Hunter Biden’s laptop contains some bad news for Joe Biden about a criminal investigation

Donald Trump called Hunter Biden’s laptop the “laptop from hell.”

Joe Biden is finding out just how true that really is.

And Hunter Biden’s laptop contains some bad news for Joe Biden about a criminal investigation.

Bombshell emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop continue to surface.

Now the Daily Mail has produced emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showing business partner Eric Schwerin helping prepare Joe Biden’s taxes. The emails also exposed the possibility that Joe and Hunter Biden shared bank accounts and paid each other’s bills.

The Daily Mail reports:

President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter’s finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other’s bills.

Emails recovered by from Hunter’s abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, show Schwerin was working on Joe’s taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other’s household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe’s senate papers to the University of Delaware.

A former federal prosecutor explained to the Daily Mail that if money flowed between Joe and Hunter Biden when they shared accounts, it could implicate Joe Biden in the alleged money laundering scheme federal prosecutors are now investigating Hunter Biden for.

“Whatever transaction you’re looking at, if there’s a connection to a family member or a friend, sure the answer is yes [they would be investigated],” the former prosecutor explained.

But the former prosecutor did admit that Joe Biden’s position as President made it nearly impossible for investigators to speak with him.

“Obviously, if you’re talking about the President of the United States, you’d better have a pretty damn good reason to talk to that person,” the ex-prosecutor added.

The evidence is piling up that the Biden family – and not just Hunter Biden – allegedly engaged in shady business deals with foreign countries.

Corporate media outlets censored this story for months because they know how damaging it is to Joe Biden.

But that media blackout looks to be falling apart as this story reaches a critical mass of evidence pointing towards wrongdoing.

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