If you believe there are only two genders, this video will infuriate you

Leftist Social Justice Warriors have jumped the shark.

They’re trying to destroy the very foundation of our society.

But they crossed a line by releasing this stunning video.

The YouTube channel “Cut” has a series of videos called “Parents Explain,” where parents explain tough topics to their children with a Social Justice Warrior slant.

The topics range from birth control, to masturbation, and even the #MeToo movement.

In the latest video, radical leftist parents explain to their young children that there are an “infinite” number of genders.

The poor kids look genuinely confused.

When one soy boy “father” (though we can’t be sure if they’re a male or female…) asks his daughter how she’d react if he told her “you can’t be a girl,” she responded: “I would say, ‘mommy I’m going to stay at your house.’”

But the SJW parents don’t stop there.

A trans “mother” (though again, we don’t want to be so rude as to presume gender…) explains to her daughter about her planned sex-change surgery!

This is a very dangerous road to travel.

These parents are setting their kids up for failure.

By undermining basic facts like “there are only two genders,” these parents are turning their children’s entire worldview upside down.

They now live in a world where science is nothing more than a “social construct.”

You can watch the full video below to see the madness for yourself.

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