws, & adapt to our country. If u want the same kind of goverment then by all means , take your family & leave us & our money alone.

  61. ACR says:

    Cliff, Dorothy, Michael…very good.
    Impeached? Resign?

  62. Cindy says:

    She needs to have her Anti-American butt tossed in jail and deported. We can not tolerate the double standard aimed at taking down conservatives any longer. It’s a disgrace!!

  63. W says:

    Let’s get real here, NOTHING is going to happen to her. She is the triple word score queen. She is black, islamic and a demomaggot which will preclude anything from being done. The DOJ, IRS, FBI and most other agencies are filled with demolemmings who will turn a blind eye to it all. So much for “equal(?) justice under the law”. Another lie that doesn’t apply to the demoscum.

  64. Colleen La Rose says:

    Do any of you get the “Capital” in your mail?
    I do & you won’t believe the penalty she had to pay for her crimes!
    It is unbelievable what these liberals get away with!

  65. Linda M. says:

    Unfortunately nothing will happen to her.The Democrats will just ignore her unacceptable behavior.Why? Because they have their own secret agenda for our country and she fits right in to their this agenda.Which is totally destroy our great country. They are just so intend of getting Trump impeached because they KNOW he is trying to drain the swamp , and get our country back on track!!

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Good morning Linda, unfortunately I think you are right. You know I was just thinking, why has this taken so long to come to light….

      • Linda M. says:

        Colleen La Rose: Good morning!! You know I was thinking the same thing as well.I was also thinking how all these treasonous acts have been going on for so long and “WE THE PEOPLE” didn’t have any knowledge of it.I suppose I was so naive in my thinking that our government would take care of us’ the taxpayers.Little did I know how corrupt (thanks to the Democrats ) our government has become!! And poor President Trump has been swimming up stream trying to correct all this madness.. Let’s pray goodness will prevail and the country we love will return to all its glory…

  66. travis fryzowicz says:


  67. Cliff says:

    She should not only “resign” but should be deported back to “her” country. After all she seems to HATE the U.S and all it stands for. In MY opinion “she” is just another RADICAL MOOSLIME INVADER trying to take over.

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