How Dan Crenshaw insulted Trump supporters will put your jaw on the ground

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw likes to pretend he is a conservative.

But in reality, Crenshaw is one of the biggest RINOs in Congress.

And how Dan Crenshaw insulted Trump supporters will put your jaw on the ground.

On the latest episode of Crenshaw’s podcast, he took aim at the populist conservative supporters of Donald Trump.

Crenshaw discussed MAGA, or the populist conservative Right, with author Douglas Murray, who noted that conservatism depended on trusting institutions.

Murray explained that few conservatives trusted institutions because the FBI, the news media, public health officials, and corporate America all turned woke and became foot soldiers for the American Left.

Crenshaw – who spoke favorable of “red flag” confiscation laws that allow judges to take guns away from Americans and once compared Jesus to fictional characters like the Easter Bunny – jumped in and attacked populist conservatives by claiming their ideas were leftist.

The Texas Congressman began by claiming conservatives who spoke out too loudly against the left-wing takeover of institutions were conspiracy theorists, claiming “you know what’s interesting about the psychology of this is that — cause you’re right, that’s exactly what it is, conservatives generally have this healthy paranoia of government. That can — taken to an extreme, a healthy paranoia can turn into an unhealthy paranoia.”

Populist conservatives point to the Deep State trying to frame Donald Trump as a Russian spy, or public health officials like Dr. Fauci who lied about funding gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as examples of institutions rotting due to leftists assuming control.

But Crenshaw claimed these were just the result of a bad apple or two.

Crenshaw stated that, “you see a mistake here, you see a transgression here. Because in the end these are human institutions. And then you decide that the entire institution is at fault. It’s rubbish. It needs to be thrown out with everything else.”

Crenshaw then told a bit of truth that neoconservatives and Trump-supporting conservatives differ on policy.

“You hear this exact kind of narrative from the populous right,” Crenshaw continued. “The ‘new right’ or whatever they call themselves. It’s really difficult to land on exactly what they believe. I’m not even sure we agree on basic policies. But their rhetoric is very revolutionary, it’s very liberal, it’s very left wing. What’s interesting is that it’s exactly what the war on the West is.”

Crenshaw supports the George W. Bush/Hillary Clinton foreign policy of endless foreign wars in the Middle East.

Trump supporters back an America First foreign policy.

Trump supporters also believe tech monopolies should not be allowed to censor conservative speech.

Establishment Republicans look at Dan Crenshaw as a Presidential prospect in 2024 to run as the new version of John McCain.

In this podcast interview, Crenshaw made it clear he intends to run against the populist conservative supporters of Donald Trump.

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