Hunter Biden will cry himself to sleep after Republicans sent him a life-changing letter

For decades, Hunter Biden has stayed out of trouble because of his dad’s power.

But with Trump in office, Joe Biden no longer has any real influence.

And Hunter Biden will cry himself to sleep after Republicans sent him a life-changing letter.

Despite having no experience in the energy field, and a track record of failures elsewhere, Hunter Biden was given a $50,000 a month job with Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

He got that job when his father was Vice President, shaping policies that affect the company.

But despite that, the Biden family claims that there was no conflict of interest.

Thankfully, Republicans disagree, and they just signaled that they are going to force Hunter Biden to testify in front of Schiff’s impeachment court.

Breitbart News reports:

Republicans intend to subpoena testimony and documents related to the anonymous whistleblower, Hunter Biden, and Democratic National Committee contractor Alexandra Chalupa, according to a letter they sent to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

“Although Speaker Pelosi promised that Democrats would ‘treat the President with fairness,’ you have repeatedly prevented Republicans from fully and fairly examining issues central to the Democrats’ ‘impeachment inquiry,’” House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Oversight and Reform Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote in a November 20, 2019, letter.

“We therefore write to inform you that we intend to subpoena testimony and records in an attempt to inject some semblance of fairness and objectivity into your one-side and partisan inquiry,” they said.

On the whistleblower, they wrote that the whistleblower’s testimony is “necessary for a full and fair understanding of all relevant facts.”

On Biden, they wrote that since witnesses raised the issue of Hunter Biden getting paid $50,000 per month for sitting on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company that was under investigation, learning more about it would be “directly relevant to the inquiry.”

If Hunter Biden’s recent interview with ABC News is any indication, he will make a fool of himself in front of Congress.

He has gotten everything he has in life because of his father’s status.

But his creepy dad will be of no help if he has to face the committee and testify under oath.


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119 Responses

  1. Jack Handy says:

    To Tom. You are Quite a ‘blabbermouth’. &&&
    A ‘Dis-Grace’ To Residing In the STATE, you mentioned.
    (in earlier post/ diff blog. )
    & I will ‘protect’ Your Stupid ‘identity’ ( For Now.)

  2. Jack Handy says:

    >>> CEO of Burisma ‘arrested’.
    Beginning to ‘spill the beans’ 0n
    Bidens ___
    > Several ‘parrots’ here may run dry of crackers.
    Oh Polly, where are you ??? Wanna cracker ???

    • William Rook says:

      Of Course the Biden’s, each of them should share They both should testify under oath questions put to them. As we know Joe is well known for getting around things by “diverting attention” to something else would little Hunter be any different? Would be interesting though.. Isn’t lying under oath before Congress a crime that would be prison, fine, or both? They lie under oath they can share something else- a prison cell? I’m sure by now all of America realizes this is no impeachment, it’s a game to voters to have doubts about President Trump. The demos, as they have been, is feeding lies about how they have Trump, how their percentage of winning against Trump, etc.. I put this to you: If democrats have the Presidency so “tied up with a bow”, why this sham of impeachment? They NEED to know they don’t have anything to use for impeachment. Their ONLY ace is cause enough doubt in voters to turn on Trump . This impeachment is a hoax, their figures they leak to the fake media, it’s a hoax, all to cause Trump to look like an ogre ready to trample America. I watch, hear, read, etc.. at all that’s going on I truly expect President to come through, the democratic party, if left standing will be in shambles, I would be a bit surprised if the Deep State wound up exposed for what they are. Imagine, Deep State gone? Nothing to stop President Trump from taking on Big Pharma – cures for the sick! From what I am seeing there is so much at play here that it boggles the mind! I am 65 and I have not seen a “shakedown” like this in all those years! From what I see, all that Trump and Team have been holding their own here and it is working, as it should when you are innocent, and I “suspect” that, if needed, Trump will “hold a trump card up his sleeve”?

    • Oh My. What Lies Why don’t we just start the civil war, and be done with it. That is what will come of this once great nation. You Trump followers have made us a stupid Nation, Though Trump has the Satan given ability to hypnotize a lot of people. It does not change him from being a person with an IQ over 90. He talks like a young person of no intelligence. who is always talking about how smart he is. It means that he is not intelligent. Kidnapping immigrant Children, and abusing other poor people has made us Babylon. Yea, deport Children who are hear to fight Illness. At least one is here that the Doctors used to treat others to survive with this illness. We are done with her now, send her home so she can die. Now, in one hour, we will all be destroyed thanks to your fearless hero. Our generosity is what made us Great. Not thinking os the USA first. You ever read the Bible? Our destruction is in the bible

      • Tibi says:

        Definitely you must go and check your mental status.
        I bet you ate smoking all day long some kind of mushrooms
        It is not the Trump followers who WIL bring this country down, it is hopeless idiots like you.
        Please, leave this great country and go somewhere else, like Venezuela
        Don’t bother to answer to my reply
        I am busy, got to go to work and pay taxes, probably for idiots like you who can’t see the truth if it cracks your stupid head.
        What a maroon you are

      • Jack Handy says:

        Wow Fred, Your post is Really ‘scrambled’.
        Take a break, dude. Maybe Some Purified WATER ?
        To ‘flush’ Your System ___ whew.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Pres. Trump IQ 162!!

        And what immigrant children are being kidnapped?!!

        Our border patrol, since DNA testing, proved these low-life scum are trafficking children that are NOT theirs!!

        They know that if they come in illegally with children, they can’t be held for more than 20 days!!

        ICE has been busting the same kids seven or eight times with different adults!!


        GO ICE!!

        TRUMP 2Q2Q

  3. Jesse says:

    Given that Biden bragged on getting the Prosecutor fired who was investigating his Son Hunter I think both should be in a cell.

  4. Chenz says:

    TOMMY man an say so much has nothing to say at all, now go WIPE your ASS TOMMY
    Your drooling again !

  5. CHENZ says:


    • Dr. J. D. says:

      Chenz, campaign research is NOT LEGAL when it involves a foreign government. . . that is what makes it illegal! That was explained to Trump in an interview, and Trump said he would STILL DO IT, This president continually violates his oath of office and not standing up for the rule of law. Besides, you have your facts wrong – – the prosecutor was fired for NOT ADDRESSING corruption, not because the prosecutor was looking into corruption . . . in other words, he was not doing his job!

      • D.A.N. says:

        So why isn’t your queen in prison? Why isn’t Obama? Hillary paid for it with both the British and Ukraine with the Ukraine even involving a member of their Parliament. Obama also paid Fusion GPS for the dossier work, as did the DNC. Oh that’s right, the DOJ has said that information on an opponent is not ” a thing of value” under the law. And the Federal Elections Commission Chairwoman has been trying to get a rule passed that it is. But currently is not there either because of the DOJ ruling. So if you want to try to hang Trump for it, Hillary, the DNC, and Obama need to swing first. And by the way, Burisma head was indicted 11/20/2019. And it will include two former Presidents of the Ukraine and Hunter Biden as members of the board. The charge, money laundering. And it covers time when Joe Biden was VP. Now you have the makings of a US RICO charge against both.

      • CHENZ says:


      • Tibi says:

        You hopeless idiot
        That is the reason why I voted for him.
        Getting around doing things as many did before him did not get us anywhere.
        Finally, somebody is doing a great job and you stupid morons can’t stand that
        Where were you when the previous one drove this great country in mud and did not stand tall except apologising to the Muslims for the wrong WHAT we have done.
        You really have an IQ issue
        Don’t bother to reply

        • Jack Handy says:

          jd. You are as ‘hopeless’ as Fred. Scott. Bender.
          (Redman that you supported) & a few ‘others’.
          You, Mister – ARE NO Help in Saving USA.
          > I suggest you research V. Recent Chinese
          Activity. Want ‘That’ HERE’ ???
          > BTW: the ‘NEW Dems You Support , Will throw
          YOU etc. Under the Bus’ In a nanosecond. (Does Tiananmen Square, ring a bell?)
          > FYI: the JFK DEM Is Loooong GONE !!!
          > I can List MORE for ‘what’ you Support in New
          Dem Party’….
          > ‘0ld Dogs Can Learn New Tricks’ …

  6. JANICE says:

    Without a doubt, you win the “Ignorant” prize of the century.

  7. TOM says:

    Let me ask a question of all you super smart people that love the Tangerine Man.
    You know how to tell a chump supporter with out asking or seeing some stupid communist red hat.
    Usually they have teeth missing, tobacco stains on their mouth and chin even down the front of their shirt, they smell like moon shine, a twang in their voice, they love Nascar it’s easy to keep up with, oh look they made another left turn, they have family reunions at Wal-Mart, they find their spouses at Wal-Mart, they fly the Confederate flag on their banged up p/Up’s with tobacco stains down the driver’s side, their always getting lost goin home cause they forgot the emergency brake on their house on wheels and couldn’t find it cause it rolled down hill, they believe every lie he tells cause Rush, Sean, Tucker, Laura, has them brainwashed, they believe in full blown conspiracies pushed on them from Rudy Giuliani, they watch Fox news or that Islamic chanel oan, I don’t care what you say that sounds ISLAMIC just say it you’ll see, they have holes in their pants from kneeling down to kiss the feet of their supreme leader, they laugh when he calls Dems funny names but never question why he doesn’t have one for Putin, they call vets traitors that stand strong for America but cheer as he pardons a true traitor that POS Navy seal, they cry about free stuff you can’t do that but cheer as he gave over 3 trillion dollars of free money to the ultra rich, they work two or three jobs and say he’s maga, they see the stock market contracting and slowing and claim the economy is expanding, they cheer as he takes money from veterans calling him patriotic for stealing, they cry for a stupid wall that already has been breeched, we could literally fix illegal immigration for free even make money doing it by arresting fining anyone hiring them throw them in jail and charge them until they stop but no spend billions on a wall that will never work, after all where would Tangerine Man get his employees, he’s made over 120 million off the office of the president but claim he donates his salary, yeah he donates it alright into that charity for vets that he stole from, they literally watched the impeachment hearings all the evidence brought forth true first hand evidence but oh no he’s innocent, yeah it’s so clear to see that fourty years of attacking education has created a generation of complete idiots, just look at the southern states they all have the lowest numbers for education in America and they mostly all vote retardican, the only Dem votes in the south are from smart people not hillbillies, you have a flotus that has let’s really posed naked or in see through clothing including Ivanka but you call them the classiest women ever, well when you marry or date you’re sister, cousin, aunt, mother, I’d expect nothing less from a hillbilly, so don’t bother to wear you’re red communist hat you already stick out like a sore thumb.
    Just watch Jeff Dunham’s puppet show his dummy BUBA JAY it’ll be like watching yourself in the mirror.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Tom, you are nothing more than a vicious, nasty anti-American.
      You are not worth any more words or thought.

      • Syl says:

        There are NO WORDS for TOM! An insecure, classless, POS that is scraped off those ‘hillbillies’ he calls Trump supporters. He reminds me of Schiff who is displayed on Greg Gutfelds show weekly. He is, in fact, better than the real Schitf and TOM is so stupid he wouldn’t know the difference!
        Tom……please go back to the backwoods where you belong and take your cohort DemonRATS with you. You poor illegitimate schmuck.

        • D.A.N. says:

          Tom is wrong in his statements. If he really looked in the mirror, Bubba Jay is the exact image of a dumb Democrat. Himself. He sure has me wrong that is for sure. Yes I own a pickup, a Dually. Why because I have a need for it. Moonshine, never had any. Rebel flag, nope? Uneducated, nope? My AA came from the largest community college in the US at the time. I’m OSHA certified as a First Responder. I’ve been trained in First Aid and CPR. I’ve been certified to overhaul Diesel Engines by the manufacturer. I’ve had spill containment training from the USCG. I’ve had the responsibility for structures that totaled over 20 million dollars in both the operations and maintenance there of. I scored always higher than my levels in school. I was asked to join MENSA. And I did vote for Trump and will likely do so again in 2020. And oh yeah, I’ve also been a union rep. So Tom, take your stereotype and shove it where the sun don’t shine because the uneducated ( well actually the ones who didn’t learn ) are all on the Democrat’s side of the aisle.

    • Ted says:

      Tom, you blather on and on with so much knowledge about your own people. It’s all nonsense of course, and us humans know that democrats like you are assholes. But I will only make comment on your first sentence where you refer to the so-called “orange man”. It is obvious to the entire world at this point in time, that the “Orange Man” is a great President, while your “chocolate man” was only a Resident of the White House. Thank God he and his first primate are gone, and Orkin was able to fumigate their smell. But Obama and Trump have together proven something to the world…….. President Of The USA is a job. It’s a job that very few white men and NO blacks can do. AMEN!

    • wittsend says:

      You’re showing your IGNORANCE, big time.. when you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s best to keep your big mouth shut. If you think that long drawn out BUNCH OF GARBAGE you’re spewing makes you look smart, you’re sadly mistaken….just shows your ignorance.

    • Art Steinberg says:

      May I recommend a few good therapists? The depth of your derangement can be frightening but us deplorables are all behind you. Also, I’d like to offer you my roll of Hillary toilet paper for all the smelly BS that flows out your piehole. Let’s all thank the media for revoicing and backing up all the dems treasonous comments, infecting poor defenseless minds like Tom’s. Tom, you really should avoid listening to any conservative, truthful media for a time, as the next few months may cause you to suffer a heart attack.

    • neo says:

      Where are the pictures of ANY democrat that can fill a 5000 seat arena….NONE what so ever….not even Killery…Sleazy Joe….Butthead…Camel toe Harris…..Master Beto….but yet “Orange man ” can fill football arenas and have overflow in MULTIPLE cities….HUH….Don’t you think that the 15 bucks an hour you are paid is not worth it….when Hunter makes 50,000 a month for being a useless drug head….lol

      • LOL says:

        All that means if that Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute. The Trumpons are suckers and not nearly as functional as Tampons, and have their heads up the asses rather than the vagina.

    • Robert says:

      Do you have anything intelligent to say?

    • Ruth Schnipke says:

      Tom get a life !

    • Lance says:

      Tom, I don’t wear ball caps. Was not a trump fan at all before he became president. He has done more to fix the problems in Washington than any president in my lifetime.
      Explain the TRUE FIRST HAND EVIDENCE you heard because all I heard was a bunch of nothing. I would love to know what you do for a living. My guess is,
      College professor East coast or California. If not than a Politician in Washington. Was I right? LOL
      You want some truth? How about the fact that what our government did to a man running for President of the United States is TREASON.
      It is actually the definition of treason!
      The subsequent continued harassment of him and his people is unbelievable. Some of the highest ranking officials in our government thought nothing of breaking the laws of this country. why because these self righteous arrogant psychopaths actually believe that they know whats best for us. I got news for Comey, Lynch, Strock, Holder, Clinton, Schiff, Pelosi, Page, Waters, Soros, Bloomberg and you.
      The people of the United States of America will never let that happen. What our own government has been doing for over 50 years is going to be exposed. What was done to President Trump and the people of this country that voted for him is beyond belief. This is going to make Watergate look like a Boy Scout jamboree. So you continue to act like a 5 year old spoiled little child and call people names.
      When the DOJ and the Attorney General Start filing charges against these people. They will be trampling each other to cut a deal to stay out of prison.
      “WE THE PEOPLE” are taking our country back from those who wish to destroy our way of life. This country is full of black, white, yellow, brown and olive skin. The one thing we who love this country all have in common is we are all AMERICANS. The people who wish to change this country want us to fight each other. There are people who support president Trump of every color I just mentioned. The common thread we all have is our love for this country. We want our children and grandchildren to have the same kind of lives and opportunity that we did. It really is that simple. It’s people like you who are in the minority. So my advise to you is Sit down, shut up and hold on, it may be a bumpy ride.
      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!
      What makes me the maddest is I took 5 min. out of my life to argue with a twit like you. Hopefully others agree with me and let you know how this story turns out.

      • TOM says:

        It’s not my fault you go through life with blinders on that you stuff you’re ears with cotton because you can’t handle to hear the truth.
        You could not guess in a million years all the things I’ve learned and earned in my life, although I’ve seen more of this world then you ever will.
        You want you’re children and grandchildren to have a better life, so by you’re reasoning electing a dictator lying POS ignorant baffoon is going to make it all better.
        And you think you can advise someone that knows far more then you ever will because I for one don’t walk around blind and stupid to reality, I’ve been there and done that.
        Besides you admitted that you spent 5 minutes of you’re pathetic life replying to me so once again I win you lose.
        I’m a professional TROLL I bait the hook throw it out and sit back and wait for the suckers to bite, and boy did you ever bite, I had you for a full 5 minutes so once again I win you lose.
        I’d just like to ask you one more question, how’s it feel to be a SUCKER.
        Get used to it or get over it, it’s you morons that’s in for a bumpy ride, I guess you haven’t been paying attention so let me remind you 2018 and these off year elections went to democrats just in case you weren’t paying attention, maybe it’s because you’re too busy taking my bait once again I win you lose SUCKER.

        • CHENZ says:


  8. Leon Keller says:

    The demoncraps and mainstream media have been butt buddies since the Kennedy era. And yet the ONLY time the President and Congress get anything done to benefit (not including welfare racists and illegal immigrants) the American people, is when a Republican President is at the “helm”.

    • TOM says:

      You are definitely the biggest idiot that posted today.
      Let’s go back 50 years your party has controlled the presidency 30 of those years Congress and Senate pretty much split 50/50 leading up too the Fn 💩 we have today.
      All we get from your party is tax cuts for the ultra rich and tax increases for the rest of us.
      Do some home work if you own a home those tax’s have gone up the most, then there’s sales tax, city tax, county tax, state tax, we’re being taxed to death from RETARDican tax cuts, as a matter of fact the last POTUS to raise taxes was Bush Sr. And then he lost re-election .
      And when they want even more they give us FEE’S I’ve had to pay a rain fee a street light fee a rain runoff fee now RETARDicans fee us to death, I live in Kansas a stronghold city of red communist RETARDicans they imposed that stupid rain fee and almost a dozen big stores packed up and left taking jobs away.
      It’s just amazing how you hear tax cuts and you’re stupid enough to think it means you and then you turn around and blame Dems.
      We have military service members living on food stamps so be careful who you call a freeloader.
      30% of Wal-Mart workers on food stamps yeah real great economy people with jobs some of who work two jobs still need food assistance just wonderful job RETARDicans.
      Going back to device members he took money out of their budget that could have helped MILITARY members with base housing but know spend billions of dollars on a stupid wall that already got breeched yeah real smart them RETARDicans are some real smart IDIOTS.
      Spewing out false hoods or fake facts doesn’t make you smart doesn’t make you a know it all like you’re supreme leader you’re CULT leader.
      Use Google if you can figure it out and get true facts get informed learn something for once in you’re life before you spew stupid 💩.
      The lack of knowledge in RETARDican voters is appalling truly the party of the least educated the stupid of the stupidest dumb and dumber.
      Of course you don’t need no stinking education to make moon shine be a cowboy chase a pig rope a cow watch corn grow.
      That’s why the big cities vote blue that’s where the smart people live you need an education to survive in the big cities to work at high tech factories…..
      Come back when you have something smart to add to the conversation otherwise STFU.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Tom, I don’t know about you but I did get a tax cut and I’m hardly one who is rich. But then again, it is just your stupid typical screed that you put out. Do I have a decent income at $50k a year? Yes. but it isn’t what anyone calls rich. While I support the military, I am a Navy brat, I also know that cutting drug running and cutting the number of illegals that we have to support is a national need. I favor bringing home some of the troops overseas ( where I spent much of my youth as a military dependent ) and putting them on the southern border. With orders to repel invaders. You talk about the wall being cut, but that is because it isn’t finished yet due to the Dumbocrats failing to fund it like they should. It was the right thing to do under Obama but wrong now under Trump. Seems like the Dumbocrat politicians are a batch of hypocrites.

  9. Cliff Zipnick says:

    The Democrats are slowly realizing they are little fish with big mouths in a big pond and the big mouth media are are nothing but big mouth little fish as well rooting for the wrong team. The Fake news has lost ALL CREDIBILITY due to their malicious evil wicked mean nasty LIES. People used to watch the news faithfully to learn the news. Now you know you will ONLY hear what they want to indoctrinate into you and you already know it is ONLY ANTI 2nd Amendment and pro impeachment known LIES. Interested responsible Americans that wish to keep informed no longer listen to the fake news. It angers Americans that want to be educated about the news as well as the stupid networks that are too dumb to realize why their numbers are going down into the toilet. The Liberals are on the wrong side of mainstream America. Even the advertisers for the Fake news are probably taking a hit for supporting those stations. What a shame, but YOU CANT FIX STUPID!!!!

  10. TOM says:

    Rev j
    So you’re telling us you’ve got a life time of experience pulling you’re head out of you’re ass, I guess you can still teach morons today like you.
    Sorry if I called you stupid looks like you got that down to perfection.

  11. Ted says:

    Every post from every dumbass, libera,l commie, scumbag, queer loving, baby killer democreep shows how stupid they are.

    • TOM says:

      You like to be childish do you now!
      I’m rubber your glue everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.
      Sticks and stones can break my bones but your words will never affect me.
      I’m smart and your not.
      See how stupid your post is, if you can’t regurgitate everything you’re super leader days STFU.
      Next time come back with something original at least try to be witty, try to at least show some sort of intelligence, saying what everybody else’s says just shows stupidity and ignorance.
      Go ahead and try but I’m sure you don’t have it in you, with you it’s monkey see monkey do.
      Now don’t you feel so much better you showed everybody your just as dumb as the other morons posting to protect you’re supreme leader you’re CULT leader Jim Jones now go get some of that Kool Aid and go to sleep forever.

      • Ted says:

        Tom, what you’re too stupid to understand is that everyone knows that YOU are a supreme asshole. If you were intelligent enough to understand what the rest of the posters say about you, then maybe you would STFU instead. We, the humans, hate you liberal scumbags, get it? Now take a break from trying to be witty, and go abort some more democrat babies, or perhaps there is some guy you want to marry.

  12. Ted says:

    Joke Bit’em and his anal born son, Cunter, are both conniving scum. They are treasonous bastards and should be put to death in front of a firing squad.

  13. H Lee says:

    There are only two types of democrats: the caught and the uncaught.

  14. USMC0352 says:

    You can bet the criminally corrupt hypocrite house democrats will stonewall EVERY attempt to have biden testify. They’re only interested in the “truth” and “justice” when its politically expedient. They don’t want to hear about the $16.5 million he received just like they don’t want to hear about hillary “the High priestess of Hypocrisy” clinton and her criminally corrupt PAY FOR PLAY scheme when she was Secretary of State. Lets not forget about the former FBI official just charged with altering documents in order to illegally obtain FISA warrants for their Russian collusion delusion scam. I hope there’s enough handcuffs and orange jumpsuits to go around when kharma comes knocking on their door and they find out that the law and the Constitution DOES apply to them. That they aren’t above the law when it isn’t politically expedient to their agenda.

    • TOM says:

      Your correct we don’t care about Hunter or Joe Biden to testify before Congress or the Senate we don’t care.
      What we want to know is what was Nunes doing in Ukraine Dec 2018 right after the mid term elections digging up a conspiracy theory, and how come after that was he allowed to cross examine the witnesses on the impeachment hearings with an already biased opinion on the outcome, talk about hypocrisy.
      So yeah we don’t care just like you don’t care how many lies he tells how corrupt he is you don’t care when he’ll destroy America as long as it’s you’re supreme leader.
      We care alot about his love of Putin we care that he cares more about what Putin wants then what America or his military appointees tell him instead he just fires them.
      Sorry you can’t see it, you can’t tell the difference between the truth or lies, you can’t tell the difference between good and evil.
      Sorry you’ve become so radicalized that you’re willing to see America destroyed all because of you’re supreme leader.
      Sorry you’re a cult follower bowing down to you’re cult leader.
      We care far more about America then you ever will you’ve become radicalized beyond reasoning, you’re just too angry and full of hate to realize it.
      Sorry you don’t care it’s a sad day in America when people don’t care anymore. When all they care about is the supreme cult leader, the ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER.

  15. Hunter Biden, the loser, took advantage of his father being vice-president to get corrupted and become a millionaire. He was lazy and did not get educated and smart enough and be able to be a good dealer in business. He need to be investigated, indicted and if found guilty sent to prison for all his corruptions along with his father.

  16. Cg says:

    Demon rats have crashed and burned.In Shifty Schiff words ” they got caught”

  17. James Termini says:

    Enough of “this is what we’re going to do.” Do it first, then ask for money.

  18. Kara Wright says:

    The Biden Family needs to understand they are finished and just maybe this time it will get rid of then in DC

    • H Lee says:

      Not likely. democrat candidates are more desirable if they have some virtue-less qualifications. Like extortionist biden or fraudster chief wannabe warren. Look how much support these two criminals get.

  19. Marsha Smith says:

    Hunter Biden’s “relationship” w/his dad reminds me of a Texan, Robert O’Rouke, who had it not been for his dad, he’d been in jail: his dad kept throwing out the arrests cases bc he was the JUDGE!!!!


    biden are crooks it will come out they will hang themselves

    • Every single Democrat in the impeachment hearing are as crooked as they come Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are up to their ass in payoff they are liars and thieves they need to pay everything back and spend time in prison

  21. Wesley Thomas says:

    He must testify before the Senate before anything will get done. Everyone knows the corrupt house Farse wont do anything.

  22. Steve says:

    Testifying under oath means NOTHING when you are part of organized crime like the bidens & the rest of the dems & rinos . He will lie , deny & transfer blame , like the serial murdering clintons always do & get away with it & see what will stick to just ANYBODY ELSE ! You are already so deep in your criminal activities , perjury is the least of your crimes .

  23. Scott27 says:

    Let’s see…. The NRC spent nearly 100 grand on buying trump junior’s book to inflate sales; Ivanka and Jared are working in the white house when they could not pass the security background checks; all of the current prez’s kids (except for Barron) are profiting exceedingly well from their dad being in the white house… But yeh, let’s talk about Hunter Biden. Classic hypocrisy.

    • klyneal says:

      Really? Unlike the swamp and most politicians, Trump was ultra wealthy BEFORE he went into politics, and UNLIKE the swamp and other politicians, he is LOSING money being president. Never even took a dime of his presidential salary.

      Washington DC and the rest of the world had no idea how to deal with Trump.

      He was already wealthy, and didn’t even take his salary.
      He could not be bribed.
      He was not a part of the establishment, and owed no one any favors.
      He is intensely loyal to ONE thing. The American people.

      In short, Trump was an anomaly. An enigma. A completely new phenomenon.

      And he has been AMAZING. Best POTUS every. Too bad so few recognize the epic struggle going on right now for control not only of this country, but of the world. It’s us against the globalists.

      MAGA! Took a lot of chutzpa to take on the enemy that Trump did when he ran for president. God Bless our president and protect him always. We need to continue to drain the swamp. TRUMP 2020 people. Let’s get ‘er done!

      • Anne Michels says:

        WOW !!! Beautifully Said !!

      • Steve says:

        Scott27 is a complicit criminal of the left , supporting them & ALL their crimes. Libtards like him have no common sense , honesty , integrity or conscience . Just profoundly stupidly brainwashed by his liberal criminal leaders !

      • Brent James says:

        Amen 👍👍👍

      • Caterina Ghigliotti Mangrobang says:


      • TOM says:

        Boy did you ever buy that 💩 about him being rich and not taking a salary.
        I’ll try to keep this one simple for you since you’re a simpleton.
        He won’t show his taxes because he doesn’t want smart people like me to know he’s really flat broke.
        And his salary went into that veterans charity he set up then stole from got caught and fined two million dollars I can’t make it any simpler then that, because you refuse to learn or hear the truth doesn’t make it any less true.

    • Mickey says:

      Ivanka Trump was a SUCCESSFUL businesswoman long before her father became president. Her husband works very hard for the United States in trying to promote peace in the Middle East. I believe that both work for free. You cannot compare that with Hunter Biden.

      • TOM says:

        Just more proof that you can’t fix STUPID.
        I mean Cheeto Bandido family working for free it don’t get more stupid then that.

    • Chancesify says:

      Uncle John got Tesla’s records (a genius) he trained Donald J. who has become a Grand Master chess player as well as an influential business man who pulled off many construction projects incl. overseas —is well aware of policies of foreign nations –traveled extensively –combine all that with his intellect and his ability to get the “JOB” done (unlike former politicians who gave us nothing but lip service while sticking their hands in our personal life and POCKETS—-I’ll take this man sent by GOD any day.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      First of all, there is a LOT of evidence Trump is not that successful a businessman and none of the American banks etc. wanted to work with him and loan him money . . . . . Trump is hiding something in those TAX returns that he works so hard to hide. Second, following Scott27’s premise . . . it is not illegal for Daddy or powerful people to help get their children jobs as shown by the Trump family and 3rd – – – and I have been looking for this for SIX WEEKS NOW – – -just what is Hunter Biden supposed to have done that was CORRUPT?!?!?!!!! I have not read one allegation of illegal or any facts of criminal behavior! So, what was corrupt? Fourth, what were the other board of directors paid at the same time Hunter was on the board (I have actually tried unsuccessfully to find this also)?????

      • Alan Whitesell says:

        Dr. J.D., Do a little research put that illustrious education to work. Your popular albeit wealth redistributor, had Burisma under investigation for govt. corruption during his watch. Wonder why nothing was ever found?
        Of course everybody could use a little more money, aah?

        • TOM says:

          Dr jd asked where is this so called proof or how much money everyone made.
          If you did any investigation prove it, or yeah go with the Rudy Giuliani conspiracy theory that by the way he will go to jail for.
          How about Devin Nunes what was he doing in Ukraine December 2018 just after the midterm elections trying to dig up more conspiracy theories.
          Answer that one old wise one or it wise ass.

          • D.A.N. says:

            Hey Tom, it is not a false story like the Dems have been pushing. Biden is corrupt as is his son. He is named in the indictment case of the head of Burisma. Oh, you didn’t hear about that on CNN? Well the indictment was announced on Nov 20th 2019. Biden’s son Hunter is listed as having made millions on the money laundering. And two funds that were involved also had payouts to Adam Schiff. You know he is a small fry as he only got maybe $10K.

      • chinese woman supprting Trump says:

        Dr JD, what kind of doctor are you, loser one, your mind is not very clear, and more importantly, not logic. son got the paid by the company that under the influence of his father’s international policy. this is corruption and coflict of national interest. are you an idiot, not able to see it? or purposely blinded yourself like all the other left idiots.

        • TOM says:

          Chinese woman
          No one cares what you think you’re not even American you’re Oriental and probably one of those illegal voters you people always cry about.

      • chinese woman supprting Trump says:

        another error you made, it doesn’t matter whether Trump was successful as a businessman in the past or not, he did great job now to make America great again. you are not fair and kind. more importantly, you have no logic mind despite your “Dr.” title. Too bad for you

        • John R says:

          He has NOT made America better, and has made us very much vulnerable by attacking NATO and our allies. All Trump does on international matters is what Putin wants – – and against all the intelligence agencies that are trying to tell the American people the TRUTH – – it was RUSSIA who interfered in the 2016 election – – the rest is Russian propaganda. Why is our president pushing Russia propaganda and lies about the Ukraine? If you are halfway fair, it is obvious for numerous actions that Trump is both a compromised and corrupt president.

          • D.A.N. says:

            Yep, Russia interfered by helping Hillary. The “dirt” in the Steele Dossier supposedly came from them. Now what about the interference that the Ukraine also help Hillary with. Oh, by the way, in case you missed it, Trump wasn’t President when it happened. It was Obama who was and should have done something about it. And I don’t mean running an illegal spying campaign on the Trump campaign. Which will be having criminal charges brought in the near future.

        • Amen says:

          Maybe when Chinese woman learns to speak and write the English language, she might start to make some sense. You are probably supporting Trump because he had made China stronger and richer.

      • Jon says:

        Wow sleeping beauty woke up and has been looking at this for two weeks now amazing

    • Daniel Horner says:

      You are as dumb as they come ass wipe. Check your facts before showing your ignorance

    • PDW says:

      Scott IQ27
      The sources of your claims about Donald Trump jr, Ivanka and Jared are from dubious sources (new times and cnn)
      Donald Trump jr book sales weren’t influenced by RNC. The book triggered sold over 70,000 in the first week. The RNC only brought 3,500 and that wasn’t in the first week.

      The fact is that the children of Donald Trump are successful business leaders of their own rights.

      Unlike hunter biden who was drug addict and creepy joe biden had to use extortion to terminate a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the company that hunter biden was sitting on the board of directors.

    • Kay says:

      Yep, your reply was very hypocritical! All the Trump grown children are college graduates. They’ll do just fine long after Trump’s presidency. Your obvious hatred of their father should not pertain to them. Biden’s son is not a college graduate, w as svon xoaine, & left the military dishonorably. If you weren’t blinded by your anger, you could objectively weigh & understand the differences in the two families.

    • Alan Whitesell says:

      Scott, you are a shining example of why the Dems. are resorting to fourth grade behavior for having been caught with their hands in the cookie jar the last 40 years. But you don’t realize the real reality of their purpose, from your parents basement with that game controller in your hand. Put away the Cheetos & do something constructive for society without getting paid for it. When you have acquired true life experience to draw a real opinion from, get back to us.

    • TOM says:

      Yeah they cry like baby’s cause Hunter made some money I thought that’s what America was all about.
      The dictators have made close to half a billion off their corruption but no let’s look at Hunter.
      Like you said classic hypocrisy, but it’s more like LIE CHEAT AND STEAL those idiots don’t care their too stupid to care.

      • D.A.N. says:

        There is a difference between earning money and getting monies for the use of your name to throw around to stop a criminal probe. But you who support the leftist would never understand that. Hunter was named by the prosecutors in the Ukraine as having made millions in the money laundering scheme in the Ukraine. And that is what has his daddy worried. He couldn’t protect his son’s DNA either so Joe is now a new grandpa by Hunter’s fault. For someone born with everything, Hunter is a messed up failure of a drug user.

    • chinese woman supprting Trump says:

      it is criminal, are you a idiot.

    • H Lee says:

      Scott: You forgot to mention that Trump takes no salary. You also forgot to mention how much Jared and Ivanka are being paid. ANd what do you know about who can or not pass security background? It is OK to criticize Trump but show some intelligence and make it about something that you might know something about.

  24. Mike says:

    Trump’s spawn has benefitted just as much if not more from their father’s inherited wealth or notoriety. Hunter should be deposed along with Donny Jr.

    • klyneal says:

      Except that Hunter is the one who never earned a dime in his life, was thrown out of the military DISHONORABLY, and all of a sudden he is getting millions from Burisma when he never held a job and never had any experience in the gas industry? AND goes with creepy daddy to China for a few days and walks away with the Chinese bank putting 1.5 BILLION dollars into his investment firm?


      And you don’t think this is because creepy quid pro joe was VP at the time?

      Donny Jr. has never been involved in such filth. Where do you even see any comparison? wow.

      • Anne says:

        Isn’t that the TRUTH !! What did Don Jr. do ? Please !! You cannot compare the Trumps & The Bidens !! POTUS should now call him Dirty Sleepy Joe !! They say POTUS lies ! Biden wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it slapped him in the face !

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Actually, Anne, we have solid evidence that Don Jr. colluded with the Russian interference in the 2016 election with the Trump Tower meeting and we have his own emails proving that point. It was Trump Sr. that did not have enough evidence to indict, but we have tons on Manafort, Donn Jr. and Jared. Soliciting help from a foreign government is illegal.

          • Rev J says:


          • Daniel Horner says:

            Another ignorant liberal lying his ass off while drinking his narcotics

          • TOM says:

            Daniel and rev j
            Because you’re cowards like you’re supreme leader and hid you’re reply button I’ll use Dr jd cause he ain’t no coward like you too Meatheads
            When you get around to pulling you’re heads out of each other’s ass and stop lying STFU.

          • H Lee says:

            j d: Soliciting help from a foreign government is illegal. you say! How about : You have 6 hours to fire that prosecutor or else you do not get the billion $ promised? That the ultimate in solicitation , extortion! Help in getting the prosecutor to stop his criminal investigation into Burisma and Hunter. Or since biden and obama was doing the extorting is it called something else?

          • Ted says:

            If you’re a real doctor, J.D., then see what you can do to cure that liberal clown Tom, because he has a bad case of Terminal Asshole.

      • TOM says:

        You know it’s always better to keep you’re stupidity too yourself.
        None of his kids could pass a back ground check because of their ties to Putin and Russia but hey my Daddy said we could get whatever we want, their the dumbest idiots in the world no experience in anything but theft but yeah you’re OK with that.
        So come back and show how much more stupidity you have I’m sure you even have teeth missing chew tobacco drink moon shine so you come here you can’t wait to show everybody how stupid you are.

  25. The RedMan says:

    He broke her hymen in the warm bathwater with his inflated penetration causing minor bleeding while Allah watched over. She was relieved when it was over knowing she would be the mother of a whole nation of half breeds. Peace be upon them in the name of Allah and his servant Mohammed forever and ever amen! ahahahahahaha

  26. If you or i did what hunter biden has done for most of his life ,you and i would still be in jail or getting ready to be in jail, the only reason he is where he is today and still raking in money is because of his father joe biden. hey i lost a son at 17 of age, him not me. i know how one can feel but that does not mean i will give my daughter everything she wants and cover up for her misgivings.

    • Dr. J. D. says:

      But, just WHAT HAS HUNTER BIDEN DONE to land him in jail?!?! I honestly have never heard ONE charge and certainly A N Y evidence of wrongdoing!!!! You Trumpers are such hypocrites that you ignore, downplay and want evidence of criminal violations of Trump – – -and now there is evidence of at least a dozen crimes (10 obstructions of justice from Mueller Report, another bribery atttempt of Ukraine to get dirt on Bidens, one intimidation of witnesses, and along with three solicitations of a foreign government interfering in an American election etc.) and yet we hvae NONE presented on the Bidens!!!! Present some evidence besides Hunter got a salary as a Board of Director.

      • Nell Abercrombie says:

        You are very misinformed, ignorant, unenlightened ,misguide, misdirect, give wrong information to, delude, take in, deceive, lie to, fool, hoodwink, lead astray, throw off the scent, send on a wild goose chase, put on the wrong track, pull the wool over someone’s eyes, pull someone’s leg; informal bamboozle, lead up the garden path, take for a ride; ALL OF THE ABOVE.

        • TOM says:

          What a wonderful self explanation of who you are simply beautiful I know for a fact I couldn’t explain you any better.
          HERE’S YOU’RE SIGN!

          • wittsend says:

            Tom, even a backwoods HILLBILLY knows the difference between YOU’RE and YOUR And I bet Nell does also.

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          But Neil, your thesaurus of saying the exact same thing with different words, STILL does not answer the question posed – – — JUST WHAT ILLEGAL ACTIVITY DID HUNTER BIDEN DO?!/ Since you didn’t answer it, it is clear YOU CAN'”T, which shows you are the ill informed and ignorant one. You are ignorantly just calling me names while you are also too ignorant to provide the answer to what Hunter Biden did that was illegal!

      • Rev J says:

        Hi Dr J.
        When I was in the Air Force and acting stupid, as you are exhibiting now, the Sgt would tell me to grab myself by the ears and pull my head out of my ass. Sounds like great advice for you my friend.

        • TOM says:

          Rev j
          So you’re telling us you’ve got a life time of experience pulling you’re head out of you’re ass, I guess you can still teach morons today like you.
          Sorry if I called you stupid looks like you got that down to perfection.

      • Nell Abercrombie says:

        You are very misinformed, ignorant, unenlightened ,misguided, and misdirected . What has Hunter Biden done? Nothing but live off the coat-tails of his dads position as VP.

      • Daniel Horner says:

        Dr.Jerk Dick you are as ignorant as any lying liberal you know. Always have so called evidence,so called fabricated stories to cover for criminals of dummyrats . Amazing how ignorant people like you follow cowards and criminals of the dummyrat party

        • Dr. J. D. says:

          All you can do is call people ignorant grade school names – – and NONE OF YOU can tell me what Hunter Biden supposedly did that was illegal? Good Lord, you claim Hunter Biden did something illegal and you cannot come up with a law he has broken!!!! That means you are ignorant and unethical!!! And put your politics over what is good for America. You demand the evidence on Trump – – where is the evidence on the Bidens???

      • chinese woman supprting Trump says:

        you are a looser and idiot. keep the stupidity to yourself. no brain

      • Eddie Wong says:

        Dr. John Doe, are you educated enough to read news other than faked news? You Dr perhaps means Dog Rat.

        • Ric B says:

          And still, you name-calling emotional grade schoolers cannot name a law that Hunter Biden has violated!!! Empty barrels like your minds are fertile ground for conspiracy BS, and yet, have no room for facts or evidence.

      • D.A.N. says:

        You just don’t watch anything but CNN do you? What has Hunter done? Been involved in a money laundering scheme which is a RICO crime you know. As for bribery, you sound like stupid Schiff. Bribery requires that both parties be involved. One giving and the other receiving. And working the other way also. but guess what, it didn’t happen. And that was shown in the testimony even by the lefty witnesses that Schiff called. By the way, Fiona Hill got caught. But at least she was honorable enough to admit that she was a leftist She didn’t admit to be a Soros backer, but her biography did. Board member of the OSI/OSF for a number of years. An organization that is banned now in the Ukraine and tied directly to George Soros.

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